Ending Hunger in America

The coronavirus pandemic has shined a bright light on the hunger crisis happening across the United States. But make no mistake: COVID-19 has worsened the hunger crisis, but it didn’t cause it. And unless we act and act boldly, this epidemic in food insecurity will persist long after the coronavirus has passed. 

I’ve always said that hunger is a political condition. We have the resources, and we know what it takes. We just have to muster the will to end it. 

As chairman of the House Rules Committee, I have a unique platform to examine this issue, talk with experts, find solutions, and push for action. It is my hope we will develop ideas that Congress and the Biden administration can act on to ensure we are tackling this problem legislatively and administratively because this is truly an all-hands-on-deck moment. 

I know the best solutions don’t necessarily come from inside the walls of Congress. That’s why I’m encouraging you to make your voice heard too. Whether you’re an educator with exciting new research, an organization with an innovative concept, or a family on the front-lines, your voice deserves to be heard. And it will help guide us in this effort. 

Together, we can finally end hunger now. 



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