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Blog Post - Why a "Deemer" is Necessary

Apr 16, 2012

Last month the House voted to approve a responsible budget blueprint that would reduce our deficit, spur economic growth, and reform critical government programs.  In a stark contrast, the Senate has not acted on a budget in over 1,080 days.  The Rules of the House and the enforcement mechanisms in the Budget Act rely on the numbers in a budget agreed to by both House and Senate to ensure that Congress doesn't overspend.

Blog Post - The Rule for the FY 2011 Full-Year CR: How it Works

Apr 12, 2012

During the negotiations to resolve the unfinished work to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year, there were a number of important issues that the parties couldn't agree on, including government funding for the implementation of health care legislation and funding for Planned Parenthood. Speaker Boehner successfully negotiated an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Reid to ensure that these two proposals received an up or down vote in both the House and Senate. The rule providing for consideration of the full year CR, H.R.