H.J. Res. 79 - Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2012

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    Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2012

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REPORTED BY VOICE VOTE on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

Laid on the table, pursuant to the provisions of H. Res. 405, on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.  

MANAGERS: Woodall/Slaughter

1. Closed rule.

2. Provides one hour of debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Appropriations.

3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the joint resolution.

4. Provides that the amendment printed in the Rules Committee report accompanying the resolution shall be considered as adopted.

5. Provides that the joint resolution, as amended, shall be considered as read.

6. Provides that all points of order against provisions in the joint resolution, as amended, as waived.

7. Provides one motion to recommit with or without instructions

Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
2Version 1Norton (DC)DemocratWould authorize the District of Columbia government to obligate and expend its local funds for all of fiscal year 2012.Submitted
1Version 1Rogers, Harold (KY)RepublicanWould modify the across-the-board reduction that ensures the resolution is consistent with the total discretionary spending cap in the Budget Control Act of 2011. The amendment is necessary because of a scoring change made after the introduction of the resolution. Made In Order