H.R. 1734 - Civilian Property Realignment Act

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    Civillian Property Realignment Act (Rules Committee Print 112-11)

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REPORTED BY VOICE VOTE on Friday, February 3, 2012.

Adopted by record vote of 233-155 on Monday, February 6, 2012.

MANAGERS: Webster/Polis

1. Structured rule.

2. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.

4. Provides that the amendment int he nature of a substitute consisting of the Rules Committee Print 112-11, shall be considered as adopted, and provides that the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.

5. Waives all points of order against provisions int he bill, as amended.

6. Makes in order only those further amendments printed in the Rules Committee report accompanying the resolution. Each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for decision of the question.

7. Waives all points of order against the amendments printed in the Rules Committee report.

8. Provides one motion to recommit with or without instructions.


Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
2Version 1Butterfield (NC)DemocratWould require each Federal agency to identify excess electronic equipment, report such equipment to the Administrator of General Services, and transfer the excess equipment to educational recipients and would also require the transferring agency to remove data from the equipment prior to transfer, and give the highest preference to educational recipients located in rural and underprivileged communities.Submitted
3Version 1Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould require the use of life-cycle cost analysis in the design or lease of federal buildings receiving at least 50% Federal funding and which construction cost is over $1,000,000 or the space to be leased is over 25,000 square feet. Would require future prospectuses submitted to Congress for the construction, alteration or acquisition of a building or space to be leased by the Administrator of General Services to describe the use of life-cycle cost analysis and how its use has impacted long-term costs.Made In Order
1Version 1Connolly (VA)DemocratWould protect the ability of federal agencies to work with local governments to preserve appropriate excess federal property as open space, eliminating federal maintenance expenses while preserving public benefits.Made In Order
4Version 1Cummings (MD)DemocratWould ensure that the provisions of section 501 of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, providing for the discounted conveyance of surplus federal real property to providers of assistance to the homeless, shall continue to apply as in current law.Submitted
6Version 2Denham (CA)RepublicanRevised Would provide for a review of properties for use for the homeless.Made In Order
5Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Would add a sense of Congress that the Civilian Property Realignment Commission should take steps to provide assistance to small and minority-owned business seeking to be awarded contracts and requires the Commission to report to Congress and the President every 6 months regarding contracting and the size of the entities awarded contracts. Made In Order
7Version 2Norton (DC)DemocratRevised Would streamline GSA’s notification process of excess properties by requiring GSA to directly notify Indian tribes of available excess properties and granting Indian tribes the option of obtaining the properties directly from GSA at fair market value rather the Department of Interior.Made In Order
8Version 2Norton (DC)DemocratRevised Would require federal agencies to compile environmental information about all property being considered for action and provide for a limited review of property by homeless service providers. Made In Order
9Version 1Waxman (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Late Would prohibit the authorization of the sale or disposal of any Federal real property that is specifically prohibited from disposal by law.Withdrawn