H.R. 7 - American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012

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REPORTED BY RECORD VOTE of 8-4 on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

Agreed to by record vote of 235-186, after agreeing to the previous question by record vote of 229-181, on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.   

MANAGERS: Webster/McGovern

1. Structured rule for H.R. 3408.

2. Provides one hour of general debate with 40 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Natural Resources and 20 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the COmmittee on Energy and Commerce.

3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.

4. Provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of titles XIV and XVII of Rules Committee Print 112-14 shall be considered as adopted, and provides that the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.

5. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.

6. Makes in order only those further amendments to H.R. 3408 printed in Part A of the Rules Committee report accompanying the resolution. Each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.

7. Waives all points of order against the amendments printed in Part A of the Rules Committee report.

8. Provides one motion to recommit H.R. 3408 with or without instructions.

9. Structured rule for H.R. 3813.

10. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

11. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.

12. Provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of title XVI of Rules Committee Print 112-14 shall be considered as adopted, and provides that the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.

13. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.

14. Makes in order only those further amendments to H.R. 3813 printed in Part B of the Rules Committee report accompanying the resolution. Each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.

15. Waives all points of order against the amendments printed in Part B of the Rules Committee report.

16. Provides one motion to recommit H.R. 3813 with or without instructions.

17. General Debate for H.R. 7.

18. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

19. Waives all points of order against consideration of H.R. 7.

20. Provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of titles I through XIII and XV of Rules Committee Print 112-14 shall be considered as adopted.

21. Provides that no further consideration of the bill shall occur except pursuant to a subsequent order of the House.

22. Directs the Clerk to retain title and section designations as they appear in Rules Committee Print 112-14 when preparing an amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 7, H.R. 3408, H.R. 3813.

23. Authorizes the Clerk to make technical and conforming changes to amendatory instructions in the engrossment of H.R. 3408 and H.R. 3813.

24. Directs the Clerk to, in the engrossment of H.R. 7, add the texts of H.R. 3408 and H.R. 3813, as passed by the House, retaining the title and section designations as they appear in Rules Committee Print 112-14 to the extent possible, and to make technical and conforming changes.

25. Provides that upon the addition of the text of H.R. 3408 or H.R. 3813, as passed by the House, to the engrossment of H.R. 7, H.R. 3408 or H.R. 3813 (as the case may be) shall be laid on the table.

26. Authorizes the chair of each of the following committees to file a supplemental report to accompany any of the following measures: Natural Resources, with respect to H.R. 3407, 3408, and 3410; Ways and Means, with respect to H.R. 3864; and Oversight and Government Reform, with respect to H.R. 3813.


Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
69Version 1Altmire (PA)DemocratWould expand eligibility under the Work Zone Safety Grant Program to allow training on how to properly install and maintain guardrail, training for non-traditional roadway workers, and to put on demonstration projects to assess roadway work zone devices for pedestrians with disabilities. Submitted
284Version 1Altmire (PA)DemocratLate Would require DOT to issue regulations within three years of enactment on the conditions under which real-time work zone delay, travel time, and warning information should be available to motorists through the use of Intelligent Transportation System technologies on the National Highway System. Submitted
171Version 1Barrow (GA)DemocratWould require the inclusion of farmers in the consultation for the rulemaking on road visibility of agricultural equipment. Submitted
215Version 2Bass (CA)_DemocratRevised Would authorize DOT to offer limited interest rate hedge for Master Credit Agreements and eliminate the "Springing Lien" for certain types of secured loans.Submitted
109Version 1Bilirakis (FL)RepublicanWould require the Secretary to conduct an economic impact survey to determine the economic effects that lease sales within 100 miles of the coast of Florida will have on the Florida fishing and tourism industries.Made In Order
43Version 2Bishop, Tim (NY), Crowley (NY), Rangel (NY), Pascrell (NJ), Pingree (ME)DemocratRevised Would prohibit oil and natural gas lease sales in the northeast U.S. Made In Order
44Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWould change the bill’s requirements for graduated driver’s license programs.Submitted
45Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would add a provision to the bill to withhold funding from states that do not implement a graduated driver’s license program after three fiscal years of the incentive program. Withdrawn
46Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would strike section 3018 (environmental review process section) from the bill. Withdrawn
47Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would strike sections 3015 and 22905 (duplication of environmental review sections). Withdrawn
48Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWould prohibit entities who receive federal funds made available under the Act, from outsourcing any part of the entity’s workforce to a foreign country. Submitted
49Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would strike sections 3017 and 22908 (categorical exclusion sections). Withdrawn
52Version 1Bishop, Tim (NY)DemocratWould strike section 10001 and insert a new section providing funding for Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund programs. Submitted
294Version 1Blackburn (TN)RepublicanLate Would reduce budget authority by 1% across-the-board for each account in H.R. 7.Submitted
295Version 1Blackburn (TN)RepublicanLate Would reduce budget authority by 5% across-the-board for each account in H.R. 7.Submitted
187Version 2Blumenauer (OR), Keating (MA), Welch (VT), Markey, Edward (MA)DemocratRevised Would end the section 469 exception for passive loss limitations for oil and gas properties, the section 45I credit for producing oil and gas from marginal wells, the section 43 credit for enhanced oil recovery, the section 613 depletion for oil and gas wells, and the section 199 domestic manufacturing deduction for oil and gas production. Submitted
191Version 1Blumenauer (OR)DemocratWould restore the CMAQ program to its original goals by removing single occupancy vehicle projects from the list of eligibilities. Submitted
192Version 1Blumenauer (OR)DemocratWould restore the CMAQ program to the Highway Trust Fund and ensure its use accurately reflects its funding.Submitted
75Version 2Bordallo (GU), Pierluisi (PR), Christensen (VI), Faleomavaega (AS), Sablan (MP)DemocratRevised Would authorize the territories to be eligible for certain Federal-aid highway discretionary grant programs as well as certain transportation planning grants. Currently, the territories are not eligible to compete for certain discretionary or planning grant programs. Submitted
115Version 1Boswell (IA)DemocratWould require applicants for a lease to certify in their application that, when hiring individuals to perform work under the lease, they will give preference to veterans who have the necessary skills and abilities.Submitted
116Version 1Boswell (IA)DemocratWould require the US DOT to establish a minimum condition level for National Highway System (NHS) bridges and would require that a portion of NHS program funds be spent on repair of NHS bridges, unless the State’s NHS bridges meet minimum condition requirements. Would also speed up the time frame for states to have an asset management plan from 2 years to 18 months.Submitted
117Version 1Boswell (IA)DemocratWould require state to use funds under the National Highway System (NHS) program to fix bridges on federal-aid highway, but not on the NHS, if a significant number of those bridges are structurally deficient.Submitted
118Version 1Boswell (IA), Hirono (HI)DemocratWould make projects under the National Scenic Byways program eligible projects under the Surface Transportation ProgramSubmitted
165Version 1Boustany (LA)RepublicanWould include a guarantee that requires that the total amount available for spending from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) each fiscal year be equal to the Trust Fund receipts as estimated by the President's budget for that year. If an appropriations bill, joint resolution, amendment in the nature of a substitute or conference report spending HMTF revenue is brought to the House or Senate floor that does not meet this requirement, any Member would be able to make a point of order against it and the bill would not be allowed to be considered in that form. Would also allow a three year phase-in to reach full HMTF allocation. Submitted
180Version 1Boustany (LA), Courtney (CT)Bi-PartisanWould include a guarantee that requires that the total amount available for spending from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) each fiscal year be equal to the Trust Fund receipts as estimated by the President's budget for that year. Would require that if an appropriations bill, joint resolution, amendment in the nature of a substitute or conference report spending HMTF revenue is brought to the House or Senate floor that does not meet this requirement, any Member would be able to make a point of order against it and the bill would not be allowed to be considered in that form. Submitted
76Version 1Broun (GA)RepublicanWould require that funds made available to carry out all public transportation programs under the Act shall be apportioned to the states by the Secretary based on population.Submitted
77Version 1Broun (GA)RepublicanWould require that, should the Secretary determine that the balances of the Highway Trust Fund are inadequate to support the programs authorized by this Act, the Secretary shall suspend entering into obligations for such programs until revenues are available from the Highway Trust Fund from a source other than the general fund of the Treasury.Submitted
78Version 1Broun (GA)RepublicanWould remove funding under the bill for any Amtrak route other than the Acela lines in the Northeast Corridor.Submitted
79Version 1Broun (GA)RepublicanWould require the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study to (1) determine the current losses to taxpayers as a result of Amtrak’s long-distance lines; (2) identify the steps required to sell the federal government’s interests in Amtrak to a private entity (and include a plan for the government to do so); and (3) provide information on the potential savings to taxpayers which could be obtained through the sale of Amtrak to a private entity, including the potential for Amtrak to grow and reach under-served populations with private, rather than public, backing.Submitted
80Version 1Broun (GA)RepublicanWould state that no funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used to implement, administer, or enforce the wage rate requirements the Davis-Bacon Act.Submitted
129Version 1Brown, Corrine (FL)DemocratWould require States that agree to accept Federal funds for a transportation project reimburse the Secretary of Transportation for any Federal expenditures made if the State subsequently refuses to accept such funds for such project.Submitted
264Version 1Butterfield (NC)DemocratWould change the definition of rural areas for rural infrastructure projects under the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) from areas not in urban areas of 250,000 populations to areas not in urban areas of 200,000 populations. This amendment would bring the H.R. 7 in line with S. 1813.Submitted
265Version 1Butterfield (NC)DemocratWould update the definition of "auction company" and "odometer" as well as require certain info be disclosed to potential buyers of motor vehicles at an auctionSubmitted
266Version 1Butterfield (NC)DemocratWould specify that each State shall give priority to military facilities located on evacuation routes when allocating funds apportioned to the State under title 23 USC for the construction of Federal-aid highways and bridges. Submitted
267Version 1Butterfield (NC)DemocratWould establish a 10 percent set-aside for rural infrastructure projects under the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA). This amendment would bring H.R. 7 in line with S. 1813.Submitted
207Version 1Calvert (CA), Bono Mack (CA)RepublicanWould streamline project delivery by empowering Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) to make minor modifications to projects included in a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) without seeking redundant federal approval. Would also allow projects that have already been determined by EPA to be exempt from Clean Air Act requirements to be modified in a TIP without duplicative federal approval if the project scope is not significantly altered or the cost increase is less than 40% or $10 million.Submitted
224Version 1Canseco (TX)RepublicanWould prohibit tolling existing segments of any highway in the federal-aid highway system, unless the highway is currently tolled or after imposing a toll the highway has the same number of non-toll lanes as existed before the toll was imposed.Submitted
272Version 1Capito (WV)RepublicanLate Would require the Secretary of Transportation to conduct a study on the cost to construct and maintain highways and bridges in each state, focusing on the built in terrain obstacles in each state.Submitted
184Version 1Capps (CA)DemocratWould strike Section 17304, relating to oil and gas lease sales in the Southern California planning area, and part 4, relating to OCS revenue sharing with coastal states.Made In Order
185Version 1Capps (CA)DemocratWould strike Subsection (d) of Section 17304, which prohibits California from exerting its federal consistency review authority over those new mandated oil and gas leases, and part 4, relating to OCS revenue sharing with coastal states.Submitted
17Version 1Capuano (MA), Nadler (NY), Lipinski (IL), Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)DemocratWould remove the requirement that providers of fixed route bus services in urbanized areas not operate heavy rail, commuter rail, or light rail in order to be eligible for Bus and Bus Facilities funds. Submitted
18Version 1Capuano (MA)DemocratWould add research, training, and education programs related to teen drivers (including peer-to-peer programs) to the list of programs that the Secretary is authorized to carry out under the Highway Safety Research and Development program. Submitted
252Version 1Capuano (MA)DemocratWould clarify that none of the funds made available by H.R. 7 may be used to construct, operate, or maintain a parking facility that is limited based on the place of residence of an individual. Submitted
253Version 1Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould reinstate the ability, which exists in current law but is eliminated in HR 7 with the elimination of the bridge program, for a state to use the funds otherwise designated for bridge demolition to be used for historic preservation of that bridge, and would allow unused bridges to be donated for historic preservation purposes.Submitted
254Version 2Carnahan (MO), Rogers, Mike (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Would make Intelligent Transportation Systems projects an eligible expense for transit grant programs. Submitted
255Version 1Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould eliminate a blanket historic preservation exemption and would mandate a study to determine historic railroad resources. After the completion of the study, non-historic resources would be exempt from the Department of Transportation’s Section 4(f) and the National Historic Preservation Act’s Section 106 reviews.Submitted
256Version 1Carnahan (MO), Pascrell (NJ)DemocratWould expand the National Transit Database to require the program (Section 5317) to track data on an annual basis including the number of vehicles purchased, rides provided and any other relevant data elements determined by the Secretary.Submitted
257Version 1Carnahan (MO), Pascrell (NJ)DemocratWould strengthen the coordinated public transit human service transportation planning process by requiring that groups representing older adults and people with disabilities are included in the planning process and that these groups are given an opportunity to review and comment on the final plan. Submitted
258Version 1Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould create a smart communities program, which would direct the formation of a plan to optimize transportation assets and deploy intelligent transportation projects. Under the amendment, once these plans are approved by the Secretary, components of the plan would get a 90% federal cost share.Submitted
259Version 1Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould include “lighting” in the definition of an “Intelligent Transportation System.”Submitted
206Version 1Carney (DE), Carnahan (MO), Fitzpatrick (PA), Grimm (NY), Meehan (PA)Bi-PartisanWould endorse the Department of Transportation's collaboration with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership to connect small- and mid-sized companies with transportation procurement opportunities. Requires DOT to report annually on progress toward Buy America requirements under this partnership.Submitted
85Version 1Carson (IN)DemocratWould reduce from 50 percent to 20 percent the cost share requirement for non-profit organizations to participate in the coordinated access and mobility grant program for low-income, elderly and disabled individuals. It would also add fare box revenues and service agreements with transit providers to the list of acceptable means to cover the remaining cost. Submitted
86Version 1Carson (IN)DemocratWould strike Section 8101 from the bill, which decreases funding authorization levels for Amtrak.Submitted
216Version 1Carter (TX)RepublicanWould require that any NEPA claims (or other claims seeking review of a permit, license or approval) issued by a Federal agency for a highway or public transportation capital project must be submitted to binding arbitration in lieu of being filed with the federal district court. Would establish that the issues for arbitration will be those issues that would otherwise have been properly raised in a complaint filed in Federal court challenging the environmental clearance.Submitted
297Version 1Cassidy (LA)RepublicanLate Would add a sense of Congress to the bill urging the Army Corps of Engineers to use the official comprehensive master plan for coastal restoration of a State when making plans for major coastal restoration projects. Furthermore, it would encourage the Army Corps to offer a full explanation to the State when a plan is finalized that significantly deviates from the State's comprehensive master plan for coastal restoration. Submitted
174Version 1Cicilline (RI)DemocratWould add a Jobs Report section to the bill, requiring the Secretary to submit to Congress a report that specifies the number of jobs gained or lost, including state and regional estimates, as a result of the Act.Submitted
14Version 1Clarke (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would add a subsection to Sec. 8703 that mandates an annual GAO audit to ensure compliance. Withdrawn
19Version 1Clarke (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would add a subsection to Sec. 1101 (c)(7) requiring a specific guidance materials on the grants.gov website or the Department of Transportation website informing disadvantaged businesses of their opportunities and the specific process they must go through in order to be approved for contracts. Withdrawn
209Version 1Clarke (MI)DemocratWould require the Secretary to submit to Congress a comprehensive report on the impact of the safe routes to school program and its repeal on children’s safety, public health, neighborhood walkability and quality of life, the environment, and the economy; and a plan to address any negative impacts of the repeal of the safe routes to school program if such impacts are found. Would include Sense of Congress language that if a plan to address these negative impacts is submitted, any recommendations for legislation in that plan should be voted on by Congress within 90 days.Submitted
210Version 1Clarke (MI)DemocratWould create a position within the Federal Highway Administration to assist states with their use of recovered mineral components. Would also encourage the DOT to come up with guidelines in using recovered mineral components in federally funded highway projects.Submitted
249Version 1Cleaver (MO)DemocratWould strike language under Section 1107(a) in the Surface Transportation Program under Authorization of Programs that redefines eligibility of surface transportation projects, inserting existing law. Specifically, this amendment would preserve language from existing law stating “Construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, resurfacing, restoration, and operational improvements for highways (including Interstate highways) and bridges (including bridges on public roads of all functional classifications), including any such construction or reconstruction necessary to accommodate other transportation modes” as being eligible as a surface transportation project.Submitted
250Version 1Cleaver (MO)DemocratWould re-insert the state set-aside and definition language for high risk rural road construction and improvements within the Highway Safety Improvement Program. Submitted
159Version 1Cohen (TN)DemocratWould create a Construction Careers Demonstration Project.Submitted
162Version 1Cohen (TN)DemocratWould amend the National Plan so projects that reduce oil consumption are included and would encourage states and metropolitan planning organizations to prioritize projects that reduce oil consumption to enhance national and economic security by reducing oil dependence. Submitted
181Version 1Cohen (TN)DemocratWould include language encouraging the Department of Transportation, through the University Transportation Center program, to create a more robust research and outreach program for intermodal freight transportation and freight infrastructure.Submitted
36Version 1Cole (OK), Lankford (OK)RepublicanWould modify provisions of the Tribal Transportation Program so as to not disadvantage Indian tribes without reservation land. Additionally, it would prescribe funding formulas without deferring those decisions to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Submitted
268Version 1Connolly (VA), Blumenauer (OR), Dingell (MI), Edwards, Donna (MD), Hirono (HI), Keating (MA), Quigley (IL)DemocratWould expedite delivery of federal transportation projects while protecting the public's ability to review and comment on proposed projects.Submitted
269Version 1Connolly (VA), Davis, Danny K. (IL), Edwards, Donna (MD), Hirono (HI), Hoyer (MD), Kucinich (OH), Moran, James (VA), Norton (DC), Van Hollen, Chris (MD), Cummings (MD), Towns (NY)DemocratWould strike title XVI of the bill and insert a new title XVI regarding oil industry tax credits.Submitted
261Version 1Costa (CA)DemocratWould create an exemption from broker registration requirements when brokering is less than 25% of a motor carriers business. Submitted
202Version 1Cravaack (MN)RepublicanWithdrawn Would direct the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) to develop a four-year pilot study program in 5 states to investigate and develop the safety standards required to enable a new federal Medium Weight Electric Vehicle (MWEV) classification. This classification would be defined as a 1500-3000 pound vehicle that can travel at a maximum speed of 35-40 miles per hour.Withdrawn
229Version 1Critz (PA)DemocratWould designate an addition to Corridor N of the Appalachian development highway system a 149-mile segment from Corridor M to Corridor T in Pennsylvania and New York.Submitted
110Version 1Crowley (NY)DemocratWould strike sec. 1108 (b) to restore the priority given to diesel retrofit projects in the CMAQ program under Title 23, Section 149 (f). Submitted
122Version 1Culberson (TX)RepublicanWould require local transit entities to have a debt to equity ratio of at least 1:1 in order to be eligible for federal funds.Submitted
123Version 1Culberson (TX)RepublicanWould require a 60% local match with federal funds for states and cities for transportation projects.Submitted
125Version 1Culberson (TX)RepublicanWould require that the following criteria be included on the ballot, if the applicant for federal funding is required to obtain voter approval before issuing debt for a new fixed guideway project, include: the total cost of the project; the mode of transportation; the route (including a map); and duration of the project. Submitted
126Version 1Culberson (TX)RepublicanWould prohibit the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (Houston METRO) from using federal funds to build light rail on Richmond Avenue and on Post Oak Boulevard in the Seventh Congressional District of Texas. Would include a provision that would allow for the construction of light rail on Richmond Avenue and on Post Oak Boulevard if Houstonians approve the construction on a future ballot referendum as part of a comprehensive mass transit plan.Submitted
61Version 1Cummings (MD), Berman (CA), Bass (CA)_, Clarke (NY), Napolitano (CA)DemocratWould require the Department of Transportation to establish standards under which a local jurisdiction can require that local residents be hired on highway and transit construction contracts.Submitted
62Version 1Cummings (MD)DemocratWould strike Title XVI and insert a new Title XVI, which offers a surtax on millionaires as the new offsetSubmitted
63Version 1Cummings (MD)DemocratWould strike Title XVI -- Federal Employee Retirement.Submitted
90Version 1DeFazio (OR)DemocratWould retain funds currently available to state and local governments to pay the cost of maintaining state and local roads that are used fundamentally for a federal purpose—providing access to federal Forest Service lands, which are eliminated in H.R. 7.Submitted
91Version 1DeFazio (OR), Carson (IN), LaTourette (OH)Bi-PartisanWould strike provisions in the bill that would: authorize a higher Federal share for bus-related grants if a public transit agency contracts out 20 percent or more of its fixed route bus service; make private entities eligible to directly receive Federal grant funds as subrecipients; remove a requirement that the degree of private sector participation be determined at the local level; and require the Federal Transit Administration to provide technical assistance and issue guidance on private sector participation in transit. Submitted
262Version 1DeLauro (CT)DemocratWould amend Sec. 1201 on Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation to include a requirement that the Secretary may not approve a project unless the Secretary determines that financial assistance for the project will create a public benefit and that the project promotes economic growth and job creation. Under this amendment, the Secretary shall consider the value for money to taxpayers, as well as the extent to which the project contributes to economic competitiveness, improves transportation safety, reduces traffic congestion, protects the environment and improves quality of living and working environments.Submitted
263Version 1DeLauro (CT)DemocratWould amend Sec. 1201 on Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation to require a multi-agency report to Congress within 180 days on whether U.S. infrastructure objectives can be better-served, and whether current Federal programs investing in a wide range of infrastructure projects should be supplemented, by the establishment of a government-owned corporation. The report would include an analysis of whether such an entity could better attract needed global capital to invest in air transportation, energy, environmental, telecommunications and water infrastructure. Submitted
3Version 1Dent (PA)RepublicanWould provide an expedited process for the reconstruction of structurally deficient bridges. Under the amendment, structurally deficient bridges would qualify for Categorical Exclusions – an approval process that is faster and simpler than the standard process, or if the reconstruction of a structurally deficient bridge does not change the location, capacity, dimensions, or design of the bridge, the project would be exempt from certain timely environmental reviews, approvals, licensing and permit requirements.Submitted
286Version 1Deutch (FL)DemocratLate Would require a person to include in the application for a drilling lease an estimate of the economic impact, including job losses, resulting from a worst-case discharge of oil from facilities operating under the lease. Made In Order
160Version 1Dingell (MI), Blumenauer (OR), Connolly (VA)DemocratWould strike Title III and Section 8201 of the bill relating to the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act.Submitted
35Version 1Donnelly (IN)DemocratWould increase in each fiscal year to FY12 funding levels all states receiving less than FY12 levels. This is achieved by proportionally reducing annual amounts allocated to states receiving more than FY12 levels in a given fiscal year. Submitted
299Version 1Donnelly (IN)DemocratLate Would ensure that the EPA's list of low emission and energy-efficient vehicles is updated annually.Submitted
153Version 1Doyle (PA), Murphy, Christopher (CT)DemocratWould require that a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline is not to be issued or deemed issued unless the permit applicant can certify and provide adequate documentation to FERC that at least 75% of the iron and steel to be used in domestic portion of the pipeline is produced in North America.Made In Order
273Version 1Duncan (SC)RepublicanLate Would transfer management of the South Carolina Heritage Corridor to South Carolina Heritage Corridor, Inc.Submitted
146Version 1Edwards, Donna (MD)DemocratWould strikes Section 2022(n), which eliminates the Growing States and High Density States Formula Factors, which ensures that growing and population-dense states – which have significant transit needs – receive adequate funding from transit formula programs. Submitted
186Version 1Edwards, Donna (MD)DemocratWould require the Secretary of Transportation to establish a nationally coordinated highway research agenda that addresses national challenges, fills research gaps, eliminates duplication, accelerates innovation, and encourages collaboration across Federal, State, and university research programs. Submitted
219Version 1Edwards, Donna (MD)DemocratWould implement a comprehensive approach to public transportation safety by directing US DOT to establish federal safety standards for transit systems and Include the establishment of minimum standards for the structural crashworthiness of passenger cars, emergency access and egress, event recorders, and hours of service. Submitted
96Version 1Ellison (MN)DemocratWould clarify High Occupancy Vehicle conversion language and return to the current standard prioritizing the use of surplus tolling revenues for safety improvements or alternatives to single occupancy vehicle travel.Submitted
97Version 1Ellison (MN)DemocratWould return to the current standard that Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds can only be spent on new capacity for high occupancy vehicles.Submitted
189Version 1Ellison (MN)DemocratWould change the Short Title to the “American Jobs Killing Act of 2012” if the Secretary makes a determination that more than 500,000 jobs will be lost by cuts to Federal-aid highway program funding. Submitted
98Version 1Engel (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Would keep off-system bridge funding consistent with FY 2009 levels.Withdrawn
99Version 1Engel (NY)DemocratWould provide funding for projects that were designated by the President for expedited environmental review.Submitted
100Version 1Engel (NY), Bishop, Tim (NY), Christensen (VI), Maloney (NY)DemocratWould encourage States to enact Distracted Driving laws within their state. Under Section 402(c), the Amendment would divert 2 percent from the 62.5 percent to States that have enacted and are enforcing a distracted driving law, in the ratio that the population of each State bears to the total population of all such States, as shown by the latest available Federal census.Submitted
101Version 1Engel (NY)DemocratWould prohibit National Highway System funds from being apportioned to any State unless the vehicles leased or purchased by that State meet the requirements section 1 of President Obama’s May 24, 2011 Executive Order on Federal Fleet Performance.Submitted
106Version 1Eshoo (CA)DemocratWould require States to evaluate the inclusion of “broadband conduit” – plastic pipes which house fiber-optic communications cable – during the construction of federal highways.Submitted
107Version 1Eshoo (CA)DemocratWould require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to review the results of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) study, as required by the bipartisan pipeline safety bill (P.L 112-90), before issuing a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Made In Order
67Version 1Filner (CA), Reyes (TX), Davis, Susan (CA), Cuellar (TX)DemocratWould reauthorize the Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program at $210 million annually, equal to the 2009 funding level authorized in SAFETEA-LU.Submitted
243Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanWould require the U.S. DOT Secretary to encourage states to prioritize highway and infrastructure projects that will close gaps in or further completion of the interstate highway system.Submitted
244Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanWould give Veteran Owned Small Business preferences for contracts equal to any group eligible for a preferred consideration except for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses, who could be given a preference above any other group. Submitted
22Version 1Flake, Jeff (AZ)RepublicanWould increase the minimum rate of return for states to 95 cents (from 94 cents). Submitted
142Version 2Flake, Jeff (AZ)RepublicanRevised Would scale back transportation spending to levels that are consistent with revenues flowing into the trust fund including striking the Alternative Transportation Account, Public Transportation funding (Title II), Appalachian Development System, and Recreational Trails Program, and adding an across-the-board-rescission for further potential cuts consistent with revenues in the Highway Trust Fund. Would direct revenues from expanded drilling and gas exploration and increasing federal employee pension's contributions into the general treasury fund.Submitted
144Version 1Flake, Jeff (AZ)RepublicanWould make it not in order to consider in the House of Representatives or the Senate any highway bill, joint resolution, amendment, or conference report if the highway bill, joint resolution, amendment, or conference report contains an earmark. Submitted
8Version 1Foxx (NC)RepublicanWould repeal the Davis-Bacon requirements that apply to federal highway and transportation construction projects.Submitted
133Version 1Franks (AZ), Flake, Jeff (AZ), Gosar (AZ)RepublicanThe amendment would reverse the decision of the Department of the Interior to ban uranium mining on 1,006,545 acres of public and Forest System land in northern Arizona for the next 20 years. Submitted
214Version 1Fudge (OH)DemocratWithdrawn Would decrease the 10 percent total deck area threshold to 9.5 percent for projects to be eligible for the 10 percent National Highway System Bridge set aside, under Title I., Subtitle A., Section 1115 Minimum Investment in Highway Bridges.Withdrawn
140Version 2Garamendi (CA)DemocratRevised Would replace non-binding Buy America provisions in Title XVII and requires that for all oil and natural gas facilities constructed for new leases under the Act, at least 60% of equipment and materials used for construction must be produced in the United. Provides Secretary of the Interior waiver authority. Submitted
65Version 1Gardner (CO), Stutzman (IN)RepublicanWould strike section 6606 to permit horses to be transported in motor vehicles containing two or more levels stacked on top of one another. Submitted
11Version 3Garrett (NJ), Lankford (OK), Nugent (FL)RepublicanRevised Would establish two pilot programs that would devolve transportation authority back to the states. The pilot programs would respectively allow states to keep most of the revenue generated by the tax on motor fuels and allow states to receive their federal transportation funds in the form of a block grant.Submitted
271Version 1Gerlach (PA)RepublicanLate Would strike the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) provisions from the legislation and offset these provisions by reducing the funding for the Prevention and Public Health Fund, Section 4002 of PPACA. Would also insert a Sense of Congress stating that: Congress will not authorize the exploration, development, and production of the oil and gas resources in ANWR until all petroleum reserves of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A) have been exhausted. Submitted
84Version 1Gibbs (OH)RepublicanWould prohibit the Secretary of the Army from enforcing any regulation that prohibits an individual from possessing firearm on Army Corps of Engineer project property.Submitted
81Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanWould suspend requirements of the Davis Bacon Act for projects authorized under this Act. Submitted
9Version 1Graves (MO), Cohen (TN)Bi-PartisanWould prohibit discriminatory taxes from being imposed on rental car consumers. Would not retroactively impact existing taxes. Submitted
68Version 2Graves, Tom (GA), West (FL)RepublicanRevised Would devolve the federal highway program to the states by gradually reducing federal fuel taxes and phasing out the federal highway and mass transit programs, maintaining a reduced federal fuel tax to provide revenue to fund federal contributions to interstate and federal lands highways. Would permit States to keep the majority of their gasoline taxes, set their own infrastructure priorities, and control their own transportation decisions. Submitted
136Version 1Grimm (NY), Connolly (VA), Cleaver (MO), Capuano (MA), Lipinski (IL), Jackson Lee (TX), Johnson, Hank (GA), Meehan (PA), Clarke (NY), Nadler (NY), Turner (NY), Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)Bi-PartisanWould strike language that limits eligible recipients of the bus and bus facilities formula grants program from also operating heavy rail, commuter rail, or light rail servicesSubmitted
141Version 1Grimm (NY), Carnahan (MO), LaTourette (OH)Bi-PartisanWould strike section 8106 which would require the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to competitively bid out food and beverage service on Amtrak trains. Submitted
222Version 1Grimm (NY)RepublicanWould provide clarification of the existing authority of local governments to issue or grant transportation toll, user fee or fare discount programs based on residential status.Submitted
223Version 2Grimm (NY)RepublicanRevised Would restore the Department of Transportation's ability to determine whether tolls are just and reasonable, provide venues by which to have the determination of “just and reasonable” toll rates heard and decided, and would require DOT to promulgate rules to define "just and reasonable." Would also redefine the process for making determinations and require the Comptroller General to do a report and make recommendations for increasing the transparency and accountability of tolling authority budget practice.Submitted
41Version 1Hahn (CA)DemocratWould ensure that the national freight policy include a plan to improve efficiency with which freight is moved of the top ten ports and provides for mitigating effects on the surrounding local communities.Submitted
42Version 1Hahn (CA)DemocratWould create a grant program for states to repair or replace a structurally deficient bridge.Submitted
114Version 1Hanabusa (HI)DemocratWould require that offshore oil and gas leases contain specific safety requirements.Made In Order
37Version 1Hanna (NY)RepublicanWould require entities carrying out highway projects under the bill to utilize, to the maximum extent practicable, commercial enterprises for the delivery of commercially available goods and services. Submitted
38Version 1Hanna (NY)RepublicanWithdrawn Would add international border crossings and major commercial border ports of entry as eligible criteria for projects selected for inclusion in the national strategic transportation plan. Withdrawn
104Version 1Hastings, Alcee (FL), Deutch (FL), Wasserman Schultz (FL)DemocratWould strike the provisions in the bill that would change existing policy to allow drilling off the coasts of Florida by no longer permitting oil companies to deduct from their tax liabilities the costs of cleaning up oil spills.Submitted
105Version 1Hastings, Alcee (FL)DemocratWould provide flexibility to existing authorities to give State Departments of Transportation the option of adopting what are known as integrated vegetation management practices, which include planting native species and reducing mowing frequency.Submitted
154Version 2Hastings, Doc (WA)RepublicanRevised Would change the underlying bill's requirement that the Department of the Interior substitute two new lease blocks for each one lease block that is deferred from a lease sale at the request of the Department of Defense, to replace each deferred lease block with one new lease block. Would also call attention to the existing authority under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act for the President to designate National Defense Areas on the outer Continental Shelf that are restricted from exploration and operation. The amendment would also require the North Aleutian Basin lease sale to be conducted by 2015 rather than one year after enactment of the Act.Made In Order
155Version 1Hastings, Doc (WA)RepublicanWithdrawn Would require the North Aleutian Basin lease sale to be conducted by 2015 rather than one year after enactment of the Act.Withdrawn
157Version 1Hastings, Doc (WA)RepublicanWould streamline the NEPA process to allow for expedited development of renewable energy projects on federal lands and waters.Made In Order
175Version 1Hayworth (NY)RepublicanWould require that if amounts appropriated to the Alternative Transportation Account for a fiscal year are less than $8,000,000,000, the amount equal to the Alternative Transportation Account shortfall at the close of the fiscal year is transferred from the Highway Account to the Alternative Transportation Account.Submitted
177Version 1Hayworth (NY)RepublicanWould direct GAO to conduct a study and report recommendations on restructuring mass transit funding to ensure there is a dedicated source of long-term funding, without raising taxes. Submitted
4Version 1Higgins (NY)DemocratWould revise Section 1717 to provide that training and employment education programs developed for transportation-related careers and trades have an emphasis on programs for veterans.Submitted
199Version 1Hochul, Kathy (NY)DemocratWould set aside funds for Northern Border infrastructure projects.Submitted
200Version 1Hochul, Kathy (NY)DemocratWould prohibit the export of oil (and fuel derived from oil) produced by new drilling authorized by this bill.Submitted
201Version 1Hochul, Kathy (NY), Engel (NY)DemocratWould set aside funds for bridges not on federal-aid highways.Submitted
241Version 1Holt (NJ)DemocratWould establish an escalating fee on new non-producing oil and gas leases as an incentive for oil and gas companies to begin producing on the leases they already hold. The fee would not begin until the third year of a lease to give companies time to explore.Submitted
242Version 1Holt (NJ), Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould establish a series of national transportation objectives that address energy efficiency, environmental protection, economic competitiveness, safety, and equal access to transportation options through a series of national transportation performance targets.Submitted
245Version 1Holt (NJ)DemocratWould remove the limit on liability (currently $75 million) of a party responsible for an oil spill resulting from the new oil and gas leases mandated by H.R. 7. Submitted
246Version 1Holt (NJ), Bass (NH), Dingell (MI), Dold (IL), Gerlach (PA), Murphy, Christopher (CT), Kind (WI)Bi-PartisanWould affirm that nothing in the underlying bill will affect funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Made In Order
21Version 1Hultgren (IL)RepublicanWould restore parity between transit and parking pre-tax benefits and account for inflation.Submitted
23Version 2Israel (NY)DemocratRevised Would reinstate parity between commuter benefits for parking and mass transit offered by employers and to employees. Would ensure the same level is provided for parking, transit and van-pool commuters.Submitted
298Version 1Issa (CA)RepublicanLate MANAGER'S AMENDMENT Would ensure the bill achieves the intended discretionary savings.Made In Order
56Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Would retain the transportation enhancement set aside to further ensure pedestrian safety. Submitted
57Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Would require a GAO report to determine the actual cost of the Act and whether it will create jobs.Submitted
58Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWould allow rail projects to be eligible to use toll development creditsSubmitted
59Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWithdrawn Would allow providers of fixed route bus services, who also operate commuter and heavy rail, to be eligible for Bus funds.Withdrawn
60Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Withdrawn Would provide a Sense of Congress that Disadvantage Business Enterprises, which include small minority and women-owned business, should be represented in highway and transit contracts. Withdrawn
119Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWould clarify the Amtrak Inspector General's investigation authority.Submitted
5Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX), Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWithdrawn Would require the Secretary of Transportation to issue regulations providing for strengthening oversight, enforcement, and compliance with DBE spending requirements.Withdrawn
6Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)DemocratWould maintain the current allocation percentages in the Surface Transportation Program.Submitted
10Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX), Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWould provide that the contracting process occur no later than 90 days after approval of a TIFIA application. Submitted
29Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)DemocratWould require the federal government to provide funding pursuant to Section 5309 of title 49, U.S.C.Submitted
32Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)DemocratWould establish the Multimodal Innovative Research Program within the Research and Innovation Technology Administration to address national transportation policies, objectives, and goals by developing research and technology solutions to multimodal transportation issues. Submitted
33Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)DemocratWould establish the National Travel Data Program within the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to collect essential national passenger and freight travel data to help guide operation, policy, and investment decisions by Federal, state, and local governments and the private sector. Submitted
34Version 1Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)DemocratWould require that the Secretary of Transportation carry out research and development activities to improve transportation planning and environmental decision making processes and to minimize the impact of surface transportation on the environment. Submitted
172Version 1Johnson, Hank (GA)DemocratWould prevent HOV lanes from being converted to HOT lanes.Submitted
173Version 1Johnson, Hank (GA)DemocratWould list public transportation in amongst the priorities for funds generated by excess toll revenue. Submitted
179Version 1Johnson, Hank (GA)DemocratWould require a study of federal and state exemptions from federal motor carrier safety regulations. Submitted
211Version 1King, Steve (IA)RepublicanWould provide that none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used to carry out Davis-Bacon wage requirements unless the State in which the project is being carried out in has its own prevailing wage requirements.Submitted
212Version 1King, Steve (IA)RepublicanWould repeal Davis-Bacon wage requirements for the federal highway and transportation programs.Submitted
213Version 1King, Steve (IA)RepublicanWould provide that none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used to carry out Davis-Bacon wage requirements. Submitted
230Version 1King, Steve (IA)RepublicanWithdrawnWould take all highway trust fund spending away from the recreational trails program.Withdrawn
231Version 1King, Steve (IA)RepublicanWould express the sense of Congress that the Army Corps of Engineers should revise the Missouri River Mainstem Reservoir System Water Control Manual to ensure adequate flood control storage based on the largest flood experienced in the system in order to ensure that taxpayer investments in downstream infrastructure are protected.Submitted
163Version 1Labrador (ID)RepublicanWould minimize NEPA requirements for a geothermal exploration test project so a project can quickly move forward if resources are found.Made In Order
24Version 1Landry (LA)RepublicanWould direct the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to make dredging allocations based upon a harbor’s importance to nine specified purposes and the harbor’s regional and national significance. Would also direct the Corps to make biennial reports to Congress on the dredging needs of each harbor project and detail how the Corps plans on allocating dredge funding over the next five fiscal years. Finally, it would restate existing law that the Corps has the ability to reprogram funding from other accounts to address navigation emergencies. Submitted
196Version 1Landry (LA)RepublicanWithdrawn Would lift the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act cap from $500 million to $800 million starting in 2023. Would also apply a $200 million cap to the coastal states affected under the new revenue sharing scheme in H.R. 7. Withdrawn
197Version 2Landry (LA), Richmond (LA)RepublicanRevised Would raise the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act cap to $750 million per year starting in year 2023 until 2055. The amendment would keep the $500 million cap per year in place through year 2022. Made In Order
198Version 1Landry (LA)RepublicanAllows rural infrastructure projects to refinance their TIFIA loans, sets a lower interest rate for these rural projects and sets aside 10 percent of the TIFIA projects for these rural projects. Submitted
203Version 2Landry (LA)RepublicanRevised Would allow rural infrastructure projects to refinance their TIFIA loans just as other TIFIA projects already can. Submitted
12Version 2Lankford (OK), Chaffetz (UT), Garrett (NJ), Graves (GA), Flake, Jeff (AZ)RepublicanRevised Would give states the option to opt-out of the federal highway program by either allowing states to keep the funds they would otherwise contribute to the Highway Trust Fund or by allowing states to raise their gas tax offset by a decrease in their federal gas tax.Submitted
15Version 1LaTourette (OH)RepublicanWould repeal the prohibition against Amtrak’s hiring or contracting with any outside legal professionals for the purposes of litigation against passenger rail service providers. Would repeal prohibition again Amtrak pursuing action against a passenger rail service provider arising from a competitive bid process. Submitted
16Version 1LaTourette (OH), Carnahan (MO)Bi-PartisanWould allow small public transit agencies the flexibility to use federal transit funding for operating expenses, and would allow all transit agencies to use a portion of their federal transit funding for operating expenses during times of economic crisis.Submitted
208Version 2LaTourette (OH)RepublicanRevised Would strike changes to current University Transportation Center program and adds 5 additional Tier 1 grants, and creates 20 competitive Tier 2 grants.Submitted
217Version 2LaTourette (OH), Kucinich (OH)Bi-PartisanRevised Would direct the Secretary to permit a State to acquire, construct, operate, and maintain a rest area along a non-Interstate Federal-aid highway. Would expand the use of rest areas on Interstate and Non-interstate highways including for commercial activities, and allows the revenue generated by rest areas to be spent on any public highway, street or road in the State. Under the amendment, in engaging in commercial activities, a State shall give priority to vendors who operate through the State licensing agency designated pursuant to the "Randolph-Sheppard Act."Submitted
218Version 1LaTourette (OH), Matsui (CA)Bi-PartisanWould direct the Secretary to establish standards to ensure that the design of Federal surface transportation projects provides for the safe and adequate accommodation, as determined by the State or other direct recipient of funds, in all phases of project planning, development, and operation, of all users of the transportation network, including motorized and nonmotorized users.Submitted
232Version 1LaTourette (OH)RepublicanWould authorize and make available the additional funding that is a result of revenue generated through the enactment of federal employee retirement reform and expanded domestic energy leases during the first two years of enactment of this Act. Submitted
233Version 1LaTourette (OH), Bass (NH)RepublicanWould increase funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund by $600,000,000 in each of the five fiscal years after the date of enactment of this Act. Submitted
248Version 1Lee, Barbara (CA)DemocratWould require any major spending bill to include a CBO score to measure the impact of the authorizing legislation on the rate of poverty in America. Submitted
291Version 1Lewis, John (GA)DemocratLate Would strike Section 339 (b) of the National Highway System Designation Act and expand the definition of "transportation enhancement activities" to include constructing Type II noise barriers.Submitted
292Version 1Lewis, John (GA)DemocratLate Would strike the motorcoach language in H.R. 7 (pages 585 and 618-629), and replace it with the motorcoach safety language included in S. 1950. Submitted
66Version 1Lipinski (IL)DemocratWould expand new starts eligibility to comprehensive rebuilds of transit lines beyond their expected useful life to allow for expansion of service. Submitted
151Version 1Lynch (MA)DemocratWould prevent the main provisions of Title XVI of H.R. 7, pertaining to increased retirement contributions for federal workers, from going into effect while federal employees are operating under a pay freeze. Would also exclude Member’s of Congress from receiving relief from the increased retirement contributions during years in which federal employees are subject to a pay freeze. Made In Order
152Version 1Lynch (MA)DemocratWould strike section 16004 (Annuity Supplement) in Title XVI of H.R. 7. Submitted
64Version 1Marino (PA)RepublicanWould modify requirements relating to an addition to Corridor O in Pennsylvania on the Appalachian development highway system to eliminate the statutory funding cap for the Corridor, contained in section 1118.Submitted
53Version 1Markey, Edward (MA)DemocratWould expand on the oil export ban already included in the Arctic drilling subtitle (Sec. 17706) to prohibit export of any natural gas produced pursuant to a lease issued under Title XVII of this Act.Made In Order
54Version 1Markey, Edward (MA)DemocratWould require companies holding defective leases which allow them to drill on public lands off-shore without paying a royalty, to renegotiate those leases prior to bidding on new leases issued pursuant to Title XVII of this Act. Made In Order
55Version 1Markey, Edward (MA)DemocratWould strike new state revenue sharing from H.R. 7 as well as repeal existing revenue sharing authority for Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas authorized during the 109th Congress. The amendment would preserve current OCS revenue directed to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Submitted
70Version 1Markey, Edward (MA), Cohen (TN), Welch (VT), Connolly (VA)DemocratWould ensure that if the Keystone XL pipeline is built, the oil that it transports to the Gulf of Mexico and the fuels made from that oil remain in this country to benefit Americans. Would allow the President to waive this requirement if it can be shown that an export of the oil or fuels won’t increase our dependence on oil or fuels we buy from hostile nations, that prices for refiners and consumers won’t go up if the export occurs, or if an export is needed to comply with any international treaties or other agreements we have to export oil or fuels. Made In Order
183Version 1Matheson (UT)DemocratWould allow roads that have already been designated as National Scenic Byways to maintain this designation notwithstanding the repeal of the program under this bill. Submitted
134Version 1Matsui (CA)DemocratWould authorize Army Corps of Engineers to implement any flood risk management initiatives that has an Army Chief of Engineers report and has been submitted to Congress by the Secretary of the Army. Would require that only those initiatives that have been fully vetted as meeting all Federal economic justification, public safety, technical, environmental, public disclosure and non-federal cost-sharing requirements in reports submitted to Congress may qualify and only if submitted before the date of enactment of this Act.Submitted
87Version 1McCarthy, Carolyn (NY), Towns (NY)DemocratWould allow for those recipients who also run heavy, light, or commuter rail to also be eligible for the Bus and Bus Facilities grants so long as they provide paratransit services. Submitted
88Version 1McCarthy, Carolyn (NY)DemocratWould require the Secretary of Transportation to conduct a comprehensive study on distracted driving, including cognitive distraction when driving, driver distraction impacts on young, inexperienced drivers and build upon past reports and findings that the Department has conducted. Would require, not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall submit a report regarding the findings of the study under subsection (a) to the appropriate committees of Congress, including any recommendations to revise the requirement for minimum penalties under section 167(b)(2) of title 23, United States Code. Submitted
89Version 1McCarthy, Carolyn (NY)DemocratWould insert the text of H.R. 233, the Safe Drivers Act of 2011 at the end of Title V. Would require the Secretary to withhold 25% of a state's apportionment of certain federal-aid highway program funds for the fiscal year if the state has not enacted or is not enforcing a law that: (1) prohibits, except in an emergency, an operator of a moving or idling motor vehicle on a public road from using a hand-held mobile device (other than a voice-activated, vehicle-integrated or similar device, or a global positioning system [GPS] which is not vehicle-integrated); and (2) requires, upon conviction of a violation of such prohibition, the imposition of certain minimum penalties.Submitted
1Version 1McClintock (CA)RepublicanWould prohibit funds for the Central Subway Project of San Francisco.Submitted
178Version 1McDermott (WA), Napolitano (CA), Thompson, Mike (CA)DemocratWould add a section describing certain revenues and expenditures of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, and would add a subparagraph to Section 2241 of Title 33 to include improvements or repairs for the safety and continued operation of the Nation’s harbors.Submitted
135Version 1McGovern (MA)DemocratWould reduce the federal deficit by $40 billion by eliminating subsidies to oil companies.Submitted
94Version 1McKinley (WV)RepublicanWould insert the text of H.R. 2273, Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act, at the end of Title III. Would leave regulation and enforcement of coal combustion residuals to the states, and utilize the existing framework and requirements of federal regulatory programs for those states to follow. Submitted
95Version 1McKinley (WV)RepublicanWould prevent the EPA Administrator from finalizing, implementing, or enforcing any regulation that identifies or lists coal ash under Subtitle C of the Solid Waste Disposal Act for the purposes of any highway or infrastructure project or activity.Submitted
176Version 2Mica (FL)RepublicanRevised Would provide technical corrections recommended by the Department of Transportation and Legislative Counsel. Also includes provisions the Chairman agreed to work with Members on during the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee markup of H.R. 7.Submitted
108Version 1Michaud (ME)DemocratWithdrawn Would require a Department of Transportation study and manual on best practices for implementing cost effective roadway safety infrastructure improvements on high-risk rural roads.Withdrawn
161Version 2Miller, George (CA), Brown, Corrine (FL)DemocratRevised Would restore health and safety protections with regards to:(a) Fair Labor Standards Act overtime protections for workers who drive commercial motor vehicles to transport railroad crews; (b) employer obligations to provide training to contract workers; (c) the hazmat train-the-trainer program; and (d) Occupational Safety and Health Administration coverage for employees who handle hazardous materials.Submitted
145Version 1Moore, Gwen (WI)DemocratWould add research activities regarding school-based drivers' education training as an allowable use of federal highway safety research efforts aimed at improving driver education and training. Submitted
225Version 2Moore, Gwen (WI)DemocratRevised Would add support of industry and university research consortia as a priority purpose for funds authorized for intelligent transportation systems research and development.Submitted
226Version 1Moore, Gwen (WI)DemocratWould encourage entrepreneurship, job creation, and access to the Transportation Department’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program for qualified businesses by reforming the program’s Personal Net Worth Standard determination to better account for retirement assets that are not immediately available to applicants to bring it in line with similar efforts by the Small Business Administration.Submitted
227Version 1Moore, Gwen (WI)DemocratWould express the sense of Congress that a dedicated source of federal revenue through the Mass Transit Account is critical to the development of a nationwide public transportation system.Submitted
228Version 1Moore, Gwen (WI)DemocratWithdrawn Would authorize the use of highway safety funds to help support school based drivers education programs with priority given to states with high numbers of teen crashes and which have included reducing such crashes as a priority in their state highway safety plan.Withdrawn
236Version 1Murphy, Christopher (CT)DemocratWould require that solicitations for competitive proposals for a contract state that an agency may consider how the award of a contract will affect domestic employment. Would provide that a company may include a "Jobs Impact Statement" to highlight the amount of American Jobs they expect to create or retain with the award of a contract. Submitted
237Version 1Murphy, Christopher (CT)DemocratRequires that design work on federal-aid highway and transit projects cannot be performed through contracts with firms that are not based in the U.S. Submitted
25Version 1Nadler (NY), Carnahan (MO), Johnson, Hank (GA), Capps (CA)DemocratWould strike Sec. 5203(h)(3)(E) (pages 447-448), the provision of the bill that allows a Governor to modify a metropolitan TIP and add a project without the approval or endorsement of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Submitted
26Version 1Nadler (NY)Democrat of job retention for existing workers, and of job creation for new workers, with a focus on “disconnected youth,” in the transit industry. Submitted
27Version 1Nadler (NY), LaTourette (OH), Blumenauer (OR), Gibson (NY), Crowley (NY), Turner (NY), Grimm (NY), Lewis, John (GA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Norton (DC), Hayworth (NY), Rangel (NY), Lipinski (IL), Dold (IL)Bi-PartisanWould restore the dedicated guaranteed funding stream for public transportation programs. Would eliminate the Alternative Transportation Account, restore the Mass Transit Account of the Highway Trust Fund and its 2.86 cent funding mechanism, and redirect the $40 billion appropriation in HR 7 to the Highway Trust Fund to ensure there is enough funding for both highways and transit. It would also move CMAQ, Ferries, Puerto Rico and Territorial Highways, and Research back into the Highway Trust Fund consistent with current law.Submitted
28Version 1Nadler (NY), Blumenauer (OR), Chabot (OH), Davis, Geoff (KY), Lipinski (IL), McMorris Rodgers (WA), Schmidt (OH), Smith, Adam (WA)Bi-PartisanWould restore the Projects of National and Regional Significance program as a competitive merit-based grant program as it was originally established in SAFETEA-LU, which has been eliminated in HR 7. Submitted
13Version 1Napolitano (CA)DemocratWould strike subtitle E, consisting of section 8401-positive train control, from the bill.Submitted
169Version 1Noem (SD)RepublicanWould facilitate the development of onshore wind power by waiving NEPA requirements for meteorological testing towers that cause little disturbance and are installed to test the viability of an area for potential wind power.Submitted
278Version 1Norton (DC)DemocratLate Would extend until January 1, 2013 the transit benefits parity between parking and mass transit for employer-provided transit benefits.Submitted
279Version 1Norton (DC), Payne (NJ)DemocratLate Would require states to use one half of one percent of federal highway funds for construction training. The amendment would amend 23 USC 140(b), which currently gives states the option of using one half of one percent for the funds for training. Submitted
280Version 1Norton (DC), Moran, James (VA), Edwards, Donna (MD)DemocratLate Would instruct that the Secretary of Transportation may not “plan, design or construct” closures to E Street, NW, Washington, DC, between 15th and 17th streets until the Secretary has submitted to Congress a traffic mitigation plan. This amendment is intended to address the fact that the federal government closed E Street after 9/11 and this closure has caused significant unmitigated traffic congestion. Submitted
281Version 1Norton (DC), Moran, James (VA), Edwards, Donna (MD)DemocratLate Would amend the bill to express that it is the sense of Congress that the closure of E Street, NW, Washington, DC, between 15th and 17th Streets in the District of Columbia by the federal government has caused substantial adverse traffic and environmental impacts on the Washington metropolitan region and that the Secretary of Transportation shall work with the Washington metropolitan region to mitigate such impacts. This amendment is intended to address the fact that the federal government closed E Street after 9/11 and this closure has caused significant unmitigated traffic congestion.Submitted
190Version 1Nugent (FL)RepublicanWould allow members of Congress to opt-out of participating in the Federal Employees Retirement System. It also would allow members to contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan without receiving a federal match to their contributions. Made In Order
288Version 1Olver (MA)DemocratLate Withdrawn Would help coordinate innovative transportation services for disadvantaged individuals to access human services and employment and job training related opportunities.Withdrawn
120Version 1Pascrell (NJ), Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould require states to report annually to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) how they plan to coordinate their Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities program (Section 5317) with transportation services offered under the Older Americans Act.Submitted
121Version 1Pascrell (NJ), Carnahan (MO)DemocratWould authorize states that use federal funds for mobility management activities to use a 90 percent federal cost share under the coordinated access and mobility program formula grants.Submitted
128Version 1Pascrell (NJ)DemocratWould require a GAO/FTA study to evaluate techniques to improve rail crossing safety, including the effectiveness of “second train coming” signs and cross gate skirts.Submitted
270Version 1Perlmutter (CO)DemocratLate Would strike the underlying provision authorizing authority of a Governor to override Metropolitan Planning Organization decisions, bypassing the local planning process that examines, reviews, and prioritizes highway projects. Strikes page 447 line 24 through page 448 line 17. Submitted
234Version 1Peters (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Would amend the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation section (Subtitle B: Innovative Financing) to expand the projects eligible for TIFIA for smaller, transit related projects within a one-half mile radius of a transit station. Specifically, it would lowers the project eligibility criteria from the present $50 million minimum to $10 million. Withdrawn
103Version 1Petri (WI), Blumenauer (OR), LaTourette (OH), Lipinski (IL), Johnson, Timothy (IL), Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)Bi-PartisanWould preserve dedicated funding, based on 2009 levels, for transportation enhancement and safe routes to school activities in a consolidated Transportation Improvements Program. Would allow States to choose the source of funds from apportionments, and funds remaining after eligible projects have been funded could be used by the State for any purpose eligible under the Surface Transportation Program. Would amend the definition of transportation enhancement activities to remove transportation museums and other references, and state coordinators and a competitively selected clearinghouse would be funded.Submitted
240Version 1Petri (WI)RepublicanWould provide that, if the segment of Highway 41 between Milwaukee and Green Bay in Wisconsin becomes part of the Interstate, trucks currently operating on the highway could continue to operate after the designation.Submitted
238Version 1Pierluisi (PR), Bordallo (GU), Christensen (VI), Faleomavaega (AS), Sablan (MP)DemocratWould transfer authorization of appropriations or contract authority for the Puerto Rico Highway Program and the Territorial Highway Program from the Alternative Transportation Account to the Highway Trust Fund.Submitted
239Version 1Pierluisi (PR)DemocratWould authorize the Secretary of Transportation to redistribute unused obligation authority for the surface transportation system and discretionary programs to Puerto Rico. Submitted
82Version 1Pingree (ME), Michaud (ME)DemocratWould provide the Secretary of Transportation with the discretion to allow states the flexibility to use funds apportioned under the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program to support the operations of a program, if the state used CMAQ funds to operate the program during fiscal year 2012.Submitted
130Version 2Polis (CO)DemocratRevised Would strike subtitle A of title XVII and provides a five year window offset through increasing the federal share of drilling revenue. Made In Order
137Version 1Pompeo (KS)RepublicanWithdrawn Would state that Congress will support voluntary industry disclosure of materials and chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process, through a registry or mechanism such as FracFocus, and will oppose any attempts to stifle the technology through Federal regulatory burdens. Withdrawn
204Version 1Posey (FL)RepublicanWould require states to submit one-page reports that assign every dollar they receive to a specific transportation and infrastructure activity. The report will help determine the true cost of an activity and show which states are more efficient with tax dollars and would includes a penalty for non-compliance. Submitted
205Version 1Posey (FL)RepublicanWould increase accountability and transparency with taxpayer dollars by requiring states to submit one-page reports that assign every dollar they receive to a specific transportation and infrastructure activity.Submitted
71Version 1Price, Tom (GA)RepublicanWould allow any document required to be submitted under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to be submitted in electronic form. Submitted
72Version 1Price, Tom (GA)RepublicanWould ensure only sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places would require the Secretary to make a finding of de minimis impact in highway construction. Submitted
289Version 1Quigley (IL)DemocratLate Would ensure that there are no diversions of Fixed Guideway dollars to non-Fixed Guideway agencies.Submitted
290Version 1Quigley (IL)DemocratLate Would add language to the bill to clarify that states that have anti "pay-to-play" laws on the book are not in violation of federal competitive bidding requirements. Submitted
39Version 2Rahall (WV), Garamendi (CA), LaTourette (OH), Sutton (OH), Lipinski (IL), Murphy, Christopher (CT)Bi-PartisanRevised Would strengthen existing Buy America requirements for investments in highway, bridge, public transit, and rail infrastructure and equipment to ensure that all of the steel, iron, and manufactured goods (including rolling stock)used in these projects is produced in the United States. Would also apply Buy America requirements to rail infrastructure loans and loan guarantees. Finally, the amendment would require that Buy America requirements are applied in a manner that is consistent with international trade agreements. Submitted
148Version 1Reed (NY)RepublicanWould provide an automatic categorical exclusion on highway safety projects. Submitted
149Version 1Reed (NY), Owens (NY)Bi-PartisanWould provide an automatic categorical exclusion from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for bridge maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction and replacement projects as well as highway resurfacing projects for all roads and bridges that are not on the National Highway System.Submitted
158Version 1Reed (NY)RepublicanWould exempt any federal aid highway, bridge, safety, sidewalk, bike, pedestrian project that has been designated as a categorical exclusion, that is in the existing right of way, and does not require an additional property acquisition from all federal permit requirements.Submitted
285Version 1Rehberg (MT)RepublicanLate Would strike language (Sec. 6606) in H.R. 7 banning transportation of horses in a multilevel trailer and that authorizes a civil penalty of between $100 and $500 for each violation of this prohibition.Submitted
111Version 3Richardson (CA)DemocratRevised Would ensure that when developing the National Freight Policy the policy identify freight corridors of national significance.Submitted
112Version 1Richardson (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Would include local air quality agencies in the list of stakeholders for creating a National Freight Policy and state freight advisory committees. Would also include reducing emissions from mobile sources on highways and implementing a zero or near-zero emission technologies among goals for the National Freight Policy. Withdrawn
113Version 1Richardson (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Would ensure greater cooperation between metropolitan planning associations and local air quality agencies to create sound policy and reduce costs. Withdrawn
282Version 1Richmond (LA)RepublicanLate Would allow oil and gas revenues to be used for coastal wetlands conservation, coastal restoration, hurricane protection, or infrastructure projects directly impacted by coastal wetland losses. Currently, HR 7 contains a prohibition on how states can use oil and gas revenues. Energy producing states use offshore oil and gas revenues to fund their required state cost share of hurricane protection and coastline restoration programs. Made In Order
283Version 1Richmond (LA)RepublicanLate Would require GAO to conduct a study on the impact of highway funding cuts on the ability of state and local governments to plan for and respond to disasters.Submitted
40Version 1Rigell (VA)RepublicanWould grant a state authority to permit vehicles operated by members of the Armed Forces (including reserve components) serving on active duty and law enforcement officials use of high occupancy vehicle facilities. Submitted
168Version 1Rivera (FL)RepublicanWould insert a Sense of Congress calling on the Administration to develop a plan with the appropriate federal agencies, partners in academia, and the private sector to coordinate the development of early detection technology in the case of a spill originating from foreign and international waters.Submitted
2Version 1Ross (FL)RepublicanWould stipulate that any cost savings, as determined by the Congressional Budget Office, under Title XVI – the Federal Employee Retirement -- of HR 7 be used for deficit reduction. Submitted
73Version 1Runyan (NJ)RepublicanWould allow New Jersey to opt-out of drilling and lease sales off of the coast of New Jersey if the people of New Jersey disapprove it via a referendum vote. Submitted
92Version 1Rush (IL)DemocratWould amend Title VII [RESEARCH AND EDUCATION] to direct the Secretary of Transportation to grant special consideration to applications for Regional and Standard University Transportation Centers to consortia inclusive of Predominately Black Institutions (PBI), 1890 Land Grant Institutions, Hispanic Serving Institutions or Tribal Colleges or Universities.Submitted
93Version 1Rush (IL)DemocratWould amend Title XIV [KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE] to prohibit the issuance of a permit absent conditions that restrict the ability of the permit recipient from initiating or threatening to initiate proceedings to invoke the power of eminent domain against the will of a property’s owner for the purposes of constructing or operating the Keystone XL pipeline.Made In Order
277Version 3Scalise (LA), Bonner (AL), Landry (LA), Miller, Jeff (FL), Palazzo (MS), Southerland (FL), Olson (TX), Richmond (LA)RepublicanLate Revised Would dedicate Clean Water Act penalties associated with the Deepwater Horizon disaster to the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund. Made In Order
139Version 1Schakowsky (IL)DemocratWould expand eligibility for “transit enhancement” projects to include car-sharing organizations. Submitted
167Version 1Schiff (CA), Richardson (CA), Chu (CA)DemocratWould reinstate the National Fuel Cell Bus Program and amend the original authorization to the Zero Emission Bus Program, making the program technology neutral and continuing the public private partnership that has developed and deployed zero emission buses.Submitted
170Version 1Schock (IL)RepublicanWould require state entities to adhere to requirements and guidelines in the Federal Acquisition Regulation relating to exchanges with industry before receipt of proposals. Submitted
102Version 2Sessions (TX)RepublicanRevised Would prohibit funds from being used to subsidize Amtrak lines that operate at a 50 percent loss.Submitted
260Version 1Shuler (NC), Hunter (CA)Bi-PartisanWould alter Section 1108(b)(2)(C) to allow states to use funds apportioned under section 104(b)(2) or 104(b)(3) for optional projects or programs to establish alternative fuel refueling facilities throughout the state.Submitted
132Version 1Smith, Lamar (TX)RepublicanWould amend section 22908 to include new railroad stations or maintenance facilities adjacent to or near an existing right-of-way from projects categorically excluded from environmental assessment requirements or the preparation of environmental impact statements under standards promulgated by the Council on Environmental Quality.Submitted
138Version 1Smith, Adam (WA), Sires (NJ)DemocratWould establish within the Office of the Secretary of Transportation an Office of Freight Planning and Development, to coordinate investment of Federal funding to improve the efficiency of the national transportation system; facilitate communication among government, public, and private freight transportation stakeholders; and support the Secretary in the development of the National Freight Transportation Strategic Plan. Submitted
143Version 1Smith, Christopher (NJ)RepublicanWould require that within 180 days, the DOT Secretary shall submit to Congress a report that describes and analyzes State laws relating to road rage and aggressive driving, which includes: definitions; prevention strategies; educational requirements; and penalties for offenders.Submitted
188Version 1Southerland (FL), Buchanan (FL), Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Young, C.W. Bill (FL), Bilirakis (FL), Rivera (FL), Wasserman Schultz (FL), Brown, Corrine (FL), Castor (FL), Hastings, Alcee (FL), Wilson (FL), Deutch (FL), Miller, Jeff (FL)Bi-PartisanWould strike the leasing of New Offshore Areas for the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and replace it with an offset of $1.78 billion from the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Trust Fund. Submitted
164Version 1Stivers (OH)RepublicanWithdrawn Would uphold the integrity of the longstanding existing federal statute with regards to competitive bidding -- Title 23, United States Code, Section 112 (Letting of Contracts) -- and its primacy in federal-state relations governing the implementation of the federal-aid highway program.Withdrawn
274Version 2Sullivan (OK)RepublicanLate Revised Would add the House passed language of H.R. 2681, the Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act to H.R. 7. Submitted
74Version 1Sutton (OH)DemocratWould direct the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to prescribe motor vehicle safety standards that require electronic stability control systems for heavy vehicles to reduce rollover and loss of control crashes. Would require NHTSA to issue the notice of proposed rulemaking no later than 3 months after the date of enactment, and publish the final rule no later than 15 months after enactment.Submitted
124Version 1Thompson, Mike (CA), Capps (CA)DemocratWould maintain funding for local Off-System bridges by continuing the current law of a 15% set-aside for replacement of these bridges, and holding harmless off-system bridge funding in each state at FY2009 levels.Submitted
127Version 1Thompson, Mike (CA), Woolsey (CA)DemocratWould clarify that the legislation does not allow for oil and gas drilling on the northern coast of California.Made In Order
131Version 1Thompson, Mike (CA)DemocratWould transfer twenty percent of the Corp of Engineers – Civil, Department of the Army Expenses account, to the Corp of Engineers – Civil, Department of the Army Construction account.Submitted
147Version 1Tiberi (OH)RepublicanWithdrawn Would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the shipping investment withdrawal rules in section 955 and to provide an incentive to reinvest foreign shipping earnings in the United States.Withdrawn
182Version 1Tiberi (OH)RepublicanWithdrawn Would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exempt certain shipping from the harbor maintenance tax.Withdrawn
220Version 1Tonko (NY)DemocratWould make three changes to Section 1715, Truck Parking: renames the Section to Jason's Law; requires the Secretary to update survey every 3 years; and encourages States to consider information from the survey when putting together Strategic Highway Safety Plans in accordance with Section 1301 of the bill.Submitted
221Version 1Tonko (NY)DemocratWould allow a State to reallocate any funds that were provided to it for specific projects listed in SAFETEA-LU, TEA21, or ISTEA to new projects that would otherwise be eligible for funding under Title 23.Submitted
166Version 1Turner (NY), Gibson (NY)RepublicanWould include a bridge apportionment factor within the National Highway System Program(NHS), recognizing the need for this funding source to improve NHS bridges.Submitted
287Version 1Turner (OH)RepublicanLate Would bring the treatment of railroads for historic preservation in line with the treatment of interstate highways for the same purpose.Submitted
296Version 1Turner (NY)RepublicanLate Would direct the Secretary of Transportation to transfer 20 percent of the amount in the Highway Trust fund to the Alternative Transportation Account, beginning September 30, 2016.Submitted
20Version 1Walberg (MI)RepublicanWould amend the Highway Beautification Act (HBA) to exempt rural counties with populations of 60,000 or fewer residents from the limitations of the Act by allowing businesses that reside no more than 10 miles from the highway right-of-way to advertise.Submitted
275Version 1Walz (MN)DemocratLate Withdrawn Would require Railroads and the Federal Railroad Administration to consider access to rail transportation for shippers of toxic-by-inhalation hazardous materials during implementation of Positive Train Control.Withdrawn
276Version 1Walz (MN)DemocratLate Would extend the $1 per gallon Biodiesel Tax Credit through 2013.Submitted
293Version 1Walz (MN)DemocratLate Would protect FERS Supplemental Annuity Benefits for dual-status military personnel who have earned them through 25 years of service, or after reaching 50 years of age and completing 20 years of service.Submitted
193Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWould state that it is the Sense of Congress that the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor light rail project, which is being constructed by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) should include a station to serve the Leimert Park community and a station to serve the Westchester community.Submitted
194Version 2Waters (CA)DemocratRevised Would appropriate $500 million per year for TIGER grants for FY 2013 and FY 2014. Submitted
195Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Would delete the repeal of Section 1906 of SAFETEA-LU, Grant Program to Prohibit Racial Profiling.Withdrawn
235Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWould appropriate $500 million per year for TIGER grants for FY 2013 and FY 2014. The amendment offsets the appropriation by eliminating the tax deduction for drilling and development costs for taxpayers earning in excess of $100,000,000 in a taxable year.Submitted
7Version 1Webster (FL)RepublicanWithdrawn Would give priority to revenue generating projects in the distribution of funds from State infrastructure banks.Withdrawn
251Version 1Welch (VT)DemocratWithdrawn Would require the Commissioner of the FERC to certify the commission has had sufficient time to make a ruling on the Keystone pipeline. Withdrawn
83Version 2Whitfield (KY)RepublicanRevised Would exempt a bridge that is being reconstructed, due to damage resulting in its closure, from certain federal requirements to alleviate urgent safety and transportation needs.Submitted
50Version 1Wilson (FL)DemocratWould withhold federal-aid highway funds from states failing to enact and implement laws establishing penalties for using a cell phone while driving with a minor in the vehicle.Submitted
51Version 1Wilson (FL)DemocratWould withhold federal-aid highway funds from states failing to enact and implement laws establishing penalties for using a cell phone while driving.Submitted
150Version 1Wilson (FL)DemocratWould clarify that ‘texting’ be explicitly included in a state’s highway safety program that is already mandated to “reduce crashes resulting from unsafe driving behavior (including aggressive or fatigued driving and distracted driving arising from the use of electronic devices in vehicles).” Would also authorize the Secretary to carry out research, training, and education programs related to texting while driving under the Highway Safety Research and Development program. Submitted
247Version 1Wittman (VA)RepublicanWould add H.R. 2173 (Advancing Offshore Wind Production Act) to the bill. The amendment would speed the production of clean, renewable American energy by streamlining the process for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to develop offshore wind power. The amendment would waive Section 102(2)(C) of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA, 42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(C)) for temporary meteorological towers that cause less than five acres of disturbance, are removed within five years of the completion of the project and are installed to test the viability of an area for potential wind power. Submitted
30Version 2Woodall (GA)RepublicanRevised Would state Congress' intention that any telecommunication device regulations for motor vehicles are the sole responsibility of the states and prohibits the Department of Transportation from regulating telecommunication devices in motor vehicles.Submitted
31Version 1Woodall (GA)RepublicanWould add a component to the study already established under Section 6603 calling for an assessment of the impact on small employers of compliance with recent U.S. Department of Transportation regulations regarding cell phone usage. Submitted
156Version 1Young, Don (AK)RepublicanWould amend 23 USC 118(e)(relating to access and development roads in Alaska and Puerto Rico) to allow eligibility of port intermodal facilities for Federal Highway Administration funds.Submitted