H.R. 749 - Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015

Bill Text

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    Showing the text of the bill as ordered reported by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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    Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015 (as introduced) 

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    Report from the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Rule Information

REPORTED BY VOICE VOTE on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Agreed to by voice vote on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MANAGERS: Woodall/McGovern

1. Structured rule.

2. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.

4. Makes in order as original text for the purpose of amendment an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of Rules Committee Print 114-9 and provides that it shall be considered as read.

5. Waives all points of order against that amendment in the nature of a substitute.

6. Makes in order only those further amendments printed in the Rules Committee report. Each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.

7. Waives all points of order against the amendments printed in the report.

8. Provides one motion to recommit with or without instructions.

9. Section 2 provides that on any legislative day during the period from March 6, 2015, through March 13, 2015: the Journal of the proceedings of the previous day shall be considered as approved; and the Chair may at any time declare the House adjourned to meet at a date and time to be announced by the Chair in declaring the adjournment.

10. Section 3 provides that the Speaker may appoint Members to perform the duties of the Chair for the duration of the period addressed by section 2.

11. Sec. 4 provides that at any time through the legislative day of March 13, 2015, the Chair may postpone further consideration of a measure in the House to such time as may be designated by the Speaker.

Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
2Version 1Brownley (CA)DemocratRequires each state to develop a grade crossing action plan, identifying specific solutions for improving safety at crossings, including highway-rail grade crossing closures or grade separations; and focuses on crossings that have experienced recent grade crossing accidents or multiple accidents, or are at high risk for accidents. Made In Order
1Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanAdds veteran-owned small businesses to the participation study required under Section 305.Made In Order
5Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanProhibits the use of federal funds to provide alcohol free of charge on a route operated by Amtrak.Submitted
6Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanProhibits the use of federal funds to provide food or beverages free of charge to Amtrak employees on the Auto Train or long-distance sleeper cars.Submitted
7Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanProhibits the use of federal funds to cover operating losses from food and beverage service after 1 year from enactment. Submitted
8Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanRequires that the cost of labor for administering food and beverage service be included in the calculation of the total price of food and beverage service.Submitted
9Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanKeeps consistent the funding authorization to the Northeast Corridor Improvement Fund and the National Network Account at FY 2016 levels through FY 2019.Submitted
15Version 1Lipinski (IL)DemocratLate Clarifies that passengers using or transporting non-motorized transportation are to be considered in the Amtrak Office of Inspector General's report on boarding procedures in Section 211.Made In Order
3Version 1Lowey (NY)DemocratAuthorizes $10 million for a high-visibility grade crossing safety law enforcement campaign.Submitted
17Version 2McClintock (CA)RepublicanLate Revised The amendment eliminates all Federal assistance for Amtrak.Made In Order
4Version 1McNerney (CA)DemocratEnsures that socially and economically disadvantaged businesses request for proposals are considered for station development opportunities under Section 208 of the bill. Made In Order
14Version 2Mica (FL)RepublicanRevised A proposal for Northeast Corridor Express Service.Made In Order
16Version 1Payne, Jr. (NJ)DemocratLate Directs the Secretary of Transportation (DOT) to revise federal regulations regarding DOT-111 tank cars used to move flammable liquids to: (1) improve tank car design standards for new cars to include an outer steel jacket around it and thermal protection, full-height head shields, and high-flow capacity pressure relief valves; and (2) require additional safety upgrades to tank cars built after October 2011 by including installation of such valves and design modifications to prevent bottom outlets from opening in case of accident.Submitted
13Version 1Perlmutter (CO)DemocratRequires the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to submit to Congress a report evaluating the effectiveness of the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) 2005 rule on the use of locomotive horns at rail crossings.Made In Order
18Version 1Polis (CO)DemocratLate Lowers the required decibel levels of locomotive horns used at public grade crossings to reach a maximum of 80 decibels and maximum of 60 decibels, lessening railway disturbances in populated areas. Submitted
10Version 1Posey (FL)RepublicanPlaces a $600 Million cap on loans made through the Railroad Rehabilitation & Improvement Financing (RRIF) program.Submitted
11Version 1Posey (FL)RepublicanRevised Clarifies current law to ensure that exempt facility bonds for high speed rail projects are authorized accordingly. Submitted
12Version 1Posey (FL)RepublicanRequire a resolution of support for the project from elected representatives in each affected county before funding can proceed. Submitted