H.R. 1 - For the People Act of 2019

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Rule Information

REPORTED BY A RECORD VOTE OF 9-4 on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

Agreed to by record vote of 232-192, after agreeing to the previous question by record vote of 232-191, on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

MANAGERS: Scanlon/Cole

1. Structured rule.

2. Provides two hours of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on House Administration.

3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.

4. Provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of Rules Committee Print 116-7, modified by the amendment printed in part A of the Rules Committee report, shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.

5. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.

6. Makes in order only those further amendments printed in part B of the Rules Committee report and amendments en bloc described in section 3 of the rule. Each such amendment printed in part B of the report may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.

7. Waives all points of order against the amendments printed in part B of the report or against amendments en bloc as described in section 3 of the rule.

8. Provides that the chair of the Committee on House Administration or her designee may offer amendments en bloc consisting of amendments printed in part B of the report not earlier disposed of. Amendments en bloc shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for 20 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on House Administration or their designees, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question in the House or in the Committee of the Whole.

9. Provides, after the conclusion of consideration of the bill for amendment, a final period of general debate, which shall not exceed 10 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on House Administration.

10. Provides one motion to recommit with or without instructions.

11. Provides that it shall be in order at any time through the legislative day of March 8, 2019, for the Speaker to entertain motions that the House suspend the rules and that the Speaker or her designee shall consult with the Minority Leader or his designee on the designation of any matter for consideration pursuant to this section.

Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
1Version 1Rice, Kathleen (NY), Peters (CA)DemocratExplicitly prohibits the use of leadership PACs for personal use. Submitted
2Version 1Duncan (SC), Meadows (NC), Biggs (AZ), Cloud (TX)RepublicanBars localities from receiving federal funding if they allow non-citizens to vote.Submitted
3Version 2Moore (WI)DemocratRevised Requires voting registration materials to be sent with notification of restoration of rights. Made In Order
4Version 1Hastings (FL), Deutch (FL)DemocratRequires states to submit a report to Congress not later than 120 days after the end of a Federal election cycle regarding the number of ballots invalidated by signature mismatch, the attempts to contact voters to provide notice, and the cure process and results.Made In Order
5Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratAllows 16 and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote ahead of their 18th birthday. Made In Order
6Version 2Plaskett (VI)DemocratWithdrawn Establishes within the legislative branch a Congressional Task Force on Voting Rights of United States Citizen Residents of Territories of the United States to submit a specified report to Congress.Withdrawn
7Version 1Pocan (WI)DemocratRequires the creation of a single lobbying information disclosure portal that combines information currently held and made available to the public by the House, Senate, and DOJ.Made In Order
8Version 1Pocan (WI)DemocratEnds the practice of prison gerrymandering whereby incarcerated persons are counted in Census population counts as residents of correctional facilities and not their most recent residence prior to imprisonment.Made In Order
9Version 1Pocan (WI)DemocratRequires states to seek to ensure that any voting machine used for the purposes of a federal election, by 2022, is manufactured in the United States.Made In Order
10Version 1Pocan (WI)DemocratWithdrawn Requires public companies to report in SEC filings expenditures totaling $1,000 or more that are made for the purpose of influencing public opinion on any matter other than the promotion of products or services. Also requires such disclosure to include the name, address, and phone number of persons to whom such expenditures are made.Withdrawn
11Version 1Morelle (NY)DemocratChanges pre-election registration deadlines from 30 days to 28 days before election day to ensure the deadline does not fall on a legal public holiday. Made In Order
12Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanTerminates pensions for Members of Congress.Submitted
13Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanProhibits a single bill or joint resolution presented by Congress to the President from containing multiple subjects and to require the equal application of laws to Members of Congress.Submitted
14Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanInserts sense of Congress on the Need for Term Limits for Members of Congress.Submitted
15Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanEstablishes requirements for open primary elections. States must hold open primaries for federal elections. A state may not use federal funds provided for election administration purposes unless it certifies to the Election Assistance Commission that it holds open primaries for elections for state and local office.Submitted
16Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanProhibits paying Members of Congress during periods during which a Government shutdown is in effect.Submitted
17Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanRequires voters to provide photo identification when voting in a federal election. Identification must be provided without charge to individuals unable to pay costs of obtaining identification or otherwise unable to obtain identification. Provides exception for overseas military voters.Submitted
18Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanProhibits the payment of any pay to any Member of Congress: (1) if both houses of Congress have not approved a concurrent resolution on the budget for a fiscal year before October 1 of that fiscal year and have not passed all the regular appropriations bills for the next fiscal year by such date, or (2) until both houses of Congress approve such a budget resolution and pass all such appropriations bills. Retroactive pay is prohibited for such a period.Submitted
19Version 1Brindisi (NY)DemocratDirects states to equalize polling hours across the state within certain parameters. Provides exceptions for municipalities to set longer hours. Made In Order
20Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanDirects the FEC to establish a pilot program and create a mobile application that uses Blockchain technology to facilitate voting in elections and track votes cast in a secure and transparent matter. Submitted
21Version 1Spanberger (VA), Torres, Norma (CA)DemocratRequires the Director of National Intelligence to provide state election officials and Congress an assessment regarding risks and threats to election infrastructure 180 days before a general election.Made In Order
22Version 1Frankel (FL)DemocratClarifies that election administration improvement grants may be used to implement and model best practices for ballot design, ballot instructions, and the testing of ballots. Made In Order
23Version 1Price (NC)DemocratWithdrawn Repeals IRS Revenue Procedure 2018-38 to restore the requirement that politically-active nonprofit groups report the identities of major donors to the IRS in order to prevent undue foreign influence in our elections.Withdrawn
24Version 2Speier (CA)DemocratRevised Requires disclosure of all foreign donations to 501(c)(4)s and caps contributions from foreign individuals at $10,000. Conditions tax-exempt status of 501(c)(4)s on compliance. Revised
25Version 1Turner (OH)RepublicanRequires any individual that undertakes the role of the first or second position in the Presidential Line of Succession shall submit to the Federal Election Commission of a copy of the individual’s income tax returns for the 10 most recent taxable years for which a return has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service. Submitted
26Version 1Cartwright (PA)DemocratRequires employers with 25 or more employees to provide 2 consecutive hours of paid leave on the day of an Federal election in order to vote.Submitted
27Version 1McAdams (UT)DemocratDecreases, from 20% to 10%, the threshold by which an individual qualifies as a “lobbyist” under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. Made In Order
28Version 2Lujan (NM)DemocratRevised Revises Title III, Part 3, Election Infrastructure Innovation Grant Program, to include an emphasis on increasing voter participation, engage the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and increase funding for the competitive grants.Made In Order
29Version 2Davidson (OH)RepublicanRevised Replaces the federal holiday mandate with a sense of the Congress that election day should occur on a weekend. Revised
30Version 1Castor (FL), Raskin (MD), Bilirakis (FL)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require each authorized committee or leadership PAC of a candidate for election for Federal office to disburse all of the funds of the committee or PAC which remain unexpended after the date of the election.Withdrawn
31Version 1Shalala (FL)DemocratRequires the Office of Government Ethics to submit a report to Congress regarding the implications of the retroactive application of the ethics waiver process.Made In Order
32Version 2Green, Al (TX)DemocratRevised Directs the Election Assistance Commission to carry out a pilot program under which the Commission shall provide funds during the one-year period beginning after the date of enactment, to local educational agencies for initiatives to provide voter registration information to secondary school students in the 12th grade. Made In Order
33Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Bans individual stock ownership by Cabinet Secretaries and other Senate Confirmed Presidential Appointees, Senior, White House staff while in Office, as well as prohibit all Senate Confirmed government officials from holding or trading stock where its value might be influenced by their agency, department, or actions.Withdrawn
34Version 1Huffman (CA)DemocratAmends Div C, Title VII, Subtitle D of H.R. 1 to prevent executive appointees from being appointed to positions dealing with matters on which they have lobbied in the past two years. Submitted
35Version 1Huffman (CA)DemocratAmends the lobbying disclosure act to require individuals lobbied to be disclosed. Submitted
36Version 1Ruiz (CA)DemocratProhibits Members of Congress or legislative branch employees from purchasing first-class airfare using official funds. Submitted
37Version 2Ruiz (CA)DemocratRevised Prohibits federal funds from being spent at businesses owned or controlled by the President, Vice President, or a Cabinet Member. Made In Order
38Version 1Meadows (NC)RepublicanReplaces the automatic voter registration mandate contained in the bill with a clear provision of legal authority by Congress to allow states to conduct voter registration as they see fit. Submitted
39Version 1Meadows (NC)RepublicanRemoves the caps on direct contributions to candidates from individuals and requires donations of more than $200 to be disclosed within 24 hours.Submitted
40Version 1Meadows (NC)RepublicanEliminates the automatic voter registration section in Division A, Part 2.Submitted
41Version 1Deutch (FL)DemocratStrikes the addition of certain disclosure requirements for contributions to political organizations under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code under the Ethics in Government Act. Leaves the determination of conflicts of interest arising from political fundraising activities to the relevant designated agency ethics official.Made In Order
42Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanWithdrawn Ensures that states can take appropriate measures to secure internet voter registration systems against malicious actors and fraudulent registration. Withdrawn
43Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanEnsures that states that have taken appropriate measures to increase voter turnout are not subject to additional federal voter registration mandates. Made In Order
44Version 1Arrington (TX)RepublicanProhibits Members from leaving town if they fail to adopt a budget or appropriations on time.Submitted
45Version 2Case (HI)DemocratRevised Incentives political party committees to prioritize small dollar donations (up to $200) to provide enhanced support for candidates. Made In Order
46Version 1Brown (MD), Crist (FL)DemocratEnsures Sunday early voting.Made In Order
47Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratWithdrawn Extends the minimum early voting hours of operation from four hours to eight hours.Withdrawn
48Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratWithdrawn Makes the number of polling places proportionate to population. Withdrawn
49Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratRequires States to include in their annual report on voter registration statistics, the breakdown of race, ethnicity, age and gender of the individuals whose information is included in the report.Made In Order
50Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratAdds early voting to the minimum notification requirement for voters affected by polling place changes. Instead of only requiring the State to notify individuals no later than seven days before the date of the election, this would include not later than seven days prior to the first day of early voting as well, whichever comes first. Made In Order
51Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratRequires a portion of the early voting hours of operations to occur outside of normal business hours to ensure maximum accessibility to working individuals.Made In Order
52Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratRequires the States to include in their bi-annual report to Congress on the operation of the voter information hotline, a description of any actions taken in response to reports of voter intimidation or suppression.Made In Order
53Version 1Moore (WI)DemocratCalls for a GAO report on the challenges and progress made in making elections accessible for those with disabilities, including an assessment of the impact of changes included in H.R. 1. Made In Order
54Version 1Houlahan (PA), Brown (MD)DemocratModifies Section 1611 (Early Voting) to require that States provide for ten hours of early voting per day rather than four hours, as specified in the base text. Made In Order
55Version 1Espaillat (NY)DemocratRequires the GAO to study the extent to which state redistricting commissions have met the membership diversity requirements in the bill.Made In Order
56Version 1Williams (TX)RepublicanRequires election officials to provide information with respect to individual illegal aliens automatically registered to vote under this act to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.Submitted
57Version 1Gallagher (WI)RepublicanSUBSTITUTE Strikes and replaces text with a package of reforms intended to incentivize Members of Congress and other officials to serve the People, not the Swamp. Submitted
58Version 1Watson Coleman (NJ)DemocratWithdrawn Expands the prohibition on denying the right to vote due to a criminal conviction to include all elections, rather than just federal elections.Withdrawn
59Version 1Watson Coleman (NJ)DemocratWithdrawn Expands the prohibition on denying the right to vote due to a criminal conviction to include those that are incarcerated at the time of the election. Withdrawn
60Version 1Raskin (MD)DemocratWithdrawn Permits states to elect representatives using single-member, multi-member, or a combination of single-member and multi-member districts. Withdrawn
61Version 1Raskin (MD)DemocratPrevents corporate expenditures for campaign purposes unless the corporation has established a process for determining the political will of its shareholders.Made In Order
62Version 1Grijalva, Raúl (AZ)DemocratProvides that States shall permit an individual who receives a vote by mail ballot to cast the ballot on the date of the election by delivering the ballot to a polling place. Made In Order
63Version 1Smith, Jason (MO), Meadows (NC)RepublicanEnsures that no individual may be registered to vote unless appropriate election officials notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and ICE verifies that the individual is not illegally or unlawfully in the United States.Submitted
64Version 2Crist (FL)DemocratWithdrawn Mandates that at least one day of Early Voting occurs on a Sunday.Withdrawn
65Version 1Carbajal (CA)DemocratDirects the SEC to require that all publicly traded companies annually report expenditures for political activities to shareholders and the public. Submitted
66Version 1McNerney (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Directs the Attorney General to enter into an agreement with the National Academies of Sciences to conduct a study to develop guidelines, best practices, and examples for congressional redistricting.Withdrawn
67Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanRequires the Speaker of the House, 15 days after elected as Speaker, to submit a copy of individual income tax returns for the past 10 years to the Federal Election Commission. Submitted
68Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanAmends the Ethics in Government Act to require Members of Congress or candidates for Senator, Representative, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner to submit Federal income tax returns in place of financial disclosure reports. Submitted
69Version 1Cloud (TX), Meadows (NC), Hice (GA)RepublicanProhibits noncitizens from registering to vote under the provisions of the bill and require states to certify to the Attorney General that sufficient procedures exist in the state to prevent noncitizens from registering to vote.Submitted
70Version 2Golden (ME)DemocratRevised Authorizes the commission to refuse to certify a candidate to participate in the matching public finance program if they have been assessed three or more civil penalties in one or more elections previously and makes a candidate not eligible if there has been a willful violation. References criminal penalties for violations of the law.Made In Order
71Version 1Beyer (VA), Butterfield (NC)DemocratProvides grants to states to encourage involvement of minors in election activities.Made In Order
72Version 1Takano (CA), Bilirakis (FL), Raskin (MD), Castor (FL)Bi-PartisanEstablishes that a federal officeholder or candidate for federal office must resolve their campaign contributions within 6 years of leaving office or campaign.Made In Order
73Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratClarifies the authority of FEC attorneys, including the General Counsel, to represent the FEC in actions before the Supreme Court.Made In Order
74Version 1Connolly (VA), Langevin (RI)DemocratEstablishes a Race to the Top model to award supplementary grants to state applicants based on evidence of previous voting system security reforms and plans for implementing additional innovations. Made In Order
75Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratExpands the scope of the revolving door restriction to include a prohibition on "lobbying activity” for former government officials leaving public service during the two-year cooling off period.Made In Order
76Version 1Porter (CA), Gosar (AZ)Bi-PartisanExpands the ban prohibiting foreign nationals from contributing to elections under Section 319 of FECA to also ban foreign nationals from contributing to state or local ballot initiatives or referenda.Made In Order
77Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRepeals the separate contribution limits for contributions made to national parties to support presidential nominating conventions, national party headquarters buildings, and recounts.Submitted
78Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Mandates that the President, the Vice President, the spouse of the President or Vice President, and any minor child of the President or Vice President shall divest of any financial interest posing a potential conflict of interest by transferring such interest to a qualified blind trust.Withdrawn
79Version 1Phillips (MN), Torres, Norma (CA)DemocratEnsures the FEC Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel consists of individuals with diverse party affiliation and diverse gender and ethnic backgrounds.Made In Order
80Version 1Yoho (FL)RepublicanRequires the Judicial Conference of the United States to implement a judicial code that is at least as stringent as the requirements placed on Members of Congress. Made In Order
81Version 1Green, Mark (TN)RepublicanStrikes section 1041 which imposes severe restrictions on the interstate crosscheck system. Submitted
82Version 1Yoho (FL)RepublicanProhibits Members of Congress from being paid if both Houses of Congress have not approved a concurrent resolution on the budget before October 1 of that fiscal year and have not passed all of the regular appropriations bills for the next fiscal year before October 1 of that fiscal year. Submitted
83Version 1Scalise (LA), Hice (GA), Johnson, Mike (LA), Yoho (FL)RepublicanPermits a tax-exempt organization, such as a church or nonprofit, to make certain political statements without losing its tax-exempt status, so long as such statements are (1) made in the ordinary course of the organization’s regular and customary activities in carrying out its exempt purpose, and (2) any expenditure related to this are de minimis.Submitted
84Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanStrikes subtitle G of title IV, Disclosure of Political Spending by Government Contractors.Submitted
85Version 1Rouda (CA)DemocratRequires that social networks, ad networks, or search engines who sell political advertisements are subject to the digital advertisement changes made in H.R. 1. It also lowers the minimum unique monthly site view requirements for websites or web applications to 5,000,000. Submitted
86Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanStrikes the entirety of Subtitle E, Democracy Restoration. Submitted
87Version 1Rouda (CA)DemocratRequires online platforms to maintain and make available for online public inspection a person's nation of residency when they purchase qualified political advertisements on such online platform. Submitted
88Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanAmends the language of Section 1402 after “individual” to say, “is under the supervision of a State or the United States as the result of a conviction for a felony.”Submitted
89Version 1Rouda (CA)DemocratRequires that audio companion banners are subject to graphic format rules offered in H.R. 1 regarding honest advertisements. Submitted
90Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanAmends the language of Section 1402 by removing the location of where an individual is serving their felony sentence and prohibiting their vote if they are serving a sentence for peonage, slavery, trafficking, or a similar offense.Submitted
91Version 1Rouda (CA)DemocratRequires that all paper ballots used in an election for Federal office must be printed on recycled paper. This requirement applies to all elections occurring on or after January 1, 2021. Made In Order
92Version 1Rouda (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires individuals to register as foreign agents under FARA if lobbying on behalf of foreign-owned companies and/or their United States subsidiaries.Withdrawn
93Version 1Rouda (CA)DemocratDirects the Election Assistance Commission to conduct a study of the best ways to design ballots used in elections for public office to minimize confusion, including paper and digital ballots to minimize confusion and user errors. The EAC must submit to Congress this report no later than January 1, 2020. Made In Order
94Version 2Rouda (CA)DemocratRevised Directs the Postmaster General to modify paper change of address forms used by the United States Postal Service to include a reminder that any individual using the form should update the individual’s voter registration as a result of any change in address.Made In Order
95Version 1Butterfield (NC), Brown (MD)DemocratEnsures states locate polling locations for early voting in rural areas of the state and ensure that those polling places are located in communities that will give rural residents the best opportunity to vote during the early voting period.Made In Order
96Version 1Calvert (CA), LaMalfa (CA), Nunes (CA), Hunter (CA), Cook (CA), McClintock (CA), Hurd (TX)RepublicanStrikes section 5111 which creates a 6:1 federal match to small dollar donations.Submitted
97Version 1Gaetz (FL)RepublicanInserts three exceptions to the restoration of voting rights: Those convicted of murder or felony sexual offenses will have their voting rights restored only after their other civil rights are restored (pursuant to individual State laws); those convicted of felony voter fraud, voter intimidation, or voter harassment shall not be eligible for restoration of voting rights; and those convicted of felony sexual offenses will be ineligible to vote on any ballot measure relating to sex crimes.Submitted
98Version 1Levin, Andy (MI)DemocratProhibits violators of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 and their immediate family members from serving on redistricting commissions.Made In Order
99Version 1Calvert (CA), McClintock (CA), Cook (CA)RepublicanAmends the federal motor voter law to require any state that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver's license (or ID) to disclose to the state’s election officials the appropriate information about those individuals for the purposes of determining voter eligibility.Submitted
100Version 1Lesko (AZ)RepublicanStrikes Subtitle B of Title V relating to the My Voice Voucher Pilot Program and the Small Dollar Financing of Congressional Election Campaigns. Submitted
101Version 1Schneider (IL)DemocratRequires FEC to report to Congress within 180 days how to ensure financial disclosure for PACs and Super PACs established before Election Day but whose first disclosure would occur after Election day, as well as their use of debt that is paid off after Election Day for disbursements made before Election Day.Made In Order
102Version 1Lesko (AZ)RepublicanWithdrawn Terminates the taxpayer ability to designate $3 of income tax liability for financing of presidential election campaigns, the Presidential Election Campaign Fund, and the Presidential Primary Matching Payment Account. Requires the Department of the Treasury to transfer specified funds to the 10-Year Pediatric Research Initiative Fund, and the remainder of the funds to support Title II education funding. Withdrawn
103Version 1Lesko (AZ)RepublicanStrikes the requirement for states to treat mail in voter registration the same as online voter registration, and allows states to set their own requirements for the use of online and internet voter registration as may be necessary to ensure security and to prevent fraudulent registrations. Submitted
104Version 1Lesko (AZ)RepublicanStrikes Subtitle E of Title II relating to independent redistricting commissions. Submitted
105Version 1Lesko (AZ)RepublicanAllows a state to remove the name of a voter from a voter list if the state has reason to believe that the voter is registered in another state, is fraudulently registered, or is an illegal alien. Submitted
106Version 1Schneider (IL)DemocratAmends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require all political committees to notify the Federal Election Commission within 48 hours of receiving cumulative contributions of $1,000 or more from any contributor during a calendar year.Submitted
107Version 1Trahan (MA)DemocratProhibits agents registered under the Foreign Agents Act from serving on an independent redistricting commission. Made In Order
108Version 1Trahan (MA)DemocratExtends the guarantee of residency for purposes of voting to family members of absent military personnel. Made In Order
109Version 3Lofgren (CA)DemocratMANAGER’S AMENDMENT Revised Makes technical corrections and other changes including creating a task force on studying territory voting issues, codifying regulations around foreign involvement in our elections and makes improvements to independent redistricting commissions, repeals an IRS rider and provides for an assessment on certain fines, penalties, and settlements owed to the federal government to finance the Freedom From Influence Fund.Considered as Adopted
110Version 1Serrano (NY)DemocratAmends the definition of a “State” under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to include the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, in addition to the states and the District of Columbia. Submitted
111Version 1Grothman (WI)RepublicanProvides transparency on potential foreign influence with high level officials for their dealings outside their official duties.Submitted
112Version 1Suozzi (NY), Fitzpatrick (PA), Gottheimer (NJ), Brindisi (NY), Carbajal (CA), Spanberger (VA), Murphy (FL), Panetta (CA), Peters (CA), Rose, Max (NY), Soto (FL), Van Drew (NJ), Costa (CA), Crist (FL), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX), Lipinski (IL), Luria (VA), O'Halleran (AZ), Phillips (MN), Schrader (OR), Welch (VT), Dingell (MI), Harder (CA), Schneider (IL), Himes (CT), Reed (NY), Watkins (KS), Upton (MI), Gallagher (WI), Hurd (TX), Smucker (PA), Thompson, Glenn (PA), Stefanik (NY), King, Peter (NY), Katko (NY), Westerman (AR), Amodei (NV), Riggleman (VA), Joyce, David (OH), Moolenaar (MI), Banks (IN), Meuser (PA), Gonzalez, Anthony (OH), Wenstrup (OH)Bi-Partisan20/20 PROTOCOL Requires the Federal Elections Commission to conduct an audit after each Federal election cycle to determine the incidence of illicit foreign money in the election. Within 180 Days, the FEC will submit to Congress a report containing audit results and recommendation(s) to address the presence of illicit foreign money.Made In Order
113Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratDirects the Office of Government Ethics to promulgate rules to apply ethics laws to unpaid employees of the Executive Office of the President and the White House.Made In Order
114Version 3Jayapal (WA), Omar (MN)DemocratRevised Prohibits compensation for lobbying contacts on behalf of foreign countries identified by the Secretary of State as engaging in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.Made In Order
115Version 3Jayapal (WA)DemocratRevised Directs the Office of Government Ethics to promulgate regulations establishing limits on gifts and donations to legal defense funds. The regulations shall, at a minimum, set basic requirements on transparency and prohibit mixing federal employees with non-federal employees to ensure federal employees cannot obtain money from prohibited sources.Made In Order
116Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanStrikes all of Title V (Campaign Finance Empowerment). Submitted
117Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanProvides that State DMV’s shall require individuals applying for a driver’s license to indicate whether the individual resides in another State or resided in another State prior to applying, and whether the individual intends for the State to serve as the primary residence for voting. If so, the State election officer of the prior State of residence shall be notified. Made In Order
118Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanProvides an additional exception: that the state has reason to believe the registrant is registered in another state, is fraudulently registered, or is an illegal alien. Submitted
119Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanMakes any alien, legal or illegal, who unlawfully votes in a Federal election, ineligible to apply for relief under immigration laws, adjustment of status to permanent residence, or any nonimmigrant status. Submitted
120Version 1Kim (NJ)DemocratRequires all paper ballots used in an election for Federal office must be printed in the US on paper manufactured in the US. Made In Order
121Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanRequires State and local election officials to require proof of citizenship, rather than an affirmation of citizenship, to vote in Federal elections. State and local election officials will provide DHS with the registration and voting history of any alien seeking legal status upon request. Submitted
122Version 1Hice (GA), Meadows (NC)RepublicanStates that no individual may be registered to vote under this section unless the individual provides a written affirmation, under penalty of perjury, that the individual is a citizen of the United States.Submitted
123Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanProvides that only citizens are counted for purposes of apportioning House seats. Submitted
124Version 2Sarbanes (MD), Slotkin (MI)DemocratRevised Expands the ban on foreign money entering elections to include electioneering communications.Made In Order
125Version 1Hice (GA)RepublicanRemoves the granting of subpoena authority to the Director of the Office of Government Ethics.Made In Order
126Version 2Buck (CO)RepublicanRevised Prevents disenfranchisement, including of seniors and persons with disabilities, by: (1) establishing technology and disability standards whenever electronic mail is used by election officials to send election-related information; (2) ensuring election officials send such information by regular mail whenever it is not received by email; and (3) requiring regular reports to DOJ concerning use of email by election officials in regards to Federal elections.Revised
127Version 1Pressley (MA), Meng (NY), Schakowsky (IL)DemocratLowers the mandatory minimum voting age to age 16 in federal elections. Made In Order
128Version 2Posey (FL), Green, Mark (TN)RepublicanRevised Strikes subtitle B of Title V - the Campaign Finance Empowerment provisions of the bill, which includes the My Voice Voucher program and the Election Assistance Commission pilot program. Revised
129Version 1Meng (NY), Pressley (MA), Chu (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Treats secondary schools as contributing agencies for the purposes of voter registration assistance.Withdrawn
130Version 2Calvert (CA), LaMalfa (CA), Nunes (CA), Hunter (CA), Cook (CA), McClintock (CA)RepublicanRevised Adds a new subtitle prohibiting the practice of ballot harvesting. Revised
131Version 1Meng (NY), Pressley (MA), Grijalva, Raúl (AZ), Chu (CA)DemocratRequires the Election Assistance Commission poll worker training manual to ensure services are delivered in a culturally competent manner. Made In Order
132Version 1Number not in use due to amendment submission duplication.Not Submitted
133Version 1Green, Mark (TN)RepublicanLate Expresses a sense of Congress that free speech should be protected. Made In Order
134Version 1Gosar (AZ), Meadows (NC)RepublicanLate Strikes provision regarding public campaign financing.Submitted
135Version 1Gosar (AZ), Kirkpatrick (AZ)Bi-PartisanLate Requires CVV's and billing address on all online/credit donations in order to ensure that foreigners are not donating to American elections. Submitted
136Version 1Gosar (AZ), Meadows (NC)RepublicanLate Includes criminal penalties for failure to register as a foreign agent, including 5 years in prison for each instance.Made In Order
137Version 1Cole (OK)RepublicanLate Terminates (1) the taxpayer election to designate $3 of income tax liability for financing of presidential election campaigns, (2) the Presidential Election Campaign Fund, and (3) the Presidential Primary Matching Payment Account. The Department of the Treasury must transfer the funds remaining in the Presidential Election Campaign Fund to the 10-Year Pediatric Research Initiative Fund.Submitted
138Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Ensures that illegal aliens do not register to vote by requiring documentary proof of citizenship at the point of registration. Submitted
139Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratLate Prohibits senior executive branch officials from violating the Federal Travel Regulations with taxpayer funds, requires federal agencies to disclose quarterly reports to Congress detailing senior officials’ travel on government aircraft, and requires the Office of Government Ethics to issue a report to Congress on recommendations to strengthen the Federal Travel Regulations. Made In Order
140Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratLate Requires DOD to regularly disclose reports to Congress detailing the direct and indirect costs to the Department in support of presidential travel, including any costs incurred for travel to properties owned or operated by the President or his immediate family. This amendment codifies a recent GAO recommendation regarding DOD costs of presidential travel. Made In Order
141Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratLate Requires DOD to provide Congress regular reports on direct and indirect costs to the Department in support of travel on military aircraft provided to senior executive branch officials, including whether any spousal travel provided was reimbursed to the federal government. Made In Order
142Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratLate Makes permanent the Office of Congressional Ethics. Submitted
143Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratLate Prohibits Member pay if a concurrent resolution on the budget is not agreed to; freezes Member pay; prohibits official funds for first-class flights for Members or legislative branch employees; extends the lobbying ban for Members from two to five years. Submitted
144Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanLate Prohibits funds appropriated or otherwise made available for the official travel of a Member of Congress or other officer or employee of the legislative branch for airline accommodations which are not coach-class accommodations.Submitted
145Version 1Gosar (AZ), Biggs (AZ), Duncan (SC), Cloud (TX)RepublicanLate Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to make voting in a federal election by an alien who is unlawfully in the United States an aggravated felony and a deportable offense.Submitted
146Version 1Gosar (AZ), Meadows (NC)RepublicanLate Asserts that statehood for Washington, D.C. would require a constitutional amendment.Submitted
147Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanLate Inserts a new section regarding applicable standard for determinations of whether an organization is operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. Submitted
148Version 1Harder (CA)DemocratLate States that any person or entity that makes a lobbying contact with a covered legislative branch official or a covered executive branch official shall indicate whether the person or entity is registered as a lobbyist. Made In Order
149Version 1Horsford (NV)DemocratLate Requires all forms made available by the FEC to allow for accent symbols. Made In Order
150Version 1Huizenga (MI)RepublicanLate Withdrawn Requires full transparency to disclose every contributor that contributes to a campaign committee. Withdrawn
151Version 1Yoho (FL)RepublicanLate Ensures that those who have been convicted of certain sex crimes are not the subject of mandatory re-enfranchisement. Submitted
152Version 1Axne (IA), Loebsack (IA)DemocratLate Prohibits current and previous Members of Congress from ever serving as lobbyists.Submitted
153Version 1Axne (IA)DemocratLate Prohibits taxpayer dollars from being used for first-class airline accommodations. Submitted
154Version 1Foxx (NC), Rouda (CA)Bi-PartisanLate Codifies a Senate rule that brings transparency to sources of compensation for Congressional fellowships, applying it to both chambers. Made In Order
155Version 1Lieu (CA)DemocratLate Prohibits political appointees from using Federal funds to pay for travel on non-commercial, private, or chartered flights for official business. Exceptions are made if no commercial flight is available during the time at which travel is necessary – any senior political appointee who travels on a non-commercial, private, or chartered flight under the above exception must submit a written statement to Congress certifying that no commercial flight was available. Made In Order
156Version 1Cole (OK), Norman (SC)RepublicanLate Restores a provision currently in law that bars government contractors from disclosing campaign contributions as part of the bidding process.Made In Order
157Version 1Lawrence (MI)DemocratLate Adds Cabinet members to the list of individuals prohibited from benefiting from an agreement with the U.S. Government. Made In Order
158Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Strikes subtitle C of Title IV, the so-called “Honest Ads Act,” which increases regulations on online advertisements. Submitted
159Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Strikes Title IV, subtitle F, which would allow the SEC to require disclosure of political contributions made by public corporations. Made In Order
160Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Protects the ability of 501(c)4s to advocate for causes by striking a provision intended to allow for additional IRS regulation of 501(c)4s. Made In Order
161Version 1Kirkpatrick (AZ), Gosar (AZ)Bi-PartisanLate Requires verification value of credit cards for the purchase of online advertising.Made In Order
162Version 1Scanlon (PA)DemocratLate Establishes a fourth committee comprised of election security experts to review grant requests to ensure funds for election infrastructure are best spent. Made In Order
163Version 1Scanlon (PA)DemocratLate Requests a study by the Federal Election Commission to specifically assess whether the small donor match cap and the six-to-one ratio in H.R.1 is appropriately scaled for both House and Senate elections.Made In Order
164Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Withdrawn Strikes Title IV, Subtitle G, which would allow for additional political disclosure requirements on federal contractors. Withdrawn
165Version 1Davidson (OH), Meadows (NC)RepublicanLate Strikes subtitle A of Title VI, which would permit FEC operations a simple majority, potentially allowing for partisan decision-making. Submitted
166Version 1Davidson (OH), Meadows (NC)RepublicanLate Strikes Subtitle B of Title VI, which would expand the definition of coordinated communication and increase the penalties for those communications.Submitted
167Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Strikes subtitle D of Title IV, which would expand disclaimer requirements for multiple types of political speech. Submitted
168Version 1Gallego (AZ)DemocratLate Requires OMB to disclose 1) payments expended by any agency to organizations and businesses controlled by the President or an agency head and 2) regulatory actions that benefit organizations and businesses controlled by the President or an agency head. Submitted
169Version 1McEachin (VA)DemocratLate Gives a legislature seven days from when a redistricting commission approves its final plan in which to meet in session and, with the agreement of a 4/5 majority in all chambers, veto that plan, such that final district lines are drawn by a federal court; also gives a legislature the ability, having vetoed a redistricting commission’s final plan, to enact its own plan (subject to the governor’s consent) within the same seven-day window.Submitted
170Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Eliminates the California-style requirement in section 1601 that provisional ballots be counted for all eligible races regardless of the precinct in which the ballot was cast, and replace it with a standard allowing provisional ballots to be counted only in the precinct in which the voter was eligible to vote while at the same time protecting state autonomy by permitting all states to keep in place the election laws on the books in November 2018.Submitted
171Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Strikes a provision that would exempt party communications and certain other campaign communications from new disclosure requirements under Title IV, subtitle D. Submitted
172Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Strikes findings section in Title IV, Subtitle A, regarding beneficial ownership reporting, and strike subtitle B of Title IV, which would substantially expand regulations on disclosure and beneficial ownership reporting for companies that engage in political activity. Submitted
173Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Makes clear that it is perjury to falsify information on voter registration documents and requires states to verify voter information provided during registration while ensuring that federal departments provide appropriate cooperation to states in the verification of this information. Submitted
174Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Strikes an exemption that would favor party speech by eliminating language allowing unlimited small dollar expenditures from political parties under certain conditions.Submitted
175Version 1Meng (NY)DemocratLate Requires poll worker training grant recipients to include in their report to the Election Assistance Commission evidence demonstrating the poll worker training and services provided to voters were carried out in culturally competent manner. Submitted
176Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Modifies the preregistration requirement in this bill for 16-year-olds to ensure that no one under the age of 18 votes in federal elections by requiring state certification that sufficient procedures are in place to prevent this eventuality. Submitted
177Version 1Sarbanes (MD), Murphy (FL), Rose, Max (NY), Crow (CO), Axne (IA), Horn (OK), Brindisi (NY), McAdams (UT), Spanberger (VA), Pappas (NH), Finkenauer (IA), Golden (ME), Van Drew (NJ), Kilmer (WA), Cunningham (SC), Luria (VA), Slotkin (MI)DemocratLate Withdrawn Provides for an assessment on certain fines, penalties, and settlements owed to the federal government to finance the Freedom From Influence Fund. Withdrawn
178Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Ensures that party communications are not exempted from additional disclosure requirements. Submitted
179Version 1Pappas (NH)DemocratLate Amends current law to specify that the one year cooling off period before former Members of Congress are permitted to lobby begins not when they leave office, but at the end of the Congress to which they were elected. Submitted
180Version 1Pappas (NH)DemocratLate Establishes a centralized online whistleblower portal for the House of Representatives, accessible to Members of both parties, for the reporting of waste, fraud and abuse Submitted
181Version 1King, Steve (IA)RepublicanLate Ensures that for every dollar that a candidate accepts from an out-of-state person or entity, such candidate must first accept one dollar from a registered voter in the candidate’s congressional district. Further, ensures that in a calendar year, an individual may not give more to a PAC, district/state/local party committee, national party committee, or additional national party committee accounts, than they are permitted under law to contribute to an individual candidate or candidate committee per election.Submitted
182Version 1Finkenauer (IA), Loebsack (IA), Axne (IA)DemocratLate Exempts the State of Iowa's current nonpartisan redistricting system from the Sec. 2401 requirement.Made In Order