/  H.R. 2203—Homeland Security Improvement Act

H.R. 2203 - Homeland Security Improvement Act

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Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
16Version 1Barragán (CA)DemocratRequires GAO to produce a report regarding Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement practices in detaining U.S. citizens. Requests study of number of U.S. citizens detained, practices for identifying citizens, and description of trends in apprehensions of U.S. citizens at the border and elsewhere under immigration enforcement actions.Submitted
8Version 5Brown (MD)DemocratRevised Adds to the definition of a “law enforcement official” to ensure that members of the Armed Forces are not being deployed to enforce the INA. Submitted
9Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratWithdrawn Adds that the Office of the Ombudsman must establish a uniform system of evaluating and moving detainees from CBP custody to Alternatives to Detention programs and must establish a uniform reunification system of parents with children separated from them by DHS. Withdrawn
1Version 2Espaillat (NY)DemocratRevised Requires that policies regarding body-worn camera usage and data retention by informed by standards developed by civil liberties organizations and professional law enforcement accreditation organizations; requires that footage be made available for any administrative proceeding, civil action, or criminal prosecution; and specifies various adverse actions for non-compliance.Submitted
2Version 1Espaillat (NY)DemocratRequires that DHS and HHS develop a plan for reuniting separated families, provides enhanced protections for separated families, and provides for counsel for children and other vulnerable individuals.Submitted
5Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Affirms Freedom of Information Act obligations for Customs and Border Protection regarding the retention of all records related to private entities contracting with agency to provide detention, housing, immigration processing or support of deportation proceedings, including contracts, and activities conducted pursuant to contracts.Submitted
6Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWithdrawn Establishes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) obligations for the Office of the Ombudsman established by Title II of this Act and charges that office with responsibilities to develop procedures to ensure timely responses to FOIA requests. The Office of the Ombudsman must make an annual report to Congress on open records compliance and directs the Ombudsman to make recommendations on how the records of private entities with which Customs and Border Protection contracts can be made available under agency FOIA rules.Withdrawn
11Version 1Kuster (NH)DemocratEncourages the inclusion of individuals with experience treating and preventing sexual violence and harassment in the composition of the Commission. Submitted
12Version 1Kuster (NH)DemocratDirects GAO to complete a report on CBP and ICE implementation of DHS' sexual abuse prevention standards and provide recommendations on how to ensure their compliance with these standards.Submitted
15Version 1Lee, Susie (NV)DemocratCodifies existing law and ensures that the underlying bill in no way expands federal benefits or ACA access for eligible immigrants or asylees. Submitted
13Version 1Thompson, Mike (CA), Velázquez (NY)DemocratBans ICE from displaying the word "Police" during immigration enforcement operations.Submitted
14Version 2Thompson, Bennie (MS)DemocratMANAGER’S AMENDMENT Revised Enhances protections of women who are pregnant or in post-delivery recuperation and are in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security, including during transport, in a detention facility, or at an outside medical facility. The amendment also requires a Government Accountability Office audit of stops and searches, among other things. Submitted
7Version 1Torres Small, Xochitl (NM)DemocratWithdrawn Authorizes funds for the reimbursement of border communities that have experienced a significant influx of migrants since January 2019. Withdrawn
4Version 1Trahan (MA)DemocratRequires that at least one relevant Committee hold a public hearing within a week of Congressional notification of a migrant dying while in U.S. custody.Submitted
10Version 1Velázquez (NY), Thompson, Mike (CA)DemocratRequires ICE and CBP to prepare a plan to prohibit using the word “police” in immigration enforcement operations within one year of enactment. Adds that disposal of paraphernalia from both agencies with the word “police” is required as part of such plan and prohibits the sale or auction thereof.Submitted
3Version 1Wasserman Schultz (FL)DemocratProhibits both the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Homeland Security from preventing a Member of Congress from visiting HHS or DHS detention facilities to conduct oversight. Strikes language that allows the Department of Homeland Security to require a 24-hour notice of intent to enter a DHS detention facility.Submitted