Senate amendment to H.R. 3967 - Honoring our PACT Act of 2022

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#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
4Version 1Bost (IL), Roy (TX)RepublicanLimits the Cost of War Toxic Exposure Fund to $116.8 billion over 10 years. Prevents the Fund from converting up to $396.6 billion of existing, already appropriated VA health care costs from discretionary to mandatory.Submitted
1Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs to delay enrollment dates outlined in Section 103 if VA wait times increase by 20 percent or more during the relevant two year period.Submitted
2Version 1Roy (TX)RepublicanProvides that the Secretary shall remove an illness from a presumption of service connection previously established pursuant to a regulation issued under subsection (a) if there is a lack of evidence establishing a positive association between the illness and the toxic exposure.Submitted
3Version 1Roy (TX)RepublicanProvides that all of the funding appropriated under this act shall be unobligated amounts available under COVID relief funds.Submitted