Senate amendment to H.R. 5376 - Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

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Rule Information

REPORTED BY A RECORD VOTE of 9-4 on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

Agreed to by record vote of 219-208, after agreeing to the previous question by record vote of 219-208, on August 12, 2022.

MANAGERS: McGovern/Burgess

1. Provides for the consideration of the Senate amendment to H.R. 5376.
2. Makes in order a motion offered by the chair of the Committee on the Budget or his designee that the House concur in the Senate amendment to H.R. 5376.
3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the motion and the Senate amendment.
4. Provides that the Senate amendment and the motion shall be considered as read.
5. Provides three hours of debate on the motion equally divided among and controlled by the respective chairs and ranking minority members of the Committees on the Budget, Energy and Commerce, and Ways and Means, or their respective designees.

Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
1Version 3Meuser (PA)RepublicanRevised Adding a provision that prevents tax increases on taxpayers who earn less than $400,000.Revised
2Version 1Roy (TX), Duncan (SC)RepublicanStrikes the entire bill.Submitted
3Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanExpands authority for NOAA and USFWS to remove debris from waterways when planning for and addressing extreme weather events.Submitted
4Version 1Pfluger (TX), Arrington (TX)RepublicanStrike section 60113 (relating to methane emissions reduction program).Submitted
5Version 2Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanRevised Prohibits the bill from taking effect if JCT determines that it will cause an increase in taxes or cost of living for those making less than $80,000 per year.Revised
6Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanProhibits the bill from taking effect if JCT determines that it will cause an increase in taxes or cost of living for those making less than $400,000 per year.Submitted
7Version 1Meuser (PA)RepublicanRequires the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to provide inflation projections for bills that Congress considers using the budget reconciliation process. Specifically, the CBO must estimate the impact on inflation that will occur from implementing each reconciliation bill, including the impact on inflation that will occur during each of the 4 fiscal years following the enactment of the bill.Submitted
8Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits funding for the hiring of any additional IRS employees until the tax return backlog is addressed.Submitted
9Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanCuts the IRS enforcement budget by $10 million.Submitted
10Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits federal agencies from creating, implementing, or administering a program that requires financial institutions or individuals to report on the balances of, transactions involving, or transfers into and out of financial accounts.Submitted
11Version 1Burgess (TX), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Wenstrup (OH), Dunn (FL), Bucshon (IN), Miller-Meeks (IA)RepublicanRemoves physicians from the middle of negotiations between the government and drug manufacturers.Submitted
12Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts a Sense of Congress that inflation is a tax on taxpayers with a taxable income below $400,000.Submitted
13Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Labor to submit to Congress a written report regarding the expected job losses in the private sector due to tax provisions and amendments in this bill.Submitted
14Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRequires a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research to Congress on the current state of the US economy and an updated definition of a recession.Submitted
15Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanAmend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the estate tax, which will be effective for estates of decedents dying after December 31, 2022, chapter 11 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is repealed.Submitted
16Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts a Sense of Congress that the Mountain Valley pipeline, which travels through southern Virginia and northwestern West Virginia, should only be approved concurrently with the Keystone XL pipeline.Submitted
17Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits any funds made available by this Act from being used for the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management within the Department of Energy.Submitted
18Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits funds made available by this Act from being used for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy within the Department of Energy.Submitted
19Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanImposes a hiring freeze at USDA until Secretary Vilsack resigns from his post.Submitted
20Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Title VI.Submitted
21Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50142, which provides $3 billion for the purpose of providing loans to “re-equip, expand, or establish advanced technology vehicle manufacturing”, provided that such vehicles emit low or zero emissions.Submitted
22Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50143, domestic manufacturing conversion grants, which would provide $2 billion to provide grants for the domestic production of efficient hybrid, plug-in electric hybrid, and other forms of electric vehicles.Submitted
23Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50144, providing $5 billion for energy infrastructure reinvestment financing and provides the Secretary of Energy with the authority to guarantee loans up to a total principal amount of $250 billion dollars.Submitted
24Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50151, providing $2 billion in loans for the construction or modification of electric transmission facilities.Submitted
25Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50152, which provides $760 million (through September 2029) to make grants to, in part, study and analyze the impacts of a transmission project that could be eligible to receive funding under this section.Submitted
26Version 2Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRevised Strikes Section 50161, which would provide $5.8 billion to the office of clean energy demonstrations.Revised
27Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50153, which would provide $100 million for interregional and offshore wind electricity transmission planning, modeling, and analysis.Submitted
28Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserting the following after Section 50171: "The Office of Inspector General of the Department of Energy shall use 0.5 percent of the amounts made available by this section to investigate the financial impact of the Biden Administration’s policies on oil and gas prices.’’Submitted
29Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Title V of the bill relating to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.Submitted
30Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits funding from Section 50302 from being used by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission until the Commission has approved 12 applications for LNG terminals.Submitted
31Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Sec. 50121, which provides taxpayer-funded rebates for residential homes to use more energy-efficient sources.Submitted
32Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50122, providing ($4.275 billion) for a high-efficiency electric home rebate program.Submitted
33Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50123, providing ($200 million) to train contractors to install “home energy efficiency and electrification improvements”.Submitted
34Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50131, providing assistance ($1 billion) to help adopt more energy resilient building energy codes - these funds would go to grants to States and local governments.Submitted
35Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50141, which provides the Secretary of Energy the authority to guarantee loans up to a total principal amount of $40 billion dollars - money that would fund the Department of Energy Loan Programs Office, which has been intent on financing renewable energy technology.Submitted
36Version 1Murphy, Gregory (NC), Wenstrup (OH), Smith, Adrian (NE), Kustoff (TN), Budd (NC), Burgess (TX), Estes (KS)RepublicanProtects patient access to current and future treatments for a range of serious conditions, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, and sickle cell disease, among numerous others.Submitted
37Version 1Murphy, Gregory (NC), Smith, Adrian (NE), Kustoff (TN), Schweikert (AZ), Buchanan (FL), Estes (KS)RepublicanPrevents the use of additional Internal Revenue Service funds from being used for audits of taxpayers with taxable incomes below $400,000 in order to protect low- and middle-income earning American taxpayers from audits from the Internal Revenue Service auditors funded by an unprecedented, nearly $80,000,000,000, infusion of new funds.Submitted
38Version 2Schweikert (AZ), Smith, Adrian (NE)RepublicanRevised Strikes the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage/apprenticeship requirements from the green energy tax credits.Revised
39Version 1Murphy, Gregory (NC), Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Buchanan (FL), Estes (KS)RepublicanStrikes the pass-through loss limitation and replace it with a one year extension of the limitation on deductions for state and local taxes (SALT).Submitted
40Version 1Murphy, Gregory (NC)RepublicanProhibits the implementation of price setting until the Secretary of HHS certifies to Congress that implementation would cause no reduction in access to medications that the Secretary has determined would mitigate racial health disparities.Submitted
41Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanRequires all newly hired IRS auditors to be Certified Public Accountants.Submitted
42Version 1Estes (KS), Arrington (TX), Smith, Adrian (NE)RepublicanProvides for the immediate expensing of research and development costs through 2025.Submitted
43Version 2Budd (NC), Duncan (SC)RepublicanRevised Strikes funding for Internal Revenue Service enforcement. Adds funding for a border wall and additional immigration judges, Border Patrol agents, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.Revised
44Version 1Guthrie (KY)RepublicanProhibits HHS Secretary from negotiating prices of drugs if CBO determines these negotiations would lead to 10 fewer cures coming to market.Submitted
45Version 1Guthrie (KY)RepublicanEnsures Medicare savings in H.R. 5376 are not used for non-Medicare spending.Submitted
46Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes section 40007 of the bill, which appropriates $297 million for the secretary of transportation for grants to advance technology to mitigate aviation emissions and support sustainable aviation fuels that would mitigate emissions.Submitted
47Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 30001 of the bill, which appropriates $500 million to the Defense Production Act Fund to be used for climate initiatives.Submitted
48Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 30002, which appropriates $1 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide direct loans and grants to upgrade or retrofit affordable housing for energy and water efficiency and climate resilience.Submitted
49Version 2Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRevised Strikes Section 10301 which provides more than $79 billion in mandatory additional long-term appropriations to the IRS and related agencies to increase tax enforcement.Revised
50Version 2Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRevised Adds a section under 10301 stating nothing in this subsection shall increase taxes on any taxpayer or small business.Revised
51Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanAdds a new section at the end of Title I prohibiting the use of funds made available in this Act from being used by the Internal Revenue Service to discriminate on the basis of political or religious beliefs.Submitted
52Version 1Miller (WV)RepublicanProhibits tax credits for electric vehicles produced by or containing components produced by slave or child labor. Specifically, the amendment prohibits the disbursement of the Clean Vehicle Credit.Submitted
53Version 1Burgess (TX), Miller-Meeks (IA)RepublicanRequires that 100 percent of the rebate on insulin would be passed down to the patient at the pharmacy counter.Submitted
54Version 1Latta (OH)RepublicanProhibits funds from being used unless the Secretary of Energy has certified that the use of the funds will not negatively impact electric grid reliability.Submitted
55Version 1Guthrie (KY), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanStrikes Subtitle B of H.R. 5376 and replaces this title with H.R. 19, the Lower Costs, More Cures Act.Submitted
56Version 1Guthrie (KY), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanCaps monthly insulin costs for seniors, establishes an out of pocket cap seniors can pay for their prescription medications, and reduces amount seniors pay for Medicare Part D drugs throughout the benefit.Submitted
57Version 1McKinley (WV)RepublicanEliminates Section 60103, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which would have established a $27 billion program at EPA for the purpose of funding a national climate bank to finance GHG reduction programs.Submitted
58Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanPrevents agents of the IRS hired pursuant to the provisions of this act from initiating new audits of taxpayers until the existing IRS backlog has been resolved.Submitted
59Version 1Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Estes (KS)RepublicanProhibits expanded ACA subsidies for taxpayers earning more than $400,000 per year.Submitted
60Version 1Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Estes (KS)RepublicanEnsures permanent, full deductibility of business interest.Submitted
61Version 1Hern (OK)RepublicanAdds a section stating that nothing in this bill shall increase taxes on any taxpayer or small business with a taxable income of less than $400,000.Submitted
62Version 1Hern (OK)RepublicanAdds a section stating nothing in section 10301(IRS enforcement) shall increase taxes on any taxpayer or small business with a taxable income of less than $400,000.Submitted
63Version 1Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Estes (KS), Miller (WV)RepublicanDelays the effective date of the corporate alternative minimum tax for one year.Submitted
64Version 1Hern (OK)RepublicanEliminates the superfund tax during periods of high gas prices and inflation.Submitted
65Version 1Rice, Tom (SC)RepublicanProhibits increased audits of taxpayers with an AGI of $75k or less.Submitted
66Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanStrikes changes to the Mineral Leasing Act which would increase royalties on drilling leases and adds Section 50262: Permit to Drill Acceleration to the bill with the new section amending the Mineral Leasing Act to expedite and automatically approve compliant permit to drill applications pending with the Bureau of Land Management.Submitted
67Version 1Arrington (TX), Estes (KS), Smith, Adrian (NE), Buchanan (FL), Miller (WV)RepublicanStrikes Section 10101 (relating to the corporate alternative minimum tax).Submitted
68Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanStrikes royalties on all extracted methane and financial penalties for methane emissions from petroleum and natural gas systems from the bill.Submitted
69Version 1Murphy, Gregory (NC)RepublicanEqualizes the negotiation period between small molecule and biologic candidates under the Drug Price Negotiation Program.Submitted
70Version 1Hern (OK)RepublicanEliminates the reinstatement of superfund taxes.Submitted
71Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanClarifies that the Internal Revenue Service may not use any funding from the bill to conduct audits on taxpayers with taxable incomes below $400,000.Submitted
72Version 1Walberg (MI)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds to purchase any items produced using forced labor in China.Submitted
73Version 1Arrington (TX), Estes (KS), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanStrikes Section 11301, the continued delay of implementation of the prescription drug rebate rule, and offsets it with an extension of the limitation on deductions for state and local taxes (SALT).Submitted
74Version 1Arrington (TX), Pfluger (TX), Estes (KS), Smith, Adrian (NE), Miller (WV)RepublicanRevises Section 10101 (relating to the corporate alternative minimum tax) to allow for certain deductions for activities and expenses related to domestic production of oil and gas, and other natural resources.Submitted
75Version 1Guthrie (KY)RepublicanProtects facilities that are required to sustain critical mission on or near a military installations from the Methane tax included in the bill.Submitted
76Version 1Ferguson (GA)RepublicanProhibits the Secretary of the Treasury from requiring any financial institution to report the amount of inflows and out-flows, or any similar amount whether on a transaction or aggregate basis, of any account maintained by such institution, except to extend that such reporting is required under any current program.Submitted
77Version 1Kustoff (TN)RepublicanStrikes Section 10201, which imposes a 1% excise tax on stock buybacks by publicly traded corporations.Submitted
78Version 1Crenshaw (TX), Palmer (AL)RepublicanStrikes the additional tax on petroleum sent to refiners or imported by refiners.Submitted
79Version 1Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Estes (KS)RepublicanStrikes mandatory IRS and Treasury audit funding.Submitted
80Version 1Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Estes (KS)RepublicanStrikes the Direct E-File Tax Return Task Force.Submitted
81Version 1Smith, Adrian (NE), Arrington (TX), Estes (KS)RepublicanRequires the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to prioritize monitoring and prosecution of unauthorized access and disclosure of confidential taxpayer information by Federal employees and contractors when utilizing funding from the bill.Submitted
82Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that no provision of this Act will take effect until the Secretary of Energy determines that implementation will not result in an increased reliance on foreign energy sources.Submitted
83Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanStrikes provisions to provide additional funding for environmental review and inserts additional tools to modernize and streamline the process for environmental review, while maintaining existing safeguards.Submitted
84Version 1McMorris Rodgers (WA), Westerman (AR)RepublicanRequires the President to create and transmit to Congress an energy security plan, which includes an evaluation of US crude oil, petroleum and natural gas exports; an energy security risk assessment based on US energy imports; and strategies for encouraging increased domestic production of energy. The amendment also immediately authorizes construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, cuts red tape related to US LNG exports, restarts oil, gas and mineral development on federal lands and in federal waters, and requires the Secretary of Energy to develop a plan for re-filling the strategic petroleum reserve.Submitted
85Version 1Arrington (TX), Estes (KS), Smith, Adrian (NE), Buchanan (FL), Miller (WV), Schweikert (AZ)RepublicanProvides for full and immediate expensing of investments in qualified equipment, machinery, and tangible property through 2025.Submitted
86Version 1Higgins, Clay (LA)RepublicanStrikes SEC. 13902. Increase in Research Credit Against Pay Roll Tax for Small Businesses.Submitted
87Version 1Johnson, Bill (OH)RepublicanStrikes the Methane Emissions Reduction Program from the bill.Submitted
88Version 1Hern (OK)RepublicanPrevents Obamacare tax credits from going to wealthy Americans.Submitted
89Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that no provision of this Act will take effect if the Consumer Price Index, as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, exceeds 10%.Submitted
90Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanStrikes prevailing wage requirements for programs within the bill.Submitted
91Version 1Kelly, Mike (PA)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Treasury to redirect half of the new IRS workforce to be taxpayer advocates instead of auditors.Submitted
92Version 1Higgins, Clay (LA)RepublicanStrikes clauses (ii) and (iii) of section 10301(1), which would provide $45.6 billion for enforcement and $25.3 billion for operations and support for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).Submitted
93Version 1Clyde (GA)RepublicanDefunds Internal Revenue Service Enforcement.Submitted
94Version 1Higgins, Clay (LA)RepublicanStrike section 21001, which would allocate federal funds for the Department of Agriculture.Submitted
95Version 1Higgins, Clay (LA)RepublicanStrike title VI, Subtitle B, Section 60201, Environmental and Climate Justice Block Grants.Submitted
96Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that in the event the national average price for a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel reaches $10 then the Act and amendments to this act shall be repealed.Submitted
97Version 1Carter, Buddy (GA)RepublicanStrikes the portion of the Environmental Justice block grants in section 60201(b)(2)(E).Submitted
98Version 1Carter, Buddy (GA), Harshbarger (TN)RepublicanRestores the full rebate passthrough in the bill.Submitted
99Version 2Duncan (SC), McMorris Rodgers (WA)RepublicanRevised Prohibits the Secretary of Energy from selling petroleum products from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to any entity that is under the ownership, control, or influence of the Chinese Communist Party except on the condition that such petroleum products will not be exported to the People’s Republic of China.Revised
100Version 1Upton (MI)RepublicanPrevent the bill from taking effect until inflation and energy prices are below January 2021 levels.Submitted
101Version 2Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanRevised Expands eligible uses of funds to be used on coastal restoration projects that reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.Revised
102Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50221, which provides $250 million for the “conservation, protection, and resiliency of lands and resources administered by the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management.”Submitted
103Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50222, which provides $250 million to carry out conservation, ecosystem, and habitat restoration projects on lands administered by the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management.Submitted
104Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50223, providing $500 million to hire employees in units of the National Park System.Submitted
105Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrike Section 50232, which provides $25 million for canal improvement projects, provided that these projects assist in the implementation of clean energy goals.Submitted
106Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 21001 which appropriates $8.45 billion for the Environmental Quality Incentives program, $3.25 billion for the Conservation Stewardship program, $1.4 billion for the Agricultural Conservation Easement program, and $6.75 billion for the Regional Conservation Partnership program and allows the department to leverage corporate sustainability commitments.Submitted
107Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50241, which provides $15 million to the Office of Insular Affairs for climate change technical assistance. Also provides $900,000 in administrative expenses.Submitted
108Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50251, which overturns two Trump Administration memos from September 2020 that placed a moratorium on offshore wind development in the Southeastern U.S. and Gulf of Mexico.Submitted
109Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 21002, which appropriates $1 billion for Natural Resources Conservation Service technical assistance, $300 million for Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to facilitate a new Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quantification Program to collect data from U.S. farms and ranches, and extends conservation programs to 2031.Submitted
110Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that no provision of this Act will take effect if determined to result in an increased reliance on China.Submitted
111Version 2Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanRevised Expands low-carbon transportation material grants to make funds available for complete infrastructure projects that will lower greenhouse gas emissions, rather than just for materials.Revised
112Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50261, which increases the royalty rate on offshore oil and gas production from 12.5% to “not less than 16.67%”.Submitted
113Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 22001, which appropriates $1 billion for the Secretary of Agriculture to provide forgivable loans to utilities building renewable electricity generation projects.Submitted
114Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50262, which would raise onshore oil and gas royalty rates from 12.5% to 16.67%.Submitted
115Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 22002, which appropriates $1.2 billion for the Rural Energy for America Program, which includes $177 million for grants and guaranteed loans under the program to support “underutilized renewable energy technologies.”Submitted
116Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 50263, which would impose a royalty rate on gas produced from Federal land and the outer Continental Shelf, including all gas consumed or lost by venting, flaring, or “negligent releases”.Submitted
117Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 22003, which appropriates $500 million to support infrastructure grants for biofuels.Submitted
118Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanSubmitted
119Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts the following after Section 50264: “Any lease sale held under this section shall not be considered a major Federal action under section 102(2)(C) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(C)).”Submitted
120Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 22004, which appropriates $9.7 billion to facilitate grants to rural electric providers to deploy renewable energy systems or facilitate energy efficiency updates.Submitted
121Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts the following after Section 50264: “Any lease sale held under this section shall not be considered a major Federal action under section 102(2)(C) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(C)).”Submitted
122Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 22005, which appropriates $100 million for administrative costs and salaries and expenses for the Rural Development mission area and expenses of the agencies and offices of the Department for costs related to implementing this subtitle.Submitted
123Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 80001, which provides $235 million for Tribal climate resilience and adaptation programs.Submitted
124Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 23002, which appropriates (a) $150 million in competitive grants for climate mitigation or forest resilience projects for underserved forest landowners; (b) $150 million in competitive grants to support the participation of underserved forest landowners in emerging private markets for climate mitigation; (c) $100 million in competitive grants to support the participation of forest landowners who own less than 2,500 acres of forest land in emerging private markets for climate mitigation; (d) $50 million in competitive grants to states or “other eligible entities” to provide payments to private forestland owners to increase carbon sequestration beyond customary practices; (e) $100 million for grants under the Wood Innovation Grant Program.Submitted
125Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 80002, which provides $25 million for climate resilience and adaptation activities that serve the Native Hawaiian Community.Submitted
126Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that no provision of this Act will result in a net increase of global methane emissions.Submitted
127Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 80003, which provides $150 million for a “Tribal Electrification Program” that would ensure the provision of electricity to unelectrified Tribal homes through zero-emissions energy systems.Submitted
128Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that no provision of this Act will result in the loss of American jobs.Submitted
129Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 23003, which provides funding for state and private forestry conservation programs.Submitted
130Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanEnsures that no provision of this Act will not increase the average energy cost for the American people.Submitted
131Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts the text of the 30x30 Termination Act.Submitted
132Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts the text of the Western Water Security Act.Submitted
133Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts the text of the Fueling American Prosperity Act.Submitted
134Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanDefunds and abolishes the IRS.Submitted
135Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanStrikes funding for environmental and climate justice grants.Submitted
136Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanRequires the GAO to issue a report on expected increase in energy cost as a result of this Act.Submitted
137Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanProhibits the regulation of cryptocurrencies.Submitted
138Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanAbolishes the Estate Tax.Submitted
139Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanProhibits funds from being used for environmental justice activities.Submitted
140Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanStrikes funding for a program that replaces certain heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission vehicles.Submitted
141Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanProhibits the tax rate on coal for the black lung disability trust fund from becoming permanentSubmitted
142Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanThis amendment conditions implementation on California not importing energy resources from foreign nations which do not provide the same rights and privileges to women as the United States provides.Submitted
143Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanPrevents the royalty rate for offshore oil and gas leasing from increasingSubmitted
144Version 1Bucshon (IN)RepublicanThe amendment would strike Section 50144, which would increase DOE’s loan guarantee authority up to $250B, from the bill.Submitted
145Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanProhibits the increase of the Superfund taxSubmitted
146Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanStrikes the text of the bill and inserts the text of H.R. 1883-Protect America First Act.Submitted
147Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanSubmitted
148Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanSubmitted
149Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanSubmitted
150Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanSubmitted
151Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanStrikes sec. 11201 Medicare Part D Benefit Redesign to prevent a $2,000 cap from being implemented on out-of-pocket costsSubmitted
152Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanInserts Trump EO 13877: Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare To Put Patients First.Submitted
153Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRequires a report from the Department of Health and Human Services to Congress on the number of drugs and treatments that will be withheld from the market due to provisions that allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs.Submitted
154Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanGrants a future Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to decide whether or not to allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs.Submitted
155Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60101, providing $1 billion for clean heavy-duty vehiclesSubmitted
156Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60102, providing $2.25 billion to reduce air pollution at ports.Submitted
157Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60103, providing $7 billion for a “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund” that would provide grants to low-income and disadvantaged communities to deploy or benefit from zero-emission technologies. This section also authorizes $30 million in administrative costs.Submitted
158Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60104, which would provide $60 million to reduce diesel emissions that result in disparate “health impacts” on low-income and disadvantaged communities.Submitted
159Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60105, which provides an additional $275.6 million to the EPA Administrator to address air pollution, as well as addressing emissions from wood heaters and methane - and for the provision of Clean Air Act grants.Submitted
160Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60106, which provides an additional $50 million to address air pollution at schools in low-income / disadvantaged communitiesSubmitted
161Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60107, which provides $87 million for a new low emissions electricity program with the EPA.Submitted
162Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60108, which provides funding for testing regarding the environmental / public health effects of a fuel or fuel additive.Submitted
163Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60111, containing provisions relating to greenhouse gas corporate reporting.Submitted
164Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60112, providing $250 million to develop and carry out a program to support the development of environmental product declarations.Submitted
165Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60113, which provides at least $1.55 billion to provide incentives for methane emission mitigation at the EPA.Submitted
166Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60114, providing $4.75 billion for greenhouse gas pollution implementation grants.Submitted
167Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60116, providing $100 million for administrative costs relating to the identification and labeling of low-embodied carbon construction materials.Submitted
168Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60201, providing $3 billion for environmental and climate justice block grants.Submitted
169Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrike Section 60301, providing $125 million to carry out Endangered Species Act recovery plans.Submitted
170Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrike Section 60302, providing $125 million for US Fish and Wildlife Service - to help them address climate-induced weather events.Submitted
171Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60401, providing $32.5 million for environmental and climate data collection.Submitted
172Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrike Section 60402, providing $30 million to the Council on Environmental Quality for efficient and effective environmental reviews.Submitted
173Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60501, providing $1.893 billion for a Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant Program. Also includes another $1.1 billion for investment in economically disadvantaged communities. Also provides another $42 million in technical assistance, and provides a federal cost share of up to 100% for economically disadvantaged communities.Submitted
174Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60502, which provides $250 million to convert certain federal buildings (under General Services Administration jurisdiction) to high-performance “green buildingsSubmitted
175Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60503, which provides $2.15 billion to acquire and install low-embodied carbon materials and products for the construction / alteration of buildings under the jurisdiction of the General Services Administration.Submitted
176Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60504, which provides $975 million for “emerging and sustainable technologies / environmental programs”.Submitted
177Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 60506, which provides $2 billion for low-carbon transportation materials grants.Submitted
178Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRevises Section 50231 to ensure that domestic water supply projects are not prioritized for disadvantaged communities.Submitted
179Version 1Hudson (NC)Republicanprohibition on the use of federal funds made available under the bill for the purchase of mined, manufactured, or otherwise produced items that do not meet Federal environmental standards, including those in China.Submitted