- Committee Organizational Meeting for the 118th Congress

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    Showing the difference between the Rules of the Committee on Rules from the 117th Congress with the Proposed Rules for the Committee on Rules for the 118th Congress

Rule Information

Rules Committee Votes

Amendment #1 offered by Mr. McGovern

Would extend the existing requirement that the text of bills the Rules Commitee meets on be made available to all Members for 24 hours by including Rules Committee Prints and what must be provided.  Defeated by voice vote.


Amendment #2 offered by Mr. McGovern

Would simply require a 2/3 vote instead of a simple majority to report a rule that waives the 72-hour rule.  Defeated 4-8.


Amendment #3 offered by Mr. McGovern

Would require a committee vote before beginning testimony on any emergency measure.  Defeated 4-9.


Amendment #4 offered by Ms. Scanlon

Would require the Chair to allow non-government minority witnesses to testify before the Rules Committee if the Ranking Member certifies that circumstances necessitate remote testimony.  Defeated by voice vote.