/  Chairman Dreier Praises House Passage of Job-Creating Free Trade Agreements

Chairman Dreier Praises House Passage of Job-Creating Free Trade Agreements

WASHINGTON, DC – Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-CA) issued the following statement today after the House passed the long-pending Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. The agreements were all passed with solid bipartisan support. The U.S.-Colombia agreement was approved 262-167, the U.S.-Panama agreement was approved 300-129, and the U.S.-Korea agreement was approved 278-151.

“Today the House approved the Colombia, Panama and South Korea Free Trade Agreements with a strong bipartisan majority. It has been an extraordinarily lengthy journey getting here. After five years of unnecessary delay, this day marks a long-awaited victory for America’s consumers, workers and job creators,” Dreier said. “Republicans and Democrats alike have worked very hard to get us to this point. We have done so, first and foremost, for the sake of job creation and economic growth.”

“The economic and geopolitical benefits from passage of this legislation are tremendous. Together, these agreements give the U.S. access to nearly $2 trillion in economic activity and 97 million consumers. The independent International Trade Commission estimates that this new access will create a quarter of a million new jobs for Americans. The United States is once again choosing to shape the global marketplace, rather than allow ourselves to be shaped by it. We will also send a strong signal to our allies that the U.S. lives up to its commitments.”

“Implementing these FTAs will send a powerful message to the markets, job creators, our allies and the rest of the world. I urge the Senate to pass these agreements without delay.”

For Immediate Release: October 12, 2011
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Created: October 12, 2011