Additional Volumes

  • Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives (2017 ed.) 
    A reference based on the organizational model of its predecessors, this first volume includes chapters on Assembly of Congress, Oaths, Party Organization, and House Facilities and Capitol Grounds.
    • Browsable-by-section GPO version    [PDF]
  • House Practice: A Guide to the Rules, Precedents and Procedures of the House
    • A reference source for information on the rules and selected precedents governing the House procedure.  
      Browsable-by-section GPO 2017 version  [PDF
  • Deschler's Precedents 
    A reference source that identifies precedents and practices of the House from 1936-2012.  Compilation was initially undertaken by House Parliamentarian Lewis Deschler; since 1986, they have been published under the title Deschler-Brown Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives. 
    • Browsable-by-section GPO version [HTML]
  • Hind's Precedents
    A multi-volume study of the historical origins and evolution of House procedures dating back to 1789. 
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  • Cannon's Precedents 
    A multi-volume study of the precedents of the House from 1908 to 1936, which supplements Hind's Precedents. 
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