/  Sessions Applauds Adoption of the Rules Package

Sessions Applauds Adoption of the Rules Package

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) Chairman of the House Rules Committee, released the following statement applauding the passage of the measure to adopt the rules for the 115th Congress:
"Last November the American people entrusted Republicans with the responsibility to represent them and execute their vision for our country.  This Congress we have a historic opportunity to show Americans that they have rightly placed their faith in us to move our country forward. Today’s passage of House Resolution 5, to adopt the rules for the 115th Congress, lays the foundation for our work ahead while building upon our continued efforts to increase transparency, improve accountability, and streamline House processes.
"Since Republicans regained control in the House, we have reined in out of control spending by cutting discretionary spending all the way back to 2008 levels. Today, House Republicans have taken the next step by strengthening our budget enforcement tools to reduce spending and scale back the size and scope of our bloated government. This package also makes a commitment to address our long term spending problem and make necessary reforms to entitlement programs by establishing a point of order against any bill that would increase net deficits by $5 billion or more in any of the 4 consecutive 10-year periods following enactment.
"As Co-Chairman of the Article I Task Force I am also pleased that this package continues our work by instructing committees to establish authorization and oversight plans to address unauthorized programs and agencies within their jurisdiction. This critical step will halt the growing number of unauthorized appropriations and streamline unnecessary, costly programs.
"As we begin the 115th Congress we know that have an important job to do, and now more than ever it is critical that we hit the ground running and get to work on behalf of the American people. I proudly brought this important measure to the House floor to provide Members on both sides of the aisle the tools necessary to represent their constituents with fairness, openness, and integrity."
To read more about House Resolution 5, to adopt the rules of the 115th Congress, click here.


Created: January 3, 2017