/  Sessions: House Acts to Defend Constitution

Sessions: House Acts to Defend Constitution

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, today released the following statement regarding House passage of the legislation introduced by Chairman Sessions: H. Res. 676, Providing for authority to initiate litigation for actions by the President or other executive branch officials inconsistent with their duties under the Constitution of the United States:

“Today the House took a vital step toward restoring the balance of power under our Constitution.  This resolution will help guarantee that the legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President is faithfully executed according to the rule of law, and not by the whim of one individual.  No President should be allowed to pick and choose which laws matter and which ones do not.  

"When we allow the President to single-handedly determine what the law is, the Constitution, our separation of powers, and the American people become irrelevant.  That is why the President’s pattern of unilateral governance cannot stand.  It must be stopped.  Our Constitution must be defended and the role of the American people in the lawmaking process must be guaranteed. That – and that alone – is why the House is taking this step today. 

"The work of the Rules Committee has been deliberative and thorough as we have navigated this important constitutional issue.  From the beginning, our Committee took a careful approach that followed regular order in crafting this resolution.  I want to thank my fellow committee Members for the time and effort that they have spent on this critical issue."


Created: July 30, 2014