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Jul 25, 2023 Press Release

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Good afternoon. Responsible governance is a core pillar of the Republican Commitment to America. Today, the Rules Committee will continue to deliver on that promise by ensuring fiscal responsibility and addressing executive agency abuses with three measures.

Jul 17, 2023 Press Release

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Good afternoon. Today’s hearing covers two items that are of vital importance to the American people.

Jul 11, 2023 Press Release

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Good afternoon. Our military stands as one of the greatest forces for good and freedom across the globe. Their role in America’s security—and the duty of Congress to provide for our common defense—is a constitutional imperative. It’s also why we are here today.



Sep 22, 2023 Announcement


H.R. 4394 - Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024

Dear Colleague:                  

The Committee on Rules may meet to provide for floor consideration of H.R. 4394.

If a Member wishes to offer an amendment for consideration, they must submit a searchable electronic copy of the amendment, which should be provided by the Office of Legislative Counsel (HOLC), via the Rules Committee website by 4:00 PM on Friday, September 29, 2023.  Please note that staff must be on the House network, either physically or remotely via virtual private network (VPN), in order to access the online submission form.

Members should draft their amendments to the text of H.R. 4394, which is available on the Rules Committee website.

Members should use HOLC to ensure that their amendments are drafted in the most appropriate format. To help expedite drafting requests, drafting templates can be found on the Rules Committee website. Additionally, Members who wish to offer “2(f)” dollar transfer amendments should follow the instructions on the Legislative Counsel homepage to expedite the preparation and review of their amendments.

If HOLC is unable to provide their drafting services before the submission deadline, Members may submit amendments written using the posted templates. Members are urged to re-submit any such amendment as a revision upon receipt of a formal draft from HOLC.

Members may not digitally edit HOLC PDFs prior to submission. If a Member must edit an HOLC draft prior to submission, please do so by printing, hand correcting, and scanning so it is clear there is a non-HOLC change. Members are still urged to re-submit any such hand revision upon receipt of an updated formal draft from HOLC.

Members should also check with the Committee on Appropriations for technical and subject matter expertise and the Congressional Budget Office for a preliminary assessment of their amendment’s budgetary effect.

Additionally, Members should consult with the Office of the Parliamentarian and the Committee on the Budget to be certain their amendments comply with the rules of the House and the Congressional Budget Act. At times of particularly high-volume amendment drafting, these offices may not be able to provide guidance before the submission deadline—Members may submit unreviewed amendments to the Rules Committee while they await formal guidance. 

The Rules Committee will not make in order amendments that are in violation of House rules or budget rules and would require a waiver, including clause 2 of Rule XXI, which prevents authorizing on an appropriations bill.  If you have any questions, please contact Emily Ackerman of the Committee staff at or at 202-225-9191.


Tom Cole


House Committee on Rules

Sep 28, 2023 Announcement

The Committee on Rules will meet Friday, September 29, 2023 at 8:00 AM ET in H-313, The Capitol on the following emergency measure:

  • H.R. 5525 – Continuing Appropriations and Border Security Enhancement Act, 2024
Sep 27, 2023 Announcement

The Committee on Rules will meet Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 9:30 PM ET in H-313, The Capitol on the following emergency measure:

  • H.R. 5692 - Making supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2024, and for other purposes. [Rule Markup Only]