H.R. 7900 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023

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Rule Information

REPORTED BY A RECORD VOTE of 9-4 on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

Agreed to by record vote of 217-204, after agreeing to the previous question by record vote of 218-208, on July 13, 2022

MANAGERS: Morelle/Cole

1. Structured rule for H.R. 7900.
2. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Armed Services or their designees.
3. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.
4. Provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of Rules Committee Print 117-54 shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.
5. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.
6. Provides that following debate, each further amendment printed in part A of the Rules Committee report not earlier considered as part of amendments en bloc pursuant to section 3 shall be considered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, may be withdrawn by the proponent at any time before the question is put thereon, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.
7. Section 3 provides that at any time after debate the chair of the Committee on Armed Services or his designee may offer amendments en bloc consisting of further amendments printed in part A of the Rules Committee report not earlier disposed of. Amendments en bloc shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for 30 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Armed Services or their designees, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.
8. Waives all points of order against the amendments printed in part A of the report and amendments en bloc described in section 3 of the resolution.
9. Provides one motion to recommit.

10. Closed rule for S. 3373.
11. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs or their designees.
12. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.
13. Provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of Rules Committee Print 117-56 shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.
14. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.
15. Provides one motion to commit.
16. Closed rule for H.R. 8296.
17. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce or their designees.
18. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.
19. Provides that the bill shall be considered as read.
20. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill.
21. Provides one motion to recommit.
22. Closed rule for H.R. 8297.
23. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce or their designees.
24. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.
25. Provides that the amendment printed in part B of the Rules Committee report shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.
26. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.
27. Provides one motion to recommit.
28. Closed rule for H.R. 6538.
29. Provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on the Judiciary or their designees.
30. Waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.
31. Provides that the amendment in the nature of a substitute recommended by the Committee on the Judiciary now printed in the bill shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as amended, shall be considered as read.
32. Waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.
33. Provides one motion to recommit.
34. Provides that at any time through the legislative day of Friday, July 15, 2022, the Speaker may entertain motions offered by the Majority Leader or a designee that the House suspend the rules with respect to multiple measures that were the object of motions to suspend the rules on June 21, 2022 or July 12, 2022, on which the yeas and nays were ordered and further proceedings postponed. The Chair shall put the question on any such motion without debate or intervening motion, and the ordering of the yeas and nays on postponed motions to suspend the rules with respect to such measures is vacated.
35. Provides that House Resolution 188, agreed to March 8, 2021 (as most recently amended by House Resolution 1191, agreed to June 22, 2022), is amended by striking “July 13, 2022” each place it appears and inserting (in each instance) “July 19, 2022”.

Amendments (click headers to sort)

#Version #Sponsor(s)PartySummaryStatus
1Version 2Demings (FL), Keating (MA)DemocratRevised Authorizes the Open Technology Fund of the United States Agency for Global Media to make grants to surge and sustain support for internet freedom technologies to counter acute escalations in censorship in closed countries. Authorizes the fund at $5 million per year from FY 2023 - 2027.Made in Order
2Version 1Gaetz (FL), Good (VA)RepublicanExpresses the sense of Congress that combating extremism in the military should not be a top priority for the Department of Defense.Submitted
3Version 1Gaetz (FL)RepublicanExpresses the sense of Congress that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin misled the Committee on Armed Services, the Congress, and the American people on the hypersonic capabilities of the United States.Submitted
4Version 1Gaetz (FL), Kelly, Trent (MS)RepublicanWithdrawn Modifies Security Rules to allow Defense Fellows who have a verified Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance to attend briefings from the Department of Defense to Congress that are at the SCI level.Withdrawn
5Version 1Norton (DC), Brown (MD), Maloney, Carolyn (NY)DemocratGives the Mayor of the District of Columbia the same authority over the D.C. National Guard that the governors of states and territories have over their National Guards.Made in Order
6Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratProvides that the the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area shall include the area depicted as the Rio Vista/Expansion Area.Made in Order
7Version 1Gaetz (FL), Jackson, Ronny (TX), Johnson, Mike (LA), DesJarlais (TN), Roy (TX), Hartzler (MO), Graves, Garret (LA), Good (VA), Posey (FL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanExpresses the Sense of Congress that members of the Armed Forces should not be discharged for refusing the vaccine for COVID-19, that those who have been discharged should be reinstated with their time and rank restored, and should be given back pay.Submitted
8Version 1Gaetz (FL), Jackson, Ronny (TX), DesJarlais (TN), Johnson, Mike (LA), Roy (TX), Hartzler (MO), Posey (FL)RepublicanProhibits funding for the purposes of a permanent change of station for a member of the Armed Forces when the reason for the change of station is a member's disagreement with state and/or local law.Submitted
9Version 1Van Duyne (TX), Roy (TX), Posey (FL), Good (VA), Clyde (GA), Duncan (SC), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanPermanently suspends the vaccine mandate for DOD contractors.Submitted
10Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanStrikes the provision making Portugal eligible for E category visas due to the countries golden visa scheme that could allow Chinese Communist Party officials to enter the U.S. as Portuguese citizens.Submitted
11Version 1Brownley (CA), Davis, Rodney (IL)Bi-PartisanAllows retired FAA Air Traffic Controllers to work at Contract Tower facilities without losing federal retirement benefits.Submitted
12Version 1Norton (DC), Welch (VT), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Pocan (WI), Pressley (MA), Lee, Barbara (CA), Jayapal (WA), Jones, Mondaire (NY), Omar (MN)DemocratInserts the text of the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act of 2021 (H.R. 2850).Submitted
13Version 1Kim (NJ), Garamendi (CA), Norcross (NJ)DemocratAdds provisions of the Put Our Neighbors to Work Act to require DoD, to the extent practicable, to give preference for military construction contracts to firms that certify that at least 51 percent of employees hired to perform the work shall reside in the same state or within a 60-mile radius, and to require contractors and subcontractors for military construction projects to be licensed in the state where the work is to be performed.Made in Order
14Version 1Brownley (CA)DemocratEliminates contraception co-pays at the VA, ensuring veterans do not face unnecessary barriers to access.Made in Order
15Version 1Brownley (CA)DemocratRequires the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans to report annually on women veterans programs, instead of biannually.Made in Order
16Version 1Brownley (CA)DemocratEstablishes a grant program at the Department of Education for States to expand or create Seal of Biliteracy programs, which recognize high levels of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in English and a second language (or an official Native American language in lieu of English) among graduating high school seniors.Made in Order
17Version 1McKinley (WV), Hudson (NC), Newhouse (WA)RepublicanAmends section 313(f)(2) ("Prototype and Demonstration Projects for Energy Resilience at Certain Military Installations") to add institutions of higher education to the list of consortium entities.Submitted
18Version 2Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Sarbanes (MD), Connolly (VA), Norton (DC)DemocratRevised Requires the Office of Personnel Management to establish and maintain a current, publicly available directory of senior government leaders online.Made in Order
19Version 1McKinley (WV), Hudson (NC), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Newhouse (WA)RepublicanAmends section 221(e) ("Pilot Program to Facilitate the Research, Development, and Production of Advanced Battery Technologies for Warfighters") to give priority consideration to eligible entities that use critical minerals, including rare earth elements, produced in the United States.Submitted
20Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratClarifies that current US-flagged vessel requirement for international food aid by USDA applies to all agricultural products, not just commodity crops.Submitted
21Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratRestores requirement in place from 1985 to 2012 that USDOT (MARAD) reimburse USDA international food aid programs for any cost premium under the US-flagged vessel cargo preference, to protect the overall budget for food aid exports from increased shipping costs.Submitted
22Version 2Garamendi (CA)DemocratRevised Restores requirement in place from 1985 to 2012 that at least 75% gross tonnage of seaborne cargo for USDA international food aid programs be carried on US-flagged vessels.Revised
23Version 2Cicilline (RI), Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to evaluate productivity expectations for readjustment counselors of Vet Centers, including by obtaining feedback from counselors that must be audited annually for five years by the Government Accountability Office. The VA must also develop and implement a staffing model for Vet Centers, standardize descriptions of position responsibilities at Vet Centers, and award grants to address food insecurity among veterans and family members of veterans who receive services through Vet Centers or other VA facilities.Made in Order
24Version 2Fitzpatrick (PA), Dingell (MI), Phillips (MN), Lawrence (MI), Kildee (MI), Kaptur (OH), Posey (FL), McEachin (VA), Levin, Andy (MI), Kuster (NH), Ross (NC), Pingree (ME), Malinowski (NJ), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires a national primary drinking water regulation for PFAS.Revised
25Version 2Garamendi (CA)DemocratRevised Increases minimum gross tonnage requirement from 50% to 75% that all civilian agency seaborne cargoes be carried on US-flagged vessels, when such vessels are available at fair and reasonable rates. Also requires that vessels seeking federal cargo contracts re-flagged under USA registry for less than 3 years satisfy similar requirements as vessels enrolled in the Maritime Security Program.Revised
26Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratInserts the text of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Expansion Act (H.R. 6366).Made in Order
27Version 2Plaskett (VI)DemocratRevised Provides for U.S. Virgin Islands nonimmigrant visitor visa waivers (as currently provided for Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands) for stays of up to 45 days in the U.S. Virgin Islands.Revised
28Version 1Kilmer (WA)DemocratRemoves the 180-day delay for hiring military retirees into the military healthcare system, to combat nationwide healthcare shortages and allow continued uninterrupted service to Servicemembers, Veterans, and beneficiaries.Made in Order
29Version 1McKinley (WV), Hudson (NC), Burgess (TX), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Newhouse (WA), Malliotakis (NY), Van Duyne (TX), Budd (NC), Flores, Mayra (TX), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanAmends section 1083(a) ("Combatting Military Reliance on Russian Energy") to add to the Sense of Congress stating that U.S. energy independence is critical to national security and should include the production, use, and export of all available energy sources, including coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, and renewables, as well as strategic minerals critical to electric vehicles and other clean energy sources.Submitted
30Version 1McKinley (WV), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Newhouse (WA), Budd (NC), Flores, Mayra (TX), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanAmends section 1083(d) ("Combating Military Reliance on Russian Energy") to require the contents of a military installation energy plan for main operating bases to include an assessment of the capability of a base to replace Russian energy with energy produced in the United States.Submitted
31Version 2Escobar (TX)DemocratRevised Designates the Healing Garden located in El Paso, Texas, honoring the victims of the August 3, 2019 mass shooting, as the El Paso Community Healing Garden National Memorial.Made in Order
32Version 1Escobar (TX)DemocratSuspends the right of state and local governments to purchase DoD equipment for counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities if they are under DOJ investigation for civil rights violations.Submitted
33Version 1Escobar (TX)DemocratEstablishes and maintains a publicly available website that provides up-to-date and comprehensive information, in a searchable format, on the purchase of equipment under the 1122 DoD program.Made in Order
34Version 1Norton (DC)DemocratAllows the Armed Forces Retirement Home to enter into contracts with the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs in the same manner those two departments can enter into contracts with each other.Submitted
35Version 1Demings (FL), Obernolte, Jay (CA), Carson (IN), Kelly, Trent (MS), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a program under the Administrator of General Services which a Federal law enforcement officer may purchase a retired handgun from the Federal agency that issued the handgun to such officer, and reduces the amount of potentially hazardous materials in landfills and increases federal revenue. A purchase of a retired handgun by a Federal law enforcement officer can take place if: (1) the purchase is made during the 6-month period beginning on the date the handgun was retired; (2) with respect to such purchase, the officer has passed a background check within 30 days of purchase under the national instant criminal background check system established under the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act; and (3) with respect to such purchase, the officer is in good standing with the Federal agency that employs such officer.Made in Order
36Version 1Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Keller (PA), Comer (KY), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanImplements a tangible plan for the National Archives and Records Administration to eliminate the backlog of veterans’ records requests at the National Personnel Records Center, while allocating money to digitize records and establish effective records retrieval infrastructure.Made in Order
37Version 2Gaetz (FL)RepublicanRevised Amends Section 743 by including MDMA (3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Psilocybin mushrooms in the study on alternatives to prescription opioids in the treatment of members of the Armed Forces on terminal leave preceding separation, retirement, or release from active duty.Revised
38Version 2Garamendi (CA), Turner (OH), Amodei (NV)Bi-PartisanRevised Prohibits the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) from clawing back the final retirement benefit paid to a veteran the month they pass away, which overdrafts the veteran family’s joint bank account while in mourning.Revised
39Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratAdds roads near Travis and Beale to the Defense Access Road Program (Garamendi H.R. 6607).Submitted
40Version 1Garamendi (CA), Jayapal (WA)DemocratRequires the Department of Defense to procure electric or zero emission non-tactical vehicles.Submitted
41Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratClarifies the Department of Defense definition of biomass and biogas so that it aligns with the Clean Air Act, and requires that it be considered a renewable energy source.Made in Order
42Version 1Houlahan (PA), Gallagher (WI), Langevin (RI), Larsen, Rick (WA), Brown (MD), Slotkin (MI), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to establish a pilot program to provide cybersecurity training to eligible veterans and military spouses.Made in Order
43Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanExpresses the sense of Congress that a naval warship should be named the USS Granite Mountain as a memorial to the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot Firefighters who were lost on June 30, 2013 while fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire.Submitted
44Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanProhibits the importation into, or transit through, the United States of any mineral, or product produced with minerals, from Afghanistan.Submitted
45Version 2Gosar (AZ)RepublicanRevised Expands a program that compensates individuals who were exposed to radiation from atmospheric nuclear testing and subsequently developed specified cancers to include all of Mohave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada.Revised
46Version 1Houlahan (PA), Tenney, Claudia (NY)Bi-PartisanAmends the Small Business Act to require the Small Business Administration to report information about the number and total dollar amount of contracts awarded under the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting program.Made in Order
47Version 2Hudson (NC), Adams (NC)Bi-PartisanRevised Authorizes a $5 million increase in funding to support the development of procedures and tools to prevent infections in Servicemembers who experience a severe bone fracture.Made in Order
48Version 2Hudson (NC), Adams (NC)Bi-PartisanRevised Authorizes a $5 million increase in funding to support the advancement of research into the effects of head-supported mass on cervical spine health.Made in Order
49Version 1Pfluger (TX), Franklin (FL), Kahele (HI)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Requires to list any funds dedicated to pass-through funding items as a line item in the Defense-wide budget for DoD.Withdrawn
50Version 1Pfluger (TX), Franklin (FL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Roy (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Buck (CO), Good (VA), Van Duyne (TX), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Posey (FL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanProhibits DHS grants from going to universities that have ties to the CCP or entities that are supported by the CCP.Submitted
51Version 1Pfluger (TX), Gimenez (FL), Crenshaw (TX), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Miller-Meeks (IA), Posey (FL), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Stewart (UT)RepublicanIncreases transparency requirements for universities that receive funding from individuals, universities, think tanks, cultural/educational/language programs, any Chinese state-owned entities, or a company/think tank/nonprofits that have CCP members sitting on their board of directors. Requires universities that receive donations of more than $5,000 from any entities affiliated with the CCP to publicly report these donations to the Secretary of Education and on a webpage that can be easily found on the university’s website.Submitted
52Version 1Pfluger (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Budd (NC), Van Drew (NJ), Lamborn (CO), DesJarlais (TN), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanCodifies an executive order that implemented sanctions that were designed to prohibit rogue states, like Russia and China, from transferring conventional arms and missiles to Iran.Submitted
53Version 2Pfluger (TX), Panetta (CA)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of State to submit a report to Congress on (1) how Russian private military companies are being utilized to advance the political, economic, and military interests of the Russian Federation; (2) the direct or indirect threats Russian private military companies present to United States security interests; (3) how sanctions that are currently in place to impede or deter Russian PMCs from continuing their malign activities have impacted the Russian PMCs’ behavioral; and (4) a list of foreign persons engaged significantly with Russian PMCs. The reports would be transmitted to HASC, SASC, House Foreign Affairs, and Senate Foreign Relations.Withdrawn
54Version 1Pfluger (TX), Miller-Meeks (IA), Meijer (MI), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Carter, John (TX), McCaul (TX), Bice (OK), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanEstablishes a process to identify and impose sanctions against foreign persons, entities, and countries responsible for state-sponsored cyberattacks against the United States.Submitted
55Version 1Pressley (MA), Velázquez (NY)DemocratPlaces a moratorium on the transfer of military weapons to local law enforcement agencies.Submitted
56Version 1Pfluger (TX), Allred (TX), Miller-Meeks (IA), Meijer (MI), Houlahan (PA), Panetta (CA), Sherrill (NJ), Van Duyne (TX), Bacon (NE), Golden (ME), Mann (KS), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)Bi-PartisanDirects the Secretary of the VA to work with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to study the incidence of and mortality of cancer among individuals who served in the Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps as aviators and aircrew.Made in Order
57Version 1Fitzgerald (WI)RepublicanExempts certain contracts awarded to small business concerns from category management or successor strategies for contract consolidation.Submitted
58Version 1Fitzgerald (WI)RepublicanProvides additional flexibilities and streamlines the waiver process required under 15 U.S.C. 637(a)(21).Submitted
59Version 1Fitzgerald (WI), Mfume, Kweisi (MD)Bi-PartisanStrengthens SBA's report on contract consolidation under Section 15(p)(4) of the Small Business Act by requiring federal agencies to share bundling data with the SBA. There is currently no statutory requirement for federal agencies to share this data with the SBA.Made in Order
60Version 1Fitzgerald (WI), Moore, Barry (AL), Stauber (MN), Good (VA), Fischbach (MN), Posey (FL), Van Drew (NJ), Harshbarger (TN), Stewart (UT), Grothman (WI), Donalds (FL), Dunn (FL), Bost (IL), Johnson, Mike (LA)RepublicanEnsures members of the Armed Forces granted a general discharge under honorable conditions solely for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for GI Bill education benefits.Submitted
61Version 1Fitzgerald (WI)RepublicanRequires elementary and secondary schools operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) to publish the curriculum on a publicly available website.Submitted
62Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Duncan (SC), Good (VA), Posey (FL)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds to transfer, release, or assist in the transfer or release of any individual detained at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.Submitted
63Version 2Brownley (CA)DemocratRevised Authorizes $60 million for procurement of the Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS), funds sufficient to complete acquisition of the remaining units, which will support nation-wide MAFFS capabilities. Offset from Defense-wide O&M, Office of the Secretary of Defense.Made in Order
64Version 1Garamendi (CA), Amodei (NV), Waltz (FL), Horsford (NV), Cheney (WY), Swalwell (CA), Costa (CA), Titus (NV), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanAdds critical minerals projects under the Defense Production Act to Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council’s permitting dashboard and expedited review process, supporting Presidential Determination No. 2022-11 invoking the Defense Production Act for strategic and critical materials production necessary for the clean energy transition and large-capacity batteries.Submitted
65Version 1Garamendi (CA), Wittman (VA), Pappas (NH), Brownley (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Luria (VA)Bi-PartisanRecapitalizes America’s strategic domestic shipbuilding and maritime industries by requiring that increasing percentages of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and crude oil exports be transported on U.S.-built, flagged, and crewed vessels.Submitted
66Version 3Escobar (TX)DemocratRevised Prohibits certain types of fraud or misrepresentations in the provision of immigration services and provides for criminal penalties for such actions.Made in Order
67Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratAllows the Administrator of the Maritime Administration to finance vessel retrofit, repair, or similar work required for the vessel to be a vessel of the United States.Submitted
68Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Reauthorizes the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) through 2032. NCFI is the U.S. Secret Service-run cybercrime investigation and cyber/digital-based evidence collection and exploitation (e.g., accessing and collecting evidence on phones, computers, and other digital devices).Withdrawn
69Version 2Pfluger (TX), Franklin (FL), Luria (VA), Bacon (NE), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Crenshaw (TX)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires a report on the availability of the sale or transfer of KC–46 refueling tankers to Israel.Revised
70Version 1Pfluger (TX), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanRequires DoD to submit a report to Congress an assessment of the military requirements of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members and countries in the Baltic region that would allow such countries to deter and resist Russian aggression.Made in Order
71Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratRequires training on media literacy (as defined in the text) be included in the transition assistance program.Submitted
72Version 1Slotkin (MI), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanRequires training on the consequences of committing a crime be included in the transition assistance program.Made in Order
73Version 1Norton (DC)DemocratGives the District of Columbia the same number of appointments and nominations to the U.S. service academies as states.Made in Order
74Version 1McKinley (WV), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Newhouse (WA), Flores, Mayra (TX), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanAmends section 1083(d)(4), "Combating Military Reliance on Russian Energy," to clarify that recommendations included in the installation energy plans for main operating bases are related to opportunities to reduce dependence on Russian natural gas specifically.Submitted
75Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of State to rescind any contact guideline, internal restriction, section of the Foreign Affairs Manual or Foreign Affairs Handbook, related guidance, or related policies that explicitly or implicitly (including through restrictions or limitations on activities of United States personnel) limits the ability of members of the armed forces of Taiwan or government representatives from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office to display for official purposes symbols of the sovereignty of Taiwan.Submitted
76Version 1Fitzpatrick (PA), Bera (CA)Bi-PartisanProvides eligibility for Taiwan for the Strategic Trade Authorization Exception to certain export control licensing requirements.Submitted
77Version 1McKinley (WV), Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanEstablishes immunity for a U.S. manufacturer of critical infrastructure equipment, absent proof of willful misconduct, with respect to claims for loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from wildfire incidents. This is based on PPD-21 (Feb. 12, 2013), which states the manufacture of critical infrastructure is necessary to ‘‘strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure.”Submitted
78Version 1Pappas (NH), Fitzpatrick (PA), Nadler (NY), Welch (VT), Posey (FL), Norton (DC), Huffman (CA), Ross (NC), Blumenauer (OR), Lawrence (MI), Khanna (CA), McEachin (VA), Kuster (NH), Raskin (MD), Gottheimer (NJ), Grijalva (AZ), Levin, Andy (MI), Cohen (TN), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRequires the EPA to develop water quality criteria under the Clean Water Act for all measurable PFAS or classes of PFAS within two years, and develop effluent limitations guidelines and standards for all measurable PFAS or classes of PFAS within four years.Made in Order
79Version 1Keating (MA), Kaptur (OH)DemocratWithdrawn Establishes an Office on International Press Freedom within the Department of State to advocate for freedom of the press and expression abroad, advise U.S. policy on related matters, and represents the U.S. in related matters. This office would also establish the At-Risk Journalists Fund to support journalists in restrictive environments and provide threatened journalists emergency assistance. Further, they office would compel the State Department to prioritize the review of visa applications for threatened journalists, the Department of Homeland Security to consider providing humanitarian parole to threatened journalists, and the Department of Justice to train all officials adjudicating refugee cases about press freedom issues as well as the Department of State to do such for Foreign Service officers.Withdrawn
80Version 1Keating (MA)DemocratWithdrawn Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to investigate, analyze and report on entities, especially financial institutions, outside the U.S. that are suspected of laundering Russian money for nefarious purposes. This bill does not call for sanctions against those institutions specifically, but simply requires a report on such international money laundering activities.Withdrawn
81Version 1Keating (MA), Kaptur (OH)DemocratStates that it is U.S. policy to prevent Russia from joining the G7 or reconstituting a G8 to include Russia, and states that no federal funds are authorized to be appropriated or made available to support or facilitate the participation of Russia in the G7 or any G8 to be created with their inclusion.Made in Order
82Version 1Keating (MA)DemocratExpresses a Sense of Congress calling for the immediate release of Vladimir Kara-Murza and condemning his unjust detention and indictment, expressing solidarity with him and his family and all individuals in Russia imprisoned for exercising their fundamental freedoms of speech, assembly, and belief, urging the U.S. government to secure his immediate release as well as the release of Navalny and other citizens imprisoned for opposing the Putin regime and the war in Ukraine, and calling on the President of the U.S. to increase government support for those advocating for democracy and independent media in Russia.Made in Order
83Version 1Keating (MA), Kaptur (OH)DemocratEstablishes the Anti-Corruption Action Fund within the Department of Treasury to help fund foreign states in fighting public corruption and developing rule-of-law based governance structures. The fund also imposes an additional fine for certain fines and penalties under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and deposits that fine into the fund. It states that the State Department must manage U.S. government efforts to fight foreign public corruption and creates an interagency task force to assist in coordination as well as report back to Congress on its anti-corruption activities, supplemented with public records, and compels each U.S. embassy to have a point of contact to coordinate anti-corruption efforts.Submitted
84Version 1Keating (MA)DemocratRequires the State Department to establish and staff Climate Change Officer positions to be posted at U.S. embassies, consulates, or diplomatic missions to provide climate change mitigation expertise, engage with international entities on climate change, and facilitate bilateral and multilateral cooperation on climate change, taking specific actions to develop a strategy to improve and increase the study of, mitigation of, and adaptation to climate change and certify that considerations related to the climate are incorporated at U.S. embassies or other diplomatic posts, while also establishing a curriculum at the Foreign Service Institute to provide employees with specialized climate change training.Made in Order
85Version 2Keating (MA)DemocratRevised Closes a loophole on the illegal import and sale of Ukrainian cultural property and sends a powerful message that the illicit export and sale of Ukrainian cultural property, or any country experiencing a crisis, will not be tolerated by the U.S. It follows the language for Syria in the Protect and Preserve International Cultural Property Act of 2016.Revised
86Version 1Escobar (TX), Speier (CA)DemocratRequires that complaints from a member of the Armed Forces of harassment or prohibited discrimination be completed within 180 days, and allows for members to seek review or appeal in a U.S. court if they wished to after the 180 days are exhausted.Made in Order
87Version 2Cammack, Kat (FL), Van Duyne (TX), Miller-Meeks (IA), Franklin (FL), Johnson, Bill (OH), Gimenez (FL), Balderson (OH)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on the feasibility of establishing a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Preclearance Facility on Taiwan.Made in Order
88Version 1Horsford (NV), Speier (CA)DemocratImplements two five-year Defense Health Agency telehealth pilot programs intended to reduce HIV infection and unintended pregnancy.Made in Order
89Version 1Horsford (NV)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to implement a program to track and reduce Scope 3 emissions and energy costs.Made in Order
90Version 1Horsford (NV)DemocratRequires a report from the Secretary of Defense on hyperspectral satellite technology.Made in Order
91Version 1Horsford (NV)DemocratRequires the development of a certification process for allied launch systems, to be used as a backup for payloads of the United States in the event of emergency responsive space needs.Submitted
92Version 1Horsford (NV)DemocratModifies the threshold on SBIR participation as contained in 15 USC §638(dd)(1)(B) from 15% of funds allocated to the SBIR program for an agency to 50%.Submitted
93Version 1Soto (FL)DemocratRenders certain military spouses eligible for adjustment to permanent residence status by amending the Immigration and Nationality Act.Submitted
94Version 1Van Duyne (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanAdds reporting requirements to the study on the potential effects of the DOD contractor vaccine mandate.Submitted
95Version 1Napolitano (CA), McKinley (WV), Carbajal (CA), Kaptur (OH)Bi-PartisanSupports the National Guard Youth Challenge Programs (NGYCP) by instructing the Department of Defense to issue non-state matched funding in limited circumstances of up to $5 million of the funds appropriated for the NGYCP for fiscal year 2023 to provide support for new program start-up costs, special projects, workforce development programs, and emergency unforeseen costs, all at the Secretary’s discretion.Made in Order
96Version 1Van Duyne (TX), McKinley (WV), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanRequires a study and report to identify monetary and government benefits received through misrepresentation of military decorations or medals. Also requires recommendations to address the issues identified in the report.Made in Order
97Version 2Bilirakis (FL), Ruiz (CA), Horsford (NV), Reschenthaler (PA), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Salazar (FL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Gosar (AZ), Barragán (CA), Kelly, Trent (MS), Lesko (AZ), Welch (VT), Panetta (CA), Posey (FL), Hudson (NC), San Nicolas (GU), Palazzo (MS), Meijer (MI), Phillips (MN), Blunt Rochester (DE), Mace (SC), Van Duyne (TX), Valadao (CA), Malliotakis (NY), Carson (IN), Strickland (WA), Lawson (FL), Thompson, Mike (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Wild (PA), Van Drew (NJ), Titus (NV), Budd (NC), Levin, Mike (CA), Gallego (AZ), Jones, Mondaire (NY), Bacon (NE), Feenstra (IA), Wittman (VA), Dean (PA), Katko (NY), Meng (NY), Emmer (MN), Veasey (TX), Harshbarger (TN), Bice (OK), Larsen, Rick (WA), Mann (KS), Trone (MD), Dunn (FL), McEachin (VA), Pappas (NH), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Provides eligibility to certain military retirees for concurrent receipt of veterans' disability compensation and retired pay or combat-related special compensation.Revised
98Version 1Ruiz (CA), Kelly, Trent (MS), Horsford (NV), Meijer (MI), Lesko (AZ), Thompson, Glenn (PA), Posey (FL), Panetta (CA), Mace (SC), Cleaver (MO), Hudson (NC), Lieu (CA), Cárdenas (CA), Phillips (MN), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Lawson (FL), Palazzo (MS), Kilmer (WA), Houlahan (PA), Kaptur (OH), Davids (KS), Manning (NC), Costa (CA), Golden (ME), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Van Duyne (TX), Carson (IN), Strickland (WA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Wild (PA), Thompson, Mike (CA), Van Drew (NJ), Welch (VT), Titus (NV), McNerney (CA), Schrier (WA), Valadao (CA), Budd (NC), Levin, Mike (CA), Porter (CA), Jones, Mondaire (NY), Gallego (AZ), Cammack, Kat (FL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Bilirakis (FL), Reschenthaler (PA), Salazar (FL), Gosar (AZ), McKinley (WV), Feenstra (IA), Bacon (NE), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Chu (CA), Stauber (MN), Williams (GA), Wittman (VA), Dean (PA), Perlmutter (CO), Lee, Barbara (CA), Tlaib (MI), Keating (MA), Katko (NY), Axne (IA), Larsen, Rick (WA), Sánchez (CA), Gohmert (TX), Brown (MD), Himes (CT), Butterfield (NC), Blunt Rochester (DE), Veasey (TX), Cohen (TN), Emmer (MN), Doyle (PA), Meng (NY), Bice (OK), Bonamici (OR), Harshbarger (TN), Norcross (NJ), Gottheimer (NJ), Dingell (MI), Trone (MD), Dunn (FL), Escobar (TX), McEachin (VA), Pappas (NH), Herrell (NM), Carbajal (CA), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Carey, Mike (OH), Omar (MN), Espaillat (NY), Joyce, David (OH), Crow (CO), Sires (NJ)Bi-PartisanAllows combat-disabled uniformed services retirees with fewer than 20 years of creditable service to concurrently receive, without reduction, veterans' disability compensation and retired pay or combat-related special compensation.Submitted
99Version 1Perry (PA), Chabot (OH)RepublicanMakes it the policy of the United States to reject any attempt by the People’s Republic of China to mandate that US vessels provide them with information about US vessels (ship name, call sign, location, type of cargo) in areas that China illegally includes as part of its maritime claims.Submitted
100Version 1Ruiz (CA), Welch (VT), Taylor (TX), Posey (FL), Wenstrup (OH)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes specified individuals (a direct relative or next of kin) to update the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry with the cause of death of a registered individual.Submitted
101Version 1Perry (PA), Good (VA)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds made available by this Act to promote a “one country, two systems” solution for Taiwan.Submitted
102Version 1Perry (PA), Chabot (OH), Good (VA)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds made available by this Act to refer to Taiwan as anything other than “Taiwan” in publications or on departmental and agency websites.Submitted
103Version 1Perry (PA), Good (VA)RepublicanApplies Section 517 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 directly to Taiwan (relating to Major Non NATO Ally designation).Submitted
104Version 1Perry (PA), Chabot (OH), Good (VA)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds to forbid active duty military officers of Taiwan from wearing their uniforms during visits to the United States.Submitted
105Version 1Perry (PA), Good (VA), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanSanctions Chinese sportswear companies Li-Ning and Anta for their role in the ongoing genocide in Xinjiang.Submitted
106Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanMakes it the policy of the United States to consider Tibet to be an occupied country.Submitted
107Version 1Perlmutter (CO), Velázquez (NY), Davidson (OH), Blumenauer (OR), Joyce, David (OH), Lee, Barbara (CA), Correa (CA), Crist (FL)Bi-PartisanAdds the bipartisan SAFE Banking Act which would allow state-legal cannabis businesses to access the banking system and help improve public safety by reducing the amount of cash at these businesses.Made in Order
108Version 1Perry (PA), Good (VA)RepublicanApplies sanctions enumerated in Executive Order 14032 against Communist Chinese Military Companies (listed in the Pentagon’s Section 1237 List on June 2, 2021) and Chinese Military Companies (listed in the Pentagon’s Section 1260H List).Submitted
109Version 1Perry (PA), Miller, Mary (IL), Gosar (AZ), Good (VA)RepublicanProhibits the sale or selling of publicly traded securities issued by certain listed Chinese military companies or securities.Submitted
110Version 1Perry (PA), Good (VA)RepublicanInserts a statement of policy on Hong Kong stating that all territorial claims by the People’s Republic of China over the area known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are invalid and without merit.Submitted
111Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanProhibits funding for the World Economic Forum.Submitted
112Version 1Perry (PA), Steube (FL), Good (VA)RepublicanProhibits funds from being used to revoke or rescind the designation of the IRGC as an FTO except pursuant to a joint resolution of Congress.Submitted
113Version 1Correa (CA)DemocratRequires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to submit an annual report on women veterans access to gender specific services under arrangements entered into by the VA with non-VA medical provides for the provision of hospital care or medical services.Submitted
114Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanInserts the text of the Ports Not Windmills Act (H.R. 7344).Submitted
115Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanInserts a statement of policy about Somaliland stating that that all territorial claims by the Federal Republic of Somalia over the area known as Somaliland are invalid and without merit.Submitted
116Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanConditions the exercise of DPA authorities on a formal declaration of war by Congress.Submitted
117Version 3Malliotakis (NY), Sires (NJ)Bi-PartisanRevised Ensures that Staten Island receives the New York City Basic allowance for housing (BAH). Currently, Four out of five New York City boroughs receive New York City Basic allowance for Housing (BAH). The only borough to not be included is Staten Island. Currently, Staten Island (which is part of New York City) is given the same BAH as sections of New Jersey.Revised
118Version 1Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Kaptur (OH)DemocratAuthorizes $30 million for the Small Shipyard Grant program and authorizes $30 million for the Centers of Excellence for domestic maritime workforce training and education program to prepare the next generation of maritime workers.Made in Order
119Version 1Perry (PA), Crenshaw (TX), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Bishop, Dan (NC), Posey (FL), Davidson (OH)RepublicanMakes Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) therapy treatment available for active duty servicemembers and Ceterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).Submitted
120Version 3Ocasio-Cortez (NY)DemocratRevised Allows the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs at the Department of Labor to establish compliance procedures for the prohibition on criminal history inquiries by Federal contractors and allows the Department of Labor to investigate compliance by a contractor by conducting a compliance evaluation.Made in Order
121Version 1Perry (PA), Mast (FL), Reschenthaler (PA), Boebert, Lauren (CO), Ferguson (GA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Posey (FL), Gaetz (FL)RepublicanDirects the VA to provide veterans with the option to grant read-only access to their records in the databases of the Veterans Benefits Administration to covered congressional employees, who must be employed in the office of the Member of Congress who represents the district where the veteran resides.Submitted
122Version 1Strickland (WA)DemocratDirects the Department to collect data on scholarship awards and ROTC program completion by gender, race, and ethnicity.Made in Order
123Version 2Strickland (WA)DemocratRevised Adds a finding encouraging FEMA to study integrating collapsible shelters for appropriate non-congregate sheltering needs into the disaster preparedness stockpile.Made in Order
124Version 5Kinzinger (IL), Houlahan (PA), Lieu (CA), Wild (PA), Kaptur (OH)Bi-PartisanRevised Authorizes $100,000,000 to provide assistance to Ukrainian military pilots and associated personnel. Provides that not later than 15 days before providing assistance or support using amounts made available pursuant to the authorization, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate and the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives a notification containing the following elements: A detailed description of the assistance or support to be provided, including the objectives of such assistance or support; the budget for such assistance or support; and the expected or estimated timeline for delivery of such assistance or support as well as a description of such other matters as the Secretary considers appropriate.Made in Order
125Version 1Kinzinger (IL), Malinowski (NJ)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of State to establish an investor visa denials database. Initially, this database shall include records related to United States investor visa denials, for the purpose of coordinating with foreign states.Submitted
126Version 1Brownley (CA), Welch (VT)DemocratRequires VA to update Beneficiary Travel reimbursement rate for veterans.Made in Order
127Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Houlahan (PA), Van Duyne (TX), Pfluger (TX)Bi-PartisanDirects the National Academies to study the feasibility of providing enhanced research security services to further protect the United States research enterprise against foreign interference, theft, and espionage.Submitted
128Version 1Kinzinger (IL), Axne (IA)Bi-PartisanProvides that the Secretary of the Air Force, in coordination with Director of the Air National Guard, shall maintain a fleet of fixed wing, manned ISR/IAA aircraft to conduct operationsMade in Order
129Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes procurement authority for the Air Force, establishes program element dedicated to the procurement and management of commercial engineering software, and requires a report regarding the benefits of commercial physics-based modeling and simulation.Made in Order
130Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Kelly, Mike (PA), Doyle (PA), Van Duyne (TX), Posey (FL), Lamb (PA)Bi-PartisanIncludes Purple Heart award recipients on the DOD military valor website who receive the award after the enactment of this Act.Made in Order
131Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Perry (PA), Posey (FL)RepublicanStates that no funds authorized under this Act may be made available for Eco Health Alliance, Inc. work in China.Submitted
132Version 1Strickland (WA), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Cohen (TN), Dean (PA), Houlahan (PA), Neguse (CO)DemocratIncludes the definition of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) in the NDAA so that these projects can be eligible for federal funds.Made in Order
133Version 1San Nicolas (GU)DemocratGrants officers or employees of U.S. Homeland Security Investigations the same acccess to military installations on Guam as already granted to officers or employees of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Made in Order
134Version 1Cohen (TN), Huffman (CA), Lowenthal (CA), Barragán (CA), Moore (WI), Kaptur (OH), Cleaver (MO), Larsen, Rick (WA), Ryan (OH), Wild (PA), Williams (GA)DemocratRequires the GAO to study how the DoD is currently limiting single-use plastics and identify barriers to further reduction.Made in Order
135Version 1Gosar (AZ), Good (VA), Burgess (TX), Duncan (SC)RepublicanAuthorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to construct a wall on the U.S. southern border with MexicoSubmitted
136Version 1Gosar (AZ), Miller, Mary (IL)RepublicanRequires the Sec. of Defense to expeditiously make public all records related to the United States military operations in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2021.Submitted
137Version 1Steil (WI)RepublicanGives the Secretary of the Treasury the explicit authority to sanction a financial institution operating outside the United States that knowingly conducts a significant sanctionable transaction related to the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX).Submitted
138Version 1Steil (WI), Auchincloss (MA)Bi-PartisanRequires the U.S. Treasury Department to regularly report to Congress any sanctions waivers provided to allow transactions between financial institutions and targeted individuals.Made in Order
139Version 1Maloney, Carolyn (NY)DemocratStrengthens the ability of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board to provide meaningful oversight of artificial intelligence for counterterrorism purposes.Made in Order
140Version 1Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanLimits the availability of funds for collaboration with certain entities linked to the People's Republic of China.Submitted
141Version 1Steel, Michelle (CA)RepublicanProhibits the Department of Defense and defense contractors from using LOGINK.Made in Order
142Version 2Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House and publicly a list of Iranian Defense Companies.Revised
143Version 1Steel, Michelle (CA)RepublicanProhibits the federal government and government contractors from using LOGINK.Submitted
144Version 1Steel, Michelle (CA)RepublicanProhibits Russian, Chinese, North Korean, or Iranian state-owned enterprises from having any ownership in the operation or management of a U.S. port.Submitted
145Version 1Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanProhibits Department of Defense funding to the Government of Iran, persons owned or controlled by the Government of Iran, and any person identified on the list of specially designated nationals and blocked persons maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Department of the Treasury.Submitted
146Version 1Banks (IN), Langevin (RI)Bi-PartisanRequires an annual report from the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering on unfunded priorities.Submitted
147Version 1Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanTerminates the authority for the President to waive imposition of sanctions under the Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act of 2012.Submitted
148Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratEstablishes a Community Resilience and Restoration Fund and competitive grant program administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to conserve restoration and resilience lands and help communities respond to natural disasters and threats, and authorizes $100 million per year for Fiscal Years 23-28.Made in Order
149Version 1Sarbanes (MD), Fitzpatrick (PA), Dingell (MI), Posey (FL), Norton (DC), Titus (NV), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRequires PFAS manufacturers to submit analytical reference standards of each PFAS chemical they produce to EPA for the Agency's use in identifying PFAS.Submitted
150Version 2Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRevised Requires the President in consultation with the Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense to submit a report to congressional committees on certain Iranian persons for potential sanctions.Revised
151Version 1Banks (IN), Van Duyne (TX), Buchanan (FL), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanImposes Sanctions on Iran's Supreme Leader's Office for Human Rights Abuses.Submitted
152Version 1Banks (IN), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanHighlights the failures of holding Iran accountable for their actions, presents a Sense of Congress that the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps should pay compensation to US victims of their terrorist attacks and maintains the designation of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.Submitted
153Version 2Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRevised Prohibits the use of funds to remove Iran from a list of countries with serious strategic deficiencies to counter money laundering, terrorist financing and financing proliferation that the Financial Action Task Force has identified as "High-Risk Jurisdictions subject to a Call for Action".Revised
154Version 1Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires a report from the Secretary of Defense on the treatment of China in Curricula of Professional Military Education.Made in Order
155Version 2Neguse (CO)DemocratRevised Adds the text of H.R. 1066, the Wildfire Recovery Act to the bill, which authorizes flexibility in the federal cost-share for FEMA's Fire Management Assistance Grant Program.Revised
156Version 1Banks (IN), Van Duyne (TX), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires that the Secretary of Defense require the principle investigator of any covered research program at an institution of high education to accurately and completely disclose to the Department of Defense foreign government affiliation.Submitted
157Version 2Banks (IN), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRevised Requires determination and reporting of the Central Bank of Iran, National Development Fund of Iran, National Iranian Oil Company, National Iranian Tanker Company, and Iranian Ministry of Petroleum for potential sanctions.Revised
158Version 1Banks (IN), Van Duyne (TX), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanDirects the Secretary of Commerce to place Taiwan as a Country Group A:5 from A:6 within the Export Administration Regulations.Submitted
159Version 2Salazar (FL), Murphy, Stephanie (FL), Waltz (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Air Force, in consultation with the Department of State, to produce a report that identifies opportunities to deploy stratospheric balloons, aerostats, or satellite technology capable of rapidly delivering wireless internet anywhere on the planet from high altitudes.Made in Order
160Version 1DeSaulnier (CA), Lee, Barbara (CA)DemocratExpresses the sense of Congress that the Port Chicago 50 should be exonerated of any charges brought against them in the aftermath of the deadliest home front explosion in World War II.Made in Order
161Version 1Pappas (NH), Slotkin (MI), Fitzpatrick (PA), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanCreates a national database for service members and veterans experiencing health problems possibly due to contamination PFAS. Requires VA to publish and notify veterans of updates on recent scientific developments on the effects of PFAS exposure, availability of possible treatment options, and information on what resources may be available to address their health concerns.Made in Order
162Version 1Pappas (NH)DemocratGrants VA benefits to veterans who received Other Than Honorable discharges (with the target population being veterans discharged as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity), requires VA to conduct outreach by those who may be eligible for VA benefits under the law, and requires VA to improve its internal processes for reviewing VA appeals for this population of veterans.Submitted
163Version 1Pappas (NH), Turner (OH), Mace (SC), Levin, Mike (CA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a standard record of military service for all members of the armed forces (including the reserve components).Made in Order
164Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratDirects the Bureau of Justice Assistance to conduct the efficacy of extreme risk protection orders on reducing gun violence.Submitted
165Version 1Ross (NC), Issa (CA)Bi-PartisanAdds the text of the IG Access Act, which transfers responsibility for investigating certain allegations of misconduct from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Professional Responsibility to the DOJ Office of the Inspector General.Made in Order
166Version 1Lee, Barbara (CA), Pocan (WI), DeFazio (OR), Watson Coleman (NJ), Huffman (CA), Espaillat (NY), Gomez (CA), Blumenauer (OR), Davis, Danny K. (IL)DemocratReduces the FY23 NDAA topline by $100b, while holding harmless personnel, civilian pay and benefits, and the Defense Health Program. Cites a 2021 CBO study that detailed workable options for a $100b/yr reduction in defense spending.Made in Order
167Version 2Ross (NC)DemocratWithdrawn Requires entities receiving federal defense funding to disclose ransom payments following a ransomware attack to the Department of Defense (DOD) and requires DOD to publish the information disclosed, including the total dollar amount paid, without revealing identifying information.Withdrawn
168Version 1Trahan (MA), Reschenthaler (PA), Fitzgerald (WI), Joyce, John (PA)Bi-PartisanRequires the Navy to issue a report on the power and propulsion requirements for the DDG(X) destroyer and whether the Navy can leverage existing investments in the electric-drive propulsion system developed for the DDG(X) to reduce cost and risk.Made in Order
169Version 2Lee, Barbara (CA), Pocan (WI), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Watson Coleman (NJ), Welch (VT), Moore (WI), Espaillat (NY), Gomez (CA), Blumenauer (OR), Davis, Danny K. (IL)DemocratRevised Reverses the $36.987 billion increase made at HASC markup above the President's FY23 request, restoring the FY23 topline to the amount requested by the President.Made in Order
170Version 1Lee, Barbara (CA), Meeks (NY), Roy (TX)Bi-PartisanRepeals the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq.Made in Order
171Version 1Luria (VA), Waltz (FL), Kim (NJ), Bacon (NE), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes TRICARE dependents to remain on their sponsor’s plan until they turn 26, conforming with ACA-regulated health insurance plans.Submitted
172Version 1Luria (VA)DemocratRequires the Secretary of the Navy to submit a report on the cost and feasibility of a 2- and 3-year advanced procurement strategy for the next 2 Ford-class carriers. The report would also analyze the benefits of a two-carrier buy instead of single carrier procurement.Made in Order
173Version 1Garamendi (CA), Cohen (TN), Khanna (CA), Stansbury (NM), Crow (CO)DemocratProvides Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) for Fulbright Scholars currently studying at American universities and former scholars who returned to Afghanistan as well as provide SIVs for their legal spouses/dependents as well as for Afghans who participated in other State Department-sponsored exchange programs.Submitted
174Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanStrikes Sec. 343 which prohibits the Department of Defense from purchasing firefighting equipment containing PFASSubmitted
175Version 1Luria (VA)DemocratRequire SECNAV to report to Congress on the service’s Multiple Award Contract-Multi Order strategy. This report would focus on how the Service identifies lessons learned, how they are incorporated, an assessment of continuing ship availability delays, and current perform-to-plan metrics.Made in Order
176Version 1Luria (VA)DemocratProhibits the Administration from removing the IRGC's designation as a foreign terrorist organization.Submitted
177Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanStrikes Section 313 which allows the Secretary of Defense to select two military installations to make "Energy Resilience Testbeds" to test and demonstrate technologies that support climate resilient infrastructure.Submitted
178Version 1McHenry (NC), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanResponds to Chinese financing of energy infrastructure in developing countries, including nuclear power, by requiring the U.S. Executive Director at the World Bank to support financial assistance for the generation and distribution of nuclear energy.Submitted
179Version 1McHenry (NC)RepublicanDirects SEC and CFTC to establish a working group on digital assets.Submitted
180Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanAmends Section 314 subsection C to ensure that no more than 49% of all nontactical vehicles at the military installation be replaced with electric vehicles as part of the pilot program.Submitted
181Version 2Pappas (NH), Fitzpatrick (PA), Slotkin (MI), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires DoD and VA, in consultation with HHS and EPA, to jointly coordinate and establish guidelines to be used during training of members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty to provide the members awareness of the potential risks of toxic exposures and ways to prevent being exposed during combat.Made in Order
182Version 1Pfluger (TX), Newhouse (WA), Miller-Meeks (IA), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanThis amendment would strike the “non-fuel” requirement from the critical minerals definition to allow for minerals that have both fuel and non-fuel uses – like uranium – to be included on the list. It also requires a revision of the list by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to reevaluate and make necessary changes after the enactment of the bill.Submitted
183Version 2Speier (CA), Schakowsky (IL)DemocratRevised Strengthen the requirement for contractors with more than $10 million in contracts to report beneficial ownership by closing a loophole, establishing penalties for noncompliance, and requiring the General Services Administration to report to Congress on implementation.Made in Order
184Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratExtend the deadline for the GAO review of the military services’ administrative separation processes required by Sec. 529B of the FY22 NDAA from December 27, 2022, to May 31, 2023.Made in Order
185Version 1Mfume, Kweisi (MD), Van Duyne (TX)Bi-PartisanExtends the deadline for the transfer of the certification process for the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) program from the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Small Business Administration.Made in Order
186Version 1Speier (CA), DeSaulnier (CA)DemocratExpand the medical malpractice claims process under 10 USC 2733a (known as the Stayskal Act) to also cover medical care provided onboard a naval vessel of the United States that, at the time of such occurrence, was not engaged in combat operations.Submitted
187Version 2Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of Agriculture, in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation, and Secretary of Homeland Security, to issue a report on improving supply chain shortfalls and infrastructure needs at wholesale produce markets.Made in Order
188Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRequires the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, in consultation with State and local law enforcement entities, and other agencies or stakeholders as determined appropriate by the Director, to issue a report on firearms trafficked along Interstate 95.Submitted
189Version 2Houlahan (PA), Fallon (TX), Banks (IN)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense to carry out a pilot program to accelerate the development of advanced technology for national security by creating incentives or trusted private capital in domestic small businesses or nontraditional businesses that are developing technology that the Secretary considers necessary to support the modernization of the Department of Defense.Made in Order
190Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRequires the Director of CISA to conduct an investigation on the SolarWinds incident to evaluate the impact of the SolarWinds incident and issue a report to Congress on the findings and recommendations to address security gaps, improve incident response efforts, and prevent similar cyber incidents. The amendment also calls for a GAO report on the Cyber Safety Review Board established pursuant to Executive Order 14028.Made in Order
191Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratTreats agriculture investments by foreign entities and agricultural supply chains under the Defense Production Act.Submitted
192Version 1Norcross (NJ), Zeldin (NY), Sires (NJ)Bi-PartisanUrges the Secretary of State to take action concerning unpaid Peruvian agrarian reform bonds to ensure pension funds receive payment.Made in Order
193Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratExtends veteran status to Merchant Marines who served during the Vietnam era in the Southeast Asia Theater of Operations.Submitted
194Version 2Morelle (NY), DesJarlais (TN), Foster (IL), Lamborn (CO), Carbajal (CA), Turner (OH), Cooper (TN), Swalwell (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Codifies NNSA as the interagency lead on nuclear forensics, making NNSA responsible for integrating the National Technical Nuclear Forensics (NTNF) activities in a consistent, unified strategic direction.Made in Order
195Version 2Moore (WI)DemocratRevised Authorizes the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to provide assistance to states that have created dedicated green alerts or are considering creating such alerts to help locate missing active duty servicemembers or veterans, including to connect located individuals to any VA or DOD benefits they have earned through their military service.Revised
196Version 1Westerman (AR)RepublicanRecognizes the importance of utilizing the organic industrial base for domestic production capability of PPE, augmenting the commercial sector and eliminating the dependence of the United States on foreign sources. Directs the Secretary of Defense to develop a plan to enable the Army organic industrial base to be a reliable and responsive source of PPE for the Strategic National Stockpile.Submitted
197Version 1Phillips (MN), Fitzpatrick (PA), Castro (TX)Bi-PartisanCreates an overseas rabies vaccine program to be administered by the Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the pets of U.S. government employees assigned overseas (including uniformed military and Peace Corps Volunteers) in the 113 countries from which the CDC banned dog importation due to rabies concerns. Employees who elect to use these services would reimburse the government for the cost. This program would help keep America rabies free while also enabling government employees to meet required rabies regulations to bring their pets home.Made in Order
198Version 1Phillips (MN), Fitzpatrick (PA), Castro (TX)Bi-PartisanModifies the Fly America Act to provide an exception for government employees overseas trying to fly their pets home. If a Fly America Act airline refuses to board a pet even with all the proper paperwork, the employee can use the already appropriated government funds to fly a non-Fly America Act airline and bring their pets home. Cost of the pet transport remains the responsibility of the employee.Made in Order
199Version 1Salazar (FL), Horsford (NV), Newman (IL)Bi-PartisanRaises sole source contracting thresholds for certain small business concerns (8(a), HUBZone, service-disabled veteran-owned, and women-owned) from current levels to $10,000,000 for manufacturing contracts and $8,000,000 for other types. Aligns sole-source thresholds in Title 38 (VA) with Title 15 (Small Business).Made in Order
200Version 1McMorris Rodgers (WA)RepublicanChanges the way the Soldier's Medal affects military retirement pay.Made in Order
201Version 2Pappas (NH), Kuster (NH)DemocratRevised Directs DoD to conduct, or enter into a contract with an appropriate federally funded research and development center to conduct, a study to assess whether individuals (including individuals on active duty or in a reserve component or the National Guard) assigned to the Pease Air Force Base and Pease Air National Guard Base during the period of 1970 through 2020 experience a higher-than-expected rate of cancer-related morbidity and mortality as a result of time on base or exposures associated with time on base compared to the rate of cancer-related morbidity and mortality of the general population of the United States, accounting for differences in sex, age, and race.Made in Order
202Version 1Bowman (NY), Khanna (CA), Schakowsky (IL), Bush, Cori (MO), Blumenauer (OR), Jones, Mondaire (NY), DeFazio (OR), Lofgren (CA), Cammack, Kat (FL)Bi-PartisanProhibits U.S. military presence in Syria without Congressional approval within one year of enactment.Made in Order
203Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratPrescribes limitations on the sale and use of unsafe portable heating devices on military installations, according to the guidelines of the applicable voluntary standard.Made in Order
204Version 1Slotkin (MI), Sherrill (NJ), Meijer (MI), Lee, Susie (NV), Wilson, Joe (SC), Fitzpatrick (PA), Kaptur (OH), Mace (SC)Bi-PartisanCloses a loophole that allowed Russia to use its gold reserves to circumvent sanctions. The amendment authorizes the President to sanction individuals who knowingly participate in a transaction involving the sale, supply, or transfer (including transportation) of gold, directly or indirectly, to Russia.Made in Order
205Version 1Sablan (MP), Brownley (CA), San Nicolas (GU), Radewagen (AS), Plaskett (VI), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Kahele (HI), Case (HI), Gallego (AZ), Norton (DC), Brown (MD), Fitzpatrick (PA), Bacon (NE), Titus (NV)Bi-PartisanRequires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to establish the Advisory Committee on United States Outlying Areas and Freely Associated States to provide advice and guidance to the VA on matters relating to veterans residing in American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau. Among other duties, the committee must advise the VA on how to improve its programs and services to better serve veterans living in the listed areas.Made in Order
206Version 1Van Duyne (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Pfluger (TX), Posey (FL), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanRequires a report on the vulnerability of U.S. food supply chains.Submitted
207Version 1Wagner (MO)RepublicanRequires the Department of the Treasury, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to take all necessary steps to exclude Russian government officials from certain international meetings.Made in Order
208Version 1Pappas (NH), Bilirakis (FL), Cicilline (RI), Malliotakis (NY), Pallone (NJ), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Titus (NV), Sarbanes (MD), Schneider (IL), Meng (NY), Speier (CA), Eshoo (CA), Levin, Andy (MI), Lofgren (CA)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Prohibits the President from transferring weapons to a NATO member that has, in the last year, engaged in repeated unauthorized air space violations or is otherwise violating the sovereignty or territorial integrity of another NATO member unless the President certifies to Congress that such country is no longer engaging in, and has not for the prior 6 months engaged in, such activity. The President may waive the restrictions upon certifying to Congress such a waiver is in the vital national security interest and providing a detailed description of concrete steps taken to ensure that American weapons are not used by the recipient for repeated unauthorized violations of the sovereignty or territorial integrity of another NATO member.Withdrawn
209Version 1Cicilline (RI), Reschenthaler (PA), Golden (ME), Takano (CA), Brown (MD)Bi-PartisanPrevents the enforcement of predispute forced arbitration clauses in any dispute covered under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.Made in Order
210Version 1Slotkin (MI), Kim, Young (CA), Turner (OH), Fletcher (TX)Bi-PartisanRequires DoE to evaluate the energy security of the United States and establish a program to reduce the reliance of allied European countries on natural gas, petroleum, and nuclear fuel produced in Russia. Under the program, DoE must provide resources, materials, equipment, financial assistance, and technical assistance to allies to reduce their reliance on Russian energy.Submitted
211Version 1Moore (WI)DemocratRequires GAO to review the breast cancer screening and treatment efforts of the Defense Department and DoD, with an emphasis on how well they serve women with dense breasts. The GAO would examine whether costs for additional needed breast cancer diagnosis screening remains a barrier for those with dense breast tissue and if the Department's policies are based on the best science, among other provisions.Made in Order
212Version 2Cohen (TN), Malinowski (NJ), Kaptur (OH)DemocratRevised Extends the statute of limitations for certain money laundering offenses to provide DOJ with the time to prosecute cases against Russian oligarchs who may be laundering and hiding assets in the United States.Made in Order
213Version 2Garamendi (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Lofgren (CA)DemocratRevised Removes arbitrary cap on the number of excess military aircraft that DOD may transfer at no cost to DHS (FEMA) or the Forest Service for firefighting. Current law only allows DOD to transfer 7 excess military aircraft. Requires annual report to Congress by DOD on transfers of excess military aircraft.Revised
214Version 1Meeks (NY), McCaul (TX)Bi-PartisanProvides for greater congressional oversight of the State Department's rewards program.Made in Order
215Version 1Garamendi (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Lofgren (CA)DemocratPrecludes the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) from charging FEMA or federal land management agencies for satellite time used in emergency response for extreme weather events like wildfires. Current law requires civilian agencies to reimburse DOD (NGA) for these costs, even if the satellite time is available and going unused by Intelligence Community.Submitted
216Version 1Garamendi (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Lofgren (CA)DemocratWaives current law’s requirement that FEMA or federal land management agencies reimburse DOD (with civilian funds) for cost of military support for disaster response to major wildfires or federally declared disasters/emergencies.Made in Order
217Version 1McGovern (MA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRequires the State Department’s annual Country Reports on Human Rights include a list of reports published by U.S. government agencies on the status of internationally recognized human rights in the United States.Made in Order
218Version 1Speier (CA), McCaul (TX)Bi-PartisanRequires health insurance plans to cover out-of-network routine care services for clinical trial participants if no in-network provider is available.Submitted
219Version 1McGovern (MA)DemocratExtends the sunset on ‘‘An Act to prohibit the commercial export of covered munitions items to the Hong Kong Police Force” (Public Law 116–77).Made in Order
220Version 1Connolly (VA), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanPrevents any position in the competitive service from being reclassified to an excepted service schedule that was created after September 30, 2020 and limits federal employee reclassifications to the five excepted service schedules in use prior to fiscal year 2021.Made in Order
221Version 2San Nicolas (GU), Kahele (HI), Case (HI)DemocratRevised Requires biannual leak inspections of Navy and Air Force-owned underground fuel storage tanks on Guam.Made in Order
222Version 1Cooper (TN), Lamborn (CO)Bi-PartisanIncreases amount authorized to be appropriated in section 3101 for the National Nuclear Security Administration, as specified in the corresponding funding table in section 4701, for Stockpile Major Modernization, W80-4 Life Extension Program by $5,000,000.Made in Order
223Version 1Ellzey, Jake (TX), Fallon (TX), Jackson, Ronny (TX)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to jointly submit, annually, not later than January 1, to the appropriate congressional committees a report on members of the Armed Forces who file claims for disability benefits. Details the data elements required to be jointly reported by Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.Made in Order
224Version 1Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Connolly (VA)DemocratProhibits funds from being used to provide weapons or military aid or military training to Saudi Arabia’s Rapid Intervention Force (RIF), the unit responsible for the murder of U.S. journalist Jamal Khashoggi.Submitted
225Version 2Cicilline (RI), Castro (TX), Titus (NV), Keating (MA), Gallagher (WI)Bi-PartisanRevised Extends the life of the State Department's Global Engagement Center. The Global Engagement Center was established via the 2017 NDAA to coordinate the U.S. Government's efforts counter foreign propaganda that undermines US interests.Made in Order
226Version 1Gohmert (TX), Hartzler (MO), Wittman (VA), Miller, Mary (IL), Gosar (AZ)RepublicanProhibits the purchase for five years of any public or private real estate located in the United States by any foreign person.Submitted
227Version 1Soto (FL)DemocratAdjusts the immigration status of certain Venezuelan refugees to lawfully admitted permanent residence.Submitted
228Version 1Barr (KY)RepublicanProhibits the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing certain energy-related transactions involving sanctioned Russian financial institutions.Submitted
229Version 1Peters (CA), Meuser (PA)Bi-PartisanCodifies the Small Business Procurement Scorecard in the Small Business Act and requires additional information in them to provide more transparency regarding the contracting programs.Made in Order
230Version 1Barr (KY)RepublicanDirects the Secretary of the Treasury to instruct the US Governor of, and the US Executive Director at, the IMF to use the voice and vote of the US to advocate that the Fund should not recognize the government of Afghanistan if it is determined it is under Taliban control. Implements a sunset if certain conditions are met.Submitted
231Version 3Barr (KY)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on the efforts of the American Institute in Taiwan to combat disinformation or propaganda perpetuated by the Chinese Communist Party and People's Republic of China.Made in Order
232Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Meuser (PA), Doyle (PA), Thompson, Glenn (PA), Keller (PA), Golden (ME), Lamb (PA), Kelly, Mike (PA)Bi-PartisanAdds a sense of Congress to ensure the Air Force does not retire KC-135 aircraft without equal replacement with KC-46A aircraft.Made in Order
233Version 1Reschenthaler (PA)RepublicanProvides for a report from the Army Space and Missile Defense Command on the need and cost of gun launched interceptor technologies.Made in Order
234Version 1Reschenthaler (PA)RepublicanRequires a report from the Missile Defense Agency on the need and cost of radiation hardened, thermally insensitive sensors for missile defense.Made in Order
235Version 1Barr (KY), Guthrie (KY), Comer (KY), Yarmuth (KY), Rogers, Harold (KY)Bi-PartisanRequires a feasibility study on defense needs at the Blue Grass Army Depot following demolition and remediation of the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant.Made in Order
236Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Doyle (PA), Thompson, Glenn (PA), Aderholt (AL), Lamb (PA), Kelly, Mike (PA)Bi-PartisanExpresses a Sense of Congress that the additive manufacturing and machine learning initiative of the Army has the potential to accelerate the ability to deploy additive manufacturing capabilities in expeditionary settings and strengthen the United States defense industrial supply chain.Made in Order
237Version 1Norcross (NJ)DemocratAllows the Department of Defense to refer a dispute between a labor organization and a contractor to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service for assistance in creating a first contract. Additionally, allows contractor employees to form a union by collecting authorization cards from a majority of employees in a bargaining unit who perform work funded by a government contract.Submitted
238Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratEnsures academic users and federal labs can continue to purchase helium at a discounted rate by putting a condition on sale for private purchases.Submitted
239Version 2Newman (IL), Salazar (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Amends the Small Business Act to clarify that the HUBZone Price Evaluation Preference applies to certain contracts.Made in Order
240Version 1Sherrill (NJ), Jeffries (NY), Moore, Blake (UT), Reschenthaler (PA), Armstrong (ND), Fitzpatrick (PA), Bacon (NE), Bice (OK), Scott, Bobby (VA), Horsford (NV), Trone (MD)Bi-PartisanAmends the bill to include a provision eliminating the federal sentencing disparity between drug offenses involving crack cocaine and powder cocaine.Made in Order
241Version 1Houlahan (PA), Bice (OK), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanRequires the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to submit a report describing strategic and critical materials requirements of the Department of Defense, including the gaps and vulnerabilities in supply chains of such materials.Made in Order
242Version 1Auchincloss (MA)DemocratInstructs GAO to conduct a study on the obstacles service members and their spouses and dependents face in accessing reproductive health care due to state and local laws.Submitted
243Version 1Crawford (AR)RepublicanWithdrawn Amends 50 U.S.C. 3038 to include Explosive Ordnance Intelligence in Defense Intelligence Agency activities.Withdrawn
244Version 1Lucas (OK)RepublicanDirects the Secretary of the Treasury, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Securities and Exchange Commission to exclude representatives of the People’s Republic of China from participation in meetings, proceedings, and other activities of certain international banking organizations upon the notification to Congress from the President of any threat to the security or the social or economic system of the people on Taiwan resulting from actions of the People’s Republic of China.Submitted
245Version 1Crawford (AR)RepublicanEstablishes the 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Command within Army Special Operations Command. The EOD shall be carried out using funds made available to the Army for Major Force Program 2.Submitted
246Version 1Crawford (AR)RepublicanRequires a report from the Commandant of the Marine Corps on the Littoral Explosive Ordnance Neutralization program.Made in Order
247Version 2Kelly, Trent (MS), Kim (NJ)Bi-PartisanRevised Amends title 10, United States Code, to expand the period during which days of service on active duty or of performance of active service reduce the age for members of the Ready Reserve to begin collecting retirement pay. The period of service is amended to include any service on active duty after 9/11, instead of after January 28, 2008.Revised
248Version 1Lucas (OK)RepublicanAdds the Secretary of Agriculture to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.Submitted
249Version 2Thompson, Bennie (MS), Katko (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Adds a new title with measures related to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), comprised of House-passed legislative provisions to strengthen community security, enhance DHS acquisitions and supply chains, and enhance DHS operations.Made in Order
250Version 1Schrier (WA)DemocratDirects GAO to report on the effectiveness of current health screenings administered to servicemembers separating from the military to identify the risk of social isolation and other health and behavioral health concerns.Made in Order
251Version 2Schrier (WA)DemocratRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense, in collaboration with the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, to assess and develop a plan to maximize the functionality of the automated surface observing systems across the agencies. Also requires a report to Congress on the findings of the assessment and implementation plan.Made in Order
252Version 3Wild (PA), Malinowski (NJ), Khanna (CA)DemocratRevised States that no funding to the Department of State can be made available to the Philippines National Police until the Administration has certified that the Philippines government is meeting basic human rights standards.Made in Order
253Version 1Salazar (FL), Mfume, Kweisi (MD)Bi-PartisanAmends the Small Business Administration's (SBA) nonmanufacturer rule waiver process to ensure that small business contractors have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the federal supply chain.Made in Order
254Version 1Neguse (CO), Grijalva (AZ), O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratAdds the text of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act and the Grand Canyon Protection Act to the bill.Made in Order
255Version 1Neguse (CO), Khanna (CA)DemocratAdds the text of H.R. 7476, the REPLACE Act to the bill, which automatically waives fees for replacing critical documents after major disasters.Made in Order
256Version 1Costa (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Kuster (NH), Brown (MD)Bi-PartisanReauthorizes the Victims of Child Abuse Act programs for another five years, updates the statute to better reflect the current program, and authorizes up to $40 million each fiscal year for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) and their associated support organizations.Made in Order
257Version 1Carter, Troy (LA), Evans (PA)DemocratAllows small businesses to extend their participation in an SBA contracting program for an additional year.Made in Order
258Version 2Wild (PA), Malinowski (NJ), Khanna (CA)DemocratRevised Requires a report from the Secretary of State focusing on human rights violations committed by Philippines police, military, and paramilitary forces and assessing these forces' role in the current Philippines human rights climate.Made in Order
259Version 1Gosar (AZ), Massie (KY), Davidson (OH)RepublicanRepeals the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations to Use Military Force.Submitted
260Version 1Spanberger (VA), Meijer (MI), Meeks (NY), Roy (TX), Kim, Young (CA)Bi-PartisanRepeals the 1991 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution.Made in Order
261Version 3Spanberger (VA), Meijer (MI), Kim, Young (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Chairperson of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency to submit a report to Congress on the oversight infrastructure established with respect to U.S. assistance to Ukraine. Examines which Federal agencies are overseeing assistance to Ukraine, how well those agencies are coordinating, whether there are gaps in oversight, and whether the Federal Government is positioned to accurately oversee U.S. expenditures.Made in Order
262Version 1Gosar (AZ), Biggs (AZ), Posey (FL)RepublicanExtends the suspension of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for DoD contractors to include members of the Armed Services and DoD civilian workers. All adverse action would also be suspended and anyone separated from the Armed Forces or their job due to vaccination status would be reinstated during the suspension.Submitted
263Version 1Walberg (MI), Dingell (MI)Bi-PartisanPromotes United States leadership in standards-setting bodies that set standards for 5G networks and for future generations of wireless communications networks; encourages participation by companies and a wide variety of relevant stakeholders (not including any company or relevant stakeholder that the Assistant Secretary has determined to be not trusted) in such standards-setting bodies.Submitted
264Version 1Walberg (MI)RepublicanAdds a section to prohibit the President from revoking Presidential permits relating to cross-border energy facilities.Submitted
265Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY), Stevens (MI), Meijer (MI), Gonzalez, Anthony (OH)Bi-PartisanInserts the text of H.R. 7077, Empowering the U.S. Fire Administration Act.Made in Order
266Version 1McCaul (TX), Meeks (NY), Wilson, Joe (SC), Deutch (FL), Chabot (OH)Bi-PartisanClarifies that Sec. 107 of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (with respect to Iran) applies sanctions with respect to unmanned combat aerial vehicles following a 2019 change by the UN providing additional clarity to the UN Register of Conventional Arms.Submitted
267Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanAdds a resolution supporting the People of America and calls on the U.S. Government to use its resources to defend the U.S. by addressing the most pressing security concerns such as border and energy security.Submitted
268Version 1McGovern (MA), Reschenthaler (PA), Hayes (CT), Lynch (MA), Adams (NC), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Issa (CA)Bi-PartisanRequires the Department of Defense, in coordination with USDA, to collect data on food insecurity and usage of federal anti-hunger programs among active duty servicemembers and their families, and to report to Congress on their findings. The amendment also requires DOD to train and designate a point person at military installations on where to refer servicemembers seeking food assistance.Made in Order
269Version 2Green, Al (TX), Thompson, Bennie (MS)DemocratRevised Amends the NDAA to strengthen the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) to ensure the protection of individual rights for those affected by DHS programs and activities.Made in Order
270Version 1Kuster (NH)DemocratDirects the Joint Committee on Military Justice to submit a report on how the Uniform Code of Military Justice's definition of "consent," as it pertains to incidents of sexual assault and misconduct, can be enhanced and clarified.Made in Order
271Version 2Jackson, Ronny (TX)RepublicanRevised Authorizes assistance to the Kurdish Peshmerga in coordination with the Government of Iraq.Revised
272Version 1Jackson, Ronny (TX), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanDirects the DoD to provide to the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate and the Committee on Armed Services of the House briefings on support provided at the U.S. southern land border.Submitted
273Version 3Rutherford (FL), Carl, Jerry (AL), Cammack, Kat (FL), Wittman (VA), Kelly, Trent (MS)RepublicanRevised Prohibits funds for the retirement or inactivation of any Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).Revised
274Version 1Thompson, Bennie (MS)DemocratAdds a new title to ensure greater equity in Federal disaster assistance policies and programs by authorizing an equity steering group and equity advisor within the Federal Emergency Management Agency, improving data collection to measure disparate outcomes and participation barriers, and requiring equity criteria to be applied to policies and programs.Made in Order
275Version 1Posey (FL), Garamendi (CA)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Defense to provide priority for domestically sourced, fully traceable, bovine heparin approved by the Food and Drug Administration when available.Submitted
276Version 1Green, Al (TX)DemocratRequires public housing agencies to consider the housing needs of veterans when creating their annual plans and housing strategies, the latter in consultation with agencies that serve veterans. This amendment also requires HUD to revise its regulations to require jurisdictions that receive funding from HUD to include information relating to veterans in their consolidated plans. Finally, the amendment requires HUD to assess the housing needs of very low-income veteran families and report annually on its activities relating to veterans. This amendment appropriates $1 million for the administration of these changes and reports.Made in Order
277Version 1Schweikert (AZ)RepublicanStrikes all additional inflation-adjustment spending for fuel inflation, civilian personnel inflation pay, and mil-con cost to complete-inflation adjustment spending.Submitted
278Version 1Titus (NV), Meeks (NY)DemocratAmends the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 to require the President to establish a semiconductor supply chain working group in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and submit reports to Congress on potential future global or geopolitical development that could severely disrupt the semiconductor supply chain.Made in Order
279Version 1McCollum (MN)DemocratProvides enhanced colonoscopy screening for certain servicemembers exposed to toxic substances.Submitted
280Version 1Meuser (PA), Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanRequires the Administration to determine whether an individual or entity meets sanction criteria in their own Executive Orders when the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees request such a determination.Submitted
281Version 1Lieu (CA), Brownley (CA), Sherman (CA)DemocratAuthorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) to use any funds collected pursuant to easements, or other use agreements at the West LA VA for the development of supportive housing and services on campus for homeless veterans.Made in Order
282Version 3Duncan (SC), Wilson, Joe (SC)RepublicanRevised Requires National Nuclear Security Administration report options for partnering with private industry to mitigate supply chain risks related to the production and integration of pit plutonium production glove boxes.Made in Order
283Version 1Neguse (CO), Porter (CA), Brownley (CA), O'Halleran (AZ), Strickland (WA), DelBene (WA), Eshoo (CA), Escobar (TX), Cheney (WY), Spanberger (VA), Huffman (CA), Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Khanna (CA), Schrier (WA), Harder (CA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a mental health program for federal wildland firefighters, many of whom are veterans, including a mental health awareness campaign, peer-to-peer support network, expansion of the Critical Incident Stress Management Program, mental health leave, and ensuring trauma-informed mental health professionals are readily available to provide services.Submitted
284Version 1Neguse (CO), Porter (CA), Brownley (CA), O'Halleran (AZ), Strickland (WA), DelBene (WA), Eshoo (CA), Escobar (TX), Spanberger (VA), Huffman (CA), Cheney (WY), Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Khanna (CA), Schrier (WA), Harder (CA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a housing stipend for federal wildland firefighters, many of whom are veterans, hired at a location more than 50 miles from their primary residence with the allowance being determined by the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture and be based on the cost of living in the area of deployment.Submitted
285Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratIncludes the minimum pay, annual adjustments, compensation comparable to non-federal firefighters, and hazardous duty provisions from H.R.5631, the Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act. Directs OPM to ensure that any pay, benefits, and bonuses provided to structural firefighters (0081 series) are comparable with pay, benefits and bonuses provided for federal wildland firefighters.Submitted
286Version 2Connolly (VA)DemocratRevised Directs the United States to implement a strategy to strengthen global health security, including by requiring the President to create the Global Health Security Agenda Interagency Review Council to implement the Global Health Security Agenda.Made in Order
287Version 1Jackson, Ronny (TX)RepublicanExpresses a sense of Congress on expansion of efforts to treat PTSD.Submitted
288Version 2Neguse (CO), Lamborn (CO), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Department of Labor to carry out a five-year program of grants to nonprofit organizations that assist the transition of service members to civilian life. Funds may be used for a broad range of supportive programs, such as job recruitment training.Made in Order
289Version 1Neguse (CO), Lamborn (CO)Bi-PartisanRequires the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) within the Department of Veterans Affairs to update an ongoing national training program for claims processors who review compensation claims for service-connected post-traumatic stress disorder. Claims processors will be required to participate in the training at least once a year and the VBA would establish a formal process based on identified processing error trends.Made in Order
290Version 1Lamborn (CO), Neguse (CO)Bi-PartisanProvides DPAA the resources and authorities need to identify the eighty-five servicemembers that were victims of the Pearl Harbor attacks on the USS Arizona and are now interred at the National Military Cemetery of the Pacific.Submitted
291Version 1Titus (NV)DemocratProhibits the Department of Energy (DOE) from using the Nuclear Waste Fund for expenditures involving repositories for disposing of spent nuclear fuel or high-level radioactive waste. Prohibits DOE from using the fund to pay for disposal in a repository or planning, construction, or operation of a repository unless DOE has entered into an agreement with the state in which the repository is located and with affected local governments and Indian tribes.Submitted
292Version 1Lamborn (CO), Horsford (NV)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Removes Commander of Space Command references to align with Title 10 and existing operations concepts. Ensures that in the strategy required, the Commander of Space Command does not have authority or legal impact on the structure or budget on the Space Force.Withdrawn
293Version 1Jackson, Ronny (TX)RepublicanRequire a military plan from the Secretary of Defense for support of Israel in defense against existential terrorist threats.Submitted
294Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratEstablishes a requirement for Members of Congress to obtain Top Secret (TS/SCI) security clearances if they wish and have the need to access classified material. Establishes a six-step process for the Executive Branch to conduct a background investigation and give an adjudication recommendation, and for the Ethics Committees in the House and Senate to make the final decision on clearance adjudication.Submitted
295Version 3Lamborn (CO)RepublicanRevised Requires a report from the Secretary of Defense to Congress including waiver provisions, a ten-year inventory and cost projection, and various military assessments on anti-personnel landmine policies. Requires a briefing to Congress on research and development into operational alternatives to anti-personnel landmines.Revised
296Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRelieves the prohibition on the State Department from spending funds for building U.S. pavilions at World Expositions temporarily until after the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka Japan.Made in Order
297Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRequires the Department of Defense to produce an independent study on interagency efforts to counter the gray zone operations of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.Submitted
298Version 1Connolly (VA), Malinowski (NJ), Ocasio-Cortez (NY)DemocratImposes temporary limits on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and requires various reports and actions related to the death of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi.Made in Order
299Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRequires the President to develop and submit to the appropriate congressional committees a comprehensive strategy to counter gray zone operations and other hybrid warfare methods of foreign adversaries and competitors and develop proactive efforts to put forth United States interests to counter such operations and methods.Made in Order
300Version 1Connolly (VA)DemocratImproves the repayment by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs of benefits misused by a fiduciary.Submitted
301Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRequires the Comptroller General to conduct a study on the use and implementation of the authority of section 385 of title 10, United States Code, relating to Department of Defense support for other departments and agencies of the United States Government that advance Department of Defense security cooperation objectives.Made in Order
302Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratAuthorizes a GAO report to be submitted within 180 days on the use of data and data science at the Department of State and USAID in the following areas: foreign policy analysis and decision making at State; development assistance policy and program design and execution at USAID; and recruitment, hiring, retention, and personnel decisions at the Department of State and United States Agency for International Development.Made in Order
303Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study on the use and implementation of the authority of section 1210A of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (Public Law 116–92; 133 9 Stat. 1626), relating to Department of Defense support for stabilization activities in national security interest of the United States.Made in Order
304Version 2Maloney, Carolyn (NY)DemocratRevised Prohibits new, extended, or renewed federal contracts with contractors conducting business operations in Russia during its war against Ukraine. Includes reasonable exceptions, including for contractors making good faith efforts to cease business operations in Russia.Made in Order
305Version 1McGovern (MA)DemocratModifies reports to Congress under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act to include actions taken to (1) address underlying causes of the sanctioned conduct and (2) pursue judicial accountability in appropriate jurisdictions for sanctioned individuals or entities.Made in Order
306Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratEstablishes an Office of Climate Resilience.Made in Order
307Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratEstablishes a National Gray Zone Director within the Executive Office of the President to develop national strategy, coordinate Executive Branch agencies, and synchronize all the elements of national power to compete and win in gray zone operations and other hybrid warfare methods of foreign adversaries and competitors.Submitted
308Version 1Slotkin (MI), Waltz (FL), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanRequires the State Department to surge capacity to process Afghan special immigrant visas and P1, P2 visa applications. "Surge capacity" can include sending additional consular personnel to embassies and consulates in the region processing Afghan visas.Made in Order
309Version 1Green, Al (TX), Courtney (CT)DemocratCreates a general fund to be known as the "Merchant Mariner Equity Compensation Fund."Made in Order
310Version 1Brownley (CA)DemocratExpresses the sense of Congress that women who served in the Armed Forces before 1976 should not have been discharged due to their pregnancy.Made in Order
311Version 1Bentz (OR), Hartzler (MO)RepublicanDirects the Secretary of the Air Force to submit to the defense committees a report on the divestment of the F-15 aircraft, plans to procure covered F-15 aircraft, and plans of the Secretary to deviate from procurement of new F-15EX aircraft.Made in Order
312Version 1Phillips (MN), Castro (TX), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Gottheimer (NJ), Allred (TX)DemocratAuthorizes GAO study on the Foreign Service Institute’s School of Language Studies to provide best practices and curriculum improvements to prepare government employees to advance U.S. diplomatic and national security priorities abroad.Made in Order
313Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to make available on an appropriate website a public facing dashboard displaying actions and reports on adaptation and mitigation investments it would help.Made in Order
314Version 2Kirkpatrick (AZ), Wittman (VA), Lesko (AZ)Bi-PartisanRevised Increases funding for UH-60 Main Engine Generators with an offset from Army O&M Other Service Support.Made in Order
315Version 2McGovern (MA), McKinley (WV), Pascrell (NJ), Fitzpatrick (PA), Kirkpatrick (AZ), Neal (MA), Johnson, Dusty (SD), Golden (ME), Leger Fernandez (NM)Bi-PartisanRevised Eliminates the VA Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission.Made in Order
316Version 2Dingell (MI), LaHood (IL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires a report within 90 days of enactment that contains an evaluation of the humanitarian situation in Lebanon, as well as the impact of the deficit of wheat imports to the country due to Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine, initiated on February 24, 2022.Made in Order
317Version 2McGovern (MA), Pressley (MA)DemocratRevised Creates a grant program to support grandparents raising grandchildren by funding nonprofits and local housing authorities to provide a safe living space for grandfamilies and employ a Grandfamily Resident Service Coordinator. This funding could be used to provide onsite services for tutoring, health care services, afterschool care, and coordinating informational outreach to multigenerational families.Made in Order
318Version 1Frankel (FL), Buck (CO)Bi-PartisanProhibits federal funding for contracts or grants with companies that require employees to sign predispute nondisclosure agreements covering sexual harassment or assault as a condition of employment.Made in Order
319Version 1Pressley (MA), Beyer (VA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires a report on the incidence and effect of Long COVID on the health of Armed Forces.Withdrawn
320Version 2McGovern (MA), Castro (TX)DemocratRevised Strengthens monitoring, reporting, oversight, and determinations on arms sales and human rights.Made in Order
321Version 2Meng (NY), Houlahan (PA), Frankel (FL)DemocratRevised Inserts the bipartisan Safe from the Start Act of 2021 (HR 571), as amended, which would improve upon and codify the Department of State-United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Safe from the Start Initiative, a program to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the needs of women and girls in international crises like natural disasters, war or pandemics. It would also provide Congress oversight of the program's implementation.Revised
322Version 1Meng (NY)DemocratRequires that menstrual products are stocked in and made available free of charge in all restrooms in public buildings, including the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art, and the U.S. Capitol.Made in Order
323Version 2Strickland (WA), Kilmer (WA), Graves, Garret (LA), Speier (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Codifies the federal task force for Puget Sound and establishes a Puget Sound Recovery National Program Office within the Environmental Protection Agency, establishes a San Francisco Bay Program Office within the Environmental Protection Agency that awards grants to advance conservation, climate change adaptation, and water quality improvement projects for the San Francisco Bay estuary, and reauthorizes the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program.Made in Order
324Version 1Feenstra (IA), Bustos (IL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Axne (IA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a vehicle research, development and demonstration program for a commercially viable fuel cell system that uses biofuel at the Department of Defense.Made in Order
325Version 1Reschenthaler (PA)RepublicanExpresses a sense of Congress that the Secretary of Defense should work in consultation with the Secretary of State to provide appropriated Foreign Military Financing to Taiwan to help address critical gaps in their self-defense capabilities.Submitted
326Version 1Reschenthaler (PA), Issa (CA)RepublicanRequires report from DoD on the national security implications of a TRIPS waiver.Submitted
327Version 1Roy (TX), Biggs (AZ), Good (VA), Van Duyne (TX), Clyde (GA), Grothman (WI), Higgins, Clay (LA)RepublicanProhibits federal funds from going to Chief Diversity Officers, Senior Advisors for Diversity or Inclusion, or anything substantially similar at the DoD.Submitted
328Version 1Roy (TX), Posey (FL)RepublicanStrikes section 315 , the pilot program on the use of sustainable aviation fuel.Submitted
329Version 1Roy (TX), Bishop, Dan (NC), Cloud (TX), Biggs (AZ), Perry (PA), Posey (FL), Hice (GA), Clyde (GA), Moore, Barry (AL), Greene (GA), Good (VA), Issa (CA), Van Duyne (TX), Miller, Mary (IL), Davidson (OH), Lesko (AZ), Crenshaw (TX), Higgins, Clay (LA), Mast (FL), Johnson, Mike (LA)RepublicanProhibits the use of federal funds to require members of the Armed Forces to receive a vaccination against COVID-19 and reinstates members of the Armed Forces separated due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.Submitted
330Version 2Carbajal (CA), Bacon (NE), Takano (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Adds the Federal Firefighters Fairness Act to the bill (H.R. 2499), which would create the presumption that federal firefighters who become disabled by certain serious diseases contracted the illness on the job.Made in Order
331Version 2Trahan (MA), Obernolte, Jay (CA), Beyer (VA)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense to submit a report on potential national security applications for fusion energy technology. The report shall include an evaluation of commercial fusion energy technologies under development by private sector companies in the United States to determine if any such technologies have potential national security applications.Made in Order
332Version 1Trahan (MA), Cicilline (RI)DemocratDirects the State Department negotiate an agreement on a multilateral basis with countries that are allies or partners of the United States, including countries that are members of the Group of Seven (G7), to establish an independent international center for research on the information environment. This international collaboration will enable understanding and measure the impacts of influence operations efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United States and countries that are allies or partners of the United States and to gain understanding and measure the impacts of the content moderation, product design decisions, and algorithms of online platforms on society.Made in Order
333Version 1DeSaulnier (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Halts the sale of all e-cigarettes nationwide until they undergo a pre-market review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).Withdrawn
334Version 2DeSaulnier (CA)DemocratRevised Adds veteran status to the list of demographic information that must be collected under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.Made in Order
335Version 1DeSaulnier (CA)DemocratRequires the VA to report to Congress on how veterans and lenders are notified about the VA home loan benefit to increase awareness about the program.Made in Order
336Version 4Deutch (FL), Wilson, Joe (SC), Cicilline (RI), Malinowski (NJ), Titus (NV), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX), Lieu (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires State and DoD to report annually on a defense and diplomatic strategy for Libya, including on matters related to progress toward a political settlement, influence of foreign actors, root causes of migration, and stabilization operations.Made in Order
337Version 1Feenstra (IA), Bost (IL), Miller-Meeks (IA)RepublicanAdds a cost analysis to the nontactical electric vehicle replacement pilot program. Includes both the cost of replacing the nontactical vehicle fleet with electric vehicles and alternatively the cost of replacing the fleet with flex-fuel vehicles.Submitted
338Version 1Feenstra (IA), Bustos (IL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Axne (IA)Bi-PartisanModifies the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Pilot Program facility selection requirements by removing language that requires an onsite refinery and a "major" commercial airport.Submitted
339Version 1Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Correa (CA)DemocratAdds methylenedioxymethamphetamine (commonly referred to as MDMA) and psilocybin as substances authorized for a study on the use of therapies alternative to prescription opioids in the treatment of members of the Armed Forces.Made in Order
340Version 1Lynch (MA), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanClarifies that the DOD has the authority to solicit gifts to be used by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) to expand its capability in accounting for persons missing from designated past conflicts. The DOD currently is authorized to accept, but not solicit, gifts such as personal property, services, and funds in support of the DPAA’s mission.Made in Order
341Version 1Van Duyne (TX), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanAllows the rollover of up to 10% of unobligated operations and maintenance funds.Submitted
342Version 1Porter (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRequires the screening and registry of individuals with health conditions resulting from unsafe housing units.Made in Order
343Version 2Porter (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRevised Requires landlords to disclose the presence of life-threatening mold and health effects of mycotoxins before a lease is signed for privatized military housing.Made in Order
344Version 1Porter (CA)DemocratProhibits the ownership or trading of stocks by senior officials at the Department of Defense for any company that received over $1,000,000,000 in revenue from the Department of Defense during the preceding calendar year.Made in Order
345Version 1DeFazio (OR), Roy (TX), Cohen (TN), Meijer (MI), Schiff (CA), Van Duyne (TX), Escobar (TX), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanUpdates the National Emergencies Act to protect against presidential abuse of emergency powers. Strengthens Congressional role in and oversight of emergency declarations and designations.Submitted
346Version 1Norman (SC), Good (VA), Buck (CO)RepublicanProhibits the provision of gender transition procedures through an Exceptional Family Member Program.Submitted
347Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress in not less than 180 days the results of its evaluation as to the extent, if any, of the threat to national security posed by domestic terrorist groups and organizations motivated by a belief system of white supremacy, such as the Proud Boys and Boogaloo.Made in Order
348Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratDirects Secretary to submit to Congress within 180 days a report on the recognition of African Americans who have served in the Armed Forces in DOD naming practices and conventions for military installations, infrastructure, vessels, and weapon systems.Made in Order
349Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRequires report to be submitted by the Secretary of Defense within 220 days following enactment on Capacity to Provide Disaster Survivors with Emergency Short Term Housing.Made in Order
350Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to establish a task force 180 days after enactment that will report to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees and make publicly available an annual report that explains the progress made over the history of the Department of Defense and its predecessor departments (Department of War) and experiences in integrating African Americans into the branches of the armed services and the civilian staffing of Pentagon offices and agencies. The report shall provide information on the lessons learned about the social, cultural, legal, and logistical challenges faced, obstacles incurred, advances made, the impact of integration on the warfighting capacity of the nation, and what lessons the decision to integrate African Americans into the military can be drawn today by policy makers charged with the important and necessary work of binding up the nation’s wounds first inflicted with the governmental legalization and tolerance of slavery in the United States.Made in Order
351Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRequires report to be submitted to Congress within 240 days following enactment on the risks posed by debris in low earth orbit and to make recommendations on remediation of risks and outline plans to reduce the incident of space debris.Made in Order
352Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratProvides authorization for an additional $2.5 million increase in funding to combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).Made in Order
353Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRequires Secretary of Defense to report to Congress programs and procedures employed to ensure students studying abroad through Department of Defense National Security Education Programs are trained to recognize, resist, and report against recruitment efforts by agents of foreign governments.Made in Order
354Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Condemns the actions of Boko Haram and directs that the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General, submit a report on efforts to combat Boko Haram.Made in Order
355Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to develop a strategy to implement Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) standard across U.S.-based email providers.Withdrawn
356Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Provides authorization for a $10 million increase in funding for increased collaboration between the DoD Office of Health and the National Institutes of Health to research and combat Triple Negative Breast Cancer.Made in Order
357Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRequires a report on Maternity Mortality Rates among military members and their dependents.Submitted
358Version 2Amodei (NV)RepublicanRevised Authorizes the U.S. Navy's proposed Fallon Range Training Complex (FRTC) Modernization, with mitigation for the State of Nevada, as well as affected and surrounding Tribes, counties, and other stakeholders. Revision: All authorized payments are subject to availability of appropriations and requires incorporation of Tribal expertise in the management of the Numu Newe Cultural Heritage Area.Revised
359Version 1Mfume, Kweisi (MD), Meuser (PA)Bi-PartisanClarifies the requirements for the bundling of federal contracts, and establishes safeguards in the prime contract procurement process.Submitted
360Version 1Phillips (MN), Luria (VA), O'Halleran (AZ), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Gottheimer (NJ), Crow (CO)DemocratDirects the Department of Defense to submit a report to Congress identifying military installations for which climate change is expected to negatively impact the installation’s mission or core activities over the next 20 years. The report will include an overview of mitigations necessary to continue operations and increase resiliency.Submitted
361Version 1Johnson, Hank (GA), Escobar (TX), Watson Coleman (NJ), McClintock (CA), Cohen (TN), Schakowsky (IL), Moore (WI), Carson (IN), Norton (DC), Blumenauer (OR), Tlaib (MI), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Jones, Mondaire (NY), Gallego (AZ), Jayapal (WA), Gomez (CA)Bi-PartisanRevises the DOD's "1033 program," by prohibiting the transfer of military-grade weapons and tactical vehicles and aircraft to federal, tribal, state, and local law enforcement agencies across the nation, except under certain exceptions when the Secretary determines a waiver is necessary (such as for disaster or rescue purposes or for another purpose where life and public safety are at risk). Still allows law enforcement agencies to obtain the vast majority of the equipment available for distribution under this program while subjecting the more lethal equipment to more oversight by civilian local authorities and the taxpayers.Made in Order
362Version 1Miller (WV)RepublicanRecognizes AITEC (Army Interagency Training and Education Center). This joint activity leads the National Guard Bureau in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives and critical infrastructure protection training.Made in Order
363Version 1Tiffany, Thomas (WI), Burgess (TX), Miller, Mary (IL), Clyde (GA), Good (VA), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanExpressly authorizes the administration to train and deploy members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps to the U.S.-Mexico border to assist with efforts to prevent illegal immigration, drug smuggling, human trafficking and the entry of terrorists, drugs, illegal weapons, and other contraband articles.Submitted
364Version 1Tiffany, Thomas (WI), Perry (PA), Cammack, Kat (FL)RepublicanExempts members of the U.S. military, and civilian employees of the Department of Defense, from arbitrary restrictions on official travel to Taiwan and normal communication with Taiwanese officials imposed by the U.S. Department of State through the “Memorandum for All Department and Agency Executive Secretaries” entitled "Revised Guidelines on Interaction with Taiwan" dated June 29, 2021.Submitted
365Version 1Tiffany, Thomas (WI), Perry (PA), Chabot (OH), Cammack, Kat (FL)RepublicanProhibits any agency of the Department of Defense from creating, procuring or displaying any map that depicts Taiwan or any offshore island under the administration of the Taiwan government as part of the territory of the People's Republic of ChinaSubmitted
366Version 1Tiffany, Thomas (WI), Cammack, Kat (FL)RepublicanExpresses the sense of Congress that Taiwan’s territorial integrity and long-standing independence from the People’s Republic of China is a matter of U.S. national security and declares that it is the policy of the United States to make sufficient military technology, weapons systems, training and assistance available to Taiwan’s armed forces to defend their country against any attack by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.Submitted
367Version 2Gottheimer (NJ), Meuser (PA), Luria (VA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Trone (MD), Suozzi (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires that DoD issue a report confirming that none of their contractors participate in or are engaged with the BDS movement.Revised
368Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratCreates a Senior Investor Protection Grant Program at the SEC to provide resources to States for the purpose of hiring new investigative staff; making investments in technology and training for law enforcement and regulators; and to support activities to educate seniors on investment fraud and scams.Made in Order
369Version 2Gottheimer (NJ), Upton (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Increases the National Defense Education Program by $5 million to strengthen and expand STEM education opportunities and workforce initiatives targeted at military students.Made in Order
370Version 1Gottheimer (NJ), Wild (PA), Bacon (NE), Trone (MD), Suozzi (NY)Bi-PartisanRequires each military service to report on all substantiated administrative investigations or instances of antisemitism within the Equal Opportunity Program.Made in Order
371Version 1Gottheimer (NJ), Mast (FL)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of the Treasury to submit to Congress (1) a copy of licenses authorizing financial institutions to provide services benefitting a state sponsor of terrorism, and (2) a report on foreign financial institutions conducting significant transactions for persons sanctioned for international terrorism and human rights violations.Made in Order
372Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratEstablishes a credit reporting ombudsman at the CFPB to assist servicemen and veterans in resolving credit reporting errors not resolved in a timely manner by a credit reporting agency as well as to enhance oversight of consumer reporting agencies and reporting any violations of the law in relation to servicemen and veterans.Made in Order
373Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to report to Congress on the use of online social media by U.S. State Department-designated foreign terrorist organizations, and the threat posed to U.S. national security by online radicalization.Made in Order
374Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratRequires the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to prepare an annual report to Congress about analysis of the nationwide costs of living for members of the Department of Defense.Made in Order
375Version 3Kelly, Trent (MS), Panetta (CA), Krishnamoorthi (IL)Bi-PartisanRevised Establishes flexible and responsive funding authority for USAFRICOM to provide security and development assistance to African partners in a pilot program, capped at $25M. This authority will support efforts to counter VEO expansion and PRC/Russian influence in Africa.Revised
376Version 2Langevin (RI), Foster (IL), Garamendi (CA), Larsen, Rick (WA)DemocratRevised Provides $20,000,000 in funding for the continued research and development of advanced naval nuclear fuel systems based on low-enriched uranium.Made in Order
377Version 1Quigley (IL), Meng (NY)DemocratAuthorizes the hiring and international deployment of fifty U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement attachés to disrupt illegal wildlife trafficking abroad. Makes it official foreign policy of the United States to work with state and non-state partners to help prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases.Made in Order
378Version 1Pressley (MA)DemocratProvides mental health support for survivors and first responders after emergencies and disasters.Made in Order
379Version 1Rose, John (TN)RepublicanAuthorizes the Department of State to pay a reward for information leading to the identification of the origins of COVID-19 or other related information.Submitted
380Version 1Takano (CA)DemocratRequires the comptroller general of the US to study the feasibility of establishing a strategic stockpile of materials required to to manufacture batteries, battery cells, and other energy storage components to meet national security requirements in the event of a national emergency.Made in Order
381Version 1Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Crow (CO)DemocratAdds a sense of Congress commending the Department of Defense for its renewed commitment to preventing and addressing harm to civilians resulting from United States military operations and work to develop an action plan to implement meaningful changes to further prevent and address such harm.Submitted
382Version 1Khanna (CA)DemocratAuthorizes the Department of Defense to use Operations and Maintenance funds to remove munitions and explosives of concern from U.S. military installations in Guam. Requires a report from the Secretary of Defense within 180 days of enactment of this Act indicating the amounts necessary to conduct removal of munitions and explosives of concern from military installations in Guam.Made in Order
383Version 2Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Crow (CO)DemocratRevised Requires the Department of Defense to enter into an agreement with a federally funded research and development center to conduct an independent report on Department of Defense practices regarding distinguishing between combatants and civilians in United States military operations.Made in Order
384Version 1Carbajal (CA)DemocratReauthorizes the marine debris and fishing vessel safety programs.Made in Order
385Version 1Khanna (CA)DemocratAdds language expressing the sense of Congress that the use of military force is not authorized against Iran.Submitted
386Version 1Khanna (CA)DemocratAdds language clarifying that the bill is not an authorization for the use of military force against Iran.Submitted
387Version 1Lynch (MA), Mast (FL)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Awards the Congressional Gold Medal to Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, and U.S. State Department officer Sean Smith.Withdrawn
388Version 1Lynch (MA)DemocratReauthorizes the Commission on Wartime Contracting to conduct oversight of U.S. contracting and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and other areas of contingency operations.Made in Order
389Version 2Lynch (MA)DemocratRevised Establishes OFAC Exchange within OFAC to advance information sharing between law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, financial institutions, and OFAC and facilitate sanctions administration and enforcement targeting foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and other threats to national security, foreign policy, or the U.S. economy.Made in Order
390Version 1Waltz (FL), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanProhibits access to military installations to any official representing a country listed as a near-peer competitor in the National Defense Strategy; provides waivers for national security interests.Submitted
391Version 1Waltz (FL)RepublicanMakes a clerical change to Section 624 to reference the appropriate subsection.Made in Order
392Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Reauthorizes and reforms the Native American Housing Assistance as part of the NDAA.Withdrawn
393Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Ensures descendants of Freedmen are eligible for COVID vaccines in IHS facilities and requiring a census of descendants of Freedmen.Withdrawn
394Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Expands the Section 4 Capacity Building program to include additional organizations.Withdrawn
395Version 2Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Expands eligible activities under the Community Development Block Grant program to include new construction of affordable housing.Withdrawn
396Version 3Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Incentivizes banks to make more mortgage loans under $100k under the Community Reinvestment Act.Withdrawn
397Version 2Torres, Norma (CA), Sires (NJ)DemocratRevised Creates the Central American Network for Democracy program to support a regional corps of human rights defenders whose work has put them at risk.Made in Order
398Version 2Torres, Norma (CA), Sires (NJ), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRevised Directs the Government Accountability Office to review the implementation by the Department of Defense and the Department of State of end-use monitoring.Made in Order
399Version 3Torres, Norma (CA)DemocratRevised Improves military cold case reviews and oversight measures to help ensure military families receive justice.Made in Order
400Version 1Jayapal (WA), Garamendi (CA), Lowenthal (CA), Tlaib (MI), Levin, Andy (MI), Gomez (CA), Grijalva (AZ), Cohen (TN), Schakowsky (IL), Moulton (MA)DemocratRepeals the statutory requirement for the Defense Department to submit unfunded priorities lists to Congress.Made in Order
401Version 1Jayapal (WA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRequires the State Department to prepare a report to Congress analyzing the effects of government-ordered internet or telecommunications shutdowns on human rights and global security.Made in Order
402Version 4Torres, Norma (CA), Castro (TX), Sires (NJ), Vargas (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRevised Requires additional notifications and oversight of Section 333 funding for the governments of the Northern Triangle.Made in Order
403Version 3Jayapal (WA)DemocratRevised Requires that federal agencies begin debarment proceedings against federal contractors that have committed two or more violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act within the past five years. Directs the Department of Labor to establish a database of covered entities that have been suspended or debarred for violations of federal labor law.Made in Order
404Version 2Scott, Austin (GA), Bishop, Sanford (GA), Stefanik (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Expresses the Sense of Congress on the importance of enhancing the strategic partnership and defense and security cooperation with the country of Georgia.Made in Order
405Version 1Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanAbolishes the Armed Forces Policy Council.Submitted
406Version 1Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanRemoves the $15 million cap on demining assistance provided by the Department of Defense under 10 USC 407.Made in Order
407Version 1Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanAuthorizes the Director of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency to submit an Unfunded Priorities List to Congress. The mission of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency is to provide the fullest possible accounting for our missing service personnel to their families and the nation.Made in Order
408Version 1Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanAuthorizes the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to submit to Congress the Unfunded Priority List of military construction projects for Department of Defense Professional Military Education Schools such as our nation's various war colleges.Submitted
409Version 2Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanRevised Modifies 10 USC 345 (Regional Defense Combating Terrorism and Irregular Warfare Fellowship Program) to include training on Urban Warfare.Made in Order
410Version 1Hayes (CT), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Larson, John (CT), Speier (CA), Waltz (FL), Panetta (CA), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRequires the military departments to review all installation-level web information about suicide prevention and behavioral health and ensure that contact information is up to date, certifying this annually to Congress.Made in Order
411Version 2Meeks (NY), McCaul (TX)Bi-PartisanRevised Provides for the State Department's concurrence and involvement in appropriate areas.Made in Order
412Version 1Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of a military department, when making basing decisions, to take into account the extent to which high-quality public education is available and accessible to dependents of members of the Armed Forces in the military housing area by comparing progress of students served by relevant local educational agencies.Submitted
413Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)RepublicanDirects the Secretary of Army to ensure that a modular small arms range is made available for the Army Reserve in Puerto Rico.Made in Order
414Version 1Scott, Austin (GA)RepublicanRe-establishes the U.S.-Taiwan Defense Command which had previously existed from the 1950s to April 1979.Submitted
415Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)RepublicanLimits the retirement of LCM-8 landing craft platform.Submitted
416Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)RepublicanRequires Department of Defense to enter into an agreement with the National Academy of Sciences to identify whether any scientific evidence exists linking exposure to Department of Defense activities with adverse health outcomes, like cancer, on the island of Vieques.Made in Order
417Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)RepublicanDirects the Director of the Defense Health Agency to conduct a health-related behaviors survey among the members of the Armed Forces.Made in Order
418Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)RepublicanImproves documentation and compensation of disabilities related to combat or military sexual trauma for members of the Armed Forces and Veterans.Submitted
419Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)RepublicanExpands temporarily TRICARE Prime and travel benefits in each territory of the United States. Directs the Secretary of Defense to temporarily administer the programs in the territories in a similar manner as in the 50 States.Submitted
420Version 1Meeks (NY), Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRequires a report to Congress on processes related to State Department Chief of Mission concurrence for ongoing programs under existing statutory authorities.Made in Order
421Version 1Kahele (HI), Case (HI)DemocratAmends section 8020 of the Department of Defense, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations to Address Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and Pandemic Influenza Act, 2006—the legislation that gave Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHO)s sole-source eligibility above $4.5 million for DoD contracts—by striking “with agencies of the Department of Defense” and inserting “with agencies and departments of the Federal Government.” Functionally, this will put NHOs on equal footing with tribes and Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs).Made in Order
422Version 3Walberg (MI)RepublicanRevised Requires the Secretary of State, Defense and/or Administrator for USAID to report to Congress within 30 days of their refusal to provide information in response to a request from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.Revised
423Version 1Soto (FL)DemocratRequires the medical personnel report include demographic data on race, ethnicity, and gender identity.Made in Order
424Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Castro (TX), Titus (NV), Cicilline (RI), Phillips (MN), Levin, Andy (MI), Crow (CO)DemocratRequires Leahy human rights vetting on DOD Section 127e and Section 1202 security cooperation programs.Made in Order
425Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRequires the Department of State to publish notification of certain elements of direct commercial sales certifications on a publicly available website.Submitted
426Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA), Jayapal (WA), Khanna (CA), Schakowsky (IL)DemocratRequires a Department of State report on the humanitarian impact of sanctions and the decision to withhold $3.5 billion in Afghan central bank funds.Made in Order
427Version 2Jacobs, Sara (CA), Crow (CO)DemocratRevised Requires a report on the processes the Department of Defense uses to assess, monitor, and evaluate programs and activities under Section 127e and Section 1202.Made in Order
428Version 2Jacobs, Sara (CA), Khanna (CA), Crow (CO), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRevised Requires an annual report from the Department of Defense and Department of State on an analysis of civilian harm and mitigation practices in recipient countries of U.S. security assistance and cooperation programs.Revised
429Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Reiterates the chain of command established in Goldwater-Nichols and requires the Secretary of Defense or a senior defense official or military officer to notify the Congressional defense committees should the President order a nuclear strike, upon receipt of said order and prior to it being carried out.Withdrawn
430Version 2Lee, Susie (NV), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on coordination, data sharing, and evaluation efforts to improve suicide prevention practices across federal agencies.Made in Order
431Version 2Lee, Susie (NV), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense to brief Congress on the state of housing for junior members of the Armed Services and on plans to better support these servicemembers in securing affordable, productive living situations.Made in Order
432Version 3Barr (KY), Slotkin (MI), Meeks (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Secretary of State to report on Chinese support to Russia with respect to its unprovoked invasion of and full-scale war against Ukraine.Made in Order
433Version 2Barr (KY)RepublicanRevised Imposes sanctions on certain Chinese Military companies, foreign persons listed in the Annex to Executive Order (EO) 13959, and those determined to engage in certain activities described in EO 13959 if certain conditions are met.Revised
434Version 1Barr (KY)RepublicanRequires the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs to provide a plan for a pilot program to screen for obstructive sleep apnea among persons going through the accessions program.Made in Order
435Version 1Barr (KY)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to to complete a study on the feasibility of additional DoD resources necessary to facilitate increased military cooperation between the United States and Taiwan.Made in Order
436Version 1Cartwright (PA)DemocratWithdrawn Improves the Department of Justice’s ability to transfer proceeds from property forfeited in kleptocracy asset recovery actions directly to Ukraine.Withdrawn
437Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratWithdrawn Directs NOAA to research and establish an upper bound for sea level rise beyond which coastal areas will be uninhabitable.Withdrawn
438Version 3Barr (KY), Dean (PA), Crenshaw (TX)Bi-PartisanRevised Imposes sanctions on foreign persons that engage in certain transactions with Ukrainian property.Revised
439Version 2Barr (KY)RepublicanWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to report to the appropriate Congressional Committees the causes for the delays in Foreign Military Sales to Taiwan.Withdrawn
440Version 1Huizenga (MI)RepublicanProhibits secondary market dealings in Russian sovereign debt, regardless of the date a bond was issued.Submitted
441Version 1Huizenga (MI)RepublicanProhibits the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing certain transactions by U.S. financial institutions involving Iran; requires the United States to oppose financial assistance to Iran through the International Monetary Fund and prohibits Export-Import Bank assistance to the government of Iran and government-controlled entity.Submitted
442Version 1Huizenga (MI)RepublicanProhibits the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing a shareholding increase at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for certain countries that do not adhere to the Fund’s principles; requires Treasury opposition to IMF assistance for countries with unsustainable debt; and requires congressional notification prior to approval of changes to IMF exceptional access policies.Submitted
443Version 4Jones, Mondaire (NY)DemocratRevised Prohibits Department of Defense from contracting with any employer found to have engaged in an unfair labor practice, defined by Section 8(a) of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), in the three years preceding a contract award date. Includes an exception for employers who have remedied unfair labor practice violations.Made in Order
444Version 1Banks (IN), Posey (FL), Stewart (UT), Pfluger (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanProhibits any Thrift Saving Plan Fund investment in the entities of the People's Republic of China.Submitted
445Version 2Gottheimer (NJ), Wilson, Joe (SC)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Secretary of State, upon receipt of a request from appropriate Committee Chairs and Ranking Members, to determine whether a group constitutes a Specially-Designated Global Terrorist Group or foreign terrorist organization and to submit a report with respect to that determination.Revised
446Version 1Case (HI), Kahele (HI)DemocratRequires the Sec. of Defense to provide to Congress a briefing about Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands that includes the future military construction requirements based on emerging threats in the region, ongoing relocations of members of the Armed Forces, and the total amount of funds obligated or expended from amounts.Made in Order
447Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratEstablishes the Senior Investor Taskforce within the SEC to report and make recommendations to Congress to address issues affecting investors over the age of 65, including problems associated with financial exploitation and cognitive decline.Made in Order
448Version 1Gohmert (TX), Norman (SC), Gosar (AZ), Gaetz (FL), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Mast (FL)RepublicanRemoves certain records from investigation reports for service members exonerated from wrong doing.Submitted
449Version 1Kahele (HI), Gallego (AZ), Kildee (MI), Khanna (CA), Blumenauer (OR), Jones, Mondaire (NY), Brown (MD)DemocratRescinds twenty Medals of Honor awarded to the members of the United States Army 7th Cavalry for killing hundreds of unarmed Lakota women, children and men on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which later became known as the Wounded Knee Massacre.Made in Order
450Version 1Gohmert (TX), Norman (SC), Gosar (AZ), Gaetz (FL), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Mast (FL)RepublicanGrants SCOTUS the ability to review a service member’s writ of certiorari regardless of ruling from the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. The current standard is substantially more restrictive and grants more SCOTUS access to Guantanamo detainees than our veterans.Submitted
451Version 1Salazar (FL), Murphy, Stephanie (FL), Waltz (FL)Bi-PartisanEncourages the Navy to explore and solicit more artificial reefing opportunities for retired Navy ships.Made in Order
452Version 2Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Crow (CO)DemocratRevised Authorizes up to $5 million per year from FY23-FY25 for the Department of Defense for resources to implement the requirements in section 936 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for FY19 relating to civilian harm mitigation, including staffing, training, and information technology equipment and data storage.Made in Order
453Version 1Case (HI), Kahele (HI)DemocratDevelop and implement a community engagement capability to identify and strengthen the ties between the military and the local community and develop a more centralized intake point or mechanism with better coordination for various community engagement initiatives, and establishes this capability and a mandatory report from the Commander, Indo-Pacific Command to the defense committees.Made in Order
454Version 1Gohmert (TX), Gaetz (FL), Norman (SC), Gosar (AZ), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Mast (FL)RepublicanGrants unanimous jury verdicts for military courts to bring them in compliance with the SCOTUS decision in Ramos v. Louisiana that requires all verdicts to be unanimous under the Due Process provided by the Constitution.Submitted
455Version 1Blumenauer (OR)DemocratRequires the Defense Logistics Agency to conduct an electrification pilot program.Made in Order
456Version 1Case (HI), Kahele (HI)DemocratRequire a GAO study that reviews prioritization of military construction, maintenance, and upgrades of joint base infrastructure and facilities, with a particular focus on facilities belonging to subordinate services relative to the lead service on joint bases.Made in Order
457Version 1Speier (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Strickland (WA), Brown (MD)DemocratEstablishes a nondiscrimination policy that eligibility for service in the Armed Forces may not include criteria relating to the race, color, national origin, religion, or sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, or sex characteristics) of an individual; requires that personnel policies implemented by the Department of Defense ensure equality of treatment and opportunity without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, and sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, or sex characteristics).Submitted
458Version 2Foxx (NC), Speier (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Department of Defense to consult with stakeholders to develop guidelines for the acquisition of intellectual property (e.g., technological processes), to include model forms and definitions of key terms.Made in Order
459Version 1Blumenauer (OR)DemocratWithdrawn Expresses the sense of Congress that the United States should not use nuclear weapons first.Withdrawn
460Version 1Case (HI), Kahele (HI)DemocratRequires a report on Department of Defense plans to identify, standardize, and coordinate best practices with respect to consultation and engagement with the Native Hawaiian community.Made in Order
461Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratEstablishes a voluntary, opt-in pilot program for the purpose of suicide prevention.Made in Order
462Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to ensure the U.S. has a secure domestic supply chain for manganese.Submitted
463Version 1Walorski (IN), Costa (CA), Fischbach (MN), Miller-Meeks (IA)Bi-PartisanExpresses the sense of Congress that due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the administration should temporarily waive a requirement under current law mandating 50 percent of U.S. food aid exports to be shipped on U.S. flagged vessels.Submitted
464Version 3Malinowski (NJ), Garbarino (NY), LaTurner (KS), Langevin (RI), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to maintain a publicly available clearinghouse of resources concerning the cybersecurity of commercial satellite systems. Also, requires GAO to study and report on federal actions to support the cybersecurity of commercial satellite systems, including with respect to critical infrastructure sectors.Made in Order
465Version 1Case (HI), Kahele (HI)DemocratRequires the Sec. of Defense to report ton Congress on the survey of underground tunnels and facilities on Department of Defense property located in Hawaii and review of possible military applications.Made in Order
466Version 1Lynch (MA)DemocratRequires Secretary of Treasury to brief Congress on the identification and analysis of Chinese economic, commercial, and financial connections to Afghanistan which fuel both Chinese and Taliban interests, to include illicit financial networks involved in narcotics trafficking, illicit financial transactions, official corruption, natural resources exploitation, and terrorist networks.Made in Order
467Version 1Foxx (NC), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanCreates an Inspector General for the Office of Management and Budget to bring transparency and accountability to the agency.Made in Order
468Version 1Chabot (OH), Wenstrup (OH)RepublicanIncreases funding levels for “Advanced Above Water Sensors" by $24.004 million to ensure that the SPEIR program maintains program objectives and procurement schedules.Made in Order
469Version 1Case (HI), Kahele (HI), Radewagen (AS), Titus (NV)Bi-PartisanRequires Sec. of Defense to brief Congressional committees on the role of the Department in the renegotiations of the Compacts with the Freely Associated States and opportunities to expand its support for the negotiations.Made in Order
470Version 2Davidson (OH), Posey (FL)RepublicanRevised Requires a study and report on health conditions arising in members of the Armed Forces after administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.Revised
471Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratCreates an exception for Afghan student visa applicants so they do not have to demonstrate intent to return to Afghanistan after completing their studies in the US. This exception will be in effect for two years, with the opportunity for the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to renew in 18 month increments if conditions in Afghanistan warrant the extension.Made in Order
472Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to ensure that the Department of Defense shares best practices and training to first responders so that they can best aid victims experiencing trauma-related injuries.Made in Order
473Version 1Golden (ME), Kelly, Trent (MS), Wittman (VA)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Amends the Flight III DDG-51 multiyear procurement contract (MYP) language that would change the number of ships authorized from "up to 15" to "not fewer than 10 and not more than 15."Withdrawn
474Version 1Chabot (OH), Wenstrup (OH)RepublicanRequests the Department of the Navy provide a briefing within 180 days of enactment to relevant committees on an assessment, including cost, of fielding SPEIR on all surface combatant vessels.Made in Order
475Version 1Soto (FL)DemocratPrevents individuals who are convicted of a crime, related to the Jan. 6th insurrection, from receiving VA benefits.Submitted
476Version 1Wittman (VA)RepublicanProhibit the disposal of Littoral Combat Ships unless the ships are transferred to the military forces of a nation that is an ally or partner of the United States.Made in Order
477Version 1Thompson, Glenn (PA)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress detailing Department of Defense spending on fuel from non-domestic sources.Made in Order
478Version 2Pappas (NH), Bilirakis (FL), Cicilline (RI), Malliotakis (NY), Pallone (NJ), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Titus (NV), Sarbanes (MD), Schneider (IL), Meng (NY), Speier (CA), Eshoo (CA), Levin, Andy (MI), Lofgren (CA), Langevin (RI), Lieu (CA), Gottheimer (NJ), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Sherman (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Prohibits the President from selling or exporting new F-16s or F-16 upgrade technology or modernization kits to Turkey unless the President provides a certification to Congress that such a transfer is in the national interest of the United States and includes a detailed description of concrete steps taken to ensure that such F-16s are not used by Turkey for repeated unauthorized territorial overflights of Greece.Made in Order
479Version 1Davidson (OH), Burgess (TX), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanEliminates the Selective Service and requires that a draft may only be established for conflicts authorized by Congress and for which the DOD has certified to Congress that involuntary inductions are necessary for such conflicts.Submitted
480Version 2Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Jayapal (WA)DemocratRevised Directs the Department of State to submit to Congress a report documenting knowledge from 1980-2010 regarding Colombian military involvement in assassinations, disappearances, collaboration in paramilitary offensives, military conduct in the false positives initiative from 2002-2008, and any gross violations of human rights.Made in Order
481Version 1Wittman (VA), Van Duyne (TX), Johnson, Mike (LA)RepublicanRequires additional data on Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III awards under the SBIR and STTR programs within each military department.Made in Order
482Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanReduces the number of two, three, and four star general billets for each year in which the Department of Defense fails to successfully conduct its required audit.Submitted
483Version 1Ocasio-Cortez (NY)DemocratRequests a GAO report on the status of the Federal environmental cleanup and decontamination process in Vieques and Culebra, Puerto Rico.Made in Order
484Version 1Stanton (AZ)DemocratProhibits the use of federal funds to maintain civilian vehicular assets (yachts, jets, cars) seized from Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine.Submitted
485Version 1Golden (ME), Meijer (MI)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Defense to provide an initial psychological evaluation to members of the Armed Services who served at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan between August 15, 2021 and August 29, 2021 and who have not already received a psychological evaluation with respect to such service.Made in Order
486Version 1Levin, Mike (CA), Arrington (TX)Bi-PartisanAdds and makes technical changes to DoD Transition Assistance Program (TAP) counseling pathway factors.Made in Order
487Version 1Hill, French (AR), Boyle (PA), Levin, Mike (CA)Bi-PartisanRequires the creation of an interagency to disrupt and dismantle narcotics production and trafficking and affiliated networks linked to the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.Made in Order
488Version 1Thompson, Glenn (PA)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report on the impacts low recruitment and retention in the Armed Forces are having on current operations, including the physical and mental health of servicemembers.Made in Order
489Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanRequires the United States to use their vote at the International Monetary Fund to oppose any increase in the weight of Chinese renminbi in the basket of currencies used to determine the value of Special Drawing Rights unless certain conditions are met that ensure the currency is freely tradeable (i.e. not manipulated) and useable.Submitted
490Version 1Thompson, Glenn (PA), Van Duyne (TX), Posey (FL)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress detailing the effects of inflation on military families.Made in Order
491Version 1Meng (NY), Taylor (TX), Kim, Young (CA)Bi-PartisanUrges the U.S. Secretary of State to consult with South Korean officials on potential opportunities to reunite Korean Americans with family members in North Korea, including by video. Encourages the Special Envoy on North Korean Human Rights Issues to work with the Korean American community to identify those same opportunities.Made in Order
492Version 1Foster (IL), Larsen, Rick (WA), Garamendi (CA), Horsford (NV), Beyer (VA), Cooper (TN), Titus (NV), Bera (CA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRepeals the restriction on funding for the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization.Made in Order
493Version 1Hudson (NC), Budd (NC)RepublicanIncreases amount authorized to be appropriated in section 2103, as specified in the corresponding funding table in section 4701, for Design of a Child Development Center at Fort Bragg, NC.Submitted
494Version 1Wilson, Frederica (FL), Adams (NC), Carson (IN), Lawson (FL)DemocratMakes needs-based scholarship an allowable expenditure for HBCUs in the Higher Education Act.Submitted
495Version 1Walorski (IN), Posey (FL)RepublicanProhibits the use of federal funding to transfer, release, or assist in the transfer or release of any detainees at Guantanamo Bay.Submitted
496Version 1Stanton (AZ)DemocratExpands a program to compensate "downwinders" in Arizona and Nevada who were exposed to and affected by atmospheric nuclear testing from 1945-1962.Submitted
497Version 1Johnson, Mike (LA), Gaetz (FL), Good (VA), Hartzler (MO), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Cammack, Kat (FL), Posey (FL), Murphy, Gregory (NC)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to rescind the Covid vaccine mandate for members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force within 30 days.Submitted
498Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Directs the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission to include a discussion on significant instances of Chinese political, military, and economic coercion in its 2023 annual report to Congress.Withdrawn
499Version 1Walorski (IN)RepublicanOpens the National Security Council to requests under the Freedom of Information Act.Submitted
500Version 1Davidson (OH), Good (VA), Miller, Mary (IL), Gosar (AZ)RepublicanWithdrawn Prohibits federal service academies from providing education based on critical race theory and prevents such academies from carrying out any program, project, or activity that promotes critical race theory.Withdrawn
501Version 1Swalwell (CA)DemocratAdds a reporting requirement to encourage and inform a more focused DoD effort on stockpiling rare earth magnets to reduce dependence on foreign countries.Made in Order
502Version 1Meng (NY), Case (HI), Tlaib (MI), Wild (PA), Strickland (WA)DemocratDirects the VA to conduct an awareness campaign regarding the types of fertility treatments, procedures, and services that are available to veterans experiencing issues with fertility, covered under the VA medical benefits package.Made in Order
503Version 1Roy (TX), Van Duyne (TX), Miller, Mary (IL), Crenshaw (TX), Posey (FL), Stewart (UT)RepublicanProhibits members of the CCP from purchasing land in the United States.Submitted
504Version 1Connolly (VA), Hice (GA), Comer (KY)Bi-PartisanCodifies the FedRAMP program and enhances it through: (1) Accelerating the adoption of secure cloud solutions through reuse of assessments and authorizations; (2) Achieving consistent security authorizations using a baseline set of agreed-upon standards for cloud product approval; and (3) Ensuring consistent application of existing security practices.Made in Order
505Version 1Roy (TX)RepublicanRequires GAO to study the activities of sister city partnerships involving foreign communities in countries that received a score of 45 or less on Transparency International Corruption Perceptions index.Submitted
506Version 1Roy (TX)RepublicanStrikes section 1206.Submitted
507Version 1Connolly (VA), Hice (GA)Bi-PartisanEnsures that key stakeholders and resources are not left out of the creation of agency performance plans, the Performance Enhancement Reform Act would amend Section 1115 of title 31, United States Code, to: (1) Require agencies’ Performance Improvement Officers, where applicable, to work in consultation with other C-Suite officials to prepare the annual performance plans; (2) Require performance plans to include descriptions of human capital, training, data and evidence, information technology, and skill sets needed for the agency to meet the agency’s performance goals; and (3) Require performance plans to include descriptions of technology modernization investments, system upgrades, staff technology skills and expertise, stakeholder input and feedback, and other resources and strategies needed to meet the agency’s performance goals.Made in Order
508Version 1Castro (TX)DemocratRequires the Department of State's annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices to include information on the treatment of migrants.Made in Order
509Version 2Gottheimer (NJ), Salazar (FL), Malliotakis (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Increases the DoD SkillBridge Program by $5 million, funds will be specifically used for employers to train service members transitioning to civilian life for supply chain and transportation related employment.Made in Order
510Version 2Fallon (TX), Burgess (TX), Van Duyne (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanRevised Expresses the sense of Congress that the State of Texas should not be forced to bear the financial burden of border security and should receive adequate resourcing from the Department of Defense to support Operation Lone Star.Revised
511Version 1Davidson (OH), Van Duyne (TX), Miller, Mary (IL), Gosar (AZ), Good (VA)RepublicanCreates the Office of the Special Inspector General for Ukrainian Military, Economic, and Humanitarian Aid to conduct independent and objective audits and investigations relating to the programs and operations funded with amounts appropriated or otherwise made available to Ukraine for military, economic, and humanitarian aid.Submitted
512Version 1Roy (TX), Miller, Mary (IL)RepublicanStrikes line 16-18 in Section 516 to exclude the Mayor of Washington, D.C.Submitted
513Version 1Houlahan (PA), Gallagher (WI), Turner (OH), Garbarino (NY), Miller-Meeks (IA), Golden (ME), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanDirects the Secretary of Defense to establish a program to provide financial support for pursuit of programs of education at institutions of higher education that have been designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Education. Recipients of the financial support will incur a post-award employment obligation for a period equal to the length of the scholarship in a cyber or digital technology relation mission of the Department of Defense.Made in Order
514Version 1Fallon (TX)RepublicanRequires a report on where Iran’s frozen oil funds in escrow have gone and are going to highlight money flows back to Iran, whether it is being used to enrich the regime’s coercive apparatus, and options to tie it up and or claim it to satisfy outstanding judgments for victims of Iran-backed terrorism.Submitted
515Version 1Raskin (MD)DemocratDirects the Navy to include a multi-medicine manufacturing platform program element in the Department's Budget Request starting in Fiscal Year 2025.Made in Order
516Version 1Larsen, Rick (WA)DemocratAmends Section 4801(1) of title 10, United States Code, by inserting ‘‘New Zealand,’’ after ‘‘Australia,’’.Made in Order
517Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratEnds the Medicare Direct Contracting and ACO REACH program by January 1, 2023.Submitted
518Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanStrikes section 342 subsection A which modifies the previously narrow definition of PFAS and PFOS to a much broader definition.Submitted
519Version 1Fallon (TX)RepublicanModifies the annual report on military power of Iran to include assessments of the military power of proxy forces, Iran’s space launch vehicle program, the effectiveness of Iran’s drone forces, efforts to protect European allies and U.S. forces from Iranian missile attacks, human shield use by groups supported by Iran, the impact of sanctions relief provided to Iran on its malign activities, and other technical changes.Submitted
520Version 1Buck (CO)RepublicanEstablishes a peer working group to evaluate the United States' multilateral aid related to advancing the U.S.' foreign policy objectives.Submitted
521Version 1Larsen, Rick (WA), LaHood (IL)Bi-PartisanRequests Secretary of Defense provide a robust analysis on the developments of the Space Systems Department and the Network Systems Department of Strategic Support Force of China by March 1, 2023.Made in Order
522Version 1Katko (NY), Pappas (NH), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Garbarino (NY)Bi-PartisanAdds the text of the Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) Improvement Act, which directs the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to report to Congress on their efforts to assess damages in the aftermath of a disaster and convenes an advisory panel to assist FEMA in improving critical components of the damage assessment process.Made in Order
523Version 2Jackson, Ronny (TX), Van Duyne (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanRevised Adds a sense of Congress that reliance on Russian energy poses a national security risk.Revised
524Version 2Houlahan (PA)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense to establish a Hacking for National Security and Public Service Innovation Program within the National Security Innovation Network.Made in Order
525Version 3Buck (CO), Bera (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Recognizes the mutually beneficial partnership between the United States and Taiwan, and encourages deepening relationship between the two governments.Revised
526Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA), Castro (TX), Phillips (MN)DemocratRequires the Department of State to establish training curriculum at the Foreign Service Institute to provide employees with specialized training on handling security assistance.Submitted
527Version 1Norcross (NJ), Smith, Christopher (NJ)Bi-PartisanImplements GAO’s recommendation requiring DoD to develop a system of rating safety performance for contractors in industries with relatively high rates of occupational injuries. Requires DoD to take this safety rating into account when selecting contractors.Submitted
528Version 1Larsen, Rick (WA)DemocratWithdrawn Requests Secretary of Defense provide an unclassified version of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy Implementation Plan by March 1, 2023; strengthened governance by senior operational leadership; and a coherent response to persistent gaps in joint electromagnetic spectrum operations.Withdrawn
529Version 1Ocasio-Cortez (NY)DemocratProhibits funds from being used to conduct aerial fumigation of crops in Colombia.Made in Order
530Version 1Buck (CO), Stewart (UT)RepublicanCodifies regulations permitting the denial of export privileges to entities that violate U.S. intellectual property law.Submitted
531Version 1Buck (CO)RepublicanProhibits government devices from having TikTok installed on them.Submitted
532Version 1Malinowski (NJ), DeFazio (OR), Khanna (CA), Norton (DC), Beyer (VA), Levin, Andy (MI), Schiff (CA), Cohen (TN), Lieu (CA), Kildee (MI), Dingell (MI)DemocratRequires Secretary of State and DNI to report on additional entities tied to the individuals listed in the ODNI report on parties responsible for the Khashoggi murder.Made in Order
533Version 3Wittman (VA), Luria (VA), Wilson, Joe (SC)Bi-PartisanRevised Establishes that any contract, transaction, agreement, or grant awarded on or after March 1, 2020, to address the COVID–19 pandemic through vaccines and other therapeutic measures, using funds made available under certain awards shall not be counted toward any limit on the total estimated amount of all projects to be issued established prior to March 1, 2020 (except that such funds shall count toward meeting any guaranteed minimum value) for the award.Made in Order
534Version 2Torres, Ritchie (NY), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires a report on Puerto Rico’s progress toward rebuilding the electric grid and detailing the efforts the Federal Government is undertaking to expedite such rebuilding, and for other purposes.Made in Order
535Version 1Walorski (IN)RepublicanStrips foreign sovereign immunity of certain foreign states allowing fentanyl victims or their families to pursue civil monetary action against a foreign state that has refused to take action against international drug traffickers and criminal organizations. It would also allow any state attorney general to bring a civil action on behalf of the residents of their state who have died or been injured by international fentanyl trafficking.Submitted
536Version 1Evans (PA), Brown (MD)DemocratModifies the Department of Defense's annual report on demographics of military service academy applicants to identify disparities in demographic categories and identify suspected causes of such disparities within the application or nominating process.Made in Order
537Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratRequires proceedings for military commissions to be publicly available on the internet.Made in Order
538Version 1Gimenez (FL), Waltz (FL), Mast (FL), Wasserman Schultz (FL)Bi-PartisanProhibits the Secretary of the Air Force from entering into an agreement that would provide for or authorize the joint use of Homestead Air Reserve Base, Homestead, Florida, by the Air Force and civil aircraft.Submitted
539Version 1Bice (OK), Posey (FL), Johnson, Mike (LA)RepublicanAdds a new exception to the requirement for servicemembers to repay bonuses upon early termination based on COVID-19 vaccination status. Applies to bonus payments made prior to the DoD vaccine mandate.Submitted
540Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratProhibits the use of evidence obtained by or with the assistance of a member of the Armed Forces in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act in a court or other legal proceeding.Made in Order
541Version 2Watson Coleman (NJ), Thompson, Bennie (MS)DemocratRevised Reduces the number of firearms at TSA passenger screening checkpoints by directing the TSA Administrator to carry out a range of activities to inform the public about restrictions regarding the carrying of firearms in sterile areas of airports and to strengthen enforcement of such restrictions.Revised
542Version 1Garamendi (CA), Jayapal (WA), Beyer (VA), Khanna (CA)DemocratPrevents testing and development of the new, unnecessary Sentinel (GBSD) nuclear missile and instead simply extends the existing Minuteman III ICBM through at least 2040.Made in Order
543Version 1Dean (PA), Armstrong (ND), Perlmutter (CO), Reschenthaler (PA), Escobar (TX)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes every notary to use remote online notarization (RON) and creates national standards and protections on its use.Submitted
544Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Wilson, Joe (SC), Lieu (CA), Titus (NV)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the President to review certain credibly reported arms embargo violators for sanction under Executive Order 13726 (81 Fed. Reg. 23559; relating to blocking property and suspending entry into the United States of persons contributing to the situation in Libya).Made in Order
545Version 1Buck (CO)RepublicanRecognizes the honorable service of Corporal Gary Cyr and requests the United States Army revisit its decision regarding the awarding of Corporal Cyr with the Bronze Star, consideration of which was discontinued due to the 10th Pathfinder Detachment being deactivated before the award referral process could be completed.Made in Order
546Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Wild (PA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Houlahan (PA), Lieu (CA)DemocratRevises existing requirements on congressional notifications on arms sales to include a notification by the President at least 30 days prior to the first and last shipment of a sale of defense articles pursuant to requirements under the Arms Export Control Act.Made in Order
547Version 1Steel, Michelle (CA)RepublicanAuthorizes the administration to lend or lease military equipment to the Government of Taiwan.Submitted
548Version 3Green, Al (TX)DemocratRevised Provides statutory authority for certain procedures related to the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program and adds new program requirements.Made in Order
549Version 1Steel, Michelle (CA), Wittman (VA)RepublicanRequires a report on the potential loan and lease of defense articles to the Government of Taiwan.Submitted
550Version 1Thompson, Glenn (PA), Connolly (VA)Bi-PartisanExpresses the sense of Congress that any country the United States enters into a trade agreement with should collaborate and provide reasonable access to search and recovery activities relating to members of the United States Armed Forces missing in action from prior wars or military conflicts.Submitted
551Version 1Green, Al (TX)DemocratRequires the uniform residential loan application to include a military service question.Made in Order
552Version 1Radewagen (AS), Case (HI), Chabot (OH)Bi-PartisanRequires the Department of Defense to include analysis of PRC influence in the Pacific Islands region in their annual Report on Military and Security Developments Involving the Peoples Republic of China.Made in Order
553Version 1Lamb (PA), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Golden (ME)Bi-PartisanEnsures veterans’ service-connected medical qualifications and expertise are utilized by the VA and civilian healthcare facilities to meet challenges during public health emergencies.Made in Order
554Version 1Katko (NY), Titus (NV), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Moore (WI)Bi-PartisanAdds the text of the Small State and Rural Rescue Act, which would codify the responsibilities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Small State and Rural Advocate when assisting communities during the disaster declaration process and require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to study FEMA’s process for authorizing individual assistance.Made in Order
555Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanRepeals the Military Selective Service Act.Submitted
556Version 2Escobar (TX)DemocratRevised Reauthorizes the Wastewater Assistance to Colonias program and increases funding for the program.Made in Order
557Version 1Lamb (PA), Waltz (FL), Golden (ME)Bi-PartisanDirects the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs to establish a two-year pilot program to employ veterans for projects of the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture.Made in Order
558Version 1Green, Al (TX)DemocratCreates specified duties for market makers and sets forth penalties for violations of those duties. Specifically, the amendment establishes for market makers a duty of trust and loyalty to the customer upon receipt of an order and deems the information in the order as material, non-public information.Made in Order
559Version 1Franklin (FL), Flores, Mayra (TX), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanProhibits the U.S. buying Venezuelan oil.Submitted
560Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Castro (TX), Porter (CA), Khanna (CA)DemocratRequires Secretary of State to draft a proposed rule adjusting a narrow set of defense services export regulations dealing with digital surveillance and services involving former US intelligence community personnel.Submitted
561Version 1Garbarino (NY), Houlahan (PA), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRequires the SBA to establish a program for certifying at least 5 or 10% of the total number of employees of a small business development center to provide cybersecurity planning assistance to small businesses.Made in Order
562Version 4Khanna (CA)DemocratRevised Adds additional reporting requirements to the "Middle East Integrated Air and Missile Defense" report required by Sec 1645 including an assessment of the overall costs to taxpayers of United States support for establishing and sustaining such an architecture over the next five and ten year periods.Made in Order
563Version 1Buck (CO), Torres, Ritchie (NY)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes the Secretary of Treasury to impose special measures on certain financial transactions or types of accounts in jurisdictions where genocide or crimes against humanity are taking place. Requires the Secretary of Treasury to make a determination whether to implement such special measures in Xinjiang, and report to Congress regarding its determination.Submitted
564Version 1Katko (NY), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanRevises HUD's Annual Fair Housing Report to specifically report sexual harassment complaints. Codifies the DOJ's Sexual Harassment in Housing Initiative.Made in Order
565Version 1Johnson, Hank (GA), Carson (IN), Evans (PA), Davis, Danny K. (IL)DemocratRemoves the size limitation of average annual gross receipts for the last three years not to exceed $26.29 million in the Department of Transportation's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program.Made in Order
566Version 2Torres, Ritchie (NY), McClain (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense, in concurrence with the Secretary of State, to issue a report on the security cooperation of Balkans nations with NATO, Russia and China. The report will also require the Secretary of State to make a determination if any Balkan country has violated CAATSA as well as an analysis of the Russian Humanitarian Center in Niš, Serbia.Revised
567Version 1Titus (NV), Speier (CA)DemocratRequires a report on how maternal mortality rates may disproportionately affect female members of the Armed Forces, including identification of barriers to access to maternal health care and any recommendations for improvement.Made in Order
568Version 1Garbarino (NY), Torres, Ritchie (NY)Bi-PartisanRequires the secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to carry out a program to provide grants to certain veteran service organizations affected by the COVID–19 pandemic.Made in Order
569Version 2Smith, Adam (WA), Speier (CA)DemocratRevised Allows the Navy to retire nine Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs).Made in Order
570Version 2Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation, to issue a report on measures to improve counter terrorism measures at passenger rail stations.Made in Order
571Version 2Jackson, Ronny (TX)RepublicanRevised Requires certain reporting requirements on Iranian petroleum exports.Revised
572Version 1Franklin (FL)RepublicanImposes sanctions on the Taliban and prohibits their official recognition as a legitimate government.Submitted
573Version 3Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRevised Requires a feasibility study into the establishment of a U.S. military instillation in Albania.Made in Order
574Version 1Lynch (MA)DemocratRequires Secretary of Defense, in consultation with Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to establish Interagency Task Force on Financial Fraud to identify, prevent, and combat financial fraud targeting service members, veterans, and military families.Made in Order
575Version 1Meng (NY), Zeldin (NY)Bi-PartisanEnsures recipients of U.S. aid provide safe and secure access to sanitation facilities, with a special emphasis on women and girls, and vulnerable populations.Made in Order
576Version 3Wittman (VA)RepublicanRevised Directs the Director of the Defense Health Agency to submit to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees a report on contracts awarded by DHA in Fiscal Years 2020, 2021, and 2022, including the number and percent of contracts meeting certain criteria.Made in Order
577Version 1Franklin (FL), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanProhibits the CCP from participating in RIMPAC until they cease human rights violations within China.Made in Order
578Version 1Garcia, Jesús (IL)DemocratDirects the Department of Treasury to use the voice, vote, and influence of the U.S. at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and other relevant multilateral development banks to advocate for the immediate suspension of all debt service payments owed to these institutions by Ukraine. Directs the Secretary of Treasury, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to commence immediate efforts with other official bilateral creditors and commercial creditor groups to pursue similar comprehensive debt payment relief for Ukraine.Made in Order
579Version 1Titus (NV)DemocratRequires a report on the extent to which military families have access to infant formula and have been affected by the nationwide infant formula shortage.Made in Order
580Version 2Franklin (FL), Posey (FL)RepublicanRevised Increases funding for the strategic Rare Earth Natural Resource stockpile.Made in Order
581Version 1Katko (NY), Crow (CO), Fitzpatrick (PA), Salazar (FL)Bi-PartisanProvides for the Department of Labor to conduct a study on obstacles to employment facing certain Afghan SIVs, Ukrainian refugees, and other eligible populations legally present in the United States.Made in Order
582Version 3Ruiz (CA), Welch (VT), Bilirakis (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the DOD and the VA to develop an informative outreach program for servicemembers and their families transitioning home on illnesses that may be related to toxic exposure, including outreach with respect to new benefits, eligibility requirements, timelines, and support programs.Made in Order
583Version 1Franklin (FL)RepublicanDesignates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 6000 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, Florida, shall be known and designated as the ‘‘U.S. Marine Corporal Ronald R. Payne Jr. Post Office’’.Submitted
584Version 1Gonzalez, Anthony (OH), Green, Al (TX)Bi-PartisanDirects the U.S. representative at the IMF to use the voice and vote of the United States to support the admission of Taiwan as a member of the IMF.Submitted
585Version 1Katko (NY), Gottheimer (NJ)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a grant at HHS for the formation of Tick Identification Pilot Programs, which will require the ability to submit photo images of ticks and the images to be reviewed by qualified professionals for the likelihood of carrying a tick-borne disease.Submitted
586Version 2Reschenthaler (PA)RepublicanRevised Increases funding for Robotics Supply Chain Research.Made in Order
587Version 1Brown (MD)DemocratRequires single and multi-engine helicopters with one or more seats and one or more pilots be equipped with a cockpit voice recorder and one or more approved flight recorders.Submitted
588Version 1Kirkpatrick (AZ), Gallego (AZ), DesJarlais (TN), Lesko (AZ), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanDirects the Secretary of the Army to issue a report on the potential for increased utilization of the Electronic Proving Grounds testing range located at Ft. Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona.Made in Order
589Version 1Franklin (FL)RepublicanWithdrawn Requires commanders to allow service members to bring their personal firearm (that is properly permitted by the state in which the service member resides) on a installation as long as it is secured in a lockable compartment within the vehicle.Withdrawn
590Version 1Franklin (FL)RepublicanWithdrawn Increased the funding for the KC-46 air refueler program by $10 million.Withdrawn
591Version 1Turner (OH), Lesko (AZ), Pfluger (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanDirects the DoD to submit a report on the feasibility of terminating energy procurement from foreign entities of concern. Revises DOD Energy Policy, 10 U.S.C § 2911(e) by requiring the consideration of energy reliability in the event of a military conflict and the value of resourcing energy from allies.Made in Order
592Version 1Escobar (TX)DemocratEnsures internships and fellowships are included in the recommendations to be submitted to Congress on the modification or expansion of workforce development programs of the Department that will be used to increase the proportion of the workforce hired from historically Black colleges and universities and other minority serving institutions.Made in Order
593Version 1Franklin (FL), Posey (FL), Boebert, Lauren (CO), Van Drew (NJ), Graves, Garret (LA), Duncan (SC), Carl, Jerry (AL), Crenshaw (TX), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Weber (TX), LaMalfa (CA), Budd (NC), Hern (OK), Clyde (GA), Flores, Mayra (TX), Pfluger (TX), Steube (FL)RepublicanProhibits DoD from leasing any land on any military installation to any organization that provides abortion services.Submitted
594Version 1Gaetz (FL)RepublicanEstablishes a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing east of the military mission line in the Gulf of Mexico through 30 June 2032.Submitted
595Version 1Gosar (AZ)RepublicanRequires the Secretaries of Defense and State to report a strategy for U.S. involvement in the war in Ukraine.Submitted
596Version 1Stauber (MN), Peters (CA)Bi-PartisanAllows small businesses to request an equitable adjustment to the contracting officer if the contracting officer places a change order without the agreement of the small business. Requires the federal government to pay at least 50% of cost occurred from the change order upon receipt of the equitable adjustment.Made in Order
597Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Beyer (VA), Khanna (CA), Schiff (CA), Lieu (CA), Kildee (MI)DemocratRequires the Secretary of State to make full use of 7031(c) authorities to review for public naming the list of 76 individuals accused of transnational repression activities, as announced on February 26, 2021.Submitted
598Version 1Brown (MD), Katko (NY), Fitzpatrick (PA), Stauber (MN)Bi-PartisanProvides a limited, targeted waiver of the FAR provision only as it applies to forgiven PPP loans received by engineering firms doing work on federally funded transportation projects.Made in Order
599Version 2Tlaib (MI)DemocratRevised Requires the new Military Housing Feedback Tool to include resources to help tenants identify potential serious safety hazards (lead paint, mold, non-functioning safety equipment, etc) and a functionality to report said potential issues.Made in Order
600Version 2Reschenthaler (PA), Norcross (NJ), Houlahan (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Increase funding for Enterprise Digital Transformation with Commercial Physics Simulation.Made in Order
601Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Porter (CA), Eshoo (CA), Castro (TX), Khanna (CA)DemocratRequires a feasibility study from the Secretary of Commerce and other departments on whether executive agencies have the authority to suspend the acquisition of any foreign surveillance company on the Entity List by a U.S. company pending a review on the counterintelligence and national security risks of the sale.Made in Order
602Version 1Stauber (MN)RepublicanEliminates TRICARE Select enrollment fees for service members who retired before January 1, 2018, and caps the enrollment fees for those who retire after January 1, 2018.Submitted
603Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratAdds additional sections to the report required for Sec. 544. Pilot program on financial assistance for victims of domestic violence. The new sections ensure that participants in the program can provide their feedback and that their advice is taken into account, and provides the Secretary with a specific opportunity to recommend new ideas and other potential ways that they come across during the running of the program that could be pursued to further safeguard domestic violence survivors.Made in Order
604Version 1Stauber (MN), Tiffany, Thomas (WI)RepublicanAllows the Secretary of the Navy to solicit contracts from non-homeport shipyards for maintenance work should the shipyards meet the Navy's requirements for ship repair work.Made in Order
605Version 2Garbarino (NY)RepublicanRevised Directs the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition, in coordination with the Director of the National Reconnaissance Office and Commander of the U.S. Space Command, to submit a report to the House Committee on Armed Services and the Director of National Intelligence not later than December 31, 2022, detailing opportunities to enhance Space Domain Awareness (SDA) within the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.Revised
606Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratAdds additional directions to "Sec. 625. Study and report on military installations with limited child care" that emphasizes the importance of addressing unique challenges from base to base that shift based on the population, such as a larger than average English as a second language population.Made in Order
607Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratEmphasizes that the Military Justice Review Panel must take into account the historically discriminatory manner in which marijuana laws have been enforced and the ongoing risk of discrimination in conducting their review of marijuana sentencing.Made in Order
608Version 1Williams (GA), Meijer (MI), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Khanna (CA), Spartz (IN), Lee, Barbara (CA), Welch (VT), Blumenauer (OR), Newman (IL), Carson (IN), Moore (WI), Grijalva (AZ), Norton (DC), Levin, Andy (MI), Tlaib (MI)Bi-PartisanModernizes the bipartisan 2017 law passed by Congressman John Lewis — which currently requires public posting of the costs to each American taxpayer of the costs of the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria — to include cost transparency for all wars since 9/11 and future wars, ensuring taxpayers fully understand how their government uses taxpayer dollars abroad.Made in Order
609Version 1Garbarino (NY)RepublicanDirects the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment and Energy Resilience to provide the House Armed Services Committee with a briefing on the use, and potential use, by the Department of recycled and recyclable rubber products, including an assessment of the utility of such use.Made in Order
610Version 1Turner (OH), Wittman (VA), Franklin (FL)RepublicanProvides Congressional findings and a Sense of Congress that the defense industrial base is critical for national security and that efforts to ensure fair pricing of items sold to the DoD should not harm the defense industrial base.Submitted
611Version 2Escobar (TX)DemocratRevised Requires a national strategy be created for both the military and airports for the distribution of fluorine-free foam. Additionally this establishes an airport firefighting foam replacement program to assist with the transition towards fluorine-free foam.Revised
612Version 1Levin, Mike (CA), Speier (CA), Takano (CA)DemocratRequires that the Armed Forces Workplace and Gender Relations Surveys solicit information regarding the presence of discriminatory factors involved in an assault.Made in Order
613Version 1Kim, Young (CA), Spanberger (VA), Barr (KY), Crenshaw (TX)Bi-PartisanRequires reporting on delayed shipments of defense articles to Taiwan and other security partners in the Pacific region.Made in Order
614Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratRequires Americans to register with the State Department when visiting a war zone.Submitted
615Version 2Crow (CO), Garamendi (CA), Carbajal (CA)DemocratRevised Amends the FY22 NDAA to authorize the Colorado National Guard's FireGuard Program through 2026, and prohibits any component of the FireGuard program from being transferred from DOD to any other department or agency.Made in Order
616Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratProhibits the transfer of U.S.-origin nuclear reactors, equipment, or technology to Saudi Arabia until Saudi Arabia signs an Additional Protocol to its nuclear safeguards agreement with the IAEA, and certifies that it is not building or acquiring nuclear enrichment or reprocessing facilities.Submitted
617Version 1Tlaib (MI), Omar (MN)DemocratAdds a new section to the Act to amend the Espionage Act to increase civil rights, civil liberties, and due process protections in the law.Submitted
618Version 1Escobar (TX), Veasey (TX)DemocratExpands oversight responsibilities of the Army Inspector General, the Navy Inspector General, the Air Force Inspector General to include the Army National Guard, naval militias, and the Air National Guard.Submitted
619Version 1Wild (PA)DemocratRequires transparency for and accountability to the families of servicemembers who have lost their lives or suffered serious injuries in operational or training accidents by requiring that the Department of Defense provide briefings on the status of the implementation of recommendations relating to improving safety for servicemembers and the prevention of accidents.Made in Order
620Version 1Tlaib (MI), Brown (MD)DemocratAdds additional language to ensure transgender service members are protected/not discriminated against for coverage of artificial reproductive services under TRICARE.Submitted
621Version 1Graves, Sam (MO), Kahele (HI)Bi-PartisanEnsures that general aviation (GA) pilots receive flight training in the aircraft they will be operating in the National Airspace System (NAS).Made in Order
622Version 1Auchincloss (MA), Brown (MD)DemocratDirects GAO to conduct a study on the obstacles members of the armed forces and their spouses and dependents face in accessing reproductive health care.Submitted
623Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to submit a plan to Congress for vetting foreign security assistance participants for participation in white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and other extremist organizations, with the plan addressing how the DoD will vet recipients of US security assistance for ties to said groups, deny security assistance to flagged individuals and/or groups, inform local partners of the reasons for denial of assistance, and track individuals/groups flagged during this vetting.Submitted
624Version 1Kahele (HI), Panetta (CA), Crawford (AR), Case (HI)Bi-PartisanModification to specifically include “munitions-related services” to the list of services excluded from lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) contracting.Submitted
625Version 1Schrier (WA)DemocratRequires quarterly and publicly accessible data reporting on the Department of Defense's Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood and Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood-Plus programs.Made in Order
626Version 1Fleischmann (TN)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a review of the carbon fiber requirements necessary for current and future weapon system production and sustainment, and the review would include an examination of domestic access and a review of advancements in the industry.Made in Order
627Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratInstructs the Department of Defense to conduct a study on what the effects of wildfire and persistent drought conditions at the United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station are to the mission and operations of the facility.Made in Order
628Version 1Moulton (MA)DemocratEstablishes a uniform allowance for Department of Defense Officers and requires the Department to begin tracking uniform costs for both Officers and Enlisted servicemembers for the purposes of tracking out-of-pocket expenses.Made in Order
629Version 3Speier (CA)DemocratRevised Requires GAO to conduct a study on government contractors that supply goods to executive agencies using distributors or other intermediaries and the impact of this practice on the ability of the U.S. government to acquire needed goods at reasonable prices.Made in Order
630Version 1Hill, French (AR), Sherman (CA)Bi-PartisanRequires the Treasury Secretary to publish and freeze the financial assets of senior Chinese Communist Party officials and their relatives that are held at U.S. banks if China threatens TaiwanSubmitted
631Version 1Rose, John (TN), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanProhibits the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from implementing its rulemaking on “the Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-related Disclosures for Investors” if it would directly or indirectly require agriculture producers to submit climate-related information to public companies or the SEC.Submitted
632Version 1Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRequires a report from the State Department and other agencies on the disruption of democracy and support for authoritarian leaders in the CENTCOM and AFRICOM area of responsibility by certain foreign governments.Made in Order
633Version 1Bacon (NE), Golden (ME), Carbajal (CA), Franklin (FL), Taylor (TX), Pfluger (TX), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a national technology competitiveness council within the Executive Office of the President.Submitted
634Version 1Peters (CA), Crow (CO), Porter (CA)DemocratAmends the Combatant Commander Initiative Fund to (1) include climate resilience of military facilities and essential civilian infrastructure and (2) military support to relevant authorities to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and illegal, unreported, or unregulated fishing.Made in Order
635Version 1Leger Fernandez (NM), Herrell (NM), Stansbury (NM)Bi-PartisanProvides assistance to victims of the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire that was started by the federal government.Made in Order
636Version 1Crenshaw (TX), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanCreates a grant program carried out by SECDEF for certain eligible entities (departments or agencies, academic institutions, non-profits) to study the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder of active duty service members using certain psychedelic substances and for service members to take part in clinical trials.Made in Order
637Version 2Speier (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Defense Security Cooperation Agency to complete an assessment of whether U.S. defense equipment and training has been used to support unilateral efforts to annex or exercise permanent control by Israel over the occupied Palestinian territories.Revised
638Version 1Lawrence (MI)DemocratAdds wireless charging as an electric vehicle charging technology and defines wireless charging.Made in Order
639Version 1Wild (PA)DemocratRequires the Joint Safety Council, which was created in last year's NDAA, to create and maintain a website with information for the families of deceased members of the armed forces who died in a fatal operational or training accident, information on the findings of each review or assessment conducted by the Council, identification of any recommendation of the Council relating to the prevention of fatal accidents among members of the Armed Forces, and information on the progress of the implementation of any such recommendation.Made in Order
640Version 2Case (HI), Kahele (HI), Kilmer (WA), Luria (VA), Wittman (VA)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Navy to enter into an agreement with a Federally Funded Research and Development Center to study ways to improve the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program’s efforts to optimize facilities and replace outdated equipment.Made in Order
641Version 1Steil (WI)RepublicanDirecting the Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Military Health System to submit a report detailing the percentage of technetium 99m patient doses procured from domestically manufactured molybdenum 99. In addition, as soon as practical, safe, and cost-effective, and as early as FY 2023, both the VA and the Military Health System must begin to use an increasing amount of technetium 99m patient doses procured from domestically manufactured molybdenum 99 and should have plans to grow this percentage of technetium 99m patient doses procured from domestically manufactured molybdenum 99, as long as the requirement does not result in a cost increase compared to the competitive market.Submitted
642Version 2Scott, David (GA)DemocratRevised Inserts the text of the Financial Inclusion in Banking Act of 2021 (H.R. 1711).Revised
643Version 1Speier (CA), Frankel (FL), Keating (MA), Meng (NY)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a gender analysis of the IMET programs and to offer training on gender analysis to partner military personnel participating in IMET programs.Made in Order
644Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Castro (TX), Schiff (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Houlahan (PA), Lieu (CA), Crow (CO)DemocratMakes technical adjustments to DOS/DOD "Leahy Laws" by adding war crimes as a relevant human rights violation for foreign unit vetting purposes and by applying the laws to joint operations with foreign partners.Submitted
645Version 1Tlaib (MI), Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratStrikes the prohibition on the reduction of the total number of nuclear armed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) deployed in the United States.Made in Order
646Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratWithdrawn Prohibits DoD from taking TRICARE mental health records into account when making eligibility determinations for minors to serve in the Armed Forces, in an effort to create parity with the mental health services received by minors outside of TRICARE.Withdrawn
647Version 2Case (HI), Kahele (HI), Kilmer (WA), Wittman (VA)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the military to send additional information to Congress and the Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation to conduct or approve independent cost estimates, to include the plan to manage the supervision, inspection and overhead for projects in excess of $500,000,000.Made in Order
648Version 2Tlaib (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Strikes the prohibition on the retirement of more than 4 Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) and directs that any cost savings be used to reduce the budget deficit.Withdrawn
649Version 1Peters (CA), Hudson (NC), Castor (FL), Waltz (FL), Case (HI), Butterfield (NC)Bi-PartisanRequires GAO to conduct a report on the ability of servicemembers assigned to Special Operations units to utilize Department of Defense transition programs, challenges those servicemembers face when transitioning to civilian life and the utility of existing DoD transition programs to address those challenges, and the extent to which such servicemembers utilize transition resources offered by non-governmental entities.Made in Order
650Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to audit current practices regarding administration of sexual harassment claims and submit a report no later 180 days after passage detailing efforts to prevent sexual harassment and protect service-members, and compiling data and research on sexual harassment prevalence in the military, cases reported, legal proceedings, and convictions.Made in Order
651Version 1Evans (PA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Blunt Rochester (DE)Bi-PartisanReauthorizes the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program and increases the federal cost share for certain grant projects. Extends the program through FY2030 and increases the federal cost share of a grant project that serves a small, rural, or disadvantaged community to 90% of the total cost of the project.Made in Order
652Version 1Tlaib (MI), Schakowsky (IL), Bush, Cori (MO), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Norton (DC), Omar (MN), Castro (TX)DemocratAdds a prohibition on the use of funds to provide section 333 security assistance (military and law enforcement capacity building) to El Salvador.Submitted
653Version 1Omar (MN)DemocratRequires reporting on US security assistance to the governments of Mali, Chad, Guinea, and Burkina Faso.Submitted
654Version 2Case (HI), Kahele (HI)DemocratRevised Directs an OSD report on the community engagement activities at military installations abroad.Made in Order
655Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Porter (CA), Khanna (CA), Eshoo (CA)DemocratRevised Requires a report from the State Department and DNI on the use of inauthentic social media accounts funded by foreign governments and operated by foreign nationals to harass and intimidate individuals in the United States.Revised
656Version 2Miller (WV)RepublicanRevised Directs the Department of Defense to create a memorial to the 13 service members who lost their lives at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. Updates previous language that was signed into law from "may" to "shall" and specifies that the process must begin within one year.Made in Order
657Version 1Omar (MN)DemocratAllows the President to waive the restrictions on cash transfers to Afghanistan if he determines there is a pressing humanitarian need, or it is otherwise in the national security interest of the United States.Submitted
658Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of Education and professionals in the field of psychology with expertise in pediatric and adolescent mental health, to conduct an assessment of evidence-based strategies that may be used to reduce the security threat posed by active shooter incidents at public elementary schools and secondary schools located on the grounds of Federal military installations without being apparent to students as law enforcement or security measures, and which prioritize the students’ mental, emotional, and psychological health and development. Not later than 180 days after enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall submit to Congressional defense committees a report that includes the results of the assessment.Revised
659Version 1Castro (TX)DemocratGrants the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation certain law enforcement authorities comparable to other Inspectors General.Made in Order
660Version 1Omar (MN)DemocratStrikes section 1308.Submitted
661Version 1Kelly, Robin (IL), Gonzales, Tony (TX), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a pilot program providing eligible military souses with a spouse-specific Training Assistance Program focusing on employment services, offering guidance on available health care resources, and training in mental health first aid to learn crisis management strategies.Made in Order
662Version 2Omar (MN)DemocratRevised Adds efforts to prevent civilian harm and human rights violations to the annual report created by Section 1201(b).Made in Order
663Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress in not less than 180 days the actions taken to protect U.S. armed service personnel from armed attacks conducted by militants and terrorists in pursuit of bounties and inducements the agencies, organizations, or entities aligned with the Russian Federation.Made in Order
664Version 3Tlaib (MI)DemocratRevised Directs the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to report on barriers to making Federal Housing Administration (FHA) single-family mortgage insurance available for small dollar mortgages. Specifically, HUD must report on policies, practices, and products used by the FHA and actions that will be taken to remove such barriers.Made in Order
665Version 3Espaillat (NY), Ruiz (CA), Correa (CA), Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Department of Homeland Security to issue a report on cases involving noncitizen service members, veterans and immediate family members of service members in order to connect them with services and resources to assist military members, veterans, and their families. Requires the GAO to update their report "GAO-19-416" to identify progress made and actions needed to better handle, identify and track cases involving noncitizen veterans.Made in Order
666Version 1Gonzales, Tony (TX), Kahele (HI), Bice (OK), Carbajal (CA), Salazar (FL), Golden (ME), Jackson, Ronny (TX), Lee, Susie (NV), Bacon (NE), Gottheimer (NJ), Pfluger (TX), Miller-Meeks (IA), Meijer (MI), Taylor (TX), Kelly, Robin (IL), Escobar (TX), Suozzi (NY), Waltz (FL), Luria (VA), Moulton (MA), Valadao (CA), Feenstra (IA), Slotkin (MI), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanEstablishes the National Digital Reserve Corps to allow private sector cybersecurity, AI, and digital experts to work for the federal government on a temporary basis.Made in Order
667Version 1Omar (MN)DemocratProhibits funds for entering into new security agreements with Saudi Arabia or the UAE absent Congressional approval.Submitted
668Version 1Foster (IL)DemocratAdds Section 2 of the Strengthening Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector Act, which would empower the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to oversee the cybersecurity practices of third party vendors employed by the entities under their purview.Made in Order
669Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanPrevents any support for Qatar as a Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) until Qatar ceases all support for Hamas and/or other terrorist organizations.Submitted
670Version 1Omar (MN)DemocratRepeals the Hague Invasion Act, allowing the United States to fully support the ICC's investigation into war crimes in Ukraine.Submitted
671Version 2Hill, French (AR), Posey (FL)RepublicanRevised Amends the Defense Production Act to insert that the authorities under this Act may be used to support the emergency production of medical materials and drugs essential to national defense.Made in Order
672Version 2Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Eliminates negative credit reporting for Corinthian private student loans, and eliminates negative credit reporting for cancelled federal student loans and makes technical changes.Withdrawn
673Version 1Himes (CT)DemocratModernizes FinCEN’s special measures authorities to empower FinCEN to adapt its existing tools, monitor and obstruct global financial threats, and meet the challenges of combating 21st-century financial crime.Made in Order
674Version 2Khanna (CA), Sherman (CA), Schweikert (AZ)Bi-PartisanRevised Expresses the sense of Congress that a strong United States-India defense partnership, rooted in shared democratic values, is critical in order to advance United States interests in the Indo-Pacific region.Made in Order
675Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 314 of the bill, pertaining to a pilot program for transition of certain nontactical vehicle fleets of Department of Defense to electric vehicles.Submitted
676Version 1Hill, French (AR)RepublicanLimits the Executive Branch’s ability to bypass Congress to authorize the International Monetary Fund's Special Drawing Rights allocations by limiting the size and frequency of allocations unless Congress authorizes them by law.Submitted
677Version 1Kildee (MI)DemocratExpresses a Sense of Congress that the Secretary of Defense should establishes clear and consistent definitions of key terms for use in reporting budgetary and financial information related to enlisted personnel subsistence.Made in Order
678Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRequires the Secretary of the Navy, not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, to submit to the congressional defense committees a report on desalinization technology’s application for defense and national security purposes to provide drought relief to areas impacted by sharp declines in water resources.Made in Order
679Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Posey (FL)RepublicanStrikes Section 315 of the bill, pertaining to a pilot program on the use of sustainable aviation fuel.Submitted
680Version 1DeFazio (OR)DemocratExtends by 18 months a statutory deadline included in the Disaster Recovery Reform Act.Made in Order
681Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratStrengthens servicemember consumer protections with regards to medical debt collections and credit reporting, including prohibiting the collection of medical debt for the first two years and prohibiting debt arising from medically necessary procedures from ever appearing on servicemember credit reports.Made in Order
682Version 2Speier (CA), Pallone (NJ), Schiff (CA), Chu (CA), Titus (NV), Cicilline (RI), Sánchez (CA), Eshoo (CA), Lofgren (CA), Tlaib (MI), Langevin (RI), Levin, Andy (MI), Valadao (CA), Lawrence (MI), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Slotkin (MI), Costa (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Prohibits U.S. security assistance from being transferred to the defense or security forces of the government of Azerbaijan.Revised
683Version 2Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratRevised Requires the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, to submit to the congressional defense committees and other entities in 2023, 2024, and 2025 a report identifying the personnel, training, and equipment required by the non-federalized National Guard to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters.Made in Order
684Version 1Gonzalez, Vicente (TX), Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Cuellar (TX), Correa (CA)DemocratRequires the Department of Defense to annually report to the House Armed Services Committee the numbers of non-citizen service members, their immigration status, and the annual naturalization numbers of those serving.Made in Order
685Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanAdds a prohibition on the use of federal funds to issue an extreme risk protection order to a member of the Armed Forces or a veteran.Submitted
686Version 1Manning (NC)DemocratPermits the Secretary of Defense to consult with the President’s Board of Advisors on HBCUs in designing the pilot program to increase the research activity status of HBCUs.Made in Order
687Version 3Arrington (TX), Van Duyne (TX), Posey (FL), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanRevised Prohibit funding for any transportation of aliens around the country, including for/through private contractors. Any funds currently being used to transport aliens should be spent on detention of aliens instead.Revised
688Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Miller, Mary (IL)RepublicanTerminates Afghanistan's Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) status and prohibits the future designation of Afghanistan as a MNNA.Submitted
689Version 1Schakowsky (IL)DemocratWithdrawn Establishes a preference for Department of Defense offerors that meet certain requirements pertaining to corporate governance, employee benefits, and part-time employment practices.Withdrawn
690Version 1Biggs (AZ), Good (VA), Miller, Mary (IL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanExpresses a sense of Congress about the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship and the need to continue offering security assistance and related support.Made in Order
691Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRepeals Public Law 117-159, the "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act".Submitted
692Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 5702, pertaining to a minimum wage for federal contractors.Submitted
693Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Beyer (VA), Khanna (CA), Levin, Andy (MI), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Lieu (CA), Kildee (MI), Dingell (MI)DemocratRequires a report from the State Department on the status and number of political prisoners in Egypt.Made in Order
694Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanWithdrawn States that it is the policy of the United States that no United States person shall use or import of cobalt procured with slave or child labor.Withdrawn
695Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanThis amendment exempts defense related activities from the Endangered Species Act.Submitted
696Version 1Meijer (MI), Spanberger (VA), Roy (TX)Bi-PartisanRepeals the joint resolution of March 9, 1957, that provided for the use of certain funds to promote peace and stability in the Middle East.Made in Order
697Version 1Diaz-Balart (FL)RepublicanAmends title 4, United States Code, to ensure that a funeral honors detail recites the 13 Folds of Honor when presenting a flag of the United States in connection with the death of a member of the Armed Forces or veteran.Submitted
698Version 2Schiff (CA), Pallone (NJ), Speier (CA), Schakowsky (IL), Costa (CA), Cárdenas (CA), Beyer (VA), Malinowski (NJ), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Bilirakis (FL), Clark, Katherine (MA), Spanberger (VA), Lofgren (CA), Chu (CA), Eshoo (CA), Titus (NV), Sánchez (CA), Levin, Andy (MI), Tlaib (MI), Langevin (RI), Valadao (CA), Lesko (AZ), Lieu (CA), Dingell (MI), Lawrence (MI), Kim, Young (CA), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Expresses the sense of Congress that the government of Azerbaijan should immediately return all Armenian prisoners of war and captured civilians. Urges the Administration to engage with Azerbaijani authorities, including through the OSCE Minsk Group, to make clear the importance of adhering to their obligations under the November 9 statement and international law to immediately release all prisoners of war and captured civilians.Made in Order
699Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanAdds a prohibition on the use of federal funds to issue an extreme risk protection order.Submitted
700Version 2Phillips (MN)DemocratRevised Ensures that a remarried former spouse of a member of a uniformed service retains electronic access to the privileged medical records of their dependent child.Made in Order
701Version 1Biggs (AZ), Clyde (GA)RepublicanRequires the Department of Defense to perform an audit. If it fails to, the discretionary budget authority available for the Department of Defense, the military department, or the Defense Agency shall be reduced by .5 percent.Submitted
702Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanRedirects the $1 billion authorized under Section 1232 of this Act to the completion of the southern border wall.Submitted
703Version 2Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised States that it is the sense of Congress that the United States should prioritize countering misinformation, support an increase in NATO resources, support building technological resilience, and support NATO and NATO PA’s role in countering misinformation.Made in Order
704Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratEstablishes measures to protect the human rights of journalists. Expands the scope of required reports related to violations of the human rights of journalists, requires the President to impose certain property- and visa-blocking sanctions on persons responsible for gross violations of the human rights of journalists, and prohibits certain foreign assistance to a governmental entity of a country if an official acting under authority of the entity has committed a gross violation of human rights against a journalist.Made in Order
705Version 1Lesko (AZ), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanAdds uranium to the list of covered critical minerals under the Commerce Control List that cannot be exported to or imported from the People's Republic of China.Submitted
706Version 1Johnson, Dusty (SD)RepublicanAllows a Commander of an installation outside the United States to permit representatives from financial services providers to participate in orientation briefings for members newly arriving at that installation.Submitted
707Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanTerminates the designation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally.Submitted
708Version 2Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised Requires a report from the Secretary of Defense to assess efforts of NATO to counter misinformation and disinformation and offer recommendations. This report will be sent to HASC and HFAC.Made in Order
709Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratRequires the GAO to conduct a study and issue a report on the implementation of the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act of 2009.Made in Order
710Version 1Biggs (AZ)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds for any project or activity related to NATO until the SECDEF certifies to the congressional defense committees that each member country of NATO has spent 2 percent of the respective GDP on defense expenditures.Submitted
711Version 1Matsui (CA), Buck (CO)Bi-PartisanPermanently reauthorizes the JACS program for the preservation and interpretation of the U.S. confinement sites where Japanese Americans were detained during World War II.Made in Order
712Version 2Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised Requires a report from the Secretary of the VA in conjunction with the secretary of HUD to be sent within one year to HVAC, FSC and all relevant parties related to barriers that veterans who are members of protected classes face in accessing housing programs. Additionally requires the report to examine obstacles that veterans with multi-generational/extended families face in accessing these programs.Made in Order
713Version 1Kildee (MI)DemocratExpresses a Sense of Congress that continued efforts are needed to address weaknesses identified in DOD's financial statement audits.Made in Order
714Version 1Manning (NC)DemocratEnsures that the Department of Defense American Sustainable Battery Production Technologies Program takes into consideration the potential military applications of battery technologies developed with U.S. Department of Energy grants.Made in Order
715Version 1Massie (KY), Duncan (SC), Garbarino (NY), Mullin (OK), Cammack, Kat (FL), Buck (CO), Weber (TX), Biggs (AZ), Good (VA), Van Duyne (TX), Greene (GA), Bishop, Dan (NC), Boebert, Lauren (CO), Gaetz (FL), Rose, John (TN), Norman (SC), Posey (FL), Perry (PA), Miller, Mary (IL), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Cloud (TX), Clyde (GA), Mast (FL), Higgins, Clay (LA), Johnson, Mike (LA)RepublicanProhibits the use of funds to mandate or require a COVID-19 vaccine for any member of the U.S. Armed Forces.Submitted
716Version 1Veasey (TX), Turner (OH), Larson, John (CT)Bi-PartisanAdds three F-35Cs for the Navy, offset by a $354 million reduction from operation and maintenance accounts.Made in Order
717Version 1Lesko (AZ), Gosar (AZ)RepublicanInserts the text of H.R. 7938, Domestic Uranium Saves America Act. The bill would add uranium to the United States' Critical Mineral List.Submitted
718Version 1Blumenauer (OR), Mast (FL), Lee, Barbara (CA), Joyce, David (OH), Perlmutter (CO), Mace (SC), Titus (NV), Meijer (MI), Kahele (HI), Newman (IL), San Nicolas (GU), Norton (DC), Gaetz (FL), Correa (CA), Strickland (WA)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes Department of Veterans Affairs providers to assist veterans in providing recommendations, opinions, and completion of the forms reflecting these recommendations or opinions in compliance with state-legal medical cannabis programs.Made in Order
719Version 1Ocasio-Cortez (NY)DemocratProvides support for international initiatives to provide debt relief to developing countries with unsustainable levels of debt.Made in Order
720Version 1Sánchez (CA)DemocratRequires a report from the Secretary of the VA in coordination with the secretaries of HUD and DOL to report on how often and what type of supportive services (such as career transition and mental health services) are being offered to and used by veterans, and additionally requires the report to include data on how many veterans fall back into housing insecurity after receiving supportive services.Made in Order
721Version 1Biggs (AZ), Miller, Mary (IL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanRequires the President, in coordination with the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, to submit to Congress a report on any agreements or other formal or informal arrangements made by the United States with the Taliban.Submitted
722Version 1Meeks (NY), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Torres, Ritchie (NY), Sherman (CA), Brown (MD)DemocratRequires public companies to annually disclose the racial, ethnic, gender identity, sexual orientation, and veteran status of their board directors, nominees, and senior executive officers; empowers the SEC’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion to publish best diversity disclosure practices; and creates an advisory group that would study and report on increasing corporate diversity.Made in Order
723Version 2Jayapal (WA), Speier (CA), Brown (MD), Crow (CO)DemocratRevised Removes the restriction on use of Department of Defense facilities and funding for abortion care.Revised
724Version 1Pallone (NJ), Valadao (CA), Speier (CA), Lofgren (CA), Titus (NV), Cicilline (RI), Chu (CA), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Schiff (CA), Eshoo (CA), Meng (NY), Costa (CA), Conway, Connie (CA), Tlaib (MI), Sánchez (CA), Langevin (RI), Levin, Andy (MI), Lawrence (MI)Bi-PartisanWithholds U.S. military aid to Azerbaijan through the Section 333 Building Partner Capacity Program.Submitted
725Version 3Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRevised Requires U.S. companies to publicly disclose if they have business ties to Russia.Made in Order
726Version 1Eshoo (CA), Moore, Blake (UT)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a grant program within the Department of Commerce to incent domestic manufacturing of printed circuit boards.Submitted
727Version 1Murphy, Stephanie (FL)DemocratEstablishes a reward program for cybersecurity operations and authorizes the Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the military departments to present honorary recognitions and monetary awards (up to $2,500) for innovation in cyberspace operations to members of the armed forces.Made in Order
728Version 3Payne, Jr. (NJ), Rose, John (TN), Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Davidson (OH), Williams (GA)Bi-PartisanRevised Adds the text of the bipartisan Payment Choice Act, which protects the right to pay in cash at all retail establishments for transactions under $2,000.Made in Order
729Version 1Crow (CO), Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Kim (NJ)DemocratAdds additional items to the required annual report on civilian casualties to include DOD assessments of estimated number of civilians and belligerents killed during operations, an explanation of how DOD determined civilian and belligerent statuses, and an assessment of whether post strike civilian harm exceeded pre-strike assessments of anticipated harm.Submitted
730Version 1Clark, Katherine (MA), Spartz (IN), Meijer (MI)Bi-PartisanAdds the President, Vice President, and any Cabinet member to the current statutory prohibition on members of Congress contracting with the Federal Government.Made in Order
731Version 1Steube (FL), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX), Chabot (OH), Norcross (NJ), Crenshaw (TX), Roy (TX)Bi-PartisanAdds a statement of policy stating that it is the policy of the U.S. to: (1) seek the abolition of the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel; and (2) combat systemic anti-Israel bias at the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international fora.Submitted
732Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanEnables military recruiting to expand online marketing to potential recruits through better targeting and feedback based on online activity.Made in Order
733Version 1Murphy, Stephanie (FL)DemocratRequires the Secretary of the Air Force, in coordination with the Chief of Space Operations, to prepare and submit to Congress a review of the staffing requirements for current and planned cyber squadrons of the Space Force. Specifically, the review shall consider the specific sourcing of existing billets of the Space Force that are optimal for transfer to cyber squadrons, and the administrative process required to shift such billets to cyber squadrons.Made in Order
734Version 1Wild (PA)DemocratRequires that briefings by the Department of Defense to the congressional defense committees shall be open to all Members of Congress and staff of such Members while ensuring that no person shall be provided with access to classified information without the appropriate security clearances.Submitted
735Version 1Garamendi (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Provides accelerated progress payments to defense contractors who meet certain DOD goals for performance, and limits progress payments for large defense contractors.Withdrawn
736Version 1Joyce, John (PA), Langevin (RI)Bi-PartisanRequires the the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in coordination with the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security to develop a national biodefense science and technology strategy.Submitted
737Version 1Steube (FL), Langevin (RI), Posey (FL), Crenshaw (TX)Bi-PartisanWaives the application fee for any special use permit for veterans’ demonstrations and special events at war memorials on Federal land.Made in Order
738Version 2Hill, French (AR), Sherman (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Prohibits the Treasury Secretary from engaging in any transaction involving the exchange of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Right (SDR) assets held by Russia or Belarus, and requires the U.S. representative to the IMF to use their voice and vote to advocate for other IMF member countries to deny these transactions as well.Made in Order
739Version 3Waters (CA)DemocratRevised Reauthorizes temporarily CARES Act enhancements to NCUA's Central Liquidity Facility to allow smaller credit unions to have access to emergency liquidity through 2023. This amendment has been revised to add the text of the following amendments that were previously submitted separately but have been withdrawn following the revision that consolidates them: Waters 394, Waters 395, Waters 396, Waters 672, Waters 811, Waters 922, Waters 1033, Waters 1073, and Waters 1127. The revised amendment also adds a new provision that would strengthen the Securities and Exchange Commission's Whistleblower Program by increasing the statutory cap of the Investor Protection Fund, which is used to reward whistleblowers who help the Commission stop fraudsters.Made in Order
740Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanAdds a provision that prohibits any member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from communicating with a member of the Chinese Communist Party without advanced approval from the President. Further requires at least 48 hours notice to the House and Senate Armed Services Committee before any proposed communication takes place.Submitted
741Version 1Manning (NC)DemocratIncludes goods containing materials made with forced labor from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in the prohibition on the sale of Chinese goods in commissary stores and military exchanges.Made in Order
742Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Authorizes the President to impose sanctions relating to any transfer of arms or related material by China to Russia or any support provided by China to facilitate the evasion or circumvention of U.S. or multilateral sanctions and export controls.Withdrawn
743Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Cohen (TN), Wilson, Joe (SC), Cartwright (PA), Curtis (UT), Lieu (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Phillips (MN), Meijer (MI), Kildee (MI), Crenshaw (TX), Spanberger (VA), Cicilline (RI)Bi-PartisanRevised Provides the President one-time authorities to not just sanction Putin-connected cronies, but to use their assets forfeited under criminal procedures (eg. money-laundering) to help rebuild Ukraine.Made in Order
744Version 1Steube (FL), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires an assessment of cooperative efforts between the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and other regional partners to share technical information on Iranian weapons, especially the rockets, missiles, and drones that Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis operate. This would also include information on whether the countries share intelligence about the smuggling routes that Tehran uses and to what degree are the countries working together on interdiction efforts.Submitted
745Version 1Meeks (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Strengthens Minority Depository Institutions and “impact banks” that predominantly serve low-income communities through partnerships, investments, technical assistance, and federal deposits, among other reforms.Withdrawn
746Version 2Carbajal (CA), Herrera Beutler (WA)Bi-PartisanRevised Prohibits the Executive Office of the President, Department of Defense, and State Department (excluding embassies) from displaying flowers unless grown domestically or in a US territory. Makes an exemption for personal display and gifts from other countries.Made in Order
747Version 1Griffith (VA)RepublicanWithdrawn Revises Section 1021(b) of the FY2012 NDAA to add a “knowingly” requirement for any person detained by the Department of Defense, pursuant to the 2001 AUMF.Withdrawn
748Version 1Steube (FL), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanProvides service-connected veterans in priority groups 1-3 the choice to use TRICARE Select and TRICARE for Life.Submitted
749Version 2Clark, Katherine (MA)DemocratRevised Expresses the sense of Congress that veterans should not be denied Veterans Affairs Administration home loan benefits due to their legal employment in the cannabis industry and that the VA should improve communication with eligible lending institutions to reduce confusion among lenders and borrowers on this matter.Made in Order
750Version 1Manning (NC)DemocratAdds Army Heavy Tactical Wheeled Vehicles to the pilot program for tactical vehicle safety data collection.Made in Order
751Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits any funds made available by this Act from being used to fund the Open Technology Fund at the United States Agency for Global Media.Submitted
752Version 1Auchincloss (MA)DemocratDirects DOD to report to Congress within one year on how to establish a process for alerting active and retired service members and their families about exposure to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) on military installations and the health risks they face as a result. Requires the report to include recommendations on the appropriate methods of notification.Made in Order
753Version 2Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratRevised Establishes an Office to Counter Domestic Violent Extremism within the Office of the Secretary of Defense to coordinate activities to address extremism in the ranks and as a threat to the force.Revised
754Version 1Auchincloss (MA)DemocratRequires the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to submit a report that evaluates the compliance of the Department of Defense with requirements relating to the submission of information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Submitted
755Version 1Brown (MD), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanAmends title 38, United States Code, to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to furnish headstones, markers, and medallions for graves of certain enslaved individuals and individuals who performed military functions despite ineligibility to serve in the Armed Forces.Submitted
756Version 1Steube (FL), Miller, Mary (IL), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of State to immediately submit to Congress a joint report with (1) a plan to remove U.S. persons from Afghanistan; and (2) a detailed list of DOD equipment and materials that were not fully dispositioned before the withdrawal from Afghanistan, along with the value of such equipment and materials.Submitted
757Version 7Jayapal (WA), Schakowsky (IL)DemocratRevised Requires a report on the feasibility, change in price, and equitable access of non-exclusive licensing and/or government-owned contractor-operated manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines or medical interventions developed by the Department of Defense, including the COVID-19 vaccine under development at the Walter Reed Army Institute for Research.Made in Order
758Version 1Levin, Andy (MI), Fitzpatrick (PA), Keating (MA), Cicilline (RI), Speier (CA), Khanna (CA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a Sense of Congress that companies must Stop Profits for Putin by urging Americans to exercise their free speech right to boycott companies operating in Russia that don't provide life-saving or health-related goods and services to the Russian people, condemning those companies still operating there, and commending those companies that have suspended or withdrawn.Made in Order
759Version 1Moore (WI)DemocratWithdrawn Requires a study on child and forced marriages.Withdrawn
760Version 2Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRevised Requires financial institutions to report certain credit application data to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the purposes to enforcing fair lending laws.Made in Order
761Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratRequires the Defense Suicide Prevention Office to establish a procedure for assessing suicide risk at military installations.Made in Order
762Version 1Moore (WI)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to do a study on the impact of military trauma and intimate partner violence on maternal health outcomes.Made in Order
763Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanAdds a Sense of Congress naming Taiwan a steadfast ally of the United States and asking that the Administration immediately rectify their decision to postpone the delivery of Howitzer artillery systems to Taiwan.Submitted
764Version 1Courtney (CT), Case (HI), Kilmer (WA), Norcross (NJ), Wittman (VA), Scott, Bobby (VA), Pingree (ME), Luria (VA)Bi-PartisanDirects a GAO review of the parity between the Federal Wage System and the prevailing wage rate for wage grade workers who maintain, repair, or help support those who maintain or repair US Navy ships or submarines at the four US Navy public shipyards or at naval bases in competitive job markets.Made in Order
765Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratAmends the Federal Assets Sale Transfer Act (FASTA) to add a requirement that properties cannot be sold or transferred if the sale would harm access to agency services — such as archives or records — by a federally recognized Tribe.Submitted
766Version 1Moore (WI)DemocratRequires Secretary of Defense to disseminate guidance provided by TRICARE on healthy relationships and routine assessment on intimate partner violence.Made in Order
767Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Phillips (MN), Jayapal (WA), Castro (TX), Porter (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Khanna (CA), Allred (TX), Levin, Andy (MI), Blumenauer (OR), Lieu (CA)DemocratAuthorizes additional funds of up to $20,000,000 for fiscal year 2023 and each year thereafter for the ongoing implementation of statutory due diligence and end-use monitoring requirements.Submitted
768Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to promulgate regulations to ensure that candidates granted admission to attend a military academy undergo screening for speech disorders and be provided the results of the screening test and a list of warfare unrestricted line (URL) Officer positions and occupation specialists that require successful performance on the speech test. Academy students shall have the option of undergoing speech therapy to reduce speech disorders or impediments.Made in Order
769Version 2Castro (TX)DemocratRevised Revises the payment process for certain civilians who receive treatment at military medical treatment facilities (MMTF) by creating a modified payment plan and directs the Defense Secretary to waive certain fees.Made in Order
770Version 1Langevin (RI), Gallagher (WI)Bi-PartisanRequires the Department of Homeland Security to designate Critical Technology Security Centers to evaluate and test the security of technologies essential to national critical functions.Made in Order
771Version 1Moore (WI)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to ensure the inclusion of midwives, lactation consultants, and other perinatal health workers as health care providers under the TRICARE program.Submitted
772Version 2Axne (IA), Timmons (SC)Bi-PartisanRevised Inserts the text of the Transition for Success Act (H.R. 4700), to expand the SkillBridge program to allow National Guard members to participate in the program.Made in Order
773Version 2Wenstrup (OH), Panetta (CA), Turner (OH), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanRevised Creates a 4-year pilot program that enables service secretaries to retain certain qualified specialists for which there is a critical shortage in the Ready Reserve. The pilot program allows qualified servicemembers (those who have more than 20 years of Active Duty service and a skill in which the Ready Reserve faces a critical shortage of personnel) to receive pay for Reserve duties while also receiving their already-earned pensions and, at the pilot program's conclusion, the service secretaries will submit to HASC and SASC a report including a recommendation of whether this pilot program should be made permanent.Revised
774Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Establishes a time frame for the production of Bank Secrecy Reports to Congress by requiring that the Secretary of the Treasury, upon the request of the congressional committees or subcommittees of appropriate jurisdiction, to deliver BSA reports to Congress not later than the end of a 30-day period beginning on the date such information is requested by Congress. Similarly, it would require that a financial institution, upon subpoena by the congressional committees or subcommittees of appropriate jurisdiction, to deliver BSA reports to Congress not later than the return date specified for such reports in the subpoena.Withdrawn
775Version 2Gottheimer (NJ), Fitzpatrick (PA), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Increases the DoD SkillBridge Program by $5 million, funds will be specifically used for law enforcement agencies to implement hiring programs for members of the military transitioning from service in the Armed Forces.Made in Order
776Version 1Garamendi (CA), Norcross (NJ)DemocratRequires DoD to provide standardized rules and transparency for base access for persons with valid reasons for entry.Made in Order
777Version 1Auchincloss (MA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires federal banking agencies to study and report on the challenges faced by entities attempting to become chartered depository institutions, particularly minority depository institutions and community development financial institutions, and to develop a strategic plan to assist in the application process.Withdrawn
778Version 1Axne (IA), Larsen, Rick (WA)DemocratInserts the text of the Flexibility in Addressing Rural Homelessness Act (H.R. 7196), to expand eligible uses of homelessness funding in rural areas.Made in Order
779Version 1Auchincloss (MA)DemocratWithdrawn Adds a sense of Congress that the Department of Defense should continue to abide by Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 10 as it considers all acquisitions.Withdrawn
780Version 1Castor (FL), Escobar (TX)DemocratRequires that facility construction plans for parking provide electric vehicle charging capability for at least 15% of motor vehicles to be parked at the facility.Made in Order
781Version 2Dunn (FL), Soto (FL), Graves, Garret (LA), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to reimburse state and local governments and electric cooperatives for interest incurred on Stafford Act disaster-related loans.Revised
782Version 2Beyer (VA), Garamendi (CA), Tlaib (MI)DemocratRevised Lists an unclassified Nuclear Posture Review and unclassified summary of the Analysis of Alternatives for the SLCM-N as additional required submission in Section 1634.Made in Order
783Version 1Obernolte, Jay (CA), Herrell (NM), Gonzales, Tony (TX), Moore, Blake (UT)RepublicanRequires GAO to report on difficultly of filling civilian support services jobs at remote or isolated military installations.Made in Order
784Version 1Wexton (VA)DemocratRequires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study on the feasibility and benefits of establishing returnship programs for the DOD civilian workforce.Made in Order
785Version 1Courtney (CT), Gallagher (WI), Moore, Blake (UT), Wittman (VA)Bi-PartisanAdds the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Australia to the definition of a “Domestic Source” under the Defense Production Act (DPA). This amendment would align the DPA with the current legal definition of the National Technology and Industrial Base (NTIB), which added the UK and Australia to its definition in the 2017 NDAA.Made in Order
786Version 1Garamendi (CA), Norcross (NJ)DemocratRequires DoD to standardize procedures for all personnel who require valid base access.Made in Order
787Version 1Wilson, Joe (SC), Boyle (PA), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX)Bi-PartisanProhibits any Federal department or agency from taking action or extending any assistance that implies recognition of Bashar al-Assad or the al-Assad regime in Syria.Submitted
788Version 3Auchincloss (MA)DemocratRevised Directs the Comptroller General to submit a report to the defense committees with its assessment of a 2019 GAO study on contract financing and profit policies, including an evaluation of the tools and authorities the Department has available to ensure fair and reasonable pricing of commercial products and services.Made in Order
789Version 1Johnson, Hank (GA), Lee, Barbara (CA), Cherfilus-McCormick (FL), Norton (DC), Meng (NY)DemocratRequests a report from the Office of the Secretary of Defense on efforts made by the Department of Defense to increase recruitment marketing and advertising with minority owned media outlets and advertising agencies.Made in Order
790Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanAdds eligibility for the Vietnam Service Medal for veterans who participated in Operation End Sweep.Made in Order
791Version 2Khanna (CA)DemocratRevised Provides that no funds may be used to implement or carry out the goals of any security guarantees or assurances with the Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates that is signed after July 1, 2022 without congressional approval insofar as such an agreement 1) commits the US to deploy additional U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or for regional combat operations in defense of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates or 2) build additional United States military installations as part of the terms of the agreement.Revised
792Version 2Casten (IL), Crow (CO), Welch (VT), Gallego (AZ), Moulton (MA), Cleaver (MO), Bonamici (OR), Slotkin (MI)DemocratRevised Enhances the Department of Defense’s capacity to improve energy resilience and realize cost-savings by bolstering their energy security workforce, reporting on the transition to alternative fuel vehicles, and studying the impact of the Department supply chain.Revised
793Version 1Moore, Barry (AL)RepublicanClarifies DOD policy to grant TRICARE benefits and a pro-rated retirement to military chaplains retired under title 10 USC, with less than 20 years of service, upon attaining the age of 62.Submitted
794Version 1Torres, Norma (CA), Porter (CA)DemocratReinstates standard Congressional Notification procedures for the export of certain items to foreign countries.Made in Order
795Version 1Higgins, Brian (NY), Malliotakis (NY)Bi-PartisanAmends Section 308703 of title 54, United States Code, to authorize the appropriation of $10,000,000 for the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program for FY23 and FY24.Made in Order
796Version 1Wilson, Joe (SC), Gottheimer (NJ)Bi-PartisanProhibits defense appropriations from being distributed directly or indirectly to the Badr Organization in Iraq.Made in Order
797Version 1Graves, Garret (LA), Kilmer (WA)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes Members of the House of Representatives who have experienced a disruption in normal operations of the offices, including due to a major disaster or a national security incident, to employ 2 additional permanent employees for a period of 2 years to assist offices with an increased volume of casework.Submitted
798Version 2Schakowsky (IL), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Tlaib (MI), Bush, Cori (MO), Omar (MN), Norton (DC)DemocratRevised Cuts security assistance to Honduras.Revised
799Version 1Pfluger (TX), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Stewart (UT), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanProhibits companies controlled by members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from being eligible for grant and critical mineral programmatic opportunities in DOE, DOI, Commerce, and DOD.Submitted
800Version 1Manning (NC)DemocratClarifies that parents of children at Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools have the right to be informed of the results of drinking water testing at school facilities.Made in Order
801Version 1Schakowsky (IL), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Tlaib (MI), Bush, Cori (MO), Omar (MN), Norton (DC), Castro (TX)DemocratCuts security assistance to Guatemala.Submitted
802Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratCalls on the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately end violations of the human rights, and facilitate the unconditional, immediate release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and authorizes the Secretary of State to continue to provide assistance to civil society organizations that support political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.Made in Order
803Version 4Johnson, Dusty (SD)RepublicanRevised Modifies the DoD Impact Aid Large Scale Rebasing Program to increase the change in enrollment to 500 students between FY23-28, include projected enrollment growth per a signed record of decision, require at least 20 percent of enrolled students to be military dependents, and revise the maximum disbursement to a school district to $15 million.Made in Order
804Version 2Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on the U.N. arms embargo on its effectiveness in constraining Iran's ability to supply, sell, or transfer, directly or indirectly, arms or related material when the arms embargo was in place. Requires an assessment on the measures that DoD and DoS are taking, in the absence of a U.N. arms embargo on Iran, to constrain Iranian arms proliferation.Made in Order
805Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratCreates a mechanism, called the Human Rights and Law of War Oversight Board, to assess a country's risk of violating certain principles of responsible behavior and compliance with human rights and law of war when purchasing U.S. weapons.Submitted
806Version 1Feenstra (IA), Bustos (IL), Bost (IL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Fischbach (MN), Axne (IA)Bi-PartisanRemoves criteria from the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Pilot program which specifies that the sustainable fuel comes domestic feedstock sources that are "non-food".Submitted
807Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratDirects the U.S. Coast Guard to establish a pilot program to issue AMBER Alert-style alerts to the public to facilitate the public’s cooperation in rendering aid to distressed individuals on and under the high seas, on and under the waters over which the U.S. has jurisdiction, and imperiled by flood. The Coast Guard will operate this pilot program within three different Coast Guard sectors in diverse geographic regions across the country.Made in Order
808Version 1Sánchez (CA), Mace (SC)Bi-PartisanExtends consumer credit protections to active duty armed and uniformed consumers in a combat zone, aboard a U.S. vessel, or away from their usual duty stations and prohibits the inclusion on a consumer report of adverse credit information that occurred while a uniformed consumer was serving.Made in Order
809Version 2Schakowsky (IL)DemocratRevised Establishes a preference for Department of Defense offerors that meet certain requirements pertaining to labor relations.Made in Order
810Version 1Castor (FL), Crist (FL), Demings (FL), Wasserman Schultz (FL), Salazar (FL), Gaetz (FL), Wilson, Frederica (FL)Bi-PartisanProhibits oil drilling, leasing, preleasing and any related activities in certain areas off the coasts of Florida permanently.Submitted
811Version 1Waters (CA), Beatty (OH), Auchincloss (MA), Cleaver (MO), Meeks (NY)DemocratWithdrawn Adds programs and reforms included in H.R. 2543 to strengthen minority depository institutions (MDIs) and community development financial institutions (CDFIs), including authorizing $4B for more capital investments and grants, and reforms to encourage more investments, deposits, and partnerships to support MDIs and CDFIs.Withdrawn
812Version 1Pfluger (TX), Panetta (CA), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Defense to include information in its reporting to Congress on (1) how Russian private military companies are being utilized to advance the political, economic, and military interests of the Russian Federation; (2) the direct or indirect threats Russian private military companies present to United States security interests; and (3) how sanctions that are currently in place to impede or deter Russian PMCs from continuing their malign activities have impacted the Russian PMCs’ behavior; and list any foreign persons engaged significantly with Russian PMCs.Made in Order
813Version 1Sánchez (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Authorizes not more than $5,000,000 to the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence to enhance capability, cooperation, and information sharing on strategic communications within NATO.Withdrawn
814Version 3Titus (NV), Ross (NC), Slotkin (MI)DemocratRevised Requires a report from the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment on status of certification efforts to replace AFFF on military installations (as required by 2020 NDAA); as well as a report on the prevalence of PFAS contamination from non-AFFF sources on military installations.Made in Order
815Version 2Hill, French (AR), Lawson (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the President to report to Congress regularly on the financial assets held by the senior government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the financial institutions holding those funds.Revised
816Version 1Herrell (NM)RepublicanRequires a report and recommendation on barriers to domestic manufacturing of medical products and devices that are imported from outside of the United States and are critical during a public health emergency.Submitted
817Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Wilson, Joe (SC), Schiff (CA), Porter (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Dingell (MI), Tlaib (MI)Bi-PartisanProhibits security sector assistance authorized under 10 USC 333 and Sec. 660 of Foreign Assistance Act to the Tunisia military until relevant departments certify that narrow conditions related to democratic backsliding are meet.Submitted
818Version 3Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised Requires both a briefing and a report be delivered to Members on HASC, HFAC, and NATO PA’s US delegation on how the DoD is working with the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence to improve NATO’s ability to counter and mitigate disinformation.Made in Order
819Version 2Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-affiliated operatives abroad and the ways in which DoD, in coordination with DoS, is working with partner nations to inform them of the threat posed by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-affiliated officials, who are operatives of a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).Made in Order
820Version 1Schakowsky (IL)DemocratWithdrawn Lowers the TINA threshold from $2 million to $750,000, in line with the historic number, ensuring that DOD is getting accurate pricing data so it can make the best purchasing choices.Withdrawn
821Version 2Titus (NV)DemocratRevised Orders quarterly briefings for Congressional defense committees, tracking Department of Defense efforts to support replenishment and revitalization of stocks of defensive and offensive weaponry provided to Ukraine by the United States. Requires briefings to Congressional defense committees, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Department of Defense is working to advance replenishment of weapons to our allies and partners who have provided weapons to Ukraine.Made in Order
822Version 2Bacon (NE), Stefanik (NY), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanRevised Updates the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA) to ensure proper congressional oversight on any agreements related to Iran's nuclear program by updating existing statute to ensure continued relevance, and strengthening reporting requirements.Revised
823Version 4Smith, Adam (WA), Rogers, Mike (AL)Bi-PartisanRevised Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to establish a revolving fund to procure high-demand munitions in advance of the transfer of such munitions to eligible foreign countries in anticipation of supporting sustained contingency operations in Ukraine.Made in Order
824Version 2Lawrence (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Authorizes the Department of Defense and Department of State to transfer funds for the purposes of combatting Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism (REMVE).Withdrawn
825Version 1Tlaib (MI), Newman (IL), Rush (IL), Torres, Ritchie (NY), Barragán (CA), Titus (NV), Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratDirects the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to issue a report to Congress on the Department’s compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule in military installations, military housing, and privatized military housing within one year of enactment. Following this report, DOD compliance with Lead and Copper Rule will be reported annually in the Defense Environmental Programs report to Congress.Made in Order
826Version 1Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanWaives any expectation of repayment of any travel expenses incurred by the Department of State or Department of Defense on behalf of any United States citizen or lawful permanent resident evacuated from Afghanistan and repatriated to the United States.Submitted
827Version 1Murphy, Gregory (NC), Wittman (VA)RepublicanFeasibility study for dual jetty system at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina.Submitted
828Version 1DeFazio (OR), Graves, Sam (MO)Bi-PartisanAdds the Don Young Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2022, which reauthorizes the Coast Guard and includes report requirements, demonstration program authorizations, and new regulatory mandates for the Coast Guard that will help them better execute their missions. Strengthens and supports the United States Coast Guard in its critical missions to save lives, safeguard our shores, protect living marine resources, and help ensure a 21st century maritime transportation system for America. Includes important provisions to better protect U.S. mariners out at sea from sexual harassment and sexual assault.Made in Order
829Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 222, regarding the establishment of a pilot program for research and development of “plant-based protein” for sailors in the US Navy.Submitted
830Version 1Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratWithdrawn Requires that the Center of Excellence in Civilian Harm Mitigation ensures that lessons learned from civilian harm assessments are reflected in updated doctrine, policies, procedures, and practices. Requires that the Center engage with civil society no less than biannually to ensure that U.S. government efforts to improve civilian harm policies and practices are informed by the experiences and needs of civilians affected by military operations of the United States and partner countries.Withdrawn
831Version 1Golden (ME)DemocratAllows the Wabanaki Nations in Maine to access future federal laws that are passed by Congress for the benefit of Indian tribes. Four Indian tribes (Maliseet, Micmac, Penobscot, and Passamaquoddy) make up the Wabanaki Nations. Currently, these tribes are unable to access certain federal laws and related benefits because such laws are preempted by the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act of 1980.Made in Order
832Version 2Blumenauer (OR), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)Bi-PartisanRevised Helps protect communities around the country by improving the Federal Emergency Management Agency's preparation for, and response to, climate disasters.Made in Order
833Version 1Sherrill (NJ), Bice (OK), Horsford (NV), Reschenthaler (PA)Bi-PartisanAmends the DoD's OTA authority to allow for prototyping for DoD installations and facilities engineering.Made in Order
834Version 1Levin, Andy (MI), Khanna (CA), Slotkin (MI)DemocratRequires the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to submit a report to Congress on the progress of the Department's implementation of on-site PFAS destruction technologies not requiring incineration and extends the moratorium on PFAS incineration enacted in the FY22 NDAA.Made in Order
835Version 1Butterfield (NC), Hudson (NC), Bishop, Dan (NC), Rouzer (NC), Adams (NC), Budd (NC), Ross (NC), Price (NC), Murphy, Gregory (NC)Bi-PartisanExtends federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and makes its members eligible for the services and benefits provided to members of federally recognized tribes.Submitted
836Version 2Herrell (NM), Posey (FL), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Prohibits federal agencies from funding research in the People's Republic of China or any agent or instrumentality related to the government of the People's Republic of China.Revised
837Version 1Cárdenas (CA), Sherman (CA), Schiff (CA), Bilirakis (FL), Pallone (NJ), Valadao (CA), Lofgren (CA), Levin, Andy (MI), Chu (CA), Lieu (CA), Tlaib (MI), Speier (CA), Sánchez (CA), Eshoo (CA), Cicilline (RI), Langevin (RI), Lawrence (MI), Slotkin (MI), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Titus (NV)Bi-PartisanCreates a report on Azerbaijan's activities in Nagorno Karabakh in 2020 to be submitted to Congress by the Secretary of Defense in consultation with the Secretary of State.Made in Order
838Version 3Golden (ME), Porter (CA), Gosar (AZ), Gallagher (WI)Bi-PartisanRevised Imposes a lifetime ban on former U.S. military officers, presidents, vice presidents, senior executive branch officials, and members of Congress from lobbying for foreign principals.Revised
839Version 2Panetta (CA), Flores, Mayra (TX)Bi-PartisanRevised Requests a review of the definition, ‘‘Department of Defense Cyberspace Operations Forces,” to include an assessment of DoD components conducting defensive cyberspace operations which are not currently included in such definition.Made in Order
840Version 1Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanEstablishes a China Watcher Program to monitor and combat the People's Republic of China's malign influence across military, economic, and political sectors in foreign countries. Monitors the People’s Republic of China’s military trends abroad and counter its activities and advancements in foreign nations that pose a threat to United States interests and the rules-based order.Submitted
841Version 2Moulton (MA)DemocratRevised Requires a report of lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine War to include an analysis of the capabilities, tactics, and techniques used by both parties.Made in Order
842Version 2O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratRevised Inserts the text of the Blackwater Trading Post Land Transfer Act (H.R. 478), plus CERCLA protections.Made in Order
843Version 1Ryan (OH), Palazzo (MS), Kahele (HI), Kelly, Trent (MS), Bishop, Sanford (GA), Brown (MD), Stefanik (NY)Bi-PartisanRequires a GAO study to identify barriers in accessing EFMP benefits within the Guard and Reserve.Made in Order
844Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 231, which authorizes funding for an alternative protein research and development program.Submitted
845Version 1Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratWithdrawn Adds authority for the Center of Excellence in Civilian Harm Mitigation to conduct post-strike assessments and investigations of suspected harm to civilians, including wherever possible interviews with victims and survivors, in consultation with civil society organizations and relevant United States government agencies, and when necessary, referring such assessments and investigations to the appropriate components of the Department of Defense, including the Office of the Inspector General.Withdrawn
846Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Curtis (UT), Spanberger (VA), Titus (NV), Wilson, Joe (SC), Cohen (TN), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Sense of Congress expressing desire for State Department and other relevant agencies to use their voice and vote to remove Russia from the Kimberley Process and requires a report from relevant agencies on the implementation of sanctions on Russian diamond companies by our allies and partners.Made in Order
847Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Gallagher (WI), Fitzpatrick (PA), Stewart (UT)Bi-PartisanRequires placement on Commerce Department's Entity List and Treasury’s Non-SDN Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies List of those foreign companies listed on US exchanges that undermine US foreign policy related to Russia/Ukraine and counter-surveillance, and that maintain links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).Submitted
848Version 1Burgess (TX), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanRequires the Afghanistan War Commission created in the FY22 NDAA to study the planning and execution of the withdrawal of Armed Forces from Afghanistan in August 2021.Submitted
849Version 1Herrell (NM)RepublicanMaintains the stringency of COVID-19 border health protections through the end of the public health emergency declared for COVID-19.Submitted
850Version 1Bacon (NE)RepublicanProvides a statement of policy that the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 does not constrain the deployment of United States or NATO forces in any way.Made in Order
851Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires a report from Sec. of State, in coordination with SECDEF, on feasibility and advisability of establishing a headquarters and country offices for the members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.Submitted
852Version 1Waltz (FL), Kaptur (OH), Bacon (NE), Norton (DC), Fitzpatrick (PA), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Crow (CO), Cohen (TN), Kim, Young (CA)Bi-PartisanProhibits the U.S. government from contracting with any company that has business with the Russian Federation, or any natural gas, oil, and coal company operating in Russia, and includes national security and humanitarian exemptions.Submitted
853Version 1Bishop, Dan (NC), Good (VA), Posey (FL), Duncan (SC), Weber (TX), Norman (SC), Buck (CO), Van Drew (NJ), Crenshaw (TX), Harshbarger (TN), Perry (PA), Buchanan (FL), Gaetz (FL), Franklin (FL), Roy (TX), Hern (OK), Davidson (OH), Budd (NC), Clyde (GA), Palazzo (MS), Grothman (WI), Higgins, Clay (LA), Tiffany, Thomas (WI)RepublicanProhibits the Armed Forces and academic institutions operated or controlled by the Department of Defense from promoting Critical Race Theory.Submitted
854Version 2Mace (SC), Carson (IN)Bi-PartisanRevised Establishes a pilot program to improve military readiness through nutrition and wellness initiatives.Made in Order
855Version 1Sánchez (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Adds a sense of Congress about the impact that climate change has already had and will continue to have on our security, as well as supporting multilateral efforts aiming to find global and comprehensive solutions to climate change challenges.Withdrawn
856Version 2Langevin (RI), Ross (NC), Escobar (TX)DemocratRevised Allows for admission of essential scientists and technical experts to promote and protect the national security innovation base.Made in Order
857Version 1Waltz (FL), Kaptur (OH), Bacon (NE), Norton (DC), Fitzpatrick (PA), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Crow (CO), Cohen (TN), Kim, Young (CA)Bi-PartisanProhibits the Department of Defense from contracting with any company that has business with the Russian federation, or any natural gas, oil, and coal company operating in Russia, and includes national security and humanitarian exemptions.Submitted
858Version 1Spanberger (VA), Garbarino (NY), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanDirects the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to develop performance measures and targets for the National Drug Control Strategy for the Southwest Border, Northern Border, and Caribbean Border Counternarcotics Supplemental Strategies to effectively evaluate region-specific goals. These performance measures and targets may evaluate interdiction efforts at and between ports of entry, interdiction technology, intelligence sharing, diplomacy, and other appropriate metrics as determined by the ONDCP Director.Made in Order
859Version 1Burgess (TX)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress every 6 months on the DoD plan for responding to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.Made in Order
860Version 1Tenney, Claudia (NY), Pfluger (TX), Gottheimer (NJ), Fitzpatrick (PA), Wild (PA)Bi-PartisanRestricts the ability of covered entities (owned, directed, controlled, financed, or influenced directly or indirectly by the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the CCP, or the Chinese military) from using federal funds from engaging, entering into, and awarding public works contracts.Made in Order
861Version 1Bacon (NE), Kahele (HI)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Directs an independent study and report on the effect of pass-through budgeting on the Department of the Air Force.Withdrawn
862Version 1Sánchez (CA)DemocratDirects the Permanent Representative to NATO to advocate for adequate resources towards understanding and communicating the threat posed by climate change to allied civil security, support the establishment of a NATO Centre of Excellence for Climate and Security, advocate for an in-depth critical assessment of NATO’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, and communicate the core security challenge posed by climate change as articulated in NATO’s strategic concept.Made in Order
863Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Eshoo (CA), Lofgren (CA), Porter (CA), Khanna (CA)DemocratProhibits federal agencies from encouraging the weakening of encryption or insertion of backdoors on commercially-available phones, computers, and devices. This provision passed House in FY22 NDAA.Made in Order
864Version 2Castro (TX)DemocratRevised Limits contract authority with entertainment-oriented media unless contract includes provisions include consideration of diversity.Made in Order
865Version 2Tonko (NY), Torres, Ritchie (NY), Espaillat (NY), Bowman (NY), Velázquez (NY), Maloney, Sean (NY), Malinowski (NJ), Meng (NY), Gottheimer (NJ), Rice, Kathleen (NY), Pascrell (NJ), Jones, Mondaire (NY), Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Suozzi (NY), Malliotakis (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Establishes a grant program to coordinate and fund restoration activities that increase coastal resilience, promote healthy fish and wildlife habitats, improve water quality, increase public access, and support monitoring and research in the New York-New Jersey Watershed, and authorizes $20 million per year for Fiscal Years 23-28.Made in Order
866Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 516, which would establish a consent requirement of the chief executive of a state or the Mayor of the District of Columbia to sign off on full-time National Guard operations that take place in such locations when requested by the President or Secretary of Defense.Submitted
867Version 1Sánchez (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Directs DOD to research and communicate the threat posed by climate change on our security.Withdrawn
868Version 5Meeks (NY), Chabot (OH), Levin, Andy (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Authorizes humanitarian assistance and civil society support, promotes democracy and human rights, and imposes targeted sanctions with respect to human rights abuses in Burma.Made in Order
869Version 1Crenshaw (TX), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanAmends the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to allow Americans physically or financially harmed by COVID-19 to sue the Chinese Communist Party for their deliberate concealment and distortion of the existence and nature of COVID-19 as a public health emergency.Submitted
870Version 2Garcia, Jesús (IL), Himes (CT)Democratund to support a one-year review of the Fund’s Surcharge Policy and a suspension of surcharges for the duration of the review. The IMF requires countries to pay surcharges on top of principal and interest for loans that are judged overly large or held for too long, and many countries—including Ukraine—owe tens of millions of dollars in surcharges each month. The review should consider whether surcharges effectively deter countries from borrowing, encourage lending from China, or otherwise undermine the IMF’s mission.Made in Order
871Version 2Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised Requests a report and briefing from the Administration about the extent to which the US Government knew that the Colombian military was targeting union workers while sending US aid to Colombia. Asks the Secretary to work towards declassifying relevant documents.Revised
872Version 1Ross (NC), Mace (SC), Fitzpatrick (PA), Norton (DC), Titus (NV), Kuster (NH), McEachin (VA), Stansbury (NM)Bi-PartisanClarifies the scope of the PFAS Data Reporting from the 2020 NDAA.Made in Order
873Version 1Kildee (MI), O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratExpresses a Sense of Congress that the Deputy Chief Financial Officer should ensure that DOD designate all representatives to the Fraud Reduction Task Force as quickly as possible.Made in Order
874Version 1Connolly (VA)DemocratReduces the sunset provision for Section 5112(c) of the Department of State Authorization Act of 2021 (Division E of Public Law 117–81) from 2 years to 1 year.Made in Order
875Version 1DeGette (CO), Huffman (CA), Schiff (CA), Kilmer (WA), Carbajal (CA), Chu (CA), Leger Fernandez (NM)DemocratAdds the text of Titles I - VI of the Protecting America's Wilderness and Public Lands Act, and adds the text of the Cerro de la Olla Wilderness Establishment Act.Made in Order
876Version 1Torres, Norma (CA), Carson (IN), Welch (VT), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRequires the Dir. of OMB to categorize public safety telecommunicators as a protective service occupation under the Standard Occupational Classification System.Made in Order
877Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires a report to be produced and shared with countries participating in China's One Belt, One Road Initiative on the negative long term financial and political costs associated with their participation.Submitted
878Version 1Beatty (OH)DemocratWithdrawn Codifies the Treasury Dept.’s Financial Agent Mentor-Protégé Program, providing Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) and other small financial institutions with mentorship opportunities from larger institutions.Withdrawn
879Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratWithdrawn Directs the Department of Defense to develop and submit a report to Congress on the security implications of climate change, with the report findings incorporated in relevant defense and homeland security planning documents.Withdrawn
880Version 1Dingell (MI)DemocratRequires the GAO to conduct a study on the efforts of the Department of Veterans Affairs relating to post-market surveillance of implantable medical devices.Made in Order
881Version 2Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on the threat of aerial drones and unmanned aircraft to United States national security and an assessment of the unmanned traffic management systems of every military base and installation (within and outside the United States) to determine whether the base or installation is adequately equipped to detect, disable, and disarm hostile or unidentified unmanned aerial systems.Made in Order
882Version 1Gallagher (WI), Sherrill (NJ), Murphy, Stephanie (FL), Panetta (CA), Larsen, Rick (WA), Luria (VA)Bi-PartisanRequires a tabletop exercise testing the effectiveness of the whole-of-government United States response to the invasion of a covered defense partner in the Indo-Pacific.Made in Order
883Version 1Lynch (MA)DemocratRequires Secretary of Defense to develop a plan, including eligibility criteria, regarding reimbursement of service members and veterans who have expended personal funds in support of evacuation of Afghan nationals who previously supported military or reconstructions missions of the U.S. in Afghanistan.Made in Order
884Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires the Secretary of the Treasury and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to produce information on predatory Chinese investment and share those materials with foreign governments.Submitted
885Version 1Jones, Mondaire (NY)DemocratProhibits DoD officers and employees from participating in deliberations or actions likely to impact financial interests of any organization or former direct competitor or client of any organization for which the DoD officer or employee has served with or been employed by in the past four years.Submitted
886Version 1Jackson, Ronny (TX), Panetta (CA)Bi-PartisanModifies the requirements for NNSA to no longer require a line item authorization from Congress prior to conducting Phase 1.Made in Order
887Version 2Wild (PA)DemocratRevised Requires the Department of Defense to develop a strategy in coordination with the State Department to improve security partner cooperation, increase the safety of United States personnel in partner countries, and increase the safety of the personnel of such countries, by working to improve partner military operations.Made in Order
888Version 1Crenshaw (TX), Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanRequires a review and report on statutes, rules, and regulations which limit domestic exploration and extraction of rare earth elements.Submitted
889Version 1Moulton (MA)DemocratEstablishes a permanent Special Immigrant Visa program for individuals employed by, or on behalf of, the United States Government in eligible theaters of combat operations; permits the Secretary of State to designate countries with theaters of combat operations for eligibility.Submitted
890Version 1Tenney, Claudia (NY)RepublicanRequires a report on the full range of capabilities of Department of Defense entities responsible for quantum computing research and an assessment of Department of Defense entities responsible for quantum computing research to determine if quantum personnel are properly trained and equipped got conduct quantum computing research.Submitted
891Version 1Cohen (TN), Curtis (UT), Malinowski (NJ), Wilson, Joe (SC), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanAdds the Justice for Victims of Kleptocracy Act, which directs the Department of Justice to create a website that lists by country the amount of money that has been stolen from the citizens of kleptocratic regimes and recovered by US law enforcement. Adds the Foreign Corruption Accountability Act, which authorizes visa bans on foreign persons who use state power to engage in acts of corruption against any private persons and publicly names them.Made in Order
892Version 1Cammack, Kat (FL), Tiffany, Thomas (WI), Franklin (FL), Wilson, Joe (SC), Gimenez (FL), Ferguson (GA), Balderson (OH)RepublicanAuthorizes $5 million annually for fiscal years 2023, 2024, and 2025 for international military education and training with Taiwan.Submitted
893Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Sires (NJ), Castro (TX), Wild (PA), Omar (MN), Johnson, Hank (GA), Vargas (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of State to review actions by Brazilian armed forces related to that country's October 2022 presidential elections and to consider such actions under statutory guardrails on US assistance.Made in Order
894Version 1Carbajal (CA), Gonzales, Tony (TX), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanInstructs the Department of Defense to assess the availability of local infant and early childhood mental health services on or near military installations, requires a review of best practices, and authorizes a workforce development curriculum with the purpose of improving the quality and availability of mental health services for children and infants of military families.Made in Order
895Version 2Meeks (NY)DemocratRevised Requires the Department of State, in coordination with the Department of Defense, to submit to relevant committees a feasibility study on United States support for and participation in the International Counterterrorism Academy in Cote d'Ivoire (AILCT).Made in Order
896Version 1Jones, Mondaire (NY)DemocratExtends the prohibition on lobbying activities with respect to the Department of Defense after separation from military service or employment from two years to four years for officers and employees at the O-7 grade or higher.Submitted
897Version 1Crenshaw (TX), Pfluger (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanExpresses the sense of Congress that the People's Republic of China is a fully industrialized nation and that all international agreements that provide benefit to the PRC as a "developing nation" should be updated.Made in Order
898Version 1Dean (PA)DemocratProhibits a debt collector from representing to service members that failure to cooperate with a debt collector will result in a reduction of rank, a revocation of security clearance, or military prosecution. The Government Accountability Office must report on the impact of this prohibition on the timely delivery of information to service members, military readiness, and national security.Made in Order
899Version 1Kelly, Trent (MS), Posey (FL)RepublicanExpands Veterans Community Care Clinic program to include heath care providers at institutions of higher learning approved for educational assistance furnished by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Student veterans enrolled at an institution of higher learning will be able to receive medical services and treatment through their on-campus clinic or hospitals to avoid excessive travel and reimbursement of travel costs to VA facilities.Submitted
900Version 2Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRevised Expresses the sense of Congress that there is a need for the establishment of a Negotiations Support Unit at the Department of State.Revised
901Version 2Cammack, Kat (FL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Wilson, Joe (SC), Gimenez (FL), Balderson (OH)RepublicanRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State and the heads of other appropriate Federal departments and agencies, to submit a report to the appropriate congressional committees on Taiwan’s cyber defense and resilience capabilities; and provides a sense of Congress regarding US support for Taiwan.Revised
902Version 1Takano (CA), Chu (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Strickland (WA), Gottheimer (NJ), Kim (NJ)Bi-PartisanExpands access to hospital and domiciliary care and medical services to South Korean veterans now living in the United States who served as a member of the Korean Armed Forces during the Vietnam War under VA's existing authority to serve allied beneficiaries.Made in Order
903Version 2Pfluger (TX), Wenstrup (OH), Van Duyne (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanRevised Requires the Department of Defense to notify state, local, and federal officials not later than 90 days after deciding to use, create, or repurpose a military base to house migrants.Revised
904Version 1Jones, Mondaire (NY), Takano (CA), Lieu (CA), Kahele (HI), Meng (NY), Chu (CA)DemocratRequires the Department of Defense to submit a plan to assess, review, and provide recommendations to address anti-Asian bias, discrimination, and harassment and to implement the recommendations; and provides a sense of Congress regarding the service of Asian Americans in the Department of Defense.Made in Order
905Version 1Himes (CT), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Stewart (UT)Bi-PartisanRequires a report to be summitted to Congressional defense committees on best practices to determine how to track and monitor United States defense articles and defense services made available to Ukraine. Within 180 days from the submission of the report, the best practices and recommendations identified in such report shall be implemented.Made in Order
906Version 2Guest (MS)RepublicanRevised Prohibits divestiture of any Tactical Control Party specialist force structure from the Air National Guard until the Chief of the National Guard Bureau provides a report to the congressional defense committees describing the capability gaps caused by such divestiture and its impact on the Department of Defense to execute the National Defense Strategy, as well as the impacts on the Army National Guard's operational capabilities.Made in Order
907Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires Sec. of State reporting on what is needed to provide access to free and uncensored media in the Chinese market.Made in Order
908Version 1Gallagher (WI), Gallego (AZ)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a secure system for receiving reports of events, programs, or activities relating to unidentified aerial phenomena.Made in Order
909Version 1Malinowski (NJ)DemocratAuthorizes transfer of two excess naval vessels to the Egyptian Navy, subject to certification from the President that the Government of Egypt is not engaged in activity subject to sanctions under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act; that the Egyptian crews operating the vessels have not committed human rights abuses; and that the Government of Egypt is no longer unlawfully or wrongfully detaining US nationals or lawful permanent residents.Made in Order
910Version 1Spanberger (VA)DemocratCreates the presumption that veteran firefighters who become disabled by serious diseases — including heart disease, lung disease, and certain cancers — contracted the illness due to their service in the military.Submitted
911Version 2Williams (GA), Johnson, Hank (GA), Bishop, Sanford (GA), Bourdeaux (GA), McBath (GA), Scott, David (GA), Carter, Buddy (GA), Clyde (GA)Bi-PartisanRevised Expresses that Congress has heard with profound sorrow of the death of the Honorable Joseph Maxwell Cleland, who served with courage and sacrifice in combat in the Vietnam War; unwavering dedication to Georgia as a State Senator, Secretary of State, and Senator; and honorable service to the United States and veterans of the United States through his lifetime of public service and tenure as Administrator of the Veterans Administration.Made in Order
912Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanProhibits the use of research, development, test, and evaluation funding on electric vehicles, electric vehicle chargers, and photovoltaic technology.Submitted
913Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratAdds "the benefits of portable licenses interstate licensure compacts for military spouses" to the list of elements discussed at an industry roundtable convened by the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.Made in Order
914Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratRequires China-based issuers of securities which fulfill certain exemptions from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to submit basic information to the SEC regarding the issuer.Made in Order
915Version 1Frankel (FL), Waltz (FL), Bilirakis (FL)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Authorizes grants for colleges and universities across the country to establish new Student Troop Centers and to improve existing ones.Withdrawn
916Version 1Cammack, Kat (FL), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanAuthorizes the Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) under the Department of Homeland Security to establish a human trafficking awareness training program for State, local, Tribal, territorial, and educational institution law enforcement personnel within FLETC. Authorizes $2.3 million per year for fiscal years 2023 through 2028 to carry out the program.Made in Order
917Version 1Dean (PA)DemocratDirects the holder of a private education loan to discharge the loan in the event of the borrower's death or total and permanent disability. The obligation of a cosigner for a private education loan is also discharged in the event of total and permanent disability of the borrower.Submitted
918Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanStrikes section 315, Pilot Program on Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.Submitted
919Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRequires Sec. of State reporting on Chinese information operations (IO), use of coercive measures to control narratives, and use of IO domestically and regionally with recommendations on how to counteract Chinese IO.Submitted
920Version 1Perry (PA), Miller, Mary (IL)RepublicanStrikes section 2879, Contributions for climate resilience for North Atlantic Treaty Organizations Security Investment.Submitted
921Version 3Sánchez (CA)DemocratRevised Requests that the Department of Defense produce a report on the spread of malign disinformation within the ranks and ways in which the Department is currently working to mitigate the spread of - and impact of - malign disinformation.Made in Order
922Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Amends the Securities Exchange Act to require the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation to provide educational resources and host events to promote capital raising options for traditionally underserved small businesses.Withdrawn
923Version 3Ross (NC), Miller-Meeks (IA), Lofgren (CA), Salazar (FL), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Fitzpatrick (PA), Meuser (PA), Axne (IA), Sánchez (CA), Davis, Danny K. (IL), Kim, Young (CA), Soto (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Amends the Child Status Protection Act to protect dependent children of green card applicants and long-term dependent children of employment based nonimmigrants from aging out of our legal immigration system.Made in Order
924Version 1Feenstra (IA), Axne (IA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Program to look into technology-based solutions to weather radar issues created by obstructions.Made in Order
925Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanProhibits TRICARE from covering and the Department of Defense from furnishing sex reassignment surgeries and gender hormone treatments for transgender individuals.Submitted
926Version 1McCaul (TX), Ellzey, Jake (TX), Steil (WI), Ross (NC), Cohen (TN)Bi-PartisanExpands eligibility for the streamlined permitting process known as Fast-41 to include certain key technology industries that impact national security.Submitted
927Version 3Bass (CA), Meeks (NY), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of State to issue a report to Congress within 180 days on U.S. efforts to enhance engagement with Niger by advancing democracy and human rights, regional security and counter terrorism, and food security as a key component of U.S. strategy toward the Sahel region of Africa, given that Niger is a model in the Sahel for transitioning from longstanding military governance and a cycle of coups to a democratic, civilian-led form of government.Made in Order
928Version 1Smith, Christopher (NJ), Clyde (GA)RepublicanEnsures that a discharge of a member of the Armed Forces must be characterized as honorable in situations where the individual was discharged or dismissed solely for refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.Submitted
929Version 1Aguilar (CA)DemocratRequires all computer-based counseling under Military Spouse Transition Program (MySTeP) to be in English, Spanish, and Tagalog, including, the remaining 10 most commonly spoken languages in the United States to increase language accessibility for service members’ spouses as they transition into civilian life.Made in Order
930Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratProvides the Treasury Secretary with clear authority to prohibit digital asset trading platforms and transaction facilitators under U.S. jurisdiction from transacting with cryptocurrency addresses that are known to be, or could reasonably be known to be, in Russia. The amendment would also direct FinCEN to require U.S. taxpayers engaged in a transaction with a value greater than $10K of cryptocurrency offshore to file FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR).Submitted
931Version 1Sherman (CA), Khanna (CA), Titus (NV), Norton (DC), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Tlaib (MI), Gaetz (FL), Lieu (CA), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Grijalva (AZ), Lee, Barbara (CA)Bi-PartisanPrevents the use of funds by the Department of Defense in contravention of the War Powers Resolution.Submitted
932Version 1Perry (PA)RepublicanStrikes section 314, the Pilot Program for Transition of Certain Nontactical Vehicle Fleets of Department of Defense to Electric Vehicles.Submitted
933Version 1Ross (NC), Tonko (NY), Rouzer (NC)Bi-PartisanRestores the Department of Interior's authority to hold offshore wind lease sales in federal waters off the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, while leaving the leasing moratorium in place in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico at the request of the Department of Defense.Made in Order
934Version 2Jones, Mondaire (NY)DemocratRevised Directs the Military Departments to establish operational energy programs that promote cost savings, enhance readiness, and reduce energy-related strategic vulnerabilities.Made in Order
935Version 1Larsen, Rick (WA), Langevin (RI), Bacon (NE)Bi-PartisanRequires Secretary of Defense provide an unclassified version of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy in all future updates of the plan; strengthen senior operational leadership; and provide coherent response to address persistent gaps in joint electromagnetic spectrum operations.Made in Order
936Version 1Van Duyne (TX)RepublicanRequires a DOD report on the feasibility of partnerships with companies providing third-party job search software in assisting service members and veterans find employment following their active duty service.Made in Order
937Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Fitzpatrick (PA), Khanna (CA), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Spanberger (VA), Salazar (FL), McCollum (MN), Wittman (VA), Crenshaw (TX), Lieu (CA), Bice (OK), Waltz (FL), Phillips (MN), Connolly (VA), Franklin (FL)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires a report from the State Department on the Iranian government’s use of digital surveillance and censorship of the internet, and an assessment of whether alterations to existing general licenses are needed to support Iranians access to the internet.Made in Order
938Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Biggs (AZ), Posey (FL), Good (VA), Clyde (GA)RepublicanProhibits federal funds to require a member of the Armed Forces to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. The amendment also prohibits adverse action from being taken against a member of the Armed Forces solely on the basis that the member refuses to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.Submitted
939Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratDefines a covered civilian behavioral health provider as a licensed professional counselor, licensed mental health counselor, licensed clinical professional counselor, licensed professional clinical counselor of mental health, licensed clinical mental health counselor, or licensed mental health practitioner.Made in Order
940Version 2Smith, Christopher (NJ)RepublicanWithdrawn Exchanges 3.13 acres of land from Naval Weapons Station Earle to Colts Neck Township in exchange for a parcel of real property of approximately equal size that is acceptable to the Secretary of the Navy.Withdrawn
941Version 2Carl, Jerry (AL), Sewell (AL)Bi-PartisanRevised Provides that GSA Areawide Contracts further be used to meet energy resilience and climate-related needs.Revised
942Version 1Schiff (CA), Courtney (CT), Armstrong (ND)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Defense to order the names of the 74 sailors who died in the USS Frank E. Evans disaster in 1969 be added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.Made in Order
943Version 1Harder (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanExpands eligibility for Department of Veterans Affairs hospital care, medical services, and nursing home care to include veterans of World War II who are not already covered.Made in Order
944Version 1Smith, Christopher (NJ)RepublicanRequires the GAO to conduct a comprehensive investigation to establish the facts and to determine any legal culpability in the spread of Lyme disease.Submitted
945Version 1Hill, French (AR), Himes (CT)Bi-PartisanRequires the Department of Treasury, in coordination with the Federal Reserve, to report to Congress and implement a strategy for the dollar to remain the global reserve currency.Submitted
946Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA), Davidson (OH)Bi-PartisanRequires that not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees and make available to the public on an internet website of the Department of Defense a report that details the purchase and use by the Department of Defense of location data generated by Americans phones and their internet metadata.Made in Order
947Version 2Bacon (NE), Stefanik (NY), Pfluger (TX), Gottheimer (NJ)Bi-PartisanRevised Specifies that revoking a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) designation requires a joint certification from Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense that the organization is not conducting or supporting terrorist activity; restricts waiver authority for allowing members and conscripts of FTOs into the United States.Revised
948Version 1Lawrence (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of Defense to develop a training and education plan for Department of Defense members and civilian personnel on handling extremist recruitment and activity.Withdrawn
949Version 1Cloud (TX), Miller, Mary (IL)RepublicanPlaces 2-year sunsets on all future military authorizations and reauthorizations. Moreover, the Departments of Defense and State are required to report on existing military operations and brief Members of Congress on how these operations meet military objectives.Submitted
950Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratRequires a U.S. financial institution to ensure any entity or person owned or controlled by such institution comply with U.S. financial sanctions applicable to Russia or Belarus to the same extent required of that institution.Made in Order
951Version 1Bergman (MI), Axne (IA), Bacon (NE), Bice (OK), Bilirakis (FL), Bishop, Sanford (GA), Budd (NC), Cárdenas (CA), Clarke, Yvette (NY), Cloud (TX), Correa (CA), Craig (MN), Crenshaw (TX), Curtis (UT), Doyle (PA), Escobar (TX), Espaillat (NY), Fitzpatrick (PA), Fleischmann (TN), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX), Gosar (AZ), Hartzler (MO), Jackson Lee (TX), Kelly, Trent (MS), Kildee (MI), McMorris Rodgers (WA), Meijer (MI), Murphy, Stephanie (FL), Phillips (MN), Reschenthaler (PA), Sherrill (NJ), Slotkin (MI), Soto (FL), Steube (FL), Veasey (TX), Suozzi (NY), Ruiz (CA), Van Drew (NJ), McKinley (WV), Waltz (FL), Bourdeaux (GA), Demings (FL), Case (HI), Franklin (FL), Golden (ME), Keller (PA), Mann (KS)Bi-Partisan20/20 Protocol Creates a cyber attack exception under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to protect U.S. nationals against foreign state-sponsored cyber attacks.Made in Order
952Version 1Spanberger (VA), Gonzalez, Anthony (OH)Bi-PartisanRequires the Treasury Department to study and issue a report that assesses the effects of reforms to the financial sector of the People's Republic of China on the US and global financial system, describes the US government's policies to protect US interests during these financial system reforms, analyzes risks to U.S. financial stability and the global economy emanating from the People’s Republic of China, and provides recommendations for further actions the US government can take to strengthen international cooperation to monitor and mitigate financial risks.Made in Order
953Version 1Beatty (OH)DemocratGives first-time homebuyers a 25 basis point reduction on their FHA mortgage insurance premium if they complete a certified financial literacy housing counseling course.Made in Order
954Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratDirects the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study on non-tactical fleet vehicle fuel consumption and produce a plan to reduce non-tactical vehicle emissions.Submitted
955Version 2Langevin (RI)DemocratRevised Designates certain critical infrastructure entities as systemically important to the continuity of national critical functions and establishes unique benefits and requirements for such entities. Further establishes an interagency council for critical infrastructure cybersecurity coordination to facilitate harmonization of future cybersecurity policy and requirements developed by federal agencies.Made in Order
956Version 1Baird (IN), Golden (ME), Gottheimer (NJ), Houlahan (PA), Mast (FL), McKinley (WV), Miller-Meeks (IA), Panetta (CA), Steel, Michelle (CA), Taylor (TX), Posey (FL), Van Duyne (TX), Mann (KS), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanDirects the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to ensure the timely scheduling of appointments for health care at medical facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs.Made in Order
957Version 1Lieu (CA), Wilson, Joe (SC), Strickland (WA), Case (HI), Titus (NV)Bi-PartisanAdds the text of H.R. 4526, City and State Diplomacy Act, establishing within the Department of State the Office of City and State Diplomacy, which shall coordinate federal support for engagement by state and municipal governments with foreign governments.Made in Order
958Version 1Lawrence (MI), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Dean (PA), McBath (GA)Bi-PartisanStates that the Secretaries of the military departments shall share and implement best practices (including use of civilian industry best practices) regarding the use of retention and exit survey data to identify barriers and lessons learned to improve the retention of female members of the Armed Forces under the jurisdiction of such Secretaries.Made in Order
959Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanClarifies reimbursements to the National Guard after a major disaster.Submitted
960Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 562, which discharges servicemembers that have violated Department of Defense Instruction 1325.06 relating to extremist activity.Submitted
961Version 4Jayapal (WA), Schakowsky (IL)DemocratRevised Authorizes the Department of Defense to engage in public manufacturing of insulin to meet the needs of military health programs.Made in Order
962Version 1Dean (PA), Barr (KY)Bi-PartisanExpresses the sense of Congress that the activities of transnational criminal organizations, including the use of illicit economies, illicit trade, and trade-based money laundering, pose a threat to the national interests and national security of the United States and allies and partners of the United States around the world.Made in Order
963Version 2Rouzer (NC), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires DOD to provide a report to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees on its flood mapping efforts, how frequently they update their flood maps, what resources they utilize to undertake flood mapping projects, and how those maps are incorporated into broader FEMA flood maps.Made in Order
964Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes Section 526 to remove gender neutral fitness standards and reinstates gender-specific fitness standards for the Army.Submitted
965Version 1Garbarino (NY), Langevin (RI), Gallagher (WI), Clarke, Yvette (NY)Bi-PartisanAdds the CISA Leadership Act, which establishes a five-year term limit and specifies the appointment process for the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security.Made in Order
966Version 1Dingell (MI), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Authorizes grants and services to assist communities in navigating the clean up process of PFAS chemicals used in DoD training and other applications. Helps communities located near current and former DoD installations and facilities that may have greater risk due to the historical uses of PFAS chemicals in training and other applications by DoD.Withdrawn
967Version 2Lieu (CA)DemocratRevised Expresses the sense of Congress that the Army’s ongoing research effort related to working dogs detecting infectious diseases, including COVID-19, is showing promising results and should continue to receive funding.Made in Order
968Version 1Lawrence (MI), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Dean (PA), McBath (GA), Cammack, Kat (FL)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress evaluating programs aimed at increasing the recruitment of women for military service and provide recommendations to increase the recruitment of women in the armed services.Made in Order
969Version 1O'Halleran (AZ)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of Defense, under the Army Wildland Fire Management Program, to include a cost-study analysis of the true cost of wildfires.Withdrawn
970Version 1Sherman (CA), Levin, Andy (MI), Tenney, Claudia (NY), Sires (NJ), Wagner (MO), Fitzpatrick (PA), Tlaib (MI)Bi-PartisanLimits assistance to the Government of Burma to only humanitarian assistance, until such time as the Government of Burma meets certain conditions including the safe repatriation and citizenship documents for the Rohingya people.Submitted
971Version 1Peters (CA), Crow (CO), Porter (CA)DemocratAuthorizes the Secretary of Defense to preserve or improve the climate resilience of (1) ally or partner military facilities and (2) a civilian airfield or seaport of an ally or partner deemed suitable for military use by the Secretary of Defense.Submitted
972Version 1Malinowski (NJ)DemocratAuthorizes funds for a State Department program to provide money to rural and under-served American universities to study Mandarin, Uyghur, Tibetan, Cantonese, and other East Asian languages – named after Chinese Nobel Prize-winning dissident Liu Xiaobo.Made in Order
973Version 1Soto (FL), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanAdds areas with “significant space launch or mission control facilities” to be included as locations that Space National Guard are established.Made in Order
974Version 1Mace (SC), Carter, Troy (LA)Bi-PartisanAuthorizes the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to make certain contributions to local authorities to mitigate the risk of flooding on local property adjacent to medical facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Directs the VA to submit a report to Congress on the threat flooding poses to its facilities, and what resources are needed to address these threats.Submitted
975Version 1Ruiz (CA)DemocratWithdraws lands in the California desert defined as conservation lands from prohibited uses as intended under the John D. Dingell Jr Conservation, Management and Recreation Act.Made in Order
976Version 1Lee, Barbara (CA), Meijer (MI), Roy (TX)Bi-PartisanExpresses the Sense of Congress that Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMFs) should include a sunset provision. Specifically: (1) the inclusion of a sunset provision or reauthorization requirement in authorizations for use of military force is critical to ensuring Congress’s exercise of its constitutional duty to declare war; and (2) any joint resolution enacted to authorize the introduction of United States forces into hostilities or into situations where there is a serious risk of hostilities should include a sunset provision setting forth a date certain for the termination of the authorization for the use of such forces absent the enactment of a subsequent specific statutory authorization for such use of the United States forces.Made in Order
977Version 2Beyer (VA), Levin, Mike (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the services to each nominate 1-3 promising areas to implement digital twin technology, a plan for doing so, and identifying any additional funding required.Made in Order
978Version 2Auchincloss (MA)DemocratRevised Directs the DoD to partner with innovative housing providers to construct multifamily housing available for active servicemembers.Made in Order
979Version 1Manning (NC), Malinowski (NJ)DemocratAdds a sense of Congress on the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) overseeing the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, and requires DOD to brief Congress on plans to move MFO sites.Made in Order
980Version 2Lieu (CA), Calvert (CA)Bi-PartisanRevised Tasks the Government Accountability Office with conducting a report on the Department of Homeland Security's progress in evaluating space as a sector of critical infrastructure and what gaps in space coverage exist among the 16 current critical infrastructure sectors.Made in Order
981Version 1Green, Mark (TN), Stauber (MN), Good (VA), Posey (FL)RepublicanReinstates members of the Armed Forces separated from service solely for their refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine to their previous rank and grade if desired.Submitted
982Version 2Lieu (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Khanna (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Castro (TX), Levin, Andy (MI), Dingell (MI)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of State to develop guidance for investigating indications that U.S.-origin defense articles have been used in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition in substantial violation of relevant agreements with countries participating in the coalition and to report to Congress, consistent with GAO recommendations.Made in Order
983Version 2Beatty (OH)DemocratRevised Expands employment opportunities at federally insured financial institutions by reducing barriers to employment based on past criminal offenses.Made in Order
984Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Clyde (GA)RepublicanReinstates President Trump’s presidential memorandum Military Service by Transgender Individuals.Submitted
985Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratModifies requirements for appraisers of Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgages by allowing an appraiser for a mortgage for single-family housing to be state-licensed rather than state-certified to meet requirements. Provides specified educational requirements for appraisers for mortgages for single-family housing.Made in Order
986Version 2Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to submit a report outlining the process by which chief of mission concurrence is obtained for clandestine activities under Section 127f.Made in Order
987Version 1Soto (FL), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanAdds language to the Sense of Congress on the Range of the Future and Support to Commercial Space Launch Activity that states that it is critical to the Nation’s national security and economic vitality that we continue to encourage and enable the expansion of commercial space launch activity.Made in Order
988Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of Defense to order the names of the 74 sailors who died in the USS Frank E. Evans disaster in 1969 be added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.Withdrawn
989Version 1Wittman (VA)RepublicanRequires a report on opportunities to improve the ability of the Department of Defense to compete in a contested information environment.Made in Order
990Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRequires installation and maintenance of heat sensors in military family housing units.Submitted
991Version 2Smith, Christopher (NJ)RepublicanRevised Requires the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to conduct a feasibility study with regard to greater engagement with Somaliland, a self-governing, de facto independent entity strategically-located on the Horn of Africa. Requires further the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to submit a classified report that contains the results of the above feasibility study within 180 days of enactment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, House Armed Services Committee, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and the Senate Armed Services Committee.Made in Order
992Version 2Speier (CA), Schiff (CA), Pallone (NJ), Chu (CA), Titus (NV), Sánchez (CA), Eshoo (CA), Lofgren (CA), Tlaib (MI), Langevin (RI), Valadao (CA), Lieu (CA), Lawrence (MI), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Slotkin (MI)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to document details of the consideration of the waiver requirements to Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act and report on whether security assistance to the government of Azerbaijan undermines a peaceful settlement to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.Made in Order
993Version 1Chabot (OH), Lowenthal (CA)Bi-PartisanAdds modified text of the Senate's Cambodia Democracy and Human Rights Act. The amendment subsumes the bipartisan House-passed Cambodia Democracy Act and adds language and sanctions relative to PRC activity at Cambodia's Ream Naval Base.Submitted
994Version 5Scott, Bobby (VA)DemocratRevised Transfers NOAA property in Norfolk, Virginia to the City of Norfolk not later than the earlier of a) the date that employees have been transferred or b) 5 years after the date of enactment.Made in Order
995Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of Defense to order the names of the 74 sailors who died in the USS Frank E. Evans disaster in 1969 be added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.Withdrawn
996Version 1Carson (IN), Tlaib (MI), Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Bush, Cori (MO), Lynch (MA), Norton (DC), McCollum (MN), Garcia, Jesús (IL), Pressley (MA), Adams (NC), Grijalva (AZ), Jayapal (WA), Newman (IL), Lofgren (CA), Lee, Barbara (CA), Dingell (MI), Omar (MN), Pocan (WI)DemocratRequires the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secretary of State, in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense, to submit to Congress a report on the death of American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.Submitted
997Version 2Jayapal (WA), Blumenauer (OR)DemocratRevised Directs the Defense Department to provide a report on a risk assessment regarding likelihood of use of a nuclear weapon as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and whether such risk increases as the war continues.Made in Order
998Version 1Gallagher (WI)RepublicanAmends Sec. 503(a) of title 10 to modify privacy safeguards surrounding the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the course of military recruiting.Made in Order
999Version 1Torres, Ritchie (NY)DemocratRequires installation and maintenance of self-closing doors in military family housing units.Submitted
1000Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanStrikes the establishment of the gender advisory workforce.Submitted
1001Version 1Lawrence (MI), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Dean (PA), McBath (GA), Cammack, Kat (FL)Bi-PartisanRequires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress a summary of efforts to support pregnant service members and recommendations to improve support for pregnant service members.Made in Order
1002Version 1Soto (FL), Schweikert (AZ), Budd (NC)Bi-PartisanInserts distributed ledger technology into the curricula on software acquisitions and cybersecurity or hardware acquisitions for covered individuals. This will add distributed ledger technology to those technologies considered to increase digital literacy related to software acquisitions and cybersecurity hardware or software and develop the ability of covered individuals to use technologies to critically evaluate, and synthesize data and information related to such acquisitions.Made in Order
1003Version 1Espaillat (NY)DemocratRequires that K-12 schools on military bases ensure that a student’s individualized education program is successfully transferred to a new school if the student leaves mid-school year.Submitted
1004Version 2Thompson, Bennie (MS)DemocratRevised Enhances the security operations of the Transportation Security Administration and stability of the transportation security workforce by applying the personnel system under title 5, United States Code, to employees of the Transportation Security Administration.Made in Order
1005Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Secretary of the Army to give priority to the military installations with the highest rate of in-processing or out-processing.Withdrawn
1006Version 2Jayapal (WA)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of HUD to report to Congress (House Financial Services Committee, Senate Banking Housing and Urban Development Affairs) on the effectiveness and success of “Housing First” strategies for reducing homelessness within 180 days. The report will also highlight and study barriers that people experiencing homelessness face in securing permanent housing.Made in Order
1007Version 3Titus (NV)DemocratRevised Requires a report to congressional defense and foreign affairs committees from DOD and State Department on human trafficking as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Made in Order
1008Version 3Bera (CA), Radewagen (AS), Titus (NV), Case (HI), Chabot (OH)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Assistant Secretaries for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and South and Central Asian Affairs at the State Department, along with the Assistant Administrator for the Asia Bureau at USAID, to provide an independent assessment of the resources they need to fulfill the Indo-Pacific Strategy.Made in Order
1009Version 1Scott, Bobby (VA), Luria (VA), Wittman (VA), McEachin (VA), Sánchez (CA)Bi-PartisanEstablishes a pilot project to enhance resilience in defense communities by appointing four Interagency Regional Coordinators for Resilience.Made in Order
1010Version 1Moulton (MA)DemocratRequires the secretaries of the military services and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Irregular Warfare to provide a brief on their abilities to establish Tailored Cyberspace Operations Organizations utilizing the authority provided under FY21 NDAA.Made in Order
1011Version 2Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to report on efforts by the United States to support the Government of Somalia in reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts, a detailed breakdown of United States assistance of Somali forces, and an assessment of the prospects of and policy implications for the United States supporting engagement between Al-Shabaab and the Somali Government.Revised
1012Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires the Office of Federal Student Aid to create guidelines on offering federal student aid access to institutions of higher education.Withdrawn
1013Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Enhance the ability to leverage foreign partners when enforcing sanctions and asset forfeiture.Withdrawn
1014Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Clyde (GA)RepublicanProhibits the federal government from leasing federal property to abortion providers.Submitted
1015Version 1Bowman (NY)DemocratRequires a report on military recruitment practices in public secondary schools.Made in Order
1016Version 1Garcia, Jesús (IL), Omar (MN)DemocratRequires a report on the humanitarian impacts of US sanctions.Made in Order
1017Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratWithdrawn Creates a pilot program to help public housing authorities fund solutions in helping housing voucher recipients get leased and incentivizing landlord participation.Withdrawn
1018Version 1McBath (GA), Kaptur (OH)DemocratRequires GAO to submit to Congress a report on initiatives of the Department of Defense to source locally and regionally produced foods for consumption or distribution at installations of the Department of Defense.Made in Order
1019Version 1Wasserman Schultz (FL), Castor (FL), Hudson (NC), Gaetz (FL)Bi-PartisanRequires the Air Force and Army to provide a briefing within 90 days of the enactment of this bill, to the House Armed Services Committee and Appropriations Committee, on the way ahead for providing appropriate childcare at Camp Bull Simons, Eglin Air Force Base.Made in Order
1020Version 2Cleaver (MO)DemocratRevised Establishes a grant program for states, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education to promote diversity and inclusion in the appraisal profession.Made in Order
1021Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Expands the RICO statute to cover criminal sanctions violations.Withdrawn
1022Version 1Bush, Cori (MO)DemocratStudies the amount of funding provided to defense contractors for procuring replacement stocks of covered systems for the United States in Ukraine.Made in Order
1023Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Miller, Mary (IL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanWithin Section 1082, strikes the word “identity” from the term “gender identity”.Submitted
1024Version 1Escobar (TX), Castor (FL)DemocratDirects the Secretary to conduct a study of military housing resilience and energy efficiency. Assesses compliance with the Unified Facilities Criteria for Housing and with the latest published editions of relevant codes, specifications, and standards that incorporate the latest hazard-resistant and energy-efficient designs and establish minimum acceptable criteria for the design, construction, and maintenance of residential structures.Made in Order
1025Version 1San Nicolas (GU)DemocratWithdrawn Extends the temporary H-2B visa need exemption for Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) from December 31, 2023 to December 31, 2029, while expanding labor standards for the H2-B workers and establishing new statutory and recruitment standards for initial recruitment of H-2B labor in Guam and the CNMI, similar to standards already applied for H-2B labor for military relocation projects.Withdrawn
1026Version 1Smith, Christopher (NJ)RepublicanDirects the Secretary of Defense to conduct an appraisal of current standards and provide recommendations for improved medical care and oversight of individuals engaged in high stress training environments, specifically Navy training programs.Made in Order
1027Version 2Tlaib (MI)DemocratRevised Adds a requirement to screen eligible individuals for potential covered lead exposure from unsafe housing units.Made in Order
1028Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Authorizes transfer of forfeited Russian assets to assist Ukraine.Withdrawn
1029Version 2Chabot (OH)RepublicanRevised Adds four provisions to expedite arms transfers to Taiwan (1) prioritizes Taiwan as a recipient of excess defense articles, (2) directs the use of the Special Defense Acquisition Fund for arms sales to Taiwan, (3) authorizes the establishment of a war reserve stockpile not located on a US military base in Taiwan, and (4) clarifies that Presidential Emergency Drawdown Authority applies to Taiwan. Also includes a report on the above matters. Revision makes changes to the title.Revised
1030Version 1Bera (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Chabot (OH), Buck (CO), Gottheimer (NJ)Bi-PartisanRequires a Department of State report on a strategy to advance Taiwan's participation in certain international organizations, a Department of State plan for strengthening Taiwan's community of civilian defense professionals, a USAID report on cooperation with Taiwan on trilateral and multilateral development initiatives, a Presidential report on whole-of-government strategy to enhance deterrence over a military conflict between China and Taiwan, and a Department of Defense report on strengthening Taiwan's implementation of its territorial defense force concept.Made in Order
1031Version 1McBath (GA)DemocratRequires State homes for veterans that receive per diem from the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to have governing boards and administrators, and requires per diem payments to be used, in part, to assist State homes in hiring infection preventionists.Submitted
1032Version 1Garcia, Mike (CA), Van Duyne (TX), Carbajal (CA), Slotkin (MI), Pfluger (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)Bi-PartisanProvides professional licensure reciprocity at similar scope of practice for military service members and their spouses provided certain conditions are met.Submitted
1033Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Adds an "Improvements" section to the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, issued annually by the Department of State, and adds Financial Services/Banking as reporting committees on this report.Withdrawn
1034Version 1Waltz (FL), Malinowski (NJ), Posey (FL), Pfluger (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)Bi-PartisanProhibits military service members from exposure to Chinese military company investments through the Thrift Savings Plan by requiring the review and removal of mutual funds that hold Chinese military companies (defined in section 1260H of FY21 NDAA) from the Thrift Savings Plan mutual fund window.Submitted
1035Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Streamlines seizure of Russian assets.Withdrawn
1036Version 2Himes (CT)DemocratRevised Establishes an unambiguous statutory prohibition on insider trading.Made in Order
1037Version 3Cicilline (RI), Auchincloss (MA), Langevin (RI), Trahan (MA), Larson, John (CT), Courtney (CT), DeLauro (CT), Neal (MA), Keating (MA), Hayes (CT)DemocratRevised Establishes the Southern New England Regional Commission, which would assist in the development of defense manufacturing in Southern New England.Made in Order
1038Version 1Tlaib (MI)DemocratRequires the United States and Israel to share any and all research and findings with the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA resulting from the collaborative partnership authorized under Sec. 778. grant program for increased cooperation on post-traumatic stress disorder research between United States and Israel.Submitted
1039Version 1Williams (GA), Himes (CT), Carter, Troy (LA), Titus (NV)DemocratAllows funds from the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program to be used to build sound barriers in older residential areas, allowing people in military housing and other impacted neighborhoods who bought their homes years before the construction of nearby interstate highways to live and raise their families in quiet neighborhoods.Made in Order
1040Version 1Gomez (CA)DemocratExpresses a sense of Congress that the Department of Defense should select electric or zero-emission models when purchasing new, non-combat vehicles.Made in Order
1041Version 3Ocasio-Cortez (NY)DemocratRevised Creates a category of domestic politically exposed persons (PEPs) and ensures that these individuals receive appropriate due diligence screening under existing U.S. anti-money laundering oversight, similar to foreign politically exposed persons (PEPs).Revised
1042Version 1Tenney, Claudia (NY), Luria (VA)Bi-PartisanRequires a report on providing Israel with precision guided missiles including JDAM kits for unguided munitions and GBU–39 and GBU–53/B small diameter bombs, to reserve stocks in War Reserves Stock Allies-Israel. Requires an assessment on the quantity and type of precision-guided munitions necessary for Israel in a multi-front conflict with Iran, specifically to combat Hezbollah and hostile forces that threaten Israel and in the event of a sustained armed confrontation with other armed groups and terrorist organizations including Hamas.Submitted
1043Version 1Speier (CA), Moore (WI), Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Clark, Katherine (MA), Escobar (TX), Kuster (NH)DemocratRequires OPM to create a supplement to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey to assess federal employee experiences with harassment and discrimination.Made in Order
1044Version 1Bush, Cori (MO), Newman (IL), Barragán (CA)DemocratIncludes wave and tidal power as covered technologies for prototype and demonstration projects for energy resilience at certain military installations.Made in Order
1045Version 4Bowman (NY)DemocratRevised Grants the Secretary of Defense authority to increase the inflation bonus pay above 2.4 percent for servicemembers and DOD civilian employees who make $45,000 or less annually in order to respond to the ongoing economic impact of inflationMade in Order
1046Version 1Leger Fernandez (NM)DemocratExtends the deadline for the Secretary of Energy to clean up and convey certain parcels of land previously identified for transfer around Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.Made in Order
1047Version 3Bera (CA), Slotkin (MI), Luria (VA), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Creates an interagency taskforce to streamline U.S. tools and mechanisms for deterring and addressing Beijing’s economic coercion and expand cooperation with the private sector as well as U.S. allies and partners on this important matter.Made in Order
1048Version 2Smith, Christopher (NJ)RepublicanRevised Directs the Secretary of the Navy to comply with the intent of Congress regarding a study of submersibles published November 1, 2021 as directed by the FY2021 National Defense Authorization Act conference report. Orders a review and reconciliation of findings to comply with original Congressional intent.Made in Order
1049Version 1Green, Mark (TN), Panetta (CA)Bi-PartisanDirects the Commander of U.S. Army Special Operations Command to establish a training program between the Army Special Operations Forces of the United States and Poland. This training program will be named in honor of Polish-American Revolutionary War hero General Thaddeus Kosciuszko.Made in Order
1050Version 1Escobar (TX), Castor (FL)DemocratDirects the Secretary to assess deficiencies and rehabilitate repair, or retrofit as needed all facilities in the Military Health System; including military hospitals/inpatient facilities, military ambulatory care, occupational health facilities, and research facilities to ensure health, safety, energy security, and resilience in compliance with the latest published editions of relevant codes, specifications, and standards that incorporate the latest hazard-resistant and energy-efficient designs and establish minimum acceptable criteria for the design, construction, and maintenance of facilities. The study shall identify needed updates to the UFC to ensure it comports with the latest published editions of relevant codes, specifications, and standards that incorporate the latest hazard-resistant and energy-efficient designs.Made in Order
1051Version 2Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratRevised Modifies Department of State reporting requirements on assistance provided under the Peacekeeping Operations Account.Made in Order
1052Version 2Escobar (TX)DemocratRevised Requires a study to be conducted to track counterfeit items on the e-commerce platforms of the General Services Administration.Made in Order
1053Version 1Jackson Lee (TX)DemocratWithdrawn Directs the continuation of assistance by the National Guard in responding to COVID-19 until no longer deemed necessary by local, state and federal public health authorities.Withdrawn
1054Version 2McCaul (TX), Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on DoD efforts to increase competitive opportunities for innovative companies to partner with DoD in developing end items of critical technologies in support of the defense industrial base.Made in Order
1055Version 1O'Halleran (AZ), Kildee (MI)DemocratWithdrawn Requires quarterly briefings from the Department of Defense on the status of ensuring that all component organizations involved in the Fraud Reduction Task Force have appointed representatives. Also requires the Comptroller of the Department of Defense to update Instruction 5010.40 to include assessment and reporting requirements relating to fraud risk.Withdrawn
1056Version 3Arrington (TX), Crenshaw (TX), Posey (FL)RepublicanRevised Requires the President to report to Congress on security relationship with Mexico as it relates to cartel activity along southern border and impacts on national security.Made in Order
1057Version 3Waters (CA), Malinowski (NJ), Salazar (FL), Wilson, Joe (SC), Spanberger (VA), Hudson (NC)Bi-PartisanRevised Brings services which facilitate anonymity or evasion of anti-money laundering provisions into Bank Secrecy Act compliance.Made in Order
1058Version 3Levin, Andy (MI), Clarke, Yvette (NY), Demings (FL), Khanna (CA), Carter, Troy (LA), Sires (NJ)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of State in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce and the Attorney General to submit a report on arms trafficking in Haiti on the number and category of U.S.-origin weapons in Haiti, including those possessed by the Haitian National Police and diverted outside of their control and those illegally trafficked from the United States, among other matters.Made in Order
1059Version 2Bera (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Chabot (OH), Case (HI)Bi-PartisanRevised Establishes a fellowship exchange program for eligible U.S. federal government employees to learn, live, and work in Taiwan for up to two years. Upon successful conclusion of the program, fellows must fulfill a service requirement in their sponsoring branch of government where they will be equipped to advance U.S. values and interests in the Indo-Pacific region, with special emphasis on strengthening our strategic partnership with Taiwan.Made in Order
1060Version 2Speier (CA)DemocratRevised Expedites immigration of Russian scientists and terminates this authority 4 years after enactment of this bill.Revised
1061Version 2Spanberger (VA), Garbarino (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to research additional technological solutions to target and detect illicit fentanyl and its precursors, enhance targeting of counterfeit pills and illicit pill presses through nonintrusive, noninvasive, and other visual screening technologies, and enhance data-driven targeting to increase seizure rates of fentanyl and its precursors. Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to work with other agencies involved in fentanyl interdiction to collect data and develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of current technologies and strategies deployed to detect, deter, or address illicit fentanyl and its precursors being trafficking into the US. Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to report to Congress on the current technologies deployed at US borders and their effectiveness at detecting, deterring, and addressing fentanyl, a cost-benefit analysis of such technologies, and how this analysis is used in technology procurement decisions.Made in Order
1062Version 1Lieu (CA), Weber (TX)Bi-PartisanAdds the text of H.R. 7940, the Correctional Facility Disaster Preparedness Act, requiring the Bureau of Prisons to submit to Congress an annual summary report of disaster damage in order to improve oversight of disaster readiness.Made in Order
1063Version 2Trone (MD)DemocratRevised Prioritizes efforts of the Department of State to combat international trafficking in covered synthetic drugs.Made in Order
1064Version 1Malinowski (NJ), Waltz (FL), Pascrell (NJ), Salazar (FL), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanCreates an interagency list of Chinese companies determined to be supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine and requires certain actions to limit access to US markets by such companies.Submitted
1065Version 2Barr (KY)RepublicanRevised Requires the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Energy and United States Trade Representative, to submit to the appropriate Congressional Committees a report to increase energy cooperation between the United States and India.Revised
1066Version 3Jayapal (WA)DemocratRevised Directs the Defense Department to provide a report on distribution and use of U.S. weaponry provided to Ukraine, including compliance with relevant laws and its efforts to prevent such arms from being sold on the black market or obtained by extremist groups.Made in Order
1067Version 1Green, Mark (TN), Meuser (PA), Buck (CO), Gimenez (FL), Miller-Meeks (IA), Barr (KY), Salazar (FL)RepublicanConfronts the malign influence of China in the Western Hemisphere, nearshores U.S. supply chains, and prioritizes Americans for investment opportunities.Submitted
1068Version 2Bice (OK), Mullin (OK)RepublicanRevised Requires a report on accelerating the development of domestically-sourced rare earth supply chains for national defense.Revised
1069Version 1Gomez (CA), Chu (CA), Takano (CA), Vargas (CA), Steel, Michelle (CA), Gottheimer (NJ), Lofgren (CA), Carson (IN), Norton (DC), Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Schakowsky (IL), Meng (NY), Beyer (VA), San Nicolas (GU), Pascrell (NJ), Cohen (TN), Watson Coleman (NJ), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Lieu (CA), Lee, Barbara (CA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Case (HI), Sánchez (CA), Titus (NV), Bonamici (OR), Kim, Young (CA)Bi-PartisanExpresses the Sense of Congress that Korean-American and Korean veterans who fought alongside United States Armed Forces in the Vietnam war served with distinction and honor.Made in Order
1070Version 2Maloney, Carolyn (NY), McHenry (NC)Bi-PartisanRevised Requires federal financial regulatory agencies to adopt specified data standards with respect to format, searchability, and transparency. All data would be made available in an open-source format that is electronically searchable, downloadable in bulk and without license restrictions.Made in Order
1071Version 3Scott, Bobby (VA), Luria (VA)DemocratRevised Directs the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to publish a report on suicide, suicide prevention, and response within the Navy on installations and ships, including ships undergoing a Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH).Made in Order
1072Version 1Smith, Christopher (NJ), Norcross (NJ)Bi-PartisanDirects the Army Corps of Engineers to provide each Army Corps district with clarifying and uniform guidance that conforms with USDOL’s regulations and guidance with respect to proper implementation and enforcement of existing laws regarding worker classification by federal construction contractors and subcontractors.Made in Order
1073Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratWithdrawn Requires HUD and the CFPB to issue a joint report on the role of online platforms and tenant screening companies in the housing market, and provide to Congress an assessment on how emerging technologies including artificial intelligence are being used in compliance with our fair lending and housing laws.Withdrawn
1074Version 2Schneider (IL), Garbarino (NY)Bi-PartisanRevised Directs the Department of Defense to continue its work to modernize its supply chain and to prioritize digital solutions that use durable devices and technologies to operate in austere combat environments.Made in Order
1075Version 2Scott, Bobby (VA)DemocratRevised Directs the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to publish a report and survey of active Department of Defense programs through which members of the armed forces may file anonymous concerns.Made in Order
1076Version 2Manning (NC)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on the role of antisemitism in violent extremist movements, and the threat that global antisemitism and violent extremist movements pose to United States Armed Forces and national security.Made in Order
1077Version 1Gallagher (WI), Courtney (CT), Hartzler (MO), Demings (FL), Luria (VA), Stefanik (NY), Stewart (UT)Bi-PartisanAdds the text of the American Security Drone Act of 2022, which prohibits federal operation or procurement of certain foreign-made unmanned aircraft systems.Submitted
1078Version 2Himes (CT), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Fitzpatrick (PA)Bi-PartisanRevised Authorizes the President to enter into a memorandum of understanding with Ukraine with respect to security cooperation and a long-term plan to support Ukraine.Revised
1079Version 1Garcia, Sylvia (TX)DemocratChanges the start date of the referenced anti-money laundering pilot program from 3 years after the date of enactment (January 1, 2021), to 3 years after the date that the Secretary of the Treasury actually starts the program.Made in Order
1080Version 3Bacon (NE)RepublicanWithdrawn Supports continued development and first platform procurement of modernized GPS/Inertial Navigation System to prevent jamming and enhanced resiliency against existing and emerging threats.Withdrawn
1081Version 2Malinowski (NJ), Lieu (CA), Schiff (CA), Spanberger (VA), Allred (TX), Phillips (MN)DemocratRevised Sense of Congress expressing support for the ongoing diplomatic efforts in Yemen; Requires a report from the State Department every 30 days on violations of any ceasefire in Yemen and imposes a ban on maintenance contracts for U.S.- supplied aircraft conducting offensive strikes if that party violates a ceasefire.Revised
1082Version 1Schneider (IL)DemocratDirects the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Secretary of Defense to publish a report that analyzes and sets out strategies to combat White supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in the uniformed services and Federal law enforcement agencies not later than 180 days after enactment and every 6 months thereafter.Made in Order
1083Version 2Kilmer (WA), Fitzpatrick (PA), Smith, Adam (WA)Bi-PartisanWithdrawn Codifies Executive Order 14063, regarding the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in federal construction projects.Withdrawn
1084Version 1Jayapal (WA)DemocratExpresses a sense of Congress in support of continued U.S. efforts to alleviate Afghanistan's humanitarian crisis, restore central bank functionality, and channel international reserves to restabilize Afghanistan's economy.Made in Order
1085Version 2Aguilar (CA)DemocratRevised Requires the Secretary of Defense to establish a risk-based survey for greater oversight of schools that participate in the Tuition Assistance program to ensure service members receive high quality education, while being consistent with the VA’s accountability programs established in the Isakson and Roe Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020.Made in Order
1086Version 2Levin, Andy (MI), Clarke, Yvette (NY), Demings (FL), Khanna (CA), Carter, Troy (LA), Sires (NJ)DemocratRevised Establishes that it is the sense of Congress that the security, freedom and well-being of the people of Haiti are intertwined with that of the people of the United States and that U.S. interests are not served by an unstable, unsafe and undemocratic Haiti and makes it the policy of the United States to support a Haitian-led solution to the current crisis and that the Haitian people must be empowered to choose their leaders and govern Haiti free from foreign interference.Made in Order
1087Version 1Waltz (FL), Malinowski (NJ), Stewart (UT), Posey (FL), Pfluger (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)Bi-PartisanPrevents the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board from investing the International Stock Index Investment Fund of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) in jurisdictions that do not allow U.S. audit inspections. Prevents TSP investment in Chinese markets, including Chinese military companies.Submitted
1088Version 1Brown, Shontel (OH), Bustos (IL), Ryan (OH), Kinzinger (IL), Carey, Mike (OH), Kaptur (OH)Bi-PartisanRequires American flags acquired by the DoD to be American made.Made in Order
1089Version 2Schneider (IL), Fleischmann (TN)Bi-PartisanRevised Expresses a sense of Congress reiterating Congress’s commitment to ensuring Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon and condemning Iran for its lack of cooperation with the IAEA on the unresolved matter of uranium particles discovered at undeclared sites in Iran.Made in Order
1090Version 1Mace (SC)RepublicanAmends Sec. 133 for Requirements of the Study and Acquisition Strategy for the Combat Search and Rescue Mission of the Air Force to include electric short take-off and landing with the assessment of key current, emerging, and future technologies.Made in Order
1091Version 1Buchanan (FL)RepublicanInserts the text of H.R. 67, the Veteran Overmedication and Suicide Prevention Act.Submitted
1092Version 1Donalds (FL)RepublicanRequires the President to establish a national strategy to utilize microreactors for natural disaster response efforts.Submitted
1093Version 2Green, Mark (TN)RepublicanWithdrawn Mandates a federal government interagency committee, plan, and training exercise addressing global catastrophic crises, both natural and man-made, and legislative proposals to mitigate these events from relevant federal agencies and departments.Withdrawn
1094Version 1Lofgren (CA), Curtis (UT), Langevin (RI), Meijer (MI), Panetta (CA), Salazar (FL), Malinowski (NJ), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Foster (IL)Bi-PartisanExempts individuals from the numerical limits on immigration who have earned a doctoral degree from a qualified research institution in critical industries in a field involving science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).Submitted
1095Version 5Spanberger (VA)DemocratRevised Revises Section 1511 of the FY20 NDAA to require notification to Chief of Mission prior to Department of Defense Information Operations in their area of responsibility.Made in Order
1096Version 1Wagner (MO)RepublicanHonors the life and legacy of Ulysses S. Grant in commemoration of his 200th Birthday on April 27, 2022.Submitted
1097Version 1Levin, Andy (MI), Clarke, Yvette (NY), Demings (FL), Khanna (CA), Carter, Troy (LA), Sires (NJ)DemocratStates that nothing in this Act may be construed as a statutory authorization for U.S. engagement in hostilities in Haiti.Submitted
1098Version 1Mace (SC)RepublicanEstablishes safe harbor for Veterans accessing State legal cannabis programs and protects VA benefits already in place.Made in Order
1099Version 1Carson (IN)DemocratWithdrawn Provides for a comment period evaluating non-profit agencies and the AbilityOne program. Requires that a freeze will be placed on the implementation of any rules not created by Congress, until such time as the evaluation is completed.Withdrawn
1100Version 1Gottheimer (NJ), Meijer (MI)Bi-PartisanRequires public disclosure of lead testing results completed by the Department of Defense in “covered areas,” i.e., an area located immediately adjacent to and down gradient from a military installation, a formerly used defense site, or a facility where military activities are conducted by the National Guard of a State.Made in Order
1101Version 3Bowman (NY), DeFazio (OR)DemocratRevised Requires public disclosure about the cost of the United States overseas military footprint.Made in Order
1102Version 2Buchanan (FL)RepublicanRevised Requires a GAO study to determine the feasibility of utilizing black box data recorders in tactical vehicles.Made in Order
1103Version 3Bush, Cori (MO)DemocratRevised Requires a study on environmental contamination and cleanup associated with Thorium-230 and related substances from military development, transportation, and storage; including in the area surrounding Coldwater Creek in St. Louis, MO.Made in Order
1104Version 3Rice, Kathleen (NY), Schneider (IL)DemocratRevised Requires a report to Congress by FBI and DHS on the processes needed to regularly report to Congress on domestic terrorism threats pursuant to Section 5602 of the FY20 NDAA; requires a GAO review of FBI, DHS, and DNI compliance with domestic terrorism transparency mechanisms required by federal law.Made in Order
1105Version 2Vargas (CA)DemocratRevised Expands certain authorities under the Defense Production Act of 1950 (DPA) and authorizes the President and federal agencies to take specific actions to support the production of critical medical supplies during a nationwide emergency declaration.Made in Order
1106Version 1Timmons (SC)RepublicanPrevents the U.S. Treasury from minting coins at a value of over $200.Submitted
1107Version 1Speier (CA), Moore (WI), Garcia, Sylvia (TX), Clark, Katherine (MA), Escobar (TX), Kuster (NH)DemocratExtends the length of time federal employees have to approach an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) office from 45 days to 180 days, creating parity with the 180 days given to private sector, state and local government, and Congressional employees.Submitted
1108Version 1Brown, Shontel (OH), Kuster (NH)DemocratLate Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to Congress a report on the simultaneous presence of a mental health condition or substance use disorder and a metabolic disease among members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty.Made in Order
1109Version 2Clyde (GA), Roy (TX), Miller, Mary (IL), Good (VA)RepublicanLate Revised Establishes a Special Inspector General for Ukrainian Military Aid.Revised
1110Version 5Deutch (FL), Wilson, Joe (SC), Cicilline (RI), Lieu (CA), Titus (NV), Malinowski (NJ), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX)Bi-PartisanLate Revised Provides for sanctions and aid related to the conflict in Libya, requires the issuances of reports on foreign and Russian activity in Libya, and expresses support for assistance to Libya, including for Libyan and international refugees in Libya, to support democracy in Libya, and to recover assets stolen from the Libyan people.Made in Order
1111Version 1Mace (SC), Duncan (SC), Norman (SC), Timmons (SC), Rice, Tom (SC)RepublicanLate Prohibits the use of Federal funds for the closure of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.Submitted
1112Version 2Strickland (WA)DemocratLate Revised Requires a feasibility study on adding au pairs to the in-home child care fee assistance program and expresses the sense of Congress that members of the Armed Forces who participate in the au pair exchange visitor program should be eligible for assistance.Made in Order
1113Version 1Kilmer (WA)DemocratLate Directs the Navy to coordinate with the Department of Transportation and public shipyards to improve participation in and access to the Federal Transportation Incentive Program.Made in Order
1114Version 2Carson (IN), Eshoo (CA), McKinley (WV)Bi-PartisanLate Revised Increases Defense Health Program Research and Development funding by $5 million for the purpose of early detective initiatives for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Program, offset by a reduction to Defense Human Resources Activity.Made in Order
1115Version 2Espaillat (NY)DemocratLate Revised Requires that Veterans Affairs Hospitals submit a Locality Pay Survey to ensure that VA nurse pay stays competitive.Made in Order
1116Version 2Levin, Andy (MI), Khanna (CA)DemocratLate Revised Amends Section 5803, Expansion of Study of PFAS Expansion, to include schools operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity to the list of possible test locations and establishes at program at the DoD to test for and remediate PFAS in drinking water at schools operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity.Made in Order
1117Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratLate Withdrawn Expands anti-money-laundering authority to address foreign law violations that would also be illegal in the United States and extends time limits.Withdrawn
1118Version 1Schneider (IL)DemocratLate Withdrawn Requires a report to Congress by DNI and a GAO report on how the FBI and Department of Homeland Security followed through on data collection requirements and reporting on domestic terrorism as required by a provision in the Fiscal Year 2021 NDAA.Withdrawn
1119Version 1Schneider (IL)DemocratLate Requires a DOD report to update the status of domestic terrorism threat and mitigation measures based on the Countering Extremist Activity Working Group's recommendations, released by the Secretary of Defense in December 2021.Submitted
1120Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratLate Inventories large-scale military installations for the "heat island" effect and directs installations with significant "heat islands" to increase greenery to mitigate the "heat island" effect.Made in Order
1121Version 1Aguilar (CA)DemocratLate Requires DoD to update Congress on the status of implementing the recommendations from the October 2021 report on screening individuals entering the military. Requires DoD to implement recommendations from the Department’s Countering Extremist Activity Working Group report published in December 2021.Made in Order
1122Version 2Aguilar (CA)DemocratLate Revised Requires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on how services can incorporate EMT national licensing into medic training to support newly transitioned servicemembers in finding employment as EMTs.Made in Order
1123Version 1Speier (CA)DemocratLate Withdrawn Establishes criminal forfeiture for sanctions evasion.Withdrawn
1124Version 1Franklin (FL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanLate Requires a DOD report on the supply chain of rare earth elements from domestic sources.Submitted
1125Version 1Stauber (MN), Posey (FL), Duncan (SC), Murphy, Gregory (NC), Graves, Garret (LA), Steube (FL), Issa (CA), Emmer (MN), Fischbach (MN), Donalds (FL), Harshbarger (TN), Clyde (GA), Bost (IL), Mast (FL)RepublicanLate Requires the DOD to report every 60 days on the number of religious and medical exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine requirement requested and denied, the reasons for such denials, the number of members denied an exemption who complied with the requirement, and the number of members denied such an exemption who did not comply and were separated.Made in Order
1126Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratLate Directs the Treasury to vote against the provision of any assistance to China from the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank unless the Secretary of Treasury has certified that China has demonstrated a commitment to participate in multilateral debt relief initiatives on terms comparable to other G-20 governments; allows borrowing countries to seek restructuring of China loans in official multilateral debt treatment forums; and allows for the public disclosure of the terms and conditions of its loans to other countries; or if the Secretary of Treasury certifies that such assistance serves the national interest of the United States.Made in Order
1127Version 1Waters (CA)DemocratLate Withdrawn Instructs the United States executive director at each of the multilateral development banks to vote against any project that provides a public subsidy to a private sector firm unless the subsidy is awarded using an open, competitive process; Instructs the Treasury to seek the adoption of a policy at the International Finance Corporation requiring Financial Intermediary clients to publicly disclose all high-risk and substantial-risk subprojects funded through IFC lending or equity investments; Mandates public reporting by Treasury for any project for which the U.S. votes in support of, or abstains from voting on, under Treasury’s “Fossil Fuel Energy Guidance for Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs),” issued on August 16, 2021; Authorizes a $200 million contribution to the IMF’s Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust (CCRT) to provide immediate debt service relief to vulnerable countries in the wake of catastrophic natural disasters or major, fast-spreading public health emergencies; and requires the U.S. executive director at each multilateral development bank to vote against the provision of any assistance from the respective institution to any corporation or limited liability company, other than a publicly listed company, unless such institution collects, verifies, and publishes beneficial ownership information for such entities.Withdrawn
1128Version 2Blunt Rochester (DE), Kuster (NH)DemocratLate Revised Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report on the scope of TRICARE coverage of behavioral and mental health crisis services.Made in Order
1129Version 1McMorris Rodgers (WA), Buchanan (FL)RepublicanLate Amends eligibility requirements for emergency care coverage when servicemembers transition out of the service and onto VA care.Made in Order
1130Version 1Blunt Rochester (DE)DemocratLate Requires the Secretary of Defense to update the registry and provider lists under subsection (b) of section 717 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2016 and submit to Congress a report on mental health provider readiness designations.Made in Order
1131Version 1Chabot (OH)RepublicanLate Makes it the policy of the United States to continue to advocate for sanctions on Russia until it meets certain conditions.Submitted
1132Version 1Wittman (VA), Pfluger (TX)RepublicanLate Requires a report detailing how changes to United States force posture in Europe now and in the future will impact the posture and capabilities of the strategic force laydown of the United States Indo-Pacific Command.Submitted
1133Version 1DeSaulnier (CA)DemocratLate Withdrawn Authorizes the International Labor Affairs Bureau in law so it can continue its important work to improve working conditions and fight labor exploitation around the world.Withdrawn
1134Version 1LaMalfa (CA), Graves, Sam (MO)RepublicanLate Includes the text of H.R. 539, which waives requirements for disaster victims to repay FEMA for overpayments and duplication of benefits as a result of agency error or survivor claims.Made in Order
1135Version 1Guest (MS), Graves, Sam (MO)RepublicanLate Removes barriers preventing rural communities from using Economic Development Authority (EDA) grants to expand access to high-speed broadband internet. Implements modern approaches to economic development and create new opportunities for individuals to work, attend school, socialize, and access healthcare in every corner of our country.Made in Order
1136Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanLate Authorizes the VA Secretary to enter into certain Major Medical Facilities Leases.Submitted
1137Version 1Greene (GA)RepublicanLate Requires a study and a report to Congress on the carbon footprint of the conflict in Ukraine.Submitted
1138Version 2Greene (GA)RepublicanLate Revised Requires a study and a report to Congress on the effect sanctions on Russia and Belarus have had on oil prices in China and the United States.Revised
1139Version 2Langevin (RI), Slotkin (MI)DemocratLate Revised Requires the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate essential statistical data on cybersecurity, cyber incidents, and the cyber ecosystem to the American public, Congress, other Federal agencies, State and local governments, and the private sector.Revised
1140Version 1Katko (NY), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanLate Provides for HUD, USDA, and HHS to conduct an interagency study on the mitigation of communicable diseases in nursing homes and assisted living facilities through improved housing design features.Submitted
1141Version 1Waltz (FL), Horsford (NV)Bi-PartisanLate Clarifies the authority of the National Defense Stockpile Manager to acquire strategic and critical materials to also include scandium.Made in Order
1142Version 1Newman (IL), Pappas (NH)DemocratLate Allows Accredited Service Officers and representatives of military and veterans’ services organizations to participate in TAP program.Submitted
1143Version 1Phillips (MN)DemocratLate Authorizes a GAO report to be submitted within 270 days on whether the current performance evaluation system: 1) adheres to DEIA requirements and removes barriers to equal participation in the work force; 2) how the system compares to other government and private sector evaluation systems; 3) its impact on retention and morale; and 4) an analysis of the number of hours spent preparing the annual review and its cost to the tax payers.Submitted
1144Version 1Speier (CA), Katko (NY)Bi-PartisanLate Addresses the nonconsensual sharing of intimate images.Made in Order
1145Version 2Horsford (NV), Fallon (TX)Bi-PartisanLate Revised Authorizes a $25 million increase for Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Palatized-High Energy Laser (P-HEL) to increase the number of deliverable units and accelerate product fielding.Made in Order
1146Version 2Blunt Rochester (DE)DemocratLate Revised Establishes a program to address maternal mental health and substance use disorders with respect to pregnant and postpartum beneficiaries under the TRICARE program and establishes a program to grow and diversify the maternal mental and behavioral health workforce that serves beneficiaries under the TRICARE program.Revised
1147Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratLate Allows the Secretary of the Treasury to require the use of existing sanctions authorities to control the production or distribution of counterfeit, adulterated, misbranded or unapproved medical products; and requires a report on the effectiveness of existing authorities to combat the flow of these products.Submitted
1148Version 1Buchanan (FL), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanLate Requires the Department of Defense to maintain prescription drop boxes on all armed forces installations to allow for disposal of unused and extra prescription drugs.Made in Order
1149Version 3Panetta (CA), Waltz (FL)Bi-PartisanLate Revised Requires the ASD for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict, in coordination with the Secretaries of the military departments, to submit a plan for a pilot program to deploy dedicated X-band small satellite communications technologies that may support current and future requirements of special operations forces.Made in Order
1150Version 1Joyce, David (OH)RepublicanLate Revises the existing Post-9/11 GI Bill so that members of the Armed Forces, who have served at least 30 consecutive days of service, and were discharged under the sole-survivorship discharge distinction are eligible to receive benefits under the GI Bill.Submitted
1151Version 1Joyce, David (OH), Clyde (GA)RepublicanLate Requires the Department of Defense to submit to Congress a plan to lessen the United States' dependence on rubber developed in foreign nations, including hostile actors like China, and to develop a consistent domestic supply of the material.Made in Order
1152Version 1Herrell (NM)RepublicanLate Authorizes the reconstruction of the Holloman High Speed Test Track, which provides unique capabilities and robust testing for the Department of Defense.Submitted
1153Version 1Bustos (IL), Balderson (OH), Axne (IA), Courtney (CT), Schakowsky (IL), Cohen (TN)Bi-PartisanLate Expresses that it is the sense of Congress that women who served in the Cadet Nurse Corps honorably stepped up for their country during its time of need in World War II, significantly contributing to the war effort and the safety and security of the Nation.Made in Order
1154Version 1Soto (FL), Schweikert (AZ), Budd (NC)Bi-PartisanLate Adds distributed ledger technology to the definition of covered technologies considered for prototype and demonstration energy resilience projects at certain military bases.Made in Order
1155Version 1Sherman (CA)DemocratLate Shortens the time period in the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act from three years to two years for foreign companies to be in compliance with PCAOB auditor oversight requirements or face delisting from U.S. stock exchanges.Submitted
1156Version 1Blunt Rochester (DE), Bilirakis (FL), Posey (FL), Kuster (NH)Bi-PartisanLate Expands the space-available travel program to allow certain disabled veterans to travel with caregivers or dependents on certain aircrafts.Made in Order
1157Version 1Maloney, Carolyn (NY), Beyer (VA), Titus (NV), Salazar (FL)Bi-PartisanLate Modifies tax reporting requirements that apply to foreign financial institutions and individuals with foreign financial assets to create exceptions for the foreign accounts of certain U.S. residents or citizens living abroad.Submitted
1158Version 1Blunt Rochester (DE)DemocratLate Requires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study to identify health care provider training gaps in screening and treating maternal mental health conditions. Such study will assess health care provider experience with and attitudes around treating pregnant and postpartum women with mental and substance use disorders and include training recommendations for these providers based on identified training gaps.Made in Order
1159Version 1Waltz (FL)RepublicanLate Sets Department of Defense goals for contracting with veteran and disabled-veteran owned small businesses.Submitted
1160Version 1Waltz (FL), Stewart (UT)RepublicanLate Requires the Departments of Defense, Treasury, and Commerce to notify the other Departments when an entity is added to certain sanctions lists and for the other Departments to review the entity for potential addition to their respective sanctions lists. Requires the Departments to notify Congress of the results of each review.Submitted
1161Version 1Lucas (OK)RepublicanLate Withdrawn Directs the Secretary of Defense to provide more flexibility in awarding contracts through TRANSCOM.Withdrawn
1162Version 1Buchanan (FL)RepublicanLate Requires the Department of Defense to study and produce a report to Congress on the accessibility of mental health care providers on military installations, the accessibility of inpatient services for mental health care for service members and steps that may be taken to improve such accessibility.Made in Order
1163Version 1Soto (FL)DemocratLate Adds artificial intelligence as a specific “new technology” considered in the development of the consortium for curricula being developed for institutions of military education in order to improve military education.Made in Order
1164Version 1Norman (SC), Murphy, Gregory (NC)RepublicanLate Authorizes the award of the Medal of Honor to James Capers, Jr. for acts of valor as a member of the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.Made in Order
1165Version 1Gottheimer (NJ)DemocratLate Increases the number of service academy nominees to the United States Military Academy for each Senator or Member of Congress from ten to fifteen and increases the number of qualified alternates from 150 to 200.Made in Order
1166Version 2Waters (CA), Brown (MD)DemocratLate Revised Requires CFPB to promulgate regulations ensuring privacy of financial data for individuals accessing abortion and other relevant reproductive health services.Revised
1167Version 1Wagner (MO)RepublicanLate Honors the life and legacy of Ulysses S. Grant in commemoration of his 200th birthday on April 27, 2022.Made in Order
1168Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO), Biggs (AZ), Clyde (GA)RepublicanLate Prohibits any federal funding to expand diversity training.Submitted
1169Version 3Craig (MN), Craig (MN), Kuster (NH)DemocratLate Revised Increases funding for Army Community Services to provide additional mental health services to service members.Made in Order
1170Version 1Van Duyne (TX), Flores, Mayra (TX)RepublicanLate Requires the Government Accountability Office to study and report on the amount of small business assistance that has been received by foreign-based small businesses during the period beginning on March 1, 2020, and ending on the bill's date of enactment.Made in Order
1171Version 1Gallego (AZ)DemocratLate Provides the DIA Director authorization to use appropriated funds to pay for foreign partnership expenses.Submitted
1172Version 1Neguse (CO)DemocratLate Adds the text of H.R. 5118, the Continental Divide Completion Act, which directs maximum completion of the Continental Divide Trail by 2028.Made in Order
1173Version 1Speier (CA), Schakowsky (IL), DeGette (CO), Eshoo (CA), Trahan (MA), Kuster (NH)DemocratLate Authorizes the FTC to enforce violations of a prohibition on product manufacturers or service providers selling substantially similar products at different prices based on the gender of the intended purchaser.Submitted
1174Version 1Speier (CA), Lofgren (CA)DemocratLate Incentivize states to enact, at a minimum, the rights afforded to victims in the Survivors Bill of Rights Act.Made in Order
1175Version 1Correa (CA)DemocratLate Directs the Department of Defense to carry out its study regarding the use of medicinal cannabis to treat certain members of the armed forces on terminal leave in coordination with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.Submitted
1176Version 2Cicilline (RI), Bilirakis (FL), Deutch (FL), Malliotakis (NY)Bi-PartisanLate Revised Modifies Section 1316 subsection b of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 PL 117-81 to include the House as part of the the Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and the United States 3+1 Interparliamentary Group.Made in Order
1177Version 2Garamendi (CA), Beyer (VA), Larsen, Rick (WA)DemocratLate Revised Requires the Comptroller General to conduct a review of DOD offensive hypersonic weapons programs.Made in Order
1178Version 1Plaskett (VI), González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR)Bi-PartisanLate Requires a Department of Defense report to Congress on U.S. military capabilities in the Caribbean basin.Made in Order
1179Version 2Plaskett (VI)DemocratLate Revised Requires a Department of Commerce assessment of the value, cost, and feasibility of developing a trans-Atlantic submarine fiber optic cable connecting the United States, United States Virgin Islands, and the African nations of Ghana and Nigeria. The Secretary of Commerce would be required to consult with other relevant federal agencies as necessary in conducting such assessment.Revised
1180Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanLate Allows veterans to attend pre-apprenticeship programs using their Post 9-11 GI Bill Benefits.Submitted
1181Version 1Lamb (PA), Gonzalez, Anthony (OH)Bi-PartisanLate Directs the Secretary of Energy to establish a plan for reducing the vulnerability of the electric grid, including by creating a strategic transformer reserve.Made in Order
1182Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanLate Increases the value of monthly inflation bonus payments from 2.4% to 4% of basic pay.Submitted
1183Version 1Bishop, Dan (NC)RepublicanLate Adds language clarifying that the bill is not an authorization for the use of military force against Russia.Submitted
1184Version 1Correa (CA)DemocratLate Withdrawn Directs the Director of National Security Agency to create a national cybersecurity service academy to address workforce development.Withdrawn
1185Version 1Jacobs, Sara (CA)DemocratLate Provides that ff the total amount authorized by NDAA exceeds $800,000,000,000, the Secretary of Defense shall guarantee housing and child care for each member of the Armed Forces.Submitted
1186Version 1Budd (NC)RepublicanLate Provides for the investigation of new financial technologies (e.g., digital currencies) and their use in terrorism and other illicit activities. Specifically, establishes the Independent Financial Technology Task Force to Combat Terrorism and Illicit Financing, which must research terrorist and illicit use of new financial technologies and issue an annual report.Submitted
1187Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanLate Requests a report on military spouse employment.Made in Order
1188Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanLate Requests a report on substance abuse within the military.Made in Order
1189Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanLate Requires a report from DoD on number of servicemembers from each branch discharged for failing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, how these losses impact readiness, and the total cost of discharging and replacing servicemembers who will not comply with the vaccination mandate.Submitted
1190Version 1Issa (CA), Johnson, Mike (LA)RepublicanLate Provides that the Secretary of each respective service component shall grant a religious exemption to any vaccine if a chaplain in the service member's chain of command determines that the service member has a sincerely held belief in a religion that forbids such vaccination.Submitted
1191Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanLate Directs Departments of State, USAID, and DOD to send a joint report to Congress 60 days from enactment on their 10 most successful, and 10 least successful reconstruction programs/projects of their respective department or agency in order to maximize the effectiveness of future reconstruction programing.Submitted
1192Version 1Bacon (NE), Beyer (VA), Crow (CO)Bi-PartisanLate Requires that funds for the Air Force Commercial Weather Data Pilot Program are used only for piloting and demonstration of radio occultation data for use in weather models.Made in Order
1193Version 1Stauber (MN)RepublicanLate Disallows national security-threatening mineral withdrawal from taking effect.Submitted
1194Version 1Stauber (MN)RepublicanLate Ensures reliable sources of domestic steel for national security.Submitted
1195Version 1DesJarlais (TN)RepublicanLate Extends the sunset for the DOD's Direct Hire Authority from 2025 to 2030.Submitted
1196Version 1Schiff (CA)DemocratLate Requires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a feasibility study on adding the names of the 74 sailors who died in the USS Frank E. Evans disaster in 1969 to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.Made in Order
1197Version 1González-Colón, Jenniffer (PR), Posey (FL)RepublicanLate Improves documentation and compensation of disabilities related to combat or military sexual trauma for members of the Armed Forces and Veterans.Submitted
1198Version 2Budd (NC)RepublicanLate Revised Renames the Troops-to-Teachers program the Veterans-to-Classrooms program. Expands the types of eligible positions within schools veterans can use the program to become, expands the amount of schools that can participate, and increases both the dollar amounts and supply of stipends for participating veterans.Made in Order
1199Version 1Dingell (MI)DemocratLate Requires the Assistant Inspector General for Diversity and Inclusion of the Department of Defense to conduct an investigation into discrimination face by MENA individuals in the military and submit a report to the Committees on Armed Services.Made in Order
1200Version 1Graves, Garret (LA)RepublicanLate Corrects the implementation of duplication of benefits (Sec. 1210 of P.L. 115-254) to conform with Congressional Intent.Made in Order
1201Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanLate Provides that not later than September 30, 2023, the Secretary of Defense shall review regulations and rules of the Department of Defense regarding single parents serving as members of the Armed Forces.Made in Order
1202Version 1Crenshaw (TX)RepublicanLate Instructs the SECDEF to prescribe regulations to allow Service Members eligible for medical retirement due to a line of duty injury while receiving hostile fire/imminent danger pay to continue serving and complete time requirements for a full 20-year retirement.Made in Order
1203Version 1Wild (PA)DemocratLate Requires the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment to submit a report to the congressional defense committees regarding cultivated beef steak and its applicability for isolated U.S. military environments where efficiently delivering, storing, and serving fresh meat is particularly challenging.Submitted
1204Version 1Green, Mark (TN), Hartzler (MO), Waltz (FL), Clyde (GA)RepublicanLate Ensures a member of the reserve or national guard components of the Armed Forces can not be prohibited from participating in training or instruction, for which said member is entitled to compensation, solely for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination.Submitted
1205Version 1Stauber (MN)RepublicanLate Directs DoD to issue a report on proposed mineral withdrawals affecting domestic production of iron.Submitted
1206Version 1Issa (CA), Peters (CA), Vargas (CA), Jacobs, Sara (CA), Levin, Mike (CA), Johnson, Dusty (SD)Bi-PartisanLate Authorizes the President to award the Medal of Honor to E. Royce Williams for acts of valor beyond the call of duty during the Korean War on November 18, 1952, while a member of the US Navy.Made in Order
1207Version 2Slotkin (MI)DemocratLate Withdrawn Changes the classification of military working dogs from "equipment" to "canine members of the armed forces."Withdrawn
1208Version 1Cawthorn (NC), Roy (TX)RepublicanLate Amends the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to provide spouses of servicemembers an option to elect their home residence or domicile for filing State income taxes, and for other purposes.Submitted
1209Version 1Boebert, Lauren (CO)RepublicanLate Expresses a sense of Congress that no United States person shall use or import cobalt procured with slave or child labor.Submitted
1210Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratLate Requires the creation of a decoration or recognition to recognize military working dogs that are killed in action or that perform an exceptionally meritorious or courageous act in services to the United States.Made in Order
1211Version 2Arrington (TX)RepublicanLate Revised Require Secretary of the Defense to authorize at least 5,500 members of the National Guard along the border to conduct arrest and enforcement operations. The amendment also requires the President to reinstate Proclamation 9844, ‘‘Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Southern Border of the United States’’ (issued on February 20, 2019).Revised
1212Version 1Posey (FL), Waltz (FL)RepublicanLate Prevents terrorist agents from asserting a Uniform Commercial Code state law defense that they argue requires their victims to execute on the foreign entity where they opened the account, not the U.S. entity holding their blocked assets here and reporting them to OFAC.Submitted
1213Version 1Schrader (OR)DemocratLate Withdrawn Strikes provisions barring the Secretary of the Navy from decommissioning five big deck amphibious ships (littoral combat ship USS Vicksburg and landing dock ships USS Germantown, Gunston Hall, Tortuga, and Ashland). Furthermore, strikes provisions barring the Secretary of the Army from retiring several outdated aircraft (KC-135s and C-130s).Withdrawn
1214Version 1San Nicolas (GU)DemocratLate Extends the existing prohibition on trafficking in contraband cigarettes and contraband smokeless tobacco to Guam.Submitted
1215Version 1Davis, Rodney (IL)RepublicanLate Adds low-carbon cement, recycled rubber, recyclable rubber to the list of eligible Program Building Materials authorized under 10 USC 2802.Submitted
1216Version 1Norman (SC)RepublicanLate Provides that no later than March 1, 2023, the Secretary of Defense shall provide to the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives a report on the feasibility and viability of allowing service members to complete all enrollment requirements for VET TEC approved programs earlier than 180 days from their end of term in service (ETS) so that they may begin instruction on the first day of eligibility.Submitted
1217Version 1Lucas (OK)RepublicanLate Authorizes an additional $12 million Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Space Force / BA 3: Advanced Technology Development (ATD), Space & Missile Rocket Propulsion. Offset from Defense-wide O&M, Office of the Secretary of Defense.Submitted
1218Version 1Slotkin (MI)DemocratLate Condemns Russia for illegally kidnapping and deporting Ukrainian children. According to the Ukrainian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, more than 234,000 children have been forcibly deported to Russia as of June 2022. These children are then dispersed across Russian borders, specifically in remote areas. Condemns this practice and directs the United States to take measures to support Ukraine to prevent further acts.Submitted
1219Version 1Donalds (FL)RepublicanLate Inserts language that would allow veterans to renew identification cards at VA clinics.Submitted
1220Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Withdrawn Prohibits funding for training and education based on critical race theory at federal service academies and in the Armed Forces.Withdrawn
1221Version 1Higgins, Clay (LA)RepublicanLate Increases the funding for medium unmanned surface vessel.Submitted
1222Version 1Chabot (OH)RepublicanLate Imposes visa and financial sanctions on persons who participate in or benefit from activities that evade US export controls on Russia as well as entities controlled by such persons, and persons who engage in certain economic activity with such persons. Provides a mechanism for Chair and Ranking Member of HFAC/SFRC to recommend entities for sanctions.Submitted
1223Version 1Thompson, Mike (CA)DemocratLate Provides persons who served honorably in the armed forces in support of a contingency operation the opportunity to be naturalized as though they have served in a hostility as defined by the President. Extends the opportunity a noncitizen veteran can file for naturalization through military service from six months to a year.Submitted
1224Version 1Dingell (MI), Posey (FL)Bi-PartisanLate Withdrawn Authorizes grants and technical assistance to assist communities in navigating the clean up process of PFAS chemicals used in DoD training and other applications. Helps communities located near current and former DoD installations and facilities that may have greater risk due to the historical uses of PFAS chemicals in training and other applications by DoD.Withdrawn
1225Version 1Grothman (WI)RepublicanLate Instructs GAO to submit a report to Congress regarding the fiscal impacts of reducing the active aircraft carrier fleet by one carrier.Submitted
1226Version 1Davidson (OH)RepublicanLate Prohibits funding for abortion and certain abortion-related expenses.Submitted
1227Version 1Schrader (OR)DemocratLate Directs the HHS Secretary, acting through the Director of the CDC, to develop a One Health framework to address zoonotic diseases and advance public health preparedness in coordination with other Federal departments and agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture and Interior. Requires the HHS Secretary to submit a report to Congress a year detailing these efforts within a year.Submitted
1228Version 1Palazzo (MS)RepublicanLate Prohibits naval vessels from being named after any member of Congress, living or dead, unless that member of Congress has been President of the United States or has served as a member of the armed forces.Submitted
1229Version 1Gibbs (OH)RepublicanLate Adds the Innocent Landowners Protection Act, which amends the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 to clarify the responsibility of landowners who do not participate in the operation of oil facilities, and for other purposes.Submitted
1230Version 1Cleaver (MO), Cleaver (MO)DemocratLate Withdrawn Establishes a grant program for states, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education to promote diversity and inclusion in the appraisal profession.Withdrawn