/  Sessions Statement on House Bills to Fund NIH & National Parks

Sessions Statement on House Bills to Fund NIH & National Parks

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, today released the following statement regarding House passage of H. J. Res. 70, Open Our National Parks and Museums Act, and H.J. Res. 73, Research for Lifesaving Cures Act:

“Since Senate Democrats refuse to negotiate with House Republicans to end the government shutdown, it is critical that we take steps toward restoring funding for nation's priorities. That is why I voted today to open our national parks and museums and to fund the National Institutes of Health. I strongly believe that we should allow World War II Veterans from North Texas – and all across our nation – to visit their own memorial and provide funding to research lifesaving cures. Senate Democrats should put partisan politics aside and join us in our efforts to provide relief to the American people.” 


Created: October 2, 2013