/  Sessions Supports Hurricane Relief Funding

Sessions Supports Hurricane Relief Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Committee on Rules, released the following statement in response to the passage of a measure to provide necessary funding to aid those impacted by Hurricane Harvey:

“We have seen an immense amount of compassion, kindness, and bravery in this past week as countless volunteers and fellow Americans have joined together to help our neighbors in Texas and Louisiana recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. I am immensely proud of my fellow Texans and Americans who have come together to address the needs of our nation and support our neighbors. This was a once in 500 year storm that will forever leave a mark on our communities. While this is still a fresh memory, our neighbors in Florida are bracing for two more storms that could potentially be as devastating, if not more devastating, than Harvey. With these natural catastrophes looming, it is even more imperative that we provide the resources necessary to ensure FEMA has what they need to help all who will be impacted by this storm. Although this is just a first step, it is a critical step. Thousands of Americans have been impacted by Harvey and unfortunately, thousands will feel the devastation of the storms quickly approaching our shore. Today’s measure will provide necessary relief and resources to help our fellow Americans as they face an extraordinarily difficult time.”

To learn more about the Senate Amendment to H.R. 601, READ Act [Hurricane Supplemental, Debt Limit, Continuing Appropriations, and Flood Insurance Package], click here.


Created: September 8, 2017