/  Sessions Welcomes New Members to the Rules Committee

Sessions Welcomes New Members to the Rules Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, today released the following statement welcoming Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) and Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) to the Rules Committee:
“I have had the privilege of visiting Congressman Buck in his home district and witnessing firsthand how he interacts with his constituents, his family, and his colleagues. As a three-term District Attorney in his home state of Colorado and a prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice he successfully worked to make his community safer and fought day in and day out to enforce and protect our nation’s rule of law. Congressman Buck is a thoughtful leader who will bring fresh, leading edge ideas to the Rules Committee and I am pleased to have him be a part of our team.
“As a strong constitutional conservative, Congresswoman Cheney was chosen by the people of Wyoming to represent them because she understands what it takes to create a safer, stronger America, put Americans back to work, and restore the balance of powers. From her days in the State Department as an expert in U.S. Policy in the Middle East, to her critical advocacy work on Constitutional authority, as well as her dedication to helping veterans in her community, she has gained important insight and knowledge about some of the most pressing issues facing our nation. I have no doubt that Congresswoman Cheney will be an exceptional new Member of Congress and bring tremendous value to the important work that we do at the Rules Committee.
“These two members will bring new viewpoints and ideas to our committee, encourage robust discussion, and most importantly work with integrity and transparency on behalf of their constituents and the American people. It is an honor to welcome them to the Rules Committee and I look forward to working with them in the 115th Congress."



Created: January 2, 2017